tagLoving WivesDo What I Say Ch. 02

Do What I Say Ch. 02


Her Turn

(God I love this little slut).

Now I had my cock in my hand, jacking off right in front of her face as she was fucked like a dog in the ass. I could hear both of them getting louder and louder as their passion neared its peak. He yelled though the wall, "I'm cumming...I'm cumming." I watched her buck forward hard and then push back; one two three times and then she froze, looked right into my eyes and said "I can feel it! I can feel him cumming... in my ass. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" and then she exploded against the wall, fucking against his still hard cock while she came harder than I'd ever seen. I started to cum, too. "Here I cum, Baby." She leaned her head back and opened her mouth. I began to squirt, a little at first, and then it just kept cumming out. She just kept gulping at my cum, catching most of it in her open mouth as her own orgasm slowly subsided. I had to catch her as she fell forward off of his cock and we collapsed together on the floor.

We sat there panting, spent and exhausted and stared at his cock, still on our side of the hole. It must have been 7-8 inches long and definitely fatter than mine. She was and still is my amazing dirty little girl.

She purred into my ear, "Just wait until I win and you have to do what I say."


That's how it ended, that night at the book store. I won the game and she had to "Do What I Say". Now I'm looking at her across the table. Her eyes have an unnatural glee in them. "I Won! Now you have to do what I say!" Shit. She was right. Yahtzee was the game that night. She beat me bad and now, as agreed, I would have to do whatever she said, (sexually), for the whole night. I sat nervously...waiting.

"You made me shave my pussy", she said with an accusing voice that surprised me. It was dark and husky; "You go in the bathroom and shave your cock, balls, asshole...everything down there. And don't miss anything. I'm going to check."

I stared at her, probably looking dumbfounded, and she stood up and said, "I did everything you said last week. Now you have to do everything I say. Tell me you'll play by the rules". I was cornered. I had to do this or I'd never get to make her "do what I say" again. "Okay. I'll do what you say."

"Good, go shave everything..."

I did. I stood against the sink and splashed hot water all over my groin and then lathered up with my Edge gel, took out a new razor, stood spread-legged over the toilet and started shaving around the base of my dick. Damn if I didn't feel my cock beginning to swell. Soon I was carefully shaving my balls and my cock was almost at full attention. She stuck her head in and said, "Don't forget to shave around your ass hole".

I spread more gel and shaved the space between my balls and my ass hole and did my best to reach up my ass crack.

"Give me that", she said as she stepped in and bent me over the toilet. She deftly shaved all up my crack and spent way too much time making sure there wasn't a single hair left anywhere between the small of my back, down,around and up to my navel. She told me to turn around. I stood there with my cock sticking up and out as far as it ever had and she just said, "Rinse everything off and come into the bedroom when you're done, and I want you to stop talking, just do what I say unless I ask you something or tell you to talk. Okay?" I nodded."

I washed and dried and walked into the bedroom. She was smiling and gesturing to the clothing she'd laid out on the bed, indicating I was to put them on without speaking. Geez. A pair of loose, thin white satin shorts that I'd bought to wear just for her and an old red t-shirt of mine that was shrunk down to too tight and too short. I knew what I had to do so I put them on. My dick was still hard and just fuckin' jutting out, pulling up the front of the loose short shorts like a thin curtain. The t-shirt just felt completely fuckin' gay. It only came down to about 3 inches above my navel.

"Here's your shower shoes. Put them on and get out into the car." I was in the car so fast! Fuckin' neighbor Pete told me later he saw me running like a "gay wind". Ass hole.

It seemed to take a while before she came out and when she did I could see why. She was wearing a full coat, like a trench coat, and carrying a small leather bag. I remember shutting the part of my mind that was thinking about the contents of that bag. She climbed into the driver's seat and started the engine and off we went.

It was already dark, about 10:30 but a warm and clear night. I was about to comment on it when I remembered I was supposed to shut up. As we headed down the road she told me to take the shorts off. I slid them down over my still half hard cock and laid them on the seat. She reached over and rubbed my cock until it was standing straight. Then she put her hand into her bag and brought out a bullet vibrator and a small tube of lube.

"Put your feet up on the dash, spread your legs and stick this into your asshole." So I put a dab of lube on the bullet, spread my legs and shifted forward with my feet on the dash and popped that little bullet into my ass. She took the controller and turned it on real low. "Can you feel that?" "A little", I said. She turned it up about half way. That made me jump and she smiled, "Don't let that fall out of your ass, baby." And she went back to rubbing my dick while driving straight for the adult book store.

There were quite a few cars in front when we pulled into the lot. She parked about 50 feet from the door and shut off the engine. "Put your shorts back on but leave that vibrator in you." She handed me the controller and said I was to just hold it..." I did. She reached into the bag and produced a white studded dog collar and quickly hooked it around my neck. I started to say something and she snapped, "Just shut up and get out of the car." Man, this sucks, I thought, as I got out. Not what I expected.

While I was lost in this thought she came up beside me, took the controller from me and clipped a leash onto my new collar and then stood back and looked me up and down. I'm sure I was a sight. Not only was I dressed gay as hell, there was a very obvious wire that went right into the back of my very short shorts. And now she was going to walk me around like a dog. I was really thinking about calling the whole thing off when she took the controller from me, turned it up a little and stepped up close to me. She opened the first few buttons of her coat to show me that underneath she was fuckin' naked. Damn. "Let's go", she ordered. "Okay", but I thought, "If she tells me to bark like a dog, I'm outta here!"

Walking through the parking lot at the end of her leash I realized I was literally buzzing with excitement. The bullet was tickling up in my ass and I was about to find out her plan. I was deciding whether or not I should try and stick it out when she opened the front door and led me inside. There were four or five men around looking at magazines, videos, and toys but every one of them now turned to look at us, especially at me. I felt the red rush into my cheeks. I looked at her and she was smiling at everyone, holding the leash in one hand and the controller in the other. Her thumb rolled the speed up to maximum and I jumped as the bullet went to full speed in front of everyone. A couple of the men laughed. I was relieved when she turned it down to a low setting.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Thank you for playing. I am so horny right now. Are you okay?" and she kissed my neck and let her hand slide down to lightly rub my half hard cock. It just started standing up and the head almost slipped out from under the loose, thin satin. I was scared that one hard twitch and out my dick would come for all to see. She looked around and said just loud enough for most of the men to hear, "I think you're going to get fucked here tonight." That did it; my dick strained upwards and the cloth slid back showing everyone the hard head of my cock.

She led me through the curtain into the dark video booth area where several more men stopped to stare at us. The others came in from the front of the store, following us. She led me to the back where the booths with glory holes were occupied. She told me to turn around and face our onlookers. I did, still red-faced and hard. Then she just pulled my shorts down to my ankles and my hairless cock sprang out in front of everyone. When I started to cover it with my hands she pulled them to my sides. She lifted my cock and balls and told the crowd that I was completely shaved and turned me around and made me bend over so she could show everyone. Several men were moving closer. She whispered in my ear that she could see their cocks growing in their pants. I looked and saw she was right. Last time we were here the men got hard looking at her, now they were horny looking at me. I was surprised at how much that excited me.

Two men approached, admiring me. She stepped back, indicating that they could come closer.

The second guy was much taller than me and muscular. He put his hands on my shoulders and turned me around slowly. He leaned in and whispered into me ear, "I got something for you right here, cock slut" and pulled my hand to his crotch. My first instinct was to pull back but my sweet angel girl said, "Feel the man's cock, Dear, and tell me all about it," and pushed me to him. So I began feeling his cock through the cotton slacks. It was scary fat. As I wrapped my hand around it I couldn't encircle the whole thing. "Well?" she said impatiently. "It's fuckin' huge, baby. Much fatter than mine." As I tested its length I said, "Much longer, too. I looked up into the guy's face and said, "Holy shit, Mister!"

Just then the popular middle booth opened and a guy came out looking confused by the crowd. Nobody moved as he left the area. She tugged my leash and suddenly I was in the booth with her, still shook up a little about the size of that guy's cock. As I stood dazed watching she put two five dollar bills into the money slot and found a video of a gay gangbang. I stared at it. When a guy started shoving his huge cock into a much smaller boy's ass while others held him down, I shuddered.

There was a somewhat noisy ruckus in the adjoining booths as the guys who knew we were in the center booth jockeyed to get into them. Then it got real quiet as bills went into video machines and guys got ready. She quietly took her coat off and laid it on the chair. I had been so wrapped up in what was happening with me that I'd forgotten she was naked under that coat. Fuck, she looked good. She sat down and spread her legs lazily and began to touch herself, tracing two index fingers around two perfect nipples. I actually thought that she might be done with my ordeal and just wanted me to fuck her real good now. I moved to step between her legs but she gestured me away. "What's going on next door?" she asked, then pushed me to the hole on the right for me to look and report.

"A guy is picking a video...he's undoing his belt and pulling down his zipper... He's taking his cock out. It's not hard... I turned to her and said, "He's pointing it at the hole!" She said, "Wiggle your finger to it." I did and immediately the tip of his cock lay on the rim of the glory hole. "What did you make me do when that happened last week?" she asked. "I made you suck it..." I replied tentatively. "So? Suck it!" she said. At that moment she turned up the bullet in my ass. It was driving me crazy and it made me acutely aware of how sexual an ass can be.

I looked at the flaccid cock waiting for my attention, leaned forward and took the soft head into my mouth. It tasted good. I'd forgotten how a horny cock can taste and how warm it feels in my mouth. I began sucking harder, pulling the soft cock through the hole, deeper into my mouth. I kept sucking, pulling it into and out of my mouth. I could see her fingering her cunt and rubbing her clit as she encouraged me, saying, "Make him cum in your mouth. I wanna see you do that. Suck him..." Her fingers were working her cunt into a frenzy. I needed to make him cum; I wanted to. I had to make him cum fast and as hard as possible. I sucked harder, softer, smoother and wetter. He started bucking, his dick still only half hard but stretched into my throat by the sucking, and he exploded, squirting so much that I tasted that salty brine everywhere in my mouth. I almost backed up to watch him cumming but her voice stopped me, "Suck it all in, all of it." I sucked and swallowed as he grunted loudly and pounded the wall until he got quiet. His dick just limped out of my mouth, back through the hole. I turned to her, licked my lips and gulped the last of that stranger's cum down...Man, I really liked that! I hadn't done that in years and had forgotten how hot sucking a cock can be. I looked at her and she was smiling, just cooling down after one of her heavy clit cums. Hot fucking girl. Man, I loved her so much at that moment.

"Oh my God, look at that" she said. I followed her eyes and saw that the head of what appeared to be a massive cock was resting on the other glory hole behind me. So the guy with the huge cock was in the next booth. She began flipping the speed on the bullet in a pulsing way. As I stared at the fat head in the wall I felt a rush of anal desire come over me and I turned all of my attention to the waiting dick. She pushed me towards it but she didn't have to. I wanted to play with it more than she knew. I moved to face the beast and reached out my hand to touch it, to wrap my hand around it test its weight. The man slowly pushed his dick farther into our booth. Inch by inch in seemed to crawl through the hole. It was only slightly hard and so hung through the hole like a massive snake. It was scary big; even in this state it was at least nine inches long and more than two inches wide. She began playing with the bullet's speed again as I reached again for the monster. I lifted it, wrapped two hands around it and began massaging it. I could feel the effect on it as it began to swell and pulse. I lifted the huge head to my lips and began kissing and teasing. It continued to grow as I took the head into my mouth. As soon as the head and just an inch of the shaft was in my mouth the owner of this awesome cock shoved and I was filled to the back of my mouth. Any farther and I'm sure my jaws would have separated. I knew at once that there was no way I could make this cock cum this way but I also loved the way it tasted, the way it felt and the way it seemed to pulse as it continued to harden. I pulled back and looked at the cock now pointing up into our booth, demanding attention.

I moved closer and began to jack the massive shaft with both hands, from its base to the top of the fully engorged head. Slowly, up and down rotating my hands; it was completely hard, ten inches at least and now a full three inches across. I was getting lost in the moment, its size and smell overpowering my senses. She was moaning loudly and I looked over to see she had taken a large dildo out of her bag as was now rubbing it all over her pussy as she stared at the cock in my hands.

Suddenly the cock retreated and I was left staring at the vacant hole. The man leaned near the hole and spoke, "Turn around, Cock Slut." She heard him, too, and looked at me. "So, do it!" she commanded. I turned around and stood, just a few inches from the hole. She was staring at the hole, holding her breath and waiting; legs spread and back so that her feet were propped on the chair on either side of her ass while she held the dildo's head lightly pushing into and out of her sloppy wet cunt.

Then I felt a large hand touching my ass, searching and squeezing. It came between my legs and reached for my cock, rock hard and dripping cum. He tickled the cum over the head my cock and I twitched forward into his hand. He slowly rubbed my cock up and down for a minute and then retreated, giving my balls a hard tug as his hand passed. The I felt him exploring my ass crack. He found the wire coming out of my ass and began pulling and pushing the wire, tickling the shit out of my ass hole. She saw that and reached the controller. Bitch turned it up all the way, still staring at what was going on. Then he began pushing a finger in my ass hole, shoving the bullet deeper into me. Then he paused and said, "Bend over Cock Slut." I did and shortly felt some kind of thin plastic tube inserted an inch or two into me. I felt a strange sensation and realized he was squeezing lube into me, lots of lube. He shoved his finger in again, testing both the lubrication and tightness of my ass hole while pushing the vibrating bullet deep into my ass. I was full of lube and my ass hole was closed tight on his finger. He began pushing his finger in and out working to stretch my ass for what was to come. I felt faint by the time he withdrew the finger...time stood still as I waited, while we waited for his next move. Lube began slowly running down the inside of one leg.

"Here it comes, step forward so I can see all of it," she cooed. She was looking wild-eyed as it invaded our booth. "Oh my God, it looks so angry." Instinctively I turned part way around to look and could see why she said that. The cock was rock hard with veins pulsing up and around the massive shaft. It was coated with lube and so ready to fuck me. "Turn around and bend over." She leaned in..."I want to see it go in." She reached in to guide the beast as I stood, bent forward, offering up my bare, tight ass. All the while the bullet is buzzing away waiting. I felt the hot head touch... "Back up a little more "and I did enough to feel the pressure against my slick hole. She began rubbing at around my hole while pumping one hand up and down the length. I heard him groan as he pushed the tip at my ass hole. Only half the tip could make it passed the taut little ring. I wondered how his cock would react when the tip began pressing against the bullet.

"I want to see that fucking dick up your ass", she said and stood up with her hands on her naked hips. She moved around in front of me so that her beautiful tits and pussy were right in my face. "Push harder, dammit." I tried but between the tightness of my ass hole and my fear of being split in half, I was unable to surrender my hole. Frustrated and so horny she didn't care about either, she put her hands on my shoulders and began pushing me onto the huge cock. "Look at me", she practically shouted, and I looked up into her eyes as she braced herself against the other wall and pushed.

She told me later how hot it was the moment the fat head of the cock popped into my ass. My eyes opened wide and I began twitching as my tight ass locked down in the slightly narrowed part of the shaft behind the bulbous cock head. When she'd heard the loud moan through the wall she told me her pussy felt the biggest surge of her life and as she looked into my eyes she had a rippling orgasm that made her whole pussy shiver untouched.

She gave me a moment to adjust but we both felt it as the guy began trying to rhythmically push it into me every couple of seconds. She braced herself again and held me against his cock, and she pushed again as he thrust again. Together they began a dance where he and she pushed together as I was helpless between them. The first inch barged its way into my ass and I cried out, almost falling to the floor but she held me and continued to meet his thrusts by pushing me back onto his fucking cock. Another inch and I was slowly being impaled. I had tears in my eyes but I wouldn't have chosen anywhere else to be at that moment. I wanted that dick in me and I wanted that huge fucker to cum deep in my ass and most of all I wanted her to see it happen. Another inch and then another... She paused, grabbed her tube of lube and stepped around to see that huge cock almost halfway up my ass.

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