tagLoving WivesDirty Talk Ch. 01

Dirty Talk Ch. 01


I continued to pound my hard cock into Tina's tight pussy, my back and ass soaked in sweat. She was on her back, holding her legs apart in the air. Tina loves getting fucked this way, and I know this because it makes her feel like a real woman, like she's being taken by a big, strong, dominant man. I love fucking her in any position, not just because she is my girlfriend, but because she is very tight as I'm the only man she's ever slept with. Plus, she would not get entirely soaking wet so there was a lot of friction. Both of us were 22 at the time, and the sex was great and frequent.

I'll stop for a little description. I'm 6'1'', white, and rather chubby, but with some muscle underneath. My cock is a good size I think, about 6 inches hard but I never really measured it. I'm somewhat of a "nice guy" or "sweetie" though, so my large appearance is deceiving. I’ve never been very alpha male.

Tina is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She is very tan, as she has some Mexican and black in her ethnicity, with brown eyes and long, wavy black hair that goes to just above her ass. She is quite tall, around 5'11''. She is not overweight, but she is "thick in the right places" as one friend told me once. Tina's legs are very long, and they compliment some perfectly proportioned hips and the most perfect ass you could imagine. Her ass is one you would instead call a ”booty". Her D-cup breasts are round, somewhat heavy, and 100% real. She has the look of a tall, exotic model. Because she is so tall, her large breasts, long legs, and round booty go nicely with her larger frame, so her whole body fits perfectly. She has a bright smile and a very outgoing personality. All around, a very sweet girl, she’s never hurt anyone emotionally or physically in her entire life.

However, like most young people, she loves to fuck. So at the time, I'm still pounding her pussy, admiring her huge tits as they bounce in that wavy way while she's on her back. She just looked up at the ceiling with her mouth open, moaning repeatedly. Sex had always been great between us. At this time we had done it all as a couple. Anal, porn, asslicking, everything. The great thing about Tina is she’s a very submissive lover. She absolutely loves to suck cock and she will put everything she has got into a good blowjob. She really gets off on pleasing her man.

We were doing it missionary, which I’m not a huge fan of, but I still managed to pull out and release a rather sizeable load of cum onto her tits and stomach as she jerked my cock. Afterwards I collapsed next to her and she toweled off. Tina does not cum through intercourse, instead, she prefers when I finger her clit or lick her pussy. As part of the routine, I began to stroke her thighs and kiss her neck. She moaned softly and shook, as I began to slowly rub her clit.

For some reason, and to this day I don’t know why, I started to talk dirty. It just hit me all of a sudden. We had both had phone sex before, but nothing out of the ordinary. This was definitely out of the ordinary. It was much more “dirty” than it was “sexy”. It just started to come out….

Me: “You like that don’t you.”
Tina: “Ohhhhhh yes.”
Me: “Like it when I finger your tight pussy?”
Tina: “Ohhh yes.”
Me: “Are you thinking about my cock inside you?”
Tina: “Oh my god yes!”

Tina does that high pitched whimper when she’s excited, god it drives me crazy.

Me: “Yeah you love big cock don’t you?”
Tina: “OH MY GOD….”

And that is when our sex lives changed, forever. Suddenly the dirty talk had gone from being about her and I, to being about fucking. Not her and I, not us, just fucking. From then on it just snowballed. She was wetter than I’d ever felt her.

Me: “Oh yeah? You love big cock don’t you. You’re such a slut. You love big cock in your wet pussy and your mouth don’t you.”
Tina: “Oh my god…sweetie…I’m so wet right now.”
Me: “You like sucking big cock?”
Tina: “Oh my god yes I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!”

As I brought Tina to a rather loud orgasm with my fingers, she slowly exhaled and shivered. She said she had never been that wet before in her life. We both realized that this sort of dirty talk was really a big thing for us. Well it progressed from there.

The next night, we were in the spare bedroom of my house. I was lying on my back, and Tina was giving me one of her amazingly masterful blowjobs. She made her mouth into a perfect “O” as she gripped my dick and bobbed her head up and down on it. In the middle of everything, I started talking again.

Me: “Oh you are such a good cocksucker. You are so good at sucking cock baby.”
Tina just moaned with my dick in her mouth.
Me: “Oh you like that? Yeah, you love big dicks don’t you?”
Tina moaned even louder on my dick. I now noticed that she had her hand between her legs with her ass sticking in the air. She was fingering her clit as she fucked her mouth with my cock.
Me: “Oh yes, you love big dicks. You are a nasty little cocksucker aren’t you?”
Tina let my dick slide out of her mouth. She looked directly at it and said “Yes. Yes. I love sucking big cock.” The whole time she was fingering her clit. She moaned again and put my cock back in her mouth.
Me: “You like guys with big dicks?”
Just me saying those words out loud completely sent us both over the edge. She started sucking me even faster as she knew I was coming…She began rubbing my balls as I unloaded into her mouth, she’s so good at knowing to do things like that. She swallowed every drop of my cum as she shivered and moaned through her own orgasm at the same time.

She collapsed next to me as we both breathed heavily, coming down from our sexual highs. We both lay there, neither of us wanting to speak first. We definitely knew things were changing. But for good or bad, we weren’t sure….

To be continued

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