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DNA Unleashed


Author's Notes: Hello everyone! To those of you returning to this story and thinking "What the hell happened?", don't worry. Long story short, I was unhappy with the way that my newest story was going, because I was limited by the standards that I had already set in my previous stories. This new version features many plot changes, with some new parts added in and other parts taken out. The main difference is that I switched the drugs from being a syringe to a pill, since it seemed kinda ridiculous that nobody in these stories has a problem with needles. I also changed how the clone system worked.

Aside from that, normal story rules still apply: All characters are fictional, all characters involved in sex are 18 or older, etc.


Caroline walked into her friend's room after school. Normally, she would be either riding home with her parents or walking homes with her friends, but Sandy had insisted that she come over to his house today. That was weird, since Sandy never had people over to his house, especially not her. He wasn't even one of her closest friends, just a guy friend that sometimes hung out with her.

Sandy himself walked in right behind and closed the door. That unnerved Caroline a little bit. Why would he need to do that? Sure, if his twin sister was home, that would be one thing, but neither she nor his parents were here.

"Alright, so why am I here again?" Caroline asked. She had never been given an answer, not during lunch when he had asked - more like TOLD - her to come, not when they were walking the three blocks back to his house, not when they went upstairs to his room. Hell, Caroline wasn't even sure why she had bothered to come in the first place, other than that she was a nice person and had nothing better to do.

"Well... there's something I want to show you." Sandy replied nervously, fumbling with his hands. Clearly, whatever he wanted to show was embarrassing, stupid, or very personal - or possibly all three, to be honest.

"Okay... and what would that be?"

"Well, uh..." He was definitely trying to stall, that much was obvious. He was definitely having second thoughts about this. "before I do, will you promise... will you promise not to freak out or anything?"

That gave Caroline even more unease. Whatever this thing was, it must have been dangerous, scary, or both. "Um... okay, I guess?"

"Alright then..." Sandy moved over to his dresser and slowly opened one of the middle drawers. 'Nervous would be an understatement at this point,' Caroline thought.

At this point, Caroline had no idea what Sandy was going to show her. What he pulled out, though, was still probably one of the last things she expected to see, especially from him: a small blue pill.

That definitely surprised Caroline; she had had no idea Sandy was a druggie. He was an all A's student, top of his class, in fact. How he managed to stay up there with all his procrastination and cutting corners on assignments, Caroline would never know. Still, she didn't deny the fact that he was smart, funny, and friendly. In fact, his one real downside was that he tended to be a loner, and had very few friends (and also his name; he was teased and called a girl a lot when he was younger).

Despite that, Caroline never expected Sandy to be doing drugs and not get caught; she herself had never done drugs (nor did she plan to), and even she had a good idea of who was doing drugs like marijuana and heroin; most drugs in this town came from only a few suppliers, and the only thing that spread faster than the drugs themselves was the gossip about who was buying.

"Okay..." Sandy started, then paused; he clearly didn't know were he was going with this.

"Um... okay..." Neither did Caroline!

"Now, before you ask, no, this isn't a drug - at least not the kind you're thinking of." Sandy began fumbling the pill around in his hands. He had a habit of doing that with things in his hands; kept him busy and distracted, Caroline figured.

"Alright, then... what is it?"

"It's... its something that changed my life completely. It..." Sandy stopped. He needed to be less cryptic, more open with her. "It's a drug that enhances me, enhances my body, my mind. It allows me to do so many cool things. And..." he paused, before anxiously spitting out "I wanted to share it with you."

Caroline, again, didn't know how to react. He was asking her to try DRUGS with him? Why her? She sat down on the side of Sandy's bed, mulling this over. No, not even mulling it over; just wondering whether she could run past him, down the stairs, and out the front door. She decided against that; Sandy was standing between her and the door, and he was a lot bigger and stronger than her. Sure, he wasn't likely to physically HURT her - Sandy just wasn't that kind of guy - but he might forcibly make her swallow the pill.

Meanwhile, Sandy was just standing there, letting her mull this over. After a moment, he asked "So... will you?"

"Well... I don't know," Caroline replied; she needed to stall. "What EXACTLY does it do?"

"Can't tell you," Sandy said with a slight smile, "It would ruin the surprise."

After she said nothing in reply, he frowned and said "Look Caroline, all you need to know is that it does some amazing stuff - some would even say extraordinary - for you, it's safe, and I myself took it."

Caroline still hadn't made up her mind, so she asked "How long ago did you first take it?"

"A few months ago or so. About the same time I stopped wearing my glasses." He said with a slight smile. He had that I-know-something-and-you-don't face. While Caroline was still very anxious and unsure about this, she was also becoming a little curious.

Stopped wearing his glasses... was he implying?...

"Oh, and you only have to take it once." He added in. Caroline felt slightly more at ease; she hated pills, so only having to do it once made it much more appealing.

For a second, Caroline was surprised to find herself even considering doing this. Why was she doing this? That guilt was quickly washed away by curiosity, though; she HAD to know.

"Alright, fine, I'll do it." She said.

"Cool! Now lay down on the bed, this should only take few moments to get ready."

Caroline did as she was told, while Sandy left to go grab a glass. As he came back in with, she asked him "Is this going to hurt?"

He scoffed at her. "The pill? No, why would it? You got a problem with pills?"

Caroline hadn't been talking about the pill; that implied that the process itself might be painful.

"Alright, here we go..." Sandy said as he handed her the glass. Caroline held it for a moment, staring at the now-blue liquid inside, before quickly gulping it down.

Sandy looked her over, looking nervous again. In her thin shirt and yoga pants, he could clearly see her body outline; she was somewhat short, with chest-length brown hair(occasionally in a ponytail) and a cute heart-shaped face. She was athletic, which meant she was slim body with a slightly toned stomach, with thin arms and legs to match. On top of that, he could make out her boobs and ass; they weren't tiny, but due to her atheistic lifestyle, they weren't that big either.

Remembering what was about to happen, Sandy quickly said "Okay, now listen closely. There's about-"

"Wait," Caroline interrupted, "You didn't bother to say this BEFORE we started?"

"No, because if I did, you might have chosen not to do this-"

"You LIED to me?!" Caroline was definitely scared now!

"What? No! Just... just listen, okay?" Sandy was clearly frustrated with her interruptions. "There's not much time. Alright, now you're about to start feeling a weird feeling in your arm, and then - you know what? I'm not even going to tell you, so just... just don't freak out, okay? Whatever happens, it's all supposed to happen."

Caroline was shocked at how mad he sounded. He NEVER got angry. Still, she was now more scared than angry at him; ten seconds in and she was already regretting her decision.

Almost right on que, she began to feel a weird feeling in her left arm. "Um, I think I feel something now..."

"Okay, that's good," replied Sandy, who was sounding more and more nervous, "Now just stay calm, okay?"

Caroline was about to ask why she should stay calm when her skin... the area that had been feeling weird suddenly shifted, becoming slightly more toned and smooth. This small area quickly began expanding up and down her arm.

"What the hell?" She said aloud, staring at her now changing arm, "What is THAT?"

"Just let it happen." was all Sandy said.

"What?! What do you mean, 'just let it happen'?!"

By this point, the "change" , for lack of a better term, was now all the way around her arm, and was steadily advancing towards her hand and shoulder. Caroline suddenly lost feeling in her lower arm, and told this to Sandy. "Yes, that's normal. Now, stay calm, and don't get too panicked over what happens next..."

The change picked up paced, and soon reached her neck, and then she lost all feeling or control of her body below that point. There were tears in her eyes, but she held them back. After all, Sandy didn't seemed that worried, did he? Surely, he wouldn't just let her die? If he did, then he was almost certainly going to be the prime suspect, since she had texted her mother that she was going with him before she left school.

As the change went up her face, she could no longer move her mouth... then she could no longer see out of her eyes... and finally, she went unconscious as the change reached her brain...

When she awoke a few moments later, she tried to sit up, but found she could only move her torso; her legs were still changing. Clearly, now that her brain had been changed, that was what prevented her from moving the unchanged parts of her body.

Meanwhile, Sandy was still standing there, not saying anything. By the time the change reached her feet, Caroline had moved off the bed and stood up. "So..." he asked, "how do you feel?"

"I... don't know," replied Caroline, "okay, I guess? But seriously, what WAS that?"

"That's not important," Sandy replied quickly, "What IS important is what happens next."

He moved over to his window. "Come over here, I'll show you."

Not knowing what else to do, Caroline did as ordered. "Look out the window," said Sandy, "do you see the McDonalds sign?"

"What?" replied Caroline, "Of course I can't, that's on the other side of town!"

"No," said Sandy, "Look closely."

Caroline, not sure what he meant, looked again. This time, though... Caroline didn't really know how it happened; she just thought about looking closer, and suddenly it was as if her vision zoomed in, and now she could not only see the sign, but clearly read the "McDonalds" label under the big yellow M - over two miles away!

"WHAT?!" was her only response.

"Ah, so you DO see it? That's just one of your many new gifts."

"Gifts?" she asked, "What kinds of gifts? What the hell did you do to me?"

"Well, here's the scientific explanation, as far as I understand it," Sandy said, ready to finally break the dam that he had been holding back, "That pill I gave you? Well, it was actually full of super-advanced nanomachines, and what they were doing was replacing each and every one of your cells. Now, these machines are tiny, even compared to body cells, so what they do is they come together and form into an exact replica of a cell, then consume it to make more nanomachines to make more copies of cells. This is for three reasons. The first reason is to insure that no one discovered that you, my friend, are now completely 100% cyborg, or machine, or whatever you want to call it. Basically, the only way someone would discover your nanomachines is if they were specifically looking for them. They're in the shape of cells and function mostly like normal cells, so your average doctor won't notice, and they're made of non-metallic materials, so they won't go off in a metal detector."

He stopped for a moment to let Caroline process this. "Um, okay... what's number two?"

"Number two is that the nanomachines automatically upgrade your DNA - or whatever it is now, since you're a cyborg - to give you some super cool abilities. For example, you just saw for yourself - no pun intended - your drastically increased vision. In fact, it increased by about 600%. There's a long list of other abilities, but I can't remember what they were. Let's check..."

He then sat down on the bed and pulled his phone. After a moment, he founded what he was looking for.

"Okay, here we go:

-Night Vision. I can definitely vouch for this. I went outside late one night for that stupid Astronomy journal assignment last week, and even though it was almost pitch black, I could make out my yard almost as clear as day. It's a weird feeling, which actually goes for a lot of these.

-Increased Smell. I don't think it's by too much, but its there.

-Increased Hearing. Now THIS is great. On more than one occasion, I could make out a conversation between two people talking at room-level sound in another room with the door closed. I know that sounds like an invasion of privacy, but it's amazing.

-Increased IQ and Attention Span. I didn't notice much for the IQ, but my attention span has gone way up, making it much easier to notes in class.

-Increased Flexibility and Coordination. I haven't tested this out to its fullest extent, but I've noticed that stretches that used to give me cramps aren't happening anymore, so that's cool. Maybe this'll help out for your gymnastic class, Caroline.

-Increased Strength. Okay, now no joke, I literally lifted up my couch several feet with one hand. I couldn't hold it for more than a few seconds, but that's still something.

-Reduced Hunger, Pain, and Illness. I haven't really been in a situation where I could use that ability, so the jury's still out on that one.

-Increased Reaction Speeds. Yeah, haven't been able to verify that one yet.

-Increased Running Speeds and Endurance. Just a few days after I took the pill, my piece-of-shit car broke down again about a mile from work, with only about 5 minutes before my shift started. Literally sprinted there and got there just in time, barely breaking a sweat. Probably could've gotten there faster if I didn't have to wait for traffic.

...and that's about it."

"Wow, that's... awesome!" was Caroline's response after a moment. That was a whole lot of cool new abilities she could use. Maybe this drug wasn't so bad after all! "How do you know all that?"

"It's all on the website I ordered these puppies off of- oh, and before you go super gung-ho about this, you probably don't want to use them in front of other people, or else they'll wonder what's up. For example, my manager was pretty confused when he didn't see my car in the parking lot, but I managed to act like someone dropped me off."

"Oh... well, that sucks. What's the third thing?"

"The third thing? Well... if you thought the abilities I just told you about were crazy, you haven't seen ANYTHING yet. See, the third property is that the nanomachines are linked directly to your new brain, which means you have direct control over how they organize themselves. Here, I'll show you." He leaned over to Caroline and grabbed her arm. Caroline yelped as she felt something like static electricity. Sandy shook his hand, which meant he had felt it too.

"Yeah, I forgot about that. Usually, you don't feel anything when you do that, but since you have nanomachines too, they automatically react to it."

"Um, okay.. what would 'it' be?"

"This," he said, "Now, I know I've said this a lot already, but don't freak out." He then stepped back and closed his eyes.

Had she not been augmented, Caroline might've easily missed it, but she noticed his eyelashes become slightly longer. When he reopened his eyes, they had gone from their normal blue to hazel, and had even slightly changed shape. Before she could even comprehend this, his face suddenly became much more smooth looking and heart-shaped. His hair, which was short and dirty blonde, suddenly grew rapidly in length, becoming chest length and brown in seconds.

Caroline gasped, but it was only just the start. Sandy's whole body began to shrink down a few inches, with both his torso and limbs quickly losing mass. Behind him, his ass began to expand, and Caroline could see his torso begin to form feminine curves. To top it all off, his chest bulged out, and formed moderately sized breasts.

Caroline was stunned; after everything she had seen today, she still hadn't been prepared for this.

Where Sandy had stood just a few seconds earlier, there was now an exact clone of Caroline, wearing Sandy's clothes that were now too big for her smaller body.

Both of them just stood there for a few moments, smiling; Caroline out of sheer amazement, her doppelgänger out of amusement of Caroline's reaction.

"So, what do you think?" the clone said in Caroline's voice.

"I.. I don't..." Caroline had no words to describe what she thought. Her world had been completely turned upside down; 10 minutes ago, she had been walking into her friend's house to hang out, and now here she was, with superhuman powers and a clone standing in front of her.

The clone laughed. "I was totally expecting this reaction, and you didn't disappoint!"

"And I can do this too?" asked Caroline, who was only now remembering that this was a demonstration. "I mean, not to be offensive or anything, but... I don't think I'd want to transform into you. I mean, the whole gender difference thing..."

"That's alright, maybe you'll be ready another day. All you have to do is acquire a person's DNA by touching them and thinking about "taking" their DNA, and then you can turn into them anytime you want. Oh, and remember, unlike you, they won't feel it when you take it." Sandy looked down at himself - herself, rather - and said "Hold on a sec, let me get this shirt off."

In one quick motion, with no time for Caroline to look away, Sandy pulled the shirt right off her chest, ripping it in two (a demonstration of the super strength power). Now, Caroline's doppelgänger was standing topless, with no shirt or bra.

Despite wanting to, Caroline couldn't take her eyes off her clone's chest. Obviously, she had seen herself naked in the mirror before, but seeing yourself in the flesh, right in front of yourself... it was just so surreal to her.

And as she looked over her body, she felt something inside herself change...

Meanwhile, Sandy looked back up at Caroline and said "Well, I guess I need some more clothes. Not to worry, I can fix that!"

Caroline was so deep in thought that she almost missed what happened; it looked like the skin around Sandy's breasts began to peel off, over and over again. This detached skin came together to form what looked like flesh-colored padding over her boobs. Then the color changed, and more skin around Sandy's upper body began to peel off. Within seconds, Sandy was now wearing what looked like a normal green bra that fit her moderate boobs perfectly.

"You can GROW clothes?!" Caroline practically yelled. This day just kept getting weirder and weirder!

"Yep, and they feel and act exactly the same as normal clothes. In fact, I can even remove them from my body." Caroline expected Sandy to suddenly remove the bra without warning, but she continued, "The only difference is that I can make and reintegrate them into my body. I can even change the fake clothes as long as I'm touching them."

Upon saying this, the bra Sandy was wearing went from green to blue. Before Caroline could respond, however, Sandy's skin began to peel off again, except this time, it was all over her torso. Within a few seconds, Sandy was wearing an exact copy of the shirt Caroline herself was wearing. Sandy then bent over and picked up the ripped shirt she had been wearing, and it seemed to just be sucked up into her palms, until it was completely gone.

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