tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDirty Little Secrets

Dirty Little Secrets


My name is Jack and I live in a small town called Petersville.

Petersville oozes respectability on the surface, mostly white in its population make-up and all very much middle class and well to do but if the truth be known it is a little town with a lot of dirty secrets, and even more dirty linen that is kept hidden from the outside world and its prying eyes.

As the town's Doctor's son I am privy to a lot of these unspoken secrets, when I hit my late teens I started to help my father in his surgery, I did all of his filing for him so that his receptionist of 20 years could get on with other more important office duties and because of this I found out a lot of interesting things about many of the local townsfolk.

You see my father kept very copious notes on his patients, he was not only their Doctor but their confidant too, and he was a meticulous man with a meticulous mind and his notes were very revealing.

I wondered what his patients would think of him if they knew he wrote very impersonal notes about their private lives and kept them in a filing cabinet that wasn't even lockable.

As Bart Simpson would say, "they'd have a cow if they knew!"

For example one of my father's patient was Mrs Arabella Jones, she was the wife of the local Bank Manager, she was 38 years old, had two teenage sons who I had gone to school with, but when she was 18 years old she'd got so drunk on cherry brandy she had put out for the whole school football team in the locker room after a big game, she got knocked up, not surprising really and ended up giving the baby up for adoption.

What she didn't know was that her daughter, the result of the football gang bang was living in town and was dating her eldest son Paul!

Her very respectable family paid for it all to be covered up, none of the boys in question wanted to be known as "gang bangers" so Mrs Jones secret was kept in the dirty linen closet where it belonged.

Mrs Jones had got married very quickly after she secret birth of her bastard daughter, and had another child within ten months of her marriage to the son of one of a city lawyer who kept a holiday home in Petersville.

Arabella was under the impression that her baby daughter had been adopted out of town.

She had been but the family had moved to Petersville when little Candy was two years old, and of course the only person who did know this was my father who had said nothing to either Mrs Jones or Candy's adoptive parents.

In his notes on Mrs Jones file, he had put, "It matters not that Candy is dating Paul, it was a private adoption and Candy will never find out she is adopted because the birth certificate has been changed and to all intents and purposes she is the real daughter of Mr and Mrs Willows, anyway Paul is a healthy boy who needs to get his rocks off and Candy is putting out for him on a regular basis, she is sensible about the pill which is more than can be said for her mother all those years ago."

My father I soon realized was actually quite indifferent to the people he cared for, in fact after reading quite a few motes on various patients I got the distinct impression he didn't like most of the people he treated though he hid it well and did his job as the town's physician efficiently and to the best of his ability.

After I started reading the private notes on each file that I put away I soon realized that I didn't much like some of the residents in Petersville but I kept my council because I soon realized that knowledge a good thing, and that what I knew I could use for my benefit, and pleasure, discreetly of course.

Because of my father's notes I got into the panties of the local Parson's daughter. Her name was Nora and she was in the year above me at school and it appeared she had a real penchant for doing blow jobs.

She had come to see my father about it as she felt it was not normal that a girl should like to be on her knees sucking a man's cock whenever she got the chance.

My father told her that she was experiencing what he called "normal" sexual desire and as a long as she was discreet, had regular medical check-ups she could continue giving blow jobs until she didn't want to do them any more.

In his notes he put, "Nora is destined I think to end up as a working girl, she has no morals, is ruled by her desire for the penis, and strikes me as being that rare being, a born whore, this is not a medical observation but my own personal feeling on the matter, I have advised her not to indulge in her little fetish here in town, there are many secrets here and most are kept, but her father is not a popular man and there are many who be only too happy to tell him his daughter is a whore, luckily Candy thinks just like me, she hitch hikes to her Aunt's town 150 miles away every two weeks, her parents think she is taking the coach, but she saves the money and gets a lift from a truck stop just outside of town, she changes into her slut outfit as she calls it at a wash room at the truck stop, the truckers all know her very well and call her the Cock-Sucking Nora and she pays for her lift by sucking their cocks, she told me she usually does 12 or so cocks going to her Aunt's and 15 coming back, every ten miles or so she gets handed onto the next trucker until she is back home, very ingenious I have to say if very sluttish of her."

It wasn't too difficult for me to get access to Nora as I often helped her father at Church by handing around the collection plate, and very soon I was complementing Nora on how nice she looked, carried her books home from school and was generally very pleasant to her.

Nora was not an overly beautiful girl, she was actually quite plain if truth be known, but she had a nice body, a firm rounded butt, a nice pair of jugs, big but not too big, an oval face, with a mass of wavy gold hair, small piggy like blue eyes, a nose that needed to be perhaps a bit smaller for her tiny face, and a mouth that was actually too big for her head. She had large red lips, which were thick and luscious along with gleaming straight white teeth, and a weak Roman chin that receded slightly.

She had no idea I knew her little secret, so at first I pretended to find out by accident, one day I "just" happened to be in the vicinity when she got out of a truck on the edge of town.

I had worked out where she was most likely to be dropped off by one of her trucker friends and then pretended that my car had broken down.

When she saw me leaning over my car engine the colour drained out of her face, and she put her hand to her mouth and let out a little cry of dismay, I in turn managed to put a shocked expression on my face.

"Jack!" she gasped and I looked her up and down, she was wearing tight red hot pants that dug into her crotch, white stiletto high heels, loads of make up, and a tight almost see through top that barely covered her tits which weren't in a bra by the way but were bouncing all over the place free for all to see.

She clutched at her bag and I stood up tall.

"Oh boy," I said.

Of course she had to explain, she was so shocked to see me she told me the truth, I expected her to bluster, try and talk her way out of it but she didn't, she told me everything which was a bonus because it made what I intended to do all the more easier.

I surprised her by being somewhat sympathetic yet also conveying the fact I disapproved of her actions, we sat in my car in the back seat and I listened to her confession.

"You're lucky no one has caught you yet," I told her and she flushed and squirmed in her seat.

"This is a pretty remote spot," she looked momentarily suspicious but I sighed deeply and my explanation convinced her that me being there was just a bad bit of luck for her.

"Yeah, tell me about it, trying out my new wheels and the damn engine went, just about fixed it, I guess I should give you a lift home, but you need to change."

She looked worried, licked her lips and then made a decision to deal with the only way she knew how, I jumped when she gently laid her hand on my crotch.

"You won't tell Dad, will you?" she wheedled and I bit my lower lip.

"I dunno," I murmured and I pretended to edge away from her hand, panic filled her eyes, we both knew that her father would kill her, the Reverend James Parsons was not known for his forgiving nature, man of God or not.

He believed in using the rod and not spoiling the child, Nora's mother had a regular prescription for a cooling salve that my father wrote wryly up in his notes as being, "what she gives to her offspring to put on their penitent bottoms after their father administered chastisement for their wrong doings."

He also added in his notes that Nora's older sister Florence got through a lot of the salve, (told to my father by the girls mother and also by Florence herself) and often could not sit down because she was so sore, it seemed that it was not only Nora who had a fetish, Florence apparently liked going to her father's study for physical chastisement, Florence had it seemed told my father she purposely misbehaved, knowing it would result in her bottom suffering the consequences.

Afterwards she would beg her father for forgiveness, cry as prettily as she could, promise to be a good and sin free girl and then as soon as was prudent she would misbehave again and into her father's study she would go, where she would submit to her punishment.

Florence had told my father that she felt her father enjoyed punishing her too, and in turn she felt guilty about it, in fact recently she had suggested to her father that he administered the belt to her bare bottom father than through her clothes and he had not even blanched at her suggestion, he had agreed, saying to his daughter, "If it hurts you more, then perhaps you will behave better for longer."

Nora however feared her father's wrath and his physical brutality, and her fear made her desperate.

"Please Jack," Nora begged me and her fingers gently tweaked at the bulge in my pants, "He'll kill me, oh God, I can just imagine what he will do and say, you know what he is like, he's such a prude, he'll beat me black and blue."

"Okay," I said and the relief in her eyes was obvious but she wasn't going to trust me to keep my word, I might have a bout of conscience and tell her father, so she said in a husky voice.

"Let me thank you properly."

She unzipped my pants so quickly I jumped in surprise, her long slender hand slid into my boxer shorts and my cock felt the warmth of her fingers running up and down the hot flaccid shaft.

She smiled at me, a languid smile and then lowered her head and began to lap at the tip of my cock with her thick red tongue, probing gently, pushing and rolling, nibbling and gently kissing it with all the expertise of a girl who loves her cock.

I jerked, cried out and she wrapped her lips and tongue around the helmet and sucked and from her throat she let out a long moan and said when she removed the cock momentarily from her before she started properly.

"Hmmmmmmmm, you taste so damn good Jack!"

I think she was somewhat surprised at how big my cock was when it started to increase in girth. Her mouth moved back and forth on it, whilst her tongue rolled and lapped, finally she had to use both hands to hold it as it was getting too heavy for just one hand and she looked up at me at one point when the cock was out of her mouth and said.

"You are so big!"

I smiled back down at her, my back was arched and I groaned in pleasure.

"All the better to fill your mouth up with," I said and she giggled and opened her mouth as wide as she could and I watched in delight as my cock began to disappear inside her cavernous mouth and the strong sucking sensation was out of this world.

"I like how you say thank you!" I gasped out.

She began to rub my hot throbbing balls with her slender hands, I think she was startled at the size of them too, she looked at bit worried for all of about a second but I could tell she was real excited too.

I decided to take a chance and I reached over and slid my hand into her blouse. She moved slightly so I could access her tit.

I pinched it, she jerked, grunted and her mouth took my shaft deeper down her throat, she did it slowly, she gagged slightly at first but it seemed her throat was as elastic as her mouth, I watched in fascination as she she took me further into her mouth, one short stroke, then one long stroke, her lips rippled, her teeth grazed the ridges on my shaft as she began the process of deep throating me.

I bucked gently against her face, that startled her but she didn't object, in fact I could feel her nipple hardening under my touch, she was turned on.

Very soon her lips were pressed against my pulsating balls, she had taken me so far down her throat she was able to get her tongue out and wrap it around my balls and lick my sacs.

"Do you do this for the truckers too?" I asked with a groan, she bucked against me then and I grinned, she obviously did but I got a feeling I was bigger than they were.

She rolled her mouth off my cock as she felt me getting near to a climax, I was throbbing from the tips of my toes to the top of my head, I was also sweating like mad, so was she, her face was red and beaded with sweat. This girl sure knew how to give head.

"Think you can swallow it all? Or shall I jack off over your face?" I said.

I might have been new to this but I knew how to make myself last, I had been jacking off a long time, and I had learned how to maximize the pleasure I got.

She was cupping my balls again, feeling the weight of them, she rolled her tongue over her lips and then said in a dry husky voice.

"How about you put it in my pussy?"

My eyes widened, I wasn't expecting that response but who I was to refuse such a delicious offer.

My balls throbbed, my cock twitched, it was sticky with saliva and pre-cum and it was waiting like me for whatever was going to happen next.

"Okay," I said and she quickly scrambled up off the car floor, straddled me, and I helped her undo her hot pants, she had no panties on and I could smell her juices, hot and raw with the spice of sex, she was real wet down there, and together we guided my throbbing cock to her equally throbbing cunt lips.

She was tight, instinct served me well, I didn't just show my cock inside though I would have loved to, instead I took a long deep breath to gain control over the urge I had to ram myself inside, and I rubbed my sticky helmet up and down her dripping swollen slit.

She let out a heart felt groan when my hard cock head rubbed against her clit, and she quickly took over from me, grasping my cock with one hand and rubbing it up and down on the place where she would get maximum sensation.

I turned my attention to her lovely jugs, I yanked open her top and started to play with them. I squeezed, I pinched, I pulled at them with my fingers, and she cried out in pleasure.

"You have great tits!" I said and I latched onto one with my mouth, grabbed another with my hand to roughly fondle it whilst I sucked and pulled on the other, making her cry out even more and jerk back and forth but not so much that it made me get inside her properly.

As I sucked and caressed her, I began to push upward with my hips, she was very tight and I realized that she was still a virgin, that surprised me as she had been sucking a lot of cock for the last year or so, obviously that was all she had been doing.

She strained against me, her eyes tightly shut but I was big, very big and though she was dripping wet, she was very tight inside, I decided to help her.

I let go of her tits, gripped her rolling hips and pulled down...HARD so that within two seconds she was sitting down on my balls, my cock deep inside her her now very stretched and not so virgin cunt.

I swear to God her eyes shot open as if someone had just shoved a red hot poker up her ass, I think her eyes even went out on stalks, they bulged in her head as if they were going to pop out of their sockets and land in my lap, a huge gasp of breath exploded from her body, spit bubbled in her mouth, she let out a gurgle of pain, shock and pleasure.


I grinned and pulled her toward me and whispered in her ear, "Now the cock sucking girl, is a cock cunt slut!"

She went rigid in my arms for a moment, she trembled and then I suddenly gripped her bare buttocks and pinched them, really hard, she screamed, her cunt moved up my shaft as she rose up and I dragged her back down.

"Work at it slut!" I ordered her roughly, "You're not a fucking virgin any more, work your dirty slut ass, come on, do it you little bitch, or your father gets to know what a whore of a daughter he has!"

She gurgled again, I saw tears fill her eyes, and I laughed because I felt her cunt contract against my cock, she was turned on!

"I-I-I-I'm n-n-not a w-w-whore!" she choked out but as she said the word her cunt contracted even harder around my cock and we both knew she was lying.

"Yes you are!" I said laughing with pleasure at her discomfort and desire, "You're a cock sucking little whore, say it Nora, say it!"

Smiling I pinched her again, she squealed tried to move away but I stopped her, I began to slap and pinch her butt, I wasn't gentle, her bottom rose and fell with his pinch and slap, her cunt began to contract even more rapidly and soon my car was full of her wails of pleasure, the sound of our bodies squelching together, with me calling her a dirty little whore and a slut who should have Cock Nora tattooed on her ass which excited her as much as me ramming my meat into her cunt.

"Say you're a cock sucking whore and how much love being one!" I roared at her as she rose and fell on my massive shaft, "Say it you dirty little slut!"

She opened her mouth to scream a denial, tears were running down her bright red face but I could feel her physical enjoyment, she was having mini orgasms, not the real thing, but enough for it to send her wild and make her want more, much of the pleasure she was feeling and finally she out a heart felt wail of "YES!!!I'M A COCK SUCKING LITTLE WHORE! YOU ARE RIGHT AND I LOVE IT, OH GOD I LOVE IT!"

I let out a crow of delight, and thrust up inside of her as high as I could, I imagined I was aiming for the bottom of her throat, via her cunt and she screeched out her enjoyment and begged me to fuck her to glory and back!

Finally though the inevitable happened, even I can't last forever though I made it last as long as was humanly possible.

I was moving faster and faster, I could feel my whole body going into spasm, I felt like a train entering a long hot tunnel in which there was no point of return for either of us and then it happened, my balls just exploded, spunk gushed forth I emptied myself into her more than willing cunt.

Nora screamed when I came, I didn't let out a roar of pleasure myself because I was by then sucking her tit so hard and squeezing the other one that I didn't get a chance too but Nora made up for me.

"OHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYESSSSSSSSSS!" she screamed throwing back her head, her face bright red, sweat rolling down her forehead, "OH YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSIIRREEEEEEEEE!"

She had come too, I could feel it, her cunt was going into overdrive, and she was rocking back and forth, screeching and wailing as the sensation of cumming got the better of her.

I thrust my cock harder and harder into her cunt, each thrust filled her pussy with stream after stream of cum, and finally it was over, my balls were empty, her cunt was full and she was lying against me, shaking, crying, trembling, and jerking as she came down from a gigantic orgasm that had literally blown her mind.

I slid out of her and fell a rush of my spunk and her juices down my legs, I smiled contentedly as the sensations began to slowly recede and then as I gently began to push on Nora's shoulders. She looked dazed, her body was still trembling, it was taking her longer to come down from her orgasm.

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