tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDo They See Me?

Do They See Me?


Why did I have this drawing inside of me to be watched in daring situations? I have asked myself that question a million times and even tried to avoid or ignore the strong feeling inside drawing me to my exhibitionist tendencies. For years, I was addicted to being on the webcam naked but it was not for cam-sex but just so that hundreds of guys could see my naked flesh. What a turn on it was to have so many guys tell me what a beautiful body I had and how much they wanted to fuck me in all my holes. Just the thought of it now makes my pussy wet and my nipples hard. There are so many fantasies going through my head that involve exposing my body, some more daring than others, and some of those fantasies I have fulfilled. I'm not going to tell you which of those fantasies I have truly fulfilled, you can decide that...grin.

It was another beautiful, sunny day as I climbed out of bed. I opened both of the sheer, multicolored, thin striped curtains. As I was opening up the curtains, I suddenly realized that the sun was shining on my firm, naked, 36 D breasts. Instead of getting nervous that someone was seeing me naked at the window, I became excited. I took one breast in my hand and my other went down to stroke my pussy as I sat in the light of the open window. I looked up at the apartment building across from my window and noticed all of the blinds were open to the top apartments but I could not tell if anyone was watching. As I stroked my tits, I hoped someone was looking. I went about my business around the apartment, never giving it a second thought that the windows were open for all to see and I was completely naked all day long.

That night, I went to bed naked...as I always did. The door unlocked, lights shut off and the curtains reopened so that the parking lot lights shone in the window. The horny feeling consumed me as I wanted so badly to be fucked that night. I wanted so badly for someone to come into my bedroom and rape me in the night. As I drifted off to sleep, I could feel my pussy was soaked as I thought of my body being on display or used by someone. I knew I would have a good night of wet dreams.

The next morning, I awoke with such erotic thoughts going through my head and I was really horny. The thoughts of going around the building to the different rooms and areas naked (the four stairwells at the ends of the building, the laundry rooms, storage rooms, office, front door, lobby area by the big wall length windows, etc,) got me horny again because I wanted to be that daring. That day, I received several small packages in the mail. There was no return address on any of the packages and each package contained a videotape and a note. In all, I received five videotapes and 5 notes. Before I watched each tape, I read the note attached to it. The first one said, "Love your body, would love to caress those big tits and stroke that pussy for you." Suddenly, I became aroused as to what could be on the tape. The tape was of me stroking my pussy and showing off my tits in broad daylight at the window. It was then that I realized that someone had been watching me from apparently an apartment window across the parking lot. The second note said, "You should watch it, you never know who is watching you, even in what seems like private places." The next video was of me in one of the stairwells! It appeared that the shot was coming from the stairs up above pointed down to me. "I must have been positioned just right", I thought. I was stunned because I couldn't imagine how someone got a video of me inside of the apartment building stairwells without me knowing it. "Was it one of the tenants? It had to be!" I thought. That begin to make me a little bit nervous but still aroused. The third note read, "You have the most fuckable body, I really want to taste your sweet, soft skin and drink your juices." I gulped when I read the note and put the tape in to watch it. The tape was of me sitting in the lobby by the floor to ceiling windows with the light on, naked and fingering my pussy-stroking, sucking and licking my tits. The forth note read, "Can I suck those tits of yours? I really want to!" The videotape was of me in the office with the blinds up, light on and pressing my tits to the glass. My heart pounded but I was unsure as to whether I was nervous or excited, maybe both. The fifth and final note read, "My friends and I really want to fuck all your holes and spank those tits, ass and pussy. Could we, would you like that?" Oh God, I thought as my pussy started dripping with the thought of several guys fucking me and spanking me. The whole day, I couldn't get the thoughts of the notes and the tapes out of my mind. I was so horny and really needed a good fucking.

That night, I went through my normal routine of going to bed naked with an unlocked door. I slept very sound and had a peaceful night sleep. Whether I had dreamt that night was not known, I had slept so soundly and didn't remember a thing. The next day I woke up feeling unusually sore but there were no marks on me. I again received a package. This time, there were two tapes in the package, each 2 hours in length. One of the tapes was marked tape one, the other was marked tape two. The note with the tapes read, "We really enjoyed your company last night and hope to do it again, enjoy watching what you did last night. WICKED GRIN" I thought to myself, "Oh God, what did I do." I didn't remember anything happening last night, but why?

As I put in the first tape, I suddenly became very nervous at what I was about to see. The tape started with a figure moving about my semi-dark room and the light from the open curtains telling me someone was in my room. I was sound asleep in the bed as a hand removed the covers, exposing my naked body. Then a very small needle was quickly poked into my ass, sending a drug racing into my body. The drug didn't put me back out but it made me so relaxed and I didn't seem to care what was about to happen. I was picked up and carried out to the gazebo area where there were 13 other guys waiting. They were all different sizes, nationalities and colors. I was first placed on one of the metal tables, 4 of the men holding my arms and legs spread out.

"You have been a very naughty girl showing off your body to the neighbors and being so daring, your going to receive the whipping of your life for it and then we are going to fuck all your holes and fill them with cum, understand young lady?" One of the men said. I gulped and nodded yes. Three of the men positioned themselves to carry out the spanking. One was in between my legs and the other two were positioned on each side of my breasts. My eyes got wide when I saw each man with a belt strap in their hand.

I then cried out, "No, please, no!"

Before I could say another word, a piece of ductape was pressed over my mouth.

"You know you deserve this spanking little girl," one of the man said with a chuckle.

It was then that I heard the WHACK on my pussy and each tit simultaneously. The spanking of my tits and pussy went on for several minutes as 15 whacks were delivered upon my tender tits and pussy to represent each man who was present. The tears were welling up in my eyes as the spanking stopped.

"Don't you cry, or you will get more," One of the men said sternly.

I fought back the tears as the men turned me over on the table, my red breasts leaning on the metal table.

"Now that beautiful ass needs to be punished but it gets double," A man said with a wicked giggle.

Two men positioned themselves on each side of my ass and instantly started beating my ass cheeks. They each delivered 30 WACKS to my ass, while not forgetting my asshole either, and by the time it was done my ass were dark red.

"Now it is time to fuck all those sweet little holes and fill them with each of our cum- juices," One of the men said evilly.

"NOOOOO," I screamed out as the ductape was removed.

"What if I get pregnant or catch a disease?" I cried.

"You should have thought of that before you started teasing people out the window," One said with the sound of a lack of sympathy for me.

I was placed on the cold concrete ground and pushed on my knees. The shorter men received my pussy and mouth. The 5 tallest ones got my ass and all the men were very well endowed from 8 to 11 inches in length and most of them very thick. My holes hadn't been fucked in months and the first penetration was painful to all my holes because I could hear my yelping on the tape. They all slid in simultaneously and then I was filled in all my 3 holes by 3 enormous dicks. The 3 men prolonged the fucking by holding back every time they felt they were going to cum because they were all saying they needed to cum but were stopping when they needed to. Finally, they couldn't take it anymore and all spurted their cum-juice into my bodies 3 holes simultaneously. By the time it was over, I had 5 really good fucks in all my holes and cum-juice was dripping out of those holes. This was the end of tape 1 and then I put tape two in.

At the beginning of tape two, I was being carried naked and put into the front seat of a car to sit in the lap of one of the guys. The guy had his pants down and I was positioned so that his 11 inch cock buried itself deep inside my pussy as I sat on his lap and he fucked my pussy. I was not allowed to have anything to cover me up. It was just me, the man driving and the person I was sitting on in the car. I was exposed to the drivers who were driving past us but since it was the middle of the night, hardly anyone but drunks coming home from bars and truckers were out driving. We headed towards the interstate as the guy I was sitting on was pumping my pussy and squeezing my tits and bouncing me on his lap as he fucked me until he came in my pussy. Just before we got to the interstate, we found a secluded place to stop where no one would see us. The rest of the men who had fucked me suddenly showed up and they threw me on the ground and fucked me again. Then, they had a bright idea.

"I bet this little exhibitionist would like to really be seen by all," one of the men said with a chuckle.

It was then that the men picked me up and placed my naked and used body on top of the car's bicycle rack and tied my arms and legs spread eagle for all to see. The camera was apparently mounted by me because I could see when truckers were gawking and whistling at me when they went by. We got back onto the interstate and drove for about a half hour and turned back. We found that same secluded spot, the guys took me down off the car and fucked me again, then took me home. After I viewed the tapes I was so turned on but so freaked out that someone I knew would have recognized me. In a way I didn't care though because I got off one being seen.

So...I guess they did see me.

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