tagIncest/TabooDiscovering Joy Ch. 01

Discovering Joy Ch. 01


This is fiction, mixed with one of my fantasies. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


It took thirty five years but I have finally had a major fantasy come true. Let me tell you my story;

I recently celebrated my sixtieth birthday. The wife and I live in a small town that is roughly three hours from her parents and all our children. This arrangement allows us a lot of privacy and we do take advantage of it. Our sex life is active and we play out many fantasies. The majority of them are adding another man or woman to our bed. My wife is six years younger than me and is still employed. Her job requires her to attend a yearly seminar which runs for three to four days in a major city. It is not uncommon for us to send each other provocative and sometimes downright nasty photos of ourselves.

The fantasy I am about to tell you deals with one of my own. It is one I have not shared with anyone. The fantasy involves me and her now seventy-six year old mother, Joy.

Joy is five foot two and weighs around one hundred and seventy pounds. Yes, the aging process has caused her to put on some weight but Joy carry's it well. Her jet black hair now shows quite a bit of gray but her green eyes will consume you! I like to call them "bedroom eyes."

Joy's breasts are half the size of her daughter. The only parts of her body that is not a milky white are her arms, neck and face. I don't think she has worn shorts or bathing suit more than three times since she turned fifty. If you were to meet her you would at first think she is a bit of a prude and "stand-offish." Joy's smile and bright green eyes quickly pull you in and her reserve sense of humor fools you until she gets to know you. Give Joy a glass or two of wine and her sense of humor and demeanor change. At times you could describe it as "sailor talk." There have been many times we have been alone for several minutes in the past thirty five years and shared some downright nasty jokes or conversations. Many of them have forced me to find a private spot for several minutes to relieve my hard cock. I had some suspicion Joy was missing what was once a very active sex life based on comments she'd made in the past.

My wife's father just turned eighty and we have shared a few private conversations as well. I'd like to think when I get to that age I will not join the majority of men and begin to suffer the dreaded "E. D."

Let's get back to my reason for my story. As I was saying, my wife had to attend a seminar for several days. During that time I stayed home and dealt with the daily chores and a rather large "honey do list." Three months ago we were dealing with a rather hot summer. So while I worked outside I took many breaks to quench my thirst. Beer thirty hit around 1pm one of those days and by 4pm I had consumed five beers. I will tell you I was not drunk, but my senses and thought process were definitely impaired. The heat outside finally won out and I retreated to the house and jumped into the shower. The cool water hitting my body relaxed me and soon I was spending way too much time washing my crotch area.

By the time I stepped out of the shower I was proudly sporting a 6 and a half inch boner. I was in a bit of a hurry but before I lay down on the bed I decided to take a snapshot of it and send to my wife. Yeah, you know where this is going. In my beer induced lust and without my reading glasses, I proceeded to send several photos to my wife's mother's new smartphone. One more piece to add is up until this last spring the in-laws had carried only one cellphone and it was very old with none of the features of today's cellphone. The in-laws also have a laptop computer but they would only use it to play solitaire games. It took us many years to get them to use the internet and send and receive emails.

After I had sent the photos I lay on the bed and stroked my hard on. The fact that I was alone and just a bit intoxicated when my cellphone rang I did not realize the ringtone was that of Joys. I took the cellphone from the night stand and tried to read the text as best I could without my glasses. This is what it said:

"Looks nice, but why are you sending this to me?"

I typed back a reply:

"Because I'm horny and I want you to play with it. Send me a photo of your tits"

Joy, my mother in-law sent her second text to me a few minutes later:

"I could but I think both of us would get into trouble. Besides I don't know how."

Now at this point I am in-between two fantasies. One is I am watching wife suck my cock while a friend is behind her with his cock in her pussy. The other is of my mother in-law sucking my cock while I play with her tits.

After reading the second text and getting close to sending cum all over my belly I stop just long enough to send a reply:

"It's easy, just go to the bathroom and take a photo of your tits and send it to me."

I lay my cellphone on the bed next to me and get back to the latter fantasy. As I lay there I am enjoying the build up of pressure in my balls as a slowly stroke my cock. A few minutes pass by and my cellphone alerts me to another text message.

"Hope you like them."

Before I open the attachment I put on my reading glasses. With one hand slowly stroking my cock I open the attachment. My one hand stops in mid-stroke as my eyes and mind realize I am not looking at my wife's tits. It is than I look and see with great surprise at the cellphone number and name, "Mom."

"Oh shit!" I say out loud, as my cock twitches and send cum onto my stomach. I than get the fourth text from Joy:

"Did that help or did it scare you?"

I type my reply:

"Oh it helped me. I created a mess!" As I hit the send button I am in disbelief as I realize I am sexting with my wife's mother!

In less than a minute I get another text from Joy:

"Are you going to show me the mess?"

My cock is deflating as it lies on my belly, in a pool of white goo. I aim my cellphone at it, wait for it to focus and snap a photo than type:

"Hope this does not scare you!" and wait for a reply.

Several minutes go by before the cellphone rings and I read the message:

"Wow! That sure looks yummy! It seems like a waste, with no one there to clean it up for you. I have to go and take a shower. It seems I have an itch that needs scratching and your father in-law is sleeping in the chair next to me. Thanks for the photos!"

I get out of bed after reading the message and clean myself off. The realization of what has occurred has sobered me up.

"What did I do?" I say out loud as I get dressed. Later in the evening, as I am watching the news on the television I open my laptop and check my mail. At the top of lists of new emails I see one from Joy. It reads:

"Mark, I am not sure what to say. Should I say sorry or thank you? I will tell you I am feeling a little guilty right now. But the truth is I am feeling more horny than guilty. I had one hell of an orgasm while in the shower and imaging I was there watching you cum. I didn't think I missed sex that much but now realize just how much I do miss it, so thank you! I was thinking about several things before writing you this. One, can we keep this as our own little secret? Two, could you help me and give me instructions on how to use the video on the laptop? Talk to you soon, Joy.

It has been three months since the first time sexting with Joy, my mother in-law. We do it about once a week now. In between we have been sending each other videos and even using skype to get each other off. During this time we have visited with my wife's parents on several occasions. No, nothing wild has happened other than a grope here and there. Our short kiss on the cheek has changed to a kiss to the lips and I can see lust in her bright green eyes. Based on the videos and messages there is little doubt as to what will happen when we finally get to be alone for an extended amount of time.

That time is rapidly approaching. The in-laws will be here in one week to spend a few days before winter sets in. Based on the recent videos and messages I get from Joy and if we manage to be alone together long enough. Well, Joy keeps reminding me in her messages:

"Eat lots of fruit and take plenty of vitamins. I have plans to keep you in the saddle for a long time."

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by prop6903/14/18

Good story

Can't wait for the next chapter

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Good job

I’d like to have sex with my mother in law. She is about 20 years older than me. I love it when her nipples get erect

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Definitely needs to continue

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