tagNovels and NovellasDistant Minds Ch. 05

Distant Minds Ch. 05

byNakod Apa©

Chapter Five - Rebirth

The following evening Sabbina fixes the electrodes to her head one final time and settles into the bed under the pyramid. Part of her is glad that this will be her last visit to the past, though part of her wishes she could continue her travels and explorations. Still Peter is right. Just this one last time - for now. Secretly she reserves the right to visit again sometime in the future. But where to go now? Perhaps even further back; perhaps the Stone Age ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The procession wound slowly along the worn, rocky path and up the dark, heather cloaked hillside. At its head two acolytes with flaming torches lit the way. Behind them came first the priest then, step by cautious step, Sela - the new High Priestess. The rest of the clan plodded after them, including the chosen one whose virginity would, this night of rebirth, be surrendered to The Goddess.

Sela lurched as she caught her toe on a large stone. Careful, it wouldn't do for her to stumble at this time, that would undermine the clan's confidence in her; suggest that Mother Earth had deserted her, and them, and that she should be replaced.

She fixed her gaze on the broad shoulders of Rawk, the priest, as he strode ardently ahead. As their elected clan mother - their spiritual leader - it had fallen to Sela to pick the priest. Rawk had proved a good choice, performing his duties satisfactorily and, in addition, being a pleasing and agreeable mate when the rituals demanded they openly copulate. There was no-one in the clan more suited to performing the ceremonial seeding of the virgin.

A soft south-westerly wind caressed her cheek. Her gaze drifted up past the bright moon to where the stars shone clear this night of Beltane - this night of no-time between spring and summer when new life sprang forth. It augured well for a joyful rebirth and bountiful harvest.

Her thoughts went back to when, during the time-honoured exchange of females, she had been given to this clan. That year she had been the one chosen to be deflowered on the great altar. Then the priest had been a halt, repellent man. She could still recall the sudden pain when he'd rammed his meat into her tight tunnel - how she had cried out. Which had only made him thrust harder, for he was one who believed that the louder an offering screamed the greater the veneration of our Earth Mother.

At first she had not understood why her predecessor as High Priestess had chosen him to be the Priest. Then, as other men enjoyed her, Sela came to realise it was because he had the largest shaft of any in the clan and was the only man who could properly satisfy that woman. Unfortunately it meant other females, like herself, who could be well pleasured by more normal men, had to suffer when he chose to take them. Clan gatherings were happier since she'd had him replaced.

The lights disappeared momentarily as the acolytes went over the ridge and down into the saucer shaped hollow of the sacred site. The sheep who cropped turf short stirred restlessly and moved away. As they reached the high palisade enclosing the shrine the acolytes moved to stand guard, one at each side of the entrance. Rawk continued into the sacred enclosure and led the line three times widdershins round the large altar stone at its centre.

Stopping he turned to face the assembly, Sela slightly behind him on one side, the virgin, with her minders, on the other. The moonlight fell full on his well-defined features and curly beard as he raised his arms to start the ritual; his deep, melodic tones gripping all who heard.

'To this hallowed place we come to show all that is in our hearts. . . The blood of ancients runs through our veins. . . The years may pass but the circle of life remains. . . .We are here to honour the Goddess, our Earth-Mother who by her union with Beltane, her husband and lover, our father and protector, gives life anew.'

He paused and slowly looked at each member of the clan in turn then asked, 'What gifts doth our Earth-Mother give, that we may share the renewal of life?'

Together they replied, 'The waters of life and the joys of mating.'

Once more he questioned them, 'And how do we know these gifts?'

Their response was enthusiastic, 'By drinking of the waters and uniting seed with egg.'

The priest gestured to an acolyte who handed him a large bowl filled with alcohol. Saying, 'Consecrate these waters, and let all who will honour the Mother partake of them,' he took a sip then returned it to the acolyte to be passed around the throng so that each could drink.

Rawk waited motionless, a silent, commanding figure, until the cup had travelled the circle and returned to the start, where it was placed in Sela's hands.

She drank, then spilled the remaining liquid across the altar, proclaiming, 'Oh Earth-Mother who gives life we praise thee. Remember us and speak to us in our hearts. Give us your teachings and laughter, become one among us here tonight. By our offering we do thank and honour thee.'

It was time. The priest motioned for the maiden to be stood before the altar. Firmly he placed his hands on the virgin's shoulders and kissed her forehead, eyes and mouth before unclasping her white robe and letting it slip to the ground. Slowly he surveyed her as she stood naked before the clan, pleased that, as was meet for an offering, she was curvaceous and desirable. She trembled slightly - whether from the breeze or nervous expectation he was unsure.

At last he cried, 'Oh come, Goddess divine! Whom I invoke with this sign.'

Lowering his head he pressed his lips to each of her firm, thrusting boobs in turn before continuing, 'That all may see, in vision clear, her wondrous twin pillars rear.'

Kneeling he briefly licked and nuzzled her clit, making her moan. 'Thus with adoring kisses I anoint, her life giving grail's most central point.'

Now he stood upright again and eased the girl back to lie on the altar stone.

'By rushing wind and leaping fires, grant me the wine of my desires,' he beseeched the sky, letting his woollen robe fall to join the virgin's on the ground.

Proudly he displayed his rigid cock to the clan. 'When now before ye doth uprear, my masterly, heroic spear, open to me the joyous way, that 'twixt a woman's legs doth lay.'

A hand on each thigh he spread the maiden's legs wide apart. 'Come, foot to foot and lip to lip. So thigh to thigh and breast to breast. With my lifted lance I fill her grail, affirming thus the power of the male.'

Stretching out on her recumbent body, Rawk raised his hips, positioned the tip of his cock between the nether lips of the virgin and with a hard lunge of his hips drove deep into her. She gave a sharp cry as her hymen split.

'Let all assembled behold aright; how mighty lance with yearning grail unite.' He started thrusting, slowly building the rhythm toward a climax.

'And how my lusty, renewing flood, grant life to courseth in her blood.' Voice raucous with passion he exulted as he filled the maiden with his hot seed.

Temporarily spent he rested a moment before withdrawing his now limp cock, climbed off her and, rising from the altar, moved to stand beside his High Priestess.

Loosening her robe Sela shrugged it from her shoulders and now she also stood gloriously naked before them, allowing all to admire her inviting curves.

Surveying the intent assembly she proclaimed, ''Twas thus ordained from the dawn of days, that at women's altars men shall praise. So shall a woman's joyous grail, grant men an ecstasy that never fail.'

Her eyes searched among the males, selected a young warrior and motioned for him to join her. 'Let us all link hand to hand, as before our Goddess we stand. . . . Come let us feel our senses surge, and with the one Great Spirit merge. . . Thus may our revered ancestors know, that we are faithful here below. . . Go! Worship as of old, our Goddess of mysteries manifold.'

The priest echoed her bidding with, 'Come, let all joyously honour the Mother, and with our bodies bare, each praise another.'

There was a swirl of movement from the worshipping throng as they shed their robes. Every man grasped a woman, pulled her to the short, dry turf and vigorously entered her.

Nor was Sela omitted. The stalwart young warrior she had selected grabbed her by the waist and pushed her back against the altar. A movement at the corner of her eye told her that Rawk was again claiming his right to possess the body of the sacrificial maiden. Tradition held that the priest could use and enjoy her until the new moon; then for the days until the following new moon she would be available for the pleasure of any unmarried warrior. Only after that was she allowed, if she wished, to select a husband from those who had used her. Sela, herself, had decided not to take a husband, or at least not for a year or two. In the meantime she had been elected to be their High Priestess - the leader and protector of the tribe.

The warrior she had chosen to pleasure her was somewhat clumsy and rough; his hands harsh on her sensitive breasts; his cock impatiently stabbing at her entrance as she eagerly opened her thighs and raised her feet. Not that she minded, there were times, as now, when she preferred passion to skill - enjoyed being taken hard, letting brute instincts triumph.

Now he was slamming into her, his breathing strident. Maybe it was her imagination but he didn't feel as large as the last time she'd had him fuck her. She lifted her legs higher to try and force him deeper, and tightened her muscles in an attempt to harvest the produce of his balls. At last he came - yes, she could feel him come, but she was still unsatisfied.

Firmly Sela pushed him from her and looked for another to give her relief. Rawk was just withdrawing from the offering's tunnel, had he enough stamina to ride her as well, to fill her still hungry cunni?

She reached out and grasped his arm. 'Me! Now fuck me!' She commanded.

Carefully the priest adjusted Sela's position on the altar stone before lowering his still firm cock to her opening. Slowly he started to thrust, his hips driving him deeper and deeper until he was sheathing and unsheathing his full length on each drive. She moaned as her pulsating pleasure grew. 'Yes, yes. Oh! harder, faster ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh! Oh, God! That's it.' Sabbina arches her spine and almost faints with the strength of her climax. Slumping back, gradually she becomes aware of her surroundings. Slowly she registers the reflections in the pyramid's mirrored peak - the strong bare ass and pumping hips of her rider, his long blond hair bouncing with each thrust.

'Ah, yes. Harder . . . Peter darling. . . harder,' she moans.

Wait! That's not Peter! Those muscles, that back! It's Rawk! It's the priest fucking her, his mind oblivious to anything except filling her with his sperm!

Twisting her head in panic she dislodges a couple of the electrodes. Desperately, she tries to wriggle from beneath him. She can't, his weight is too great. Feverishly groping around she at last finds and presses the panic button.

Peter Tobin rushes in 'What's wrong?'

With a triumphant bellow Rawk erupts, his hot sperm filling Sabbina's cunni.

Peter takes in the taut, muscular man, 'Who's he? Where did he come from? How did he get in here?'

'He's from my vision. He's from the past. Oh! Get him off me!' She is barely coherent.

Rawk, his passion spent, doesn't resist as, with Peter pulling and Sabbina pushing, he is rolled off her and onto the floor, his cock sliding from her slit with a wet slurp. Glancing up he takes in the smooth mirrored walls of the pyramid; his mouth opens in amazement. Terrified, he curls up in a corner.

Gently Peter takes Sabbina in his arms before carefully removing the remaining electrodes. 'What do you mean he's from your vision?'

'Just that." Sabbina is trembling. "I was a priestess at a pagan ceremony. He was the priest. He was fucking me, then I woke up and he was here, still fucking me."

As Peter tries to absorb the situation Rawk spies the open door. Abruptly he is up and, the leather hard soles of his feet slipping on the polished floor, he makes his escape.

Stop him! Catch that revenant!' Shouting Peter rushes after him. 'He's our result, he's our grant money, our funding.'

Authors note: To be continued in the future.

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