tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDo I Want To Leave My Wife?

Do I Want To Leave My Wife?


Dear Readers, hope you enjoy my little fantasy.


I sat there thinking, turning my glass between my hands, not listening to what was happening around me. Why did it happen? Once again I had had a quarrel with my wife. This time it was too much. I knew I shouldn't have raised my voice and yes I should have been calmer and maybe even docile to her. I mean it was she who accepted me the way I was, nobody else had done this before. It even destroyed a longtime relation with a woman I really loved. You see, I cross-dressed since childhood, but looking at me nobody would ever think that way. I even sported a beard because my shyness was so big that I thought I never would live it down if somebody found out about the real me.

Now I sat here in this little bar thinking about my life, thinking about moving on, thinking about leaving my wife and dressing full time like I had done in private so many years. See, the quarrel was about my desire to go out for the first time in my life as the woman I felt I was. She had denied it to me. She had said I couldn't do it. What if somebody saw me who knew me, who knew her. It would damage us because through her job she was exposed to the public.

I knew she was right of course, but here I sat fuming. For the first time in my life I had gathered all my mental strength and wanted to express myself. Finally I wanted to show the world I wasn't a middle aged man but really a girl since all my life!

Didn't I deserve a little bit consideration from her side? No, she was strict. Ha, if she had been strict when I asked her right after we married to feminise me, to make me her wife. Oh yes, I used to be her wife, kind of, during the first two years of our marriage. She went to work and I stayed at home. She even helped me to buy dresses, skirts, lingerie or high heels but there she drew the line. Never got to buy a wig, she never allowed me to put makeup. Can you believe it? I always looked like a man in drag. I was never allowed to be the girl I so much wanted to be.

I ordered another drink, people chatting around me but I was still lost in thoughts. I should have left her then, but I couldn't do that, I loved her more than life and still I did love her with all my heart. That's why it was so difficult to make a decision. I simply couldn't make one. I saw myself already going back home and trying to make it up to her. Where would I end without her? I mean I gave up my job more than 10 years ago for her, to follow her and be her little household helper.

Yes, it was time to go back. I didn't want to get drunk and didn't want to push it too far. What if she tired of me and threw me out? Well, I'd get probably a little compensation for our 10 years, but it certainly would leave me with a big void in my heart. I called the barman in order to pay when a smooth voice at my side said: "Don't go so quick. You haven't said a word the whole evening. I have been watching you. Is it so difficult?"

Then I felt a hand on my leg before I could move. "Oh no", I thought.. "This can't be happening to me." I jumped but it was too late, my face turned beetred, I looked to my side and saw this gorgeous raven haired woman sitting there with her mouth wide open. She knew it, she had felt it. My garterbelt taps with which I had fastened my stockings. I looked into her eyes. I saw her slowly licking her lips like a cat just before biting her prey. I saw the glimmer in her eyes. I realised I was her prey.

I heard her whisper. "You are a sissy, you are a sissy. You wear stockings. Wow!" I sat there not knowing what to do. "Let's move to the booth over there. I think we need to talk alone honey." Before I could say no she turned to the Barman and said: "Darren, could you please send us Ladies two Chardonnay to the booth over there. It will be on my bill."

I cringed under her words, not even trying to look at the barman and started to walk to the exit instead. She grabbed my arm. "No, you stay here or I shout it out loud you are wearing stockings. Move to the booth."

I looked at her and her eyes were now sparkling. I knew there wasn't an easy way out of this. When I still hesitated she opened her mouth to speak. "It's ok, it's ok, I'll sit with you." She smiled at me. "I knew you were a sissy and wouldn't leave. You don't have the guts for it."

I sat down after her and looked down not wanting to look into these sparkling eyes again. I knew I'd get lost in them. This woman was captivating and she knew it. She grabbed my chin and slowly lifted it to her eye level.

"I am really surprised to find a bearded man wearing stockings. Why don't you shave at least?" She shook her head. "I mean you are parading around in stockings and don't even shave. Jeez, this is a paradox in itself. Who are you? Oh before you start, don't give me any bullshit."

I shook my head and mumbled. "It's none of your business. Please let me go. I promise you won't see me again."

She laughed while a waiter brought our Chardonnay. "Look, you are mine and you know it. Otherwise you would have left. Once again, don't give me this bullshit or do you really want me to tell everybody in here you wear stockings?"

I coughed. "Please no, I would never live it down, please." Her eyes went from sparkles to firework. "So?" Finally I poured out my story. Meanwhile I felt her foot pushing against my crotch. I hardly was able to concentrate to tell her details. My cock grew rapidly and she whispered. "Do you also wear panties sissy?" I nodded. "How do they look like. I want to know."

I told her it was the latest gift from my wife I wore right now. The panties were gorgeous. A dream in satin and lace. The satin part was lavender, the leg openings were held in black lace. The upper part was also held in black place adorned by black roses, crowned by a cute little black bow contrasting nicely on the lavender satin. They felt so fabulous. I wore them every day and hand washed them in the evening.

She doubled her efforts with her foot massaging my cock.

"So your wife knows but you want to go all the way. Hmmm, that sounds delicious. Maybe I can help you. I want to see your panties right now."

I looked at her shocked. "Here? Right now?" She simply grinned at me, opened her handbag, pulled out red satin panties and laid them for everybody to see right on the table. "There are several ways I can make you show me your panties sweetheart. One way is you get up and pull down your pants right here. Another way is to grab these panties walk to the bathroom, change from lavender to red, come back and lay your panties on the table."

My mouth stood open. "But, I can't, I mean I can't do that, everybody would know I am wearing your panties", I stuttered. She laughed. "Yes, and everybody would know you wore the lavender ones, but everybody will know anyway if you pull down your pants here at the table. So what will it be? I mean if you want I can also tell everybody what you wear and you can wait for the reaction of the people. Maybe they don't care, but maybe they want to see you undressed."

I couldn't believe it. I was trapped and she knew it. I slowly grabbed the panties, and she held my hand. "When you walk to the restroom you will hold up my red panties for everybody to see and when you come back you will hold your own lavender panties for everybody to see. Then they'll know you belong to me, to Sylvia. Oh, by the way, what is your name?"

I knew she wanted to hear my femme name. "Greta", I mumbled. "Ok, Greta, you do what you have to do. No, what you want to do. You said, you wanted to go all the way. So do it!"

Like in slow motion I got up from the table and held those bright red panties in one hand. Several people smiled at me, some women even winked at me knowingly. I walked into a stall, locked and quickly changed. Then I took my panties in my hands and walked towards Sylvia who looked at me with a big smile. Behind me I heard laughter.

"Look at the sissy, he went for a panty change."

I shrunk right into the ground, at least if I could have had one wish free. Sylvia got up. "I have paid already. Let's go Greta." She grabbed one of my arms and dragged me out of the bar away from the laughing crowd. Once outside she grabbed the other arm too and before I could react I felt her putting something around. I wanted to pull away from her but then it made click and my hands were cuffed.

"Just a little insurance. I don't want you to run."

"Please no. Let me go, please. You let me go immediately or I call for help."

She calmly looked at me. "You wouldn't. How could you explain the police you are wearing my panties. I wonder if the police believes you or my version you had stolen these panties out of my handbag. I had been following you and when you had come out of this bar I grabbed you from behind and cuffed you. If you want that, let me call the police. Haha, I bet your wife will be delighted to find out you are a panty thief. So what will it be?"

I hung my head and she pulled me to her car. "Good girl. You'll love tonight. Haha, it'll be an eye opener."

Once in her car she buckled me up, opened her handbag once again and pulled out a red ballgag. "Hmmm, I think I should match the lips." Her hand dove into her bag and took out a red lipstick and quickly creamed my lips with it. Then she pushed the ballgag into my mouth. "That really goes together, I knew it."

She drove quickly through the almost empty streets and soon we were on a highway leaving the city. "Oh my God", I thought. "Where is she heading to?" After a short while she stopped in a dark parking lot. "I almost forgot something honey."

She pulled out a scarf and soon my vision was blinded. She started her car again and drove in silence, still the ride was complete torture for me because she constantly grabbed my cock.

At first she just rubbed me through my pants, but after a while she unzipped me and pulled them down as far as it would go, exposing now my red pantied cock. I oozed precum into her panties. "Sweety, you'll have to handwash them later. They got all messy with your nasty precum."

Then I felt her turning and we obviously drove a bumpy road for quite some time with her all the while massaging my cock. She expertly slowed down when it started to twitch. I could only moan into my gag.

"Hmmm, you are so excited. Soon I'll take care of your cock, but first let's get to my place."

And true to her word we soon arrived. She got out of the car, came to my side and took me out. My pants fell to my ankles. I could only shuffle.

"Slowly now, sissy, you look so cute in your black stockings and my red panties. Let me take your cock out. Oh yes, that looks even better with your hard cock sticking out like that."

We obviously had been in a garage because I never felt cold air before we entered the house.

There she me had step out of my shoes and pants. "With only your stockings it looks awfull. You need heels honey."

She dropped me on a couch and I heard her leaving. "Don't go away, the fun is about to begin." As soon as she was gone I struggled with my bonds but - fat chance - how was I going to rip apart handcuffs? Soon I heard the click-click of her heels again and I sat still.

"Sorry for leaving you all alone. Hope you didn't get bored honey."

I felt her lifting my foot and she cramped my feet into a pair of high heels which were obviously too tight.

"Hmm, well they are tight but you have to endure that for now." The second high heel was soon on my other foot. She got me up, massaging once again my still engorged cock.

"You love this, don't you? I was gone for several minutes and your cock still points north like any good compass needle. I give you my word, there'll be quite a few surprises for you still."

We walked around, my feet started quickly to hurt in those too tight heels. "I see you manage well, it's obviously not the first time in heels. You didn't lie about being a housewife I guess. You are a natural."

Then she unbuckled my ballgag and instinctively I mumbled a "thank you". She smiled with her sparkling big, black almond sized eyes. "You are welcome sissy. Hmmm, maybe the next time you should add Mistress. Wouldn't you like to do me this little favor." I shook my head.

She simply laughed at me. "What will your wife say when I phone her and tell her you have become my little sissy, parading in front of me just in stockings, panties and high heels?"

My face turned hot. "You wouldn't? You..., you would." I hung my head. "Yes, you would Mistress." I heard her laughter again. "You are one clever sissy and believe me I will make your dream cum true tonight. First of all we need to get rid of your beard. Which real proud sissy has ever had a beard? I'll teach you the sissy dress code."

We moved into the bathroom where she sat me on a stool, took off my blindfold and took out an electric lady shaver. "Honey, that's all I have. Never thought about having a manly girl in here."

She proceeded to trim my beard as short as she could and then shaved it off. "Hmmm, soo smooth girl. That's nice, isn't it?" When I didn't speak she slapped my face hard. "I didn't hear you. This will be the first and the last time you ungrateful bitch."

"I am sorry, I am sorry Mistress. Thank you for making my face as smooth as a girls."

"That's much better sissy. You are learning. Very good." She took out her makeup case and did my face expertly. When I looked up into the mirror I saw my face had completely changed. It looked really feminine. I blushed. That's how I always wanted to look like. I couldn't believe it. I saw it, I saw it right there. I had a girls face. I laughed with happiness. "My wife never lied to me."

Sylvia looked surprised. "What do you mean?" I turned to her. "Once we were talking Mistress. She told me with a little bit help I'd make a good looking woman. She told the truth, but never wanted me to look good at all." I looked once again in the mirror and tears started to well up. "Thank you so much. Thank you for taking me here and showing me who I really am." I knew I would have hugged her if my hands wouldn't have been cuffed.

She smiled at me, saying "you aren't ready yet". I saw her taking out tweezers. "No, please Mistress. You can't do that to me." She simply held my face . "Look, we can do it the easy way and you sit still, or I can beat the shit out of you and I do it anyway. What will it be?"

I looked at her and sat still. She smiled and started to plug my eyebrows. "Ouch", I cried out. "Hahaha, you are a real sissy. Maybe I should gag you again?" I shook my head. "I'll be quiet Mistress." Without anything further mentioned I saw in the mirrow how my eyebrows got thinner and thinner until they had become fine arches.

"I like my girl with thin arches. Hmm, lovely."

Then she held my face in her hand. "You are the girl of Mistress Sylvia, aren't you?"

I didn't know what to say but I knew it wouldn't be good to say no. So I nodded my head. "Yes Mistress, I am your girl."

"Tell me. You love being a girl, don't you?" Once again I nodded my head. Yes Mistress, I love being a girl."

"So I have no doubt about that you want to leave your wife because she doesn't want to let you be a girl, right?"

Was she trying to trick me? How could I possibly say yes to this question. Yes, I wanted to be a girl but did I really want to leave my wife? It seemed I couldn't have it all at the same time. So I nodded but said "I didn't know". She laughed outloud. "Oh my, you need to decide. It's now or never." What harm could it be if I said yes? I was in her her hands and if I didn't do as she said, it could turn out to be a nightmare, so far it went better than I expected in the beginning of my kidnapping. I nodded again.

"Yes, I want to leave her because I want to be a girl."

She slapped my face hard. "You forgot something, slave." With stinging cheeks and bright red face from embarrassment I managed to mumble a "Yes Mistress". My reward was her patting my head. "Good girl. Since this question is out of the way, I'll send your wife a copy of our little conversation plus a few pics of you in this getup. I bet that'll be the end of your relation and the wonderful start of your new status as my slave."

I tried to protest but she had already foreseen that and immediately shoved the ballgag back into my mouth and secured it tightly behind my head. She turned around, picked up a digital camera and started to take pictures of me from every angle. My mind was racing. Was this the end? Did I really want to end my marriage like that? I struggled hard against my bonds. 'No, I didn't want this', I thought. I didn't want to be somebodys slave, but it was too late.

Sylvia took my wallet, flipped through it and found my e-mail address including my password which I always carried around with me because I had such a bad memory. She smiled devilishly at me. "This is easier than I thought, but first things first." She picked up her cell phone and started to dial my number.

"Hello", I heard the voice of my wife. Then Sylvia started the recording. I heard my wife gasping because she immediately recognised my voice. She heard me saying that I was Mistress Sylvias girl and that I liked to be a girl and that I wanted to leave her because she didn't let me be one.

When the recording finished, Mistress Sylvia spoke calmly into the phone. "You've heard your husband. He will not come back, but will become my slave girl instead. I will completely feminise him and when I am through there'll be no manly trace left. As further evidence I will send you pictures of him dressed up in lingery and sporting a nice red ballgag because he simply loves bondage games. Don't bother trying to find him. He is mine now."

She switched off the phone and said. "Don't you walk away. I just send the pics to your ex-wife and then the fun really begins." Her evil laughter still echoed in my ears even after she had left the room. What would happen to me once she came back? I tried to cry out in frustration and anger, I struggled once again hard against my bonds to no avail. Exhausted I sat still, sweat was dripping from my forehead. Yes, I had all those fantasies about being a girl but it was just fantasies. Oh my God, I heard the click, click, click of her heels.

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