Dirty Rotten Schoolgirls


"Ugh, ugh. Oh. So do you," Brigitte hissed at her friend who smiled back at her affectionately.

Christine turned her attention back to me, her ice-blue eyes compelling as she began to rub two fingers across Brigitte's hard clitoris. "Come on, Sir. At least have a feel. Go on, slip a finger in. Please, Sir. She needs it."

I couldn't hold off any longer. I began to move my right hand across the desk towards her.

I was saved by Brigitte's orgasm which was sudden and explosive. "Oh, fuck, yes," she screeched, her breasts wobbling deliciously as she shuddered to a climax.

Christine must have noticed the momentary movement of my hand because she smiled knowingly at me.

Keeping eye contact, she slowly lifted her fingers to her mouth and licked them.

"Mmm. Oh, Sir. She tastes so nice. Here you try her too." She lent towards me and moved her right hand towards my face. I felt paralysed with fear and lust.

I could smell Brigitte even more strongly as Christine lifted her fingers to just under my nose before slowly smearing my lips with pussy juice. Despite what my brain was telling me to do, I opened my mouth and my tongue slipped over her fingers. I had never tasted anything so delicious.

"Oh shit! Strictly's coming!"

The next few moments were a blur. It took a few seconds for me to realise that 'Strictly' meant Miss Stricker, my dear Bethany. And if Chloe could see her at the end of the corridor we only had maybe fifteen seconds before she would be at the door!

My panic was sudden. I could feel my heart beating powerfully and a tight choking sensation across my chest as I struggled to breathe. I moaned in distress as the girls moved around me. Any moment now my fiancée was going to come in and find me with a shapely naked girl sitting a few inches from my face!

Christine grabbed Brigitte's clothes off the floor and threw them at her. "Under the desk!" she hissed.

Brigitte nodded, and slipped off the desk onto my lap, straddling me with her long legs. Despite the pressure we were under, she managed to smile at me saucily as her pert buttocks writhed on top of my erection. "Ooh! Sir! I can feel your cock," she laughed before pushing me back and wriggling into the, thankfully, enclosed well under my desk.

Chloe and Christine quickly sat down into their seats opening their books as if didn't have a care in the world.

I stared at them agape and then down at Brigitte who was snugly ensconced under me. She grabbed my legs and pulled me forward on my chair so that she couldn't be seen.

There was a knock on the door. I knew it was coming yet I still jumped. I looked at Christine. She nodded at me with a reassuring smile.

I cleared my throat before loudly saying, "Enter," although the door was already opening.

Bethany came in and gave me a quick tight smile before briefly sneering at the girls. She stopped just to the left of my desk and slightly to the fore so that, luckily, she wouldn't be able to see under the desk.

"Er. Um. Good Morning, Miss Stricker. How can I help?" I asked with a quaver in my voice.

"Good Morning, Mr. Bletchflap. I just wanted to give Christine and Brigitte their detention slips. As you may have noticed they thought they could take advantage of Miss Birstthwaite's absence and not wear the correct school uniform. Where is Brigitte by the way?" she asked me, looking over her glasses at me. She was wearing a severely cut grey skirt-suit which perhaps didn't flatter her slight body shape.

I jumped and stuttered as I felt Brigitte's hand squeeze my erect penis through my trousers.

"Oh, she's in the lavatory, Miss," Christine smoothly interjected, noticing my disconcertedness.

I gripped my desk in terror as I felt my flies being slowly unzipped. I wanted to leap away but I daren't expose my aroused state.

"Oh, well, I shall leave this on her desk then," Bethany said placing the blue slip down deliberately before turning to Christine.

Seeing that Bethany was facing away from me, I pushed back briefly and dared a glance down at Brigitte who grinned back up at me before sliding her right hand teasingly into my trousers.

Bethany started to speak which fortunately covered my gasp as Brigitte's warm hand clasped my penis and pulled it out. "And you Christine, this is for you; just make sure I never catch you in such slutty non-regulation clothing ever again! Do you understand?" she said sternly, leaning over her threateningly.

Christine sullenly agreed, "Yes, Miss," before glancing up at me. Her eyes widened as she saw me convulse in a combination of pleasure and fear as Brigitte slid her warm wet mouth over the head of my penis.

Luckily Bethany stared severely for a few more seconds at Christine else she would have surely seen my befuddled expression, glaringly signalling my confused excitement at the sheer feelings of bliss emanating from Brigitte's adept mouth on my genitals.

By the time she finally turned I had managed to fix a more neutral look in my face despite the forceful sucking I could now feel as Brigitte slowly slid her lips in a tight ring up and down my poor penis.

Bethany walked over to my desk. I pushed forward to conceal the lascivious schoolgirl kneeling between my legs, inadvertently causing another inch or two of my penis to slide into her mouth.

"I hope you don't mind me interrupting, Mr. Bletchflap," she said, leaning over me. "I just didn't want them to feel that they could get away with such blatant exhibitionism and lasciviousness. Brigitte in particular is a dirty little whore," she added in a whisper. "Make sure she gets that slip!"

I cleared my throat and winced slightly as Brigitte gently bit my glans in a warning at Bethany's admonishment although she made up for it immediately by flicking her tongue wetly over the offended area.

"Er, no problem, Bethany, I mean, Miss Stricker," I said brokenly.

Bethany lent even closer. I was acutely conscious that only a few inches under her hands, Brigitte was doing her best to make me ejaculate in her mouth. "Are you OK, Ronald?" she said quietly. "You look a little unwell."

"Oh, I'm fine. Really. I'll see you later," I replied after a pause during which Brigitte licked down my shaft to suck my testicles.

Bethany looked puzzled but eventually said, "All right. I'll see you at lunch."

I even managed a quick smile as Bethany turned on her heel, waving at me as she made to leave.

I began to relax when suddenly she paused at the door and turned back to face the class.

"And Christine, make sure you and Brigitte take that make-up off at breaktime too."

Christine nodded tightly and Bethany smiled smugly at her before turning and leaving, the door closing loudly behind her.

I swore under my breath.

At this point, Brigitte's head was slowly bobbing up and down me giving me indescribable pleasure. She was making a wet squelching sound as she sucked. I knew what was about to happen and there was nothing I could do about it.

Chloe jumped up and ran to the door to peep down the corridor. She watched for a few seconds before turning to give the thumbs up. "She's gone!"

I pushed back from the desk on my chair, Brigitte's mouth clamped firmly around me as she shuffled forward on her knees.

"Oh, fuck! Brigitte!" Christine said, staring at the rude juncture of my penis and Brigitte's soft pink lips.

"Oh, my god," Chloe murmured as she came to stand close with obvious interest and watch Brigitte's head bobbing up and down me at a terrifyingly quick rate.

Obviously my fiancée's presence had provided some sort of distraction and delay to the wonderful feeling of being fellated because, within seconds, I cried out loud and began to orgasm noisily.

As I had mentioned I engaged in no sexual relations with Bethany and nor did I masturbate often so I hadn't ejaculated in many weeks. Maybe this explains the sheer quantity of my ejaculate which filled Brigitte's mouth in just a few voluminous squirts. Her eyes opened wide in surprise and she coughed as she began to swallow, streams of thick white goo escaping at the corners of her mouth.

My climax lasted for an age until poor Brigitte's face was covered in my semen. Although, as a testament to her determination, she kept masturbating me over her face so that the last few dribbles wiped off onto her cheeks.

She kissed the end of my penis before sitting back on her knees.

"Fuck me, Sir! You came a ton! Wow!"

Christine began to giggle. "Oh fuck. That is so funny. I can't believe you sucked off Mr. Bletchflap while Strictly was talking to him. You're such a slag, Brigitte!"

Brigitte began to laugh in response. "I'm covered in spunk. Come on, Christine. Lick it off me."

Christine gave me an arch glance before kneeling down next to her friend. They kissed intimately, their tongues intertwining, before Christine began to clean her friend's face with long confident swipes of her long confident tongue.

My penis twitched in response at this lewd display.

Chloe shook her head disbelievingly. "I can't believe this is happening!"

"Oh, Chloe. Don't be such a prude. Here you try a bit. I bet you like it," Christine said, wiping her finger over my glans to catch a final stray drop. She offered it to Chloe. "Go on, Chloe."

Chloe hesitated before leaning quickly down and sucking Christine's finger clean. I let out a lustful groan at this filthy display.

"What do you think?" Brigitte asked as if she we were discussing a milkshake.

Chloe considered as she tasted my semen. "It's a little more salty than I thought but it's OK."

I shook my head. I had to regain control. I couldn't believe these callow young women had put my career and my relationship at risk for nothing more than to get back at my fiancée for giving them a detention. I stood up.

"I can't believe what you just did, Brigitte! It was so irresponsible!" I shouted. "Get your clothes back on now before anyone sees!"

Brigitte sulked at me saucily and stood up. "Oh come on, Sir. You loved it." She reached out and squeezed my penis. Despite my recent climax, I twitched in her hand. "See!" she continued, "You can't honestly say that you didn't like me sucking your cock, Mr, Bletchflap. And in any case if I've been bad, perhaps you should spank me." She took a step forward, pressing her considerable bosom against me, while she fondled me.

"Stop it!" I ordered although I made no move to remove her hand beyond taking a step back so that my back was to the whiteboard behind me.

Christine stood to join her friend, her blue eyes intense as she reached down to gently squeeze my testicles.

"Yeah, Sir. You can't pretend you didn't like having Brigitte's dirty hot mouth slurping on your dong. I bet you'd like me to do it to you as well, wouldn't you?"

"Stop this, please!" I begged. Brigitte began to nuzzle and kiss my neck while Christine kept talking.

"Does Miss Stricker give good head, Sir? If I were your girlfriend, I'd suck you off every day. Does she suck it for you lots, Sir?"

I just groaned in reply as she knelt down in front of me.

Her mouth felt different to Brigitte's but just as good. She concentrated more on flicking her tongue over me, eliciting an almost immediate response as I hardened once more.

"Ooh, Sir! You're so naughty. You've got hard again," Brigitte teased. She continued to slowly masturbate me into Christine's mouth with one hand. With the other she grabbed my hands, one at a time, and put them onto her firm fat breasts.

"No, this is wrong," I moaned but it didn't stop me squeezing her enormous boobs and rubbing the palms of my hands over her hard brown nipples. I was astounded by the soft smoothness coupled with the firm weight of her bosom.

"Oh, Sir. That's nice. Go on, pinch them," Brigitte suggested. I found myself doing just that.

"Wow, Sir. That's really rude," Chloe said, her green eyes wide with astonishment at the sight of me groping one of her friends while the other orally satisfied me.

Christine stood up, my rigid penis releasing from her mouth with a pop. "I feel really horny, Sir. I need a fuck," she added as she began to undress.

"No, I can't!" I begged her but she pulled off her tie and blouse and stepped out of her skirt to reveal small white briefs, a plain matching bra and those black hold-up stockings.

Christine's body wasn't quite as curvaceous as Brigitte's with longer legs and a more slender bottom but her breasts were still large and her skin slightly tanned. She reached behind her back to undo her bra.

"Oh, go on, Sir. One fuck won't do any harm. I guarantee I'm a better shag than Strictly. How often does she put out for you, Sir?" she asked crudely.

"That's private," I replied quickly as I reddened at her question.

Something in the way I blushed must have alerted her because Chloe said, out of the blue, "Mr. Bletchflap, are you a virgin?"

I stuttered in embarrassment not knowing what to say.

Brigitte laughed at my response or rather lack of it. "Oh this is fucking fantastic! Don't you and Miss Stricker ever do it? Are you waiting to get married? Oh I would love to see her face if she were to find out that we'd popped your cherry!"

Christine was grinning amusedly too. "Me first! You've already come," she said pulling away her bra to expose two soft full breasts with light brown nipples. "Although," she added thoughtfully, "Chloe, I know how much you like him. Do you want to have first shot?"

Chloe blushed delightfully, paused for a second before shaking her head.

Christine smiled at her. "OK but it's your loss! You can't stay a virgin forever, darling," she said before kicking off her shoes and pulling down her knickers. She continued matter-of-factly as she grabbed me by my tie and pulled me towards the desk. "Why don't you watch us fuck him and then decide if you want to try it too."

She pushed me back onto my desk and pulled my trousers and boxer shorts down to my ankles.

"Right, Mr. Bletchflap. Lie back on there. I want to look into your eyes when I take your virginity."

By this time I wasn't even pretending to resist. I couldn't take my eyes from the juncture of Christine's legs as she began to idly finger her virtually hairless pussy.

I lay back as she clambered on top of me and held me ready at her delicious hot entrance.

Brigitte lent over me, her breasts saying enticingly above me. "Go on, Christine. Fuck him!" she encouraged.

Christine slowly pushed down, slipping my penis into her, taking her time to inch it in, extracting the maximum amount of pleasure from the experience. She felt immensely tight and hot.

Once she had slid me all the way in, she sighed in satisfaction. "Oh, Sir. That's so good. Strictly doesn't know what she's missing." She began to grind her hips back and forth making me immediately moan in bliss.

So this was what it was like! Why hadn't I done it before, I asked myself. It was amazing!

Brigitte guided my hands to Christine's bouncing breasts before lifting my head so that I could rest it on her lap.

Christine's boobs weren't as heavy as Brigitte's but were still a delightful handful. In my excitement I began to twist her nipples which seemed to be very welcome judging from her groans of lust.

As Christine continued to lewdly ride me, Brigitte directed my mouth to her left nipple. Despite my inexperience, I began to lick and suck it with gusto.

I was vaguely aware of Chloe walking around us and gasping occasionally at the utterly depraved show we were providing but I'm ashamed to say I could think of nothing else but the slick tight heat of Christine's vagina around my erection and the huge soft heft of Brigitte's breasts in my mouth. In retrospect, if I hadn't ejaculated only moments before I would probably have exploded within seconds of assuming this sinful position.

It felt like an age but was probably no more than few minutes before Christine began shuddering in climax. "Oh, fuck yes, Sir. Oh, yes, I'm coming," she screeched as she bucked frenetically on me before collapsing forward onto my chest.

She looked up at me and smiled. "Ooh, Sir, thank you. That was really lovely. You've got a really nice cock."

For a few seconds I felt a real affection for her but Brigitte interrupted my reverie. "Come on, Christine. It's my go!"

Christine slid off me, allowing my erection to slide up her body and between the valley of her breasts before giving it a brief sucking, obviously not concerned about tasting herself on me. I stood up, my hard penis waving in front of me.

Brigitte climbed onto the edge of the desk, lewdly presented her bum to me. "Do you want to try from behind, Sir?"

I didn't say anything, knowing that I was doing wrong but not caring. I grabbed her hips and tried to push myself into her, causing her to squeal and move forward.

"Oh, Sir! Not up there. At least not right now. Maybe later!" she laughed. It took a few seconds to realise that I had accidentally tried to enter her bottom.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to!" I said mortified at my near error.

"Oh that's fine, Mr. Bletchflap. Maybe we could try it another time, you know, when I've got some lotion or something."

Christine, who was standing beside shook her head. "You dirty slut!" she said in wonder.

Brigitte laughed. "Don't pretend you've never taken it up your arse. Go on, do me a favour and help him in."

Christine, smiling at Brigitte's response took hold of me and positioned me a little lower down. "There you go, Sir. Give her a good fucking," she encouraged.

This time I entered Brigitte's vagina without incident. Much like Christine, she felt heavenly and I very quickly fell into a rhythm as I thrust my hips back and forth, standing behind her.

I looked up to see Chloe with one hand under her skirt touching herself intimately and with the other inside her blouse as she tweaked her own nipples. I caught her eye and we smiled at each other lustfully.

Once she was satisfied I was copulating properly with her friend, Christine walked around to the front of the desk and sat down in front of Brigitte. She swivelled around, lifting one long leg gracefully over her so that she was facing me with Brigitte's face between her legs. Then with a wicked smirk, she shuffled forward until she was muffling Brigitte's moans with her wet pussy. Brigitte was obviously experienced at such antics as she immediately began to lick her friend enthusiastically.

Matters continued in this manner for a while longer until Christine began to lose control as she approached orgasm.

"Oh, yes, Sir. Go on, fuck her hard. I can feel you thrusting through her body. She's such a slut isn't she? Tell her, Sir. She loves it. Go on, tell her."

Carried up in the lust of the moment, I complied. "Yes, she is. She's a dirty little whore. Oh, damn, yes. She's so tight and hot and wet. She's so naughty!" I began.

Obviously this was too much for them as they both climaxed almost immediately within seconds of each other.

Christine staggered off the desk and into Chloe's arms on wobbly legs but I kept thrusting in and out of Brigitte, desperate to find my own release until she begged me to stop. "Please no more. I can't keep going. Please stop -- I'll finish you off with my mouth. I promise."

Reluctantly I pulled out and moved around to Brigitte's mouth. As she began to bob her head on me, I called confidently to Christine. "You too," I ordered.

Christine sat down next to her friend, leaning down to lick my balls and shaft as Brigitte swiped her tongue over me. I had never felt so powerful.

I looked up and caught Chloe's eye once more. Her pupils were dilated in arousal. I motioned her towards me.

She walked slowly closer until I held my hands out to her. Something must have snapped because she threw herself at me and then began to urgently kiss me as we embraced. I kissed her back, our tongues entwining in mutual need. We both began ripping her clothes off.

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