Discovery of the Moment Ch. 08


And, incredibly, I felt a massive wave of relief wash over me. For a moment there I thought that she was about to tell me that she was ALREADY pregnant. And that's when I realized that I wanted to be an active and aware participant when Kelly caught with our child. I wanted it to be the kind of happy surprise that both of us expected. I unwound my left hand from hers and gently, lovingly caressed her cheek, enjoying the sensation of her soft skin as she leaned into my fatherly touch. "That's okay, baby-girl. And, to make it official, the answer is yes. I would LOVE to make a baby with you. But you've yet to answer MY question: when do you want to start?"

Kelly leaped up out of her chair and fell upon me with kisses and a warming embrace, pushing her warm, young body against mine. I could already feel the hardness of her nipples through the white evening dress that she wore as her embrace tightened. "Oh, Daddy! Thank you thank you thank you! I'm SO happy now! Oh, Daddy! I'm the luckiest girl in the world. And you, you're the absolute BEST father, EVER!" Her words were punctuated by several kisses until she stopped with a smacker right on the lips that, I swear, left me feeling dizzy. She pulled back and grabbed my cheeks to look into my eyes. "Now, Daddy. RIGHT NOW! I want to start right this very minute!"

Well THAT certainly brought a quick smile to my face! I pulled her face to mine again for another long, passionate kiss, and could feel myself getting hard already with the prospect that I and my daughter were about to embark on a whole new journey and adventure. As we kissed my right hand surreptitiously found its way to her left breast and I started to gently roll her erect nipple through the material of her dress. "Sweetheart," I said when our kiss broke, "it is I who feels like the luckiest man on Earth. How ready are you to begin? Because, frankly, I can hardly wait!"

Kelly stood up in a flash and hiked her skirt up to her waist. Unsurprisingly I saw that she wore no panties underneath and her shaven pussy was already covered and slick with her sweet-tasting girl juices. "I'd offer you some of my pie, Daddy, but you already had dessert. So how 'bout we work that off with some good, old-fashioned sex? Forget the foreplay and let's just get to the main event." She leaned over the table in front of me, skirt bunched up around her waist and ass thrust outward, and looked at me expectantly, her cheek laying on the table top. "Hurry up, Daddy. My womb won't knock itself up!"

That sounded like the perfect invitation to me. With a swiftness, I unbuckled my belt and kicked off my shoes. As soon as I was able, I pushed my slacks off my legs and got into position behind my daughter's upturned ass. Looking down at her beautiful globes, I reached down and held her hips in place as I gently thrust forward so that my cock slid along the valley of her ass crack, just inches away from her waiting pussy. She looked back at me with fiery eyes. "We're gonna make a baby, Kelly," I told her needlessly, "We've had a lot of sex and I must've poured enough cum into you to impregnate every woman on the planet, but this time it's different. This time you're unprotected. From the moment I go inside you I won't stop until I've filled you yet again. I'm ready to go, baby, and now is the very last chance you'll have to change your mind."

Kelly was unreserved and the look of sexual hunger in her eyes spoke volumes more than her next statement. "Put it in me, Dad. Fuck me. Fuck a baby into your little girl's womb and make me pregnant! I want it! I want it now! Pleeeeease make a baby in me!" She pushed her ass back so that it rubbed sensuously against my groin, making the shaft of my cock slide along her ass crack some more. "Fuck me now!" With that she looked forward and waited for my next move, her body already shuddering with excitement.

I looked down at my cock, which was completely rigid and already dripping pre-cum in anticipation. I held her waist in place with my left hand while my right hand gripped my throbbing member and lined it up with her equally dripping pussy lips. As our genitals kissed, my cockhead just barely inside the entrance of her tight folds, I said, "Kelly?" She looked back at me over her shoulder expectantly with a slight look of annoyance on her face and then I shoved myself deep inside her without ceremony or pretext at being gentle, consumed with a lustful desire to do nothing less than fill her with my seed. "Daddy's home!" I cried out as the tip of my cock rammed into the bottom of her cervix.

Kelly let out a wail of pent-up erotic passion and ground her ass against my groin while the muscles inside her pussy began to ripple wildly around her father's shaft. "Oooooh, yes!" Kelly cried out. "Yes, Daddy! Fuck me!"

"I never could refuse my little girl," I quipped as I began to thrust forcefully into her small, curvaceous body. As I started to pound away at my daughter's wet cunt, I looked down and saw that the tips of her toes were barely touching the floor and actually separated from the carpet with each thrust. I locked onto her hips with my hands to keep her steady while her own hands shot out in front of her, gripping the other side of the table as my cock rammed into her tightness. "I can't believe you really want this," I told her as I found a rhythm with my fucking.

Kelly tilted her head backwards, her mouth agape with pleasure as she struggled to respond. Finally, she said between gasps, "I've wanted it for a while now, Dad. Your baby. I want your baby inside me, Daddy, and no one else's. I've wanted the same man that made me to make another life inside me!"

"Oooh, FUCK!" I growled. "You keep talking like that, Kelly, and I'm not going to last long."

Kelly was quick to answer that one. "I don't care! I have one mission in life right now and that's to get you to cum inside me like never before! Use me, fuck me, I don't care as long as you fill me up with that babymaker and don't stop until I'm pregnant!"

"Ahhh- aw, fuck, Kelly! C'mon! Seriously, stop talking like that! I'm gonna cum any minute of you don't!" My hips were plowing wildly into her at this point, the loud smacking of our loins filling the room. The sensations around my penis as I pushed inside her were, as always, breathtakingly exquisite. Each time I bottomed out inside her delectable pussy, I could feel my mushroom tip nudge intrusively against her cervical entrance. And on the out-thrusts I could feel the walls of her warm tunnel grip me tightly, never letting me go completely and ensuring that my inflamed cockhead would stay lodged within her.

"Ahhhhh, yes!" Kelly moaned sexily as I slowed my thrusts down to prolong our pleasure. "That's the point, Dad. Don't hold back! Cum inside me! I don't care of I get off or not. But, the truth is, I'm probably gonna cum like crazy the second you let go because I know, this time, it's for real! So- AH!- keep going. Faster, harder! C'mon, Daddy! FUCK YOUR DAUGHTER HARD!" At that request I began to move a little faster, building up steam and speed as her moans intensified. "Yesssssss! That's it, Daddy! Fuck me fuck me fuck me! Fuck my pussy, Daddy! Cum inside me and get me knocked up! Just let go and put a baby inside me!"

"Not yet!" I growled. "I... I gotta make this... last... for as long as I can!" To underscore my point, I abruptly slowed my thrusts and, finally, withdrew my cock entirely so that I could take a moment to rest. At that, Kelly let out a groan of disappointment. Looking down, I saw that my cock was coated with a shiny film of pussy juice and my shaft was visibly throbbing with want and desire. When I felt the throbbing subside a little bit, I pushed myself back inside Kelly's tight pussy and resumed a slow, steady pace.

Kelly moaned loudly with satisfaction when I re-entered her sacred core and began to push herself back against me. "Are you close to cumming yet, Daddy?"

"Dear, God, yes!" I hissed.

"Good!" she moaned and increased her backwards thrusts, meeting me stroke for stroke as my cock flew in and out of her tightness. "C'mon and fuck me, Daddy. Cum inside me. Would you like that, Daddy? You want to cum inside your little girl, huh? You wanna fucking fill me with your sperm? The same sperm that made me, Daddy? Are you gonna fuck me until your big, hard cock explodes inside me, shooting your seed right up against my cervix, Daddy? Are you?"

"Oh, fuck, YES!" I shouted. "Yes, almost there, honey! Almost there! Aw, fuck, you're tight!"

"That's right, Daddy," Kelly agreed. "I'm your tight fuck-slut. Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me until you cum inside me! I want you to fill my fucking pussy with every last drop of cum you have! Come on and fuck your daughter! Do it! I feel you getting bigger, Daddy. Look at it. Look at your cock getting bigger and thicker, filling me completely up as you get ready to cum inside your daughter's fertile, cum-hungry pussy! Fucking fill me up with it, Daddy! Knock me up!"

Hearing that just sent me completely over the edge. I gripped her hips tightly and pulled her pussy all the way onto my expanding shaft as my testicles tightened and pushed out my cum. I not only bumped against her cervix this time, I actually felt the tip of my penis push through the spongy barrier a split-second before I came inside her. Before, I had merely coated her pussy walls with my cum, sometimes watching as my cum slipped out around my shaft because there was no room for it and my cock at the same time. But this time my cock had grown that extra little bit so that now I was spewing the contents of my balls directly into her womb where none of it would come back out. I was splashing my daughter's innermost core with my cum, shooting my sperm against her far walls as my cock spasmed and jerked within her small body.

Kelly felt it, too, and screamed out in the most amazing orgasm she's ever had. Her pussy clamped down on my cock and started to literally milk my shaft as slug after slug of her father's cum filled her womb. "Oooooooooh MY GOD!" Kelly shouted. "OH MY FUCKING GOD! YES! HOLY FUCK, DAD, YES!!" Her hips hitched and swayed involuntarily as my cock continued to spew my seed into her, but she stayed otherwise motionless on the dinner table that she was bent over. Slug after slug of potent sperm rocketed into my daughter's body as I held on tightly and Kelly began to shake uncontrollably. "Yes, Daddy!" she wailed. "YES! I FEEL IT! Oh, God, I feel you cumming inside me!"

I couldn't say anything that resembled a coherent sentence at that point and simply continued to unload myself into Kelly's womb, where my seed would do what it was designed to do, my body racked with wave after wave of unstoppable force. As I came, I got the strangest feeling of completion, a sensation that I'd had only one other time before in my life. That feeling was exactly how I felt when I conceived Kelly with my late wife Sarah more than twenty years before. I know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that my own daughter and I had, at that exact moment, made a baby together. Somewhere deep within her body my sperm had already found her egg, broken through its outer shell, and began to fertilize it, releasing a small, barely-noticeable electric jolt that announced the conception of Life and drew the soul of our baby to Kelly's waiting womb. This understanding came at such a primal level of my consciousness that I hardly even registered it with my waking mind, but I nonetheless knew. With that realization to drive me onward, my hips bucked with each jolt and I could swear that I saw stars as, mercifully, my libido's grip began to subside and the spasms in my groin ebbed. I collapsed onto my daughter's back, holding her tiny body down with the weight of my own, and felt my cock twitch gently inside of her, depositing a few more drops of my cum into her channel. Each aftershock of mine caused Kelly to gasp and groan out loud as the tip of my cock tapped gently on her cervical entrance and the shaft rested precariously on top of her G-spot. For a long time, both of us just lay there breathing heavily over the dinner table, my head resting against the soft nape of her neck and her body shuddering softly beneath me in her own aftershocks of orgasmic bliss. After several long seconds of both of us recovering, Kelly began to laugh softly.

"What's so funny?" I asked with bewilderment.

"Nothing, Dad," she replied and reached back to stroke my hair. "It's just that... of all the times we've had sex, even that one time when you filled me to overflowing by going into The Fold countless times, I don't think you've ever cum so much. That was..." She paused to find the proper word for just how powerful my orgasm seemed to her and then found it. "Epic."

"Hmm," I returned contentedly and then kissed her ear lobe tenderly. "So... did you feel it?"

Kelly turned her neck just enough so that she could look me in the eyes. "What? That little extra jolt as you came? Yeah. You think that was it?" she asked. "Women don't usually catch on the first attempt, you know. It might just be our imagination."

I kissed her soft lips and then said, "Kitten, if you're not pregnant with your father's baby, then I'm a monkey's uncle."

Kelly visibly shuddered with that thought and I stood up to let her free. With care not to pull out too quickly, I slowly withdrew my softening shaft, which was streaked with both our juices, until it finally came completely out with an audible slurping sound. But she simply stayed there, her white dress bunched up around her waist and her arms laying akimbo on the dinner table. I looked back down at her ass and saw just the top of her pussy mound from behind. There I saw her well-fucked cunt hole, slightly open from the pounding that I had given it, and just a few droplets of my cum seeped out and rolled softly down past her clit. "I think I'm gonna stay like this for a few minutes, Dad," she said dreamily. "Just to make sure."

"Knowing you," I replied, "you've already got a pregnancy test kit hidden away. We'll know by tomorrow if you've caught, I'm sure."

Kelly looked up at me. "That soon?" she asked. "Really?"

I looked back at my daughter lovingly, both of us still naked from the waist down, and let out a soft chuckle. "Definitely." I then unbuttoned my shirt and took off the A-shirt underneath so that I could be completely naked. "I think the dishes will keep until tomorrow. Why don't I get a towel and get us both cleaned up?"

Kelly responded to that with a start and stood upright. As she did, more of my spent cum spilled out of her and began to journey down her inner thighs unheeded. "You wouldn't dare!" she exclaimed. "I want your cum to stay inside me all night long and give as many of those little guys as I can a chance to do their jobs!"

With a smile on my lips I leaned forward and kissed Kelly deeply, hugging her body close to mine. "Your wish is my command, dear daughter," I said.

It wasn't long before we both collected ourselves and retired to our bedroom where, not surprisingly, we quickly drifted off to sleep, content in the knowledge that we had celebrated our retirement from crime-fighting in the most auspicious way possible. Our baby, we both knew, would surely be born into a better, safer world and we were directly responsible for it.

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by Anonymous

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by TongueHung12/22/17

Not the end I hope!

Wow...I really hope this isn't the end...would love to see some pregnancy sex.

I was more than a little disappointed at how little energy you put into describing their crime fighting career...would lovedmore...

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by Anonymous07/09/17

Simply amazing

Like, wow.

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