Karl peered out of the window, casually enjoying the excellent view in the distance and the steady flow of people along the road outside his Budapest apartment. As he did so he clutched a tight handful of Serena's thick, black hair and rhythmically pumped his long, stiff dick into her throat.

With her cuffed wrists linked behind her back, Karl's firm grip on her head and the weight of his body pressing her against the wall, Serena didn't have the luxury of taking a break for air or trying to ease her strained throat for a moment or two. The rhythm and the air restriction were causing her to drift into a kind of hypnotic state. She was no longer aware of where she was and Karl had no regard for what warm, wet hole he was using.

He eyed each of the many attractive young women passing within a few feet of him, who were oblivious to the action just beneath the window sill. He tensed as a Mercedes pulled up right in front of the door. The driver got out and opened one of the rear doors. This was it. Yes! A balding, well dressed man stepped out followed by a great beauty wearing a tiny skirt contrasting with a full, loose top. Karl shot his load straight into Serena's throat.

When the doorbell rang, Karl had already ordered the naked Serena to kneel close to the door her mouth still glistening with cum.

"Good morning Mr Herscht, so good to see you at last. I see that Alva is everything that you said she was."

Karl was closely scanning the tall, elegant young woman as he spoke to his guest.

"Greetings Doctor. Yes, she will have a wonderful career with your expert assistance. Many thanks for coming to Budapest. I look forward to completing our contract."

The two men shook hands and Karl indicated to a group of armchairs.

"Please make yourselves comfortable. Serena here will get us some refreshment and will be available for anything that you might need.!

He pointed to the kneeling woman and instructed Serena to bring in some drinks and light snacks. She rose from her knees, bowed her head toward Herscht and went out to the kitchen.

"Please call me Max. Your colleague is very beautiful. Does she always accompany you?"

His tone indicated the curiosity that bubbled within him at having been greeted by a naked woman and an offer of service that was so obviously not referring only to a drink and a bowl of nuts.

Serena was approaching them with a trolley well supplied with a selection of quality refreshment.

"Brandy Max?"

He nodded and Serena poured a large glass for each man.

"Yes. I have done a little work on Serena, and she does a little work for me." he smiled.

Sipping from his brandy, Karl stroked Serena's face down her left cheek.

"Beautiful, as you say. Until she was eighteen, Serena was so sure that she was hideous, she refused to be seen in public, had no job, and never had the university education that she could so easily have taken. With no help from her family and no money, she was so desperate to get help that she made her own way to my clinic after finding me on the Internet, just as you did of course. Serena had a large and livid birth mark on this cheek."

He traced the area with his fingers where the mark had been.

" Careful preparation, several months of staying in my flat while the skin expansion was completed and some fine excision and stitch work produced what you see today. Very expensive surgery. She didn't have a penny, but she did have a promise and she is a loyal lady who is good to her word."

As if to emphasis his words, Karl indicated downward almost imperceptibly with his eyes. Serena dropped to her knees before him.

"I fucked her throat while I was waiting for you to arrive. Her mouth is probably quite sticky with cum now so she will be more than usually pleased to have it refreshed."

Karl opened his trousers and with no further word he pissed into Serena's waiting mouth.

In what was obviously a well practiced routine, he filled her mouth, stopped briefly as she swallowed and then gave her a further mouthful until he had finished. Max and the young woman beside him stared in unconcealed astonishment.

"Whenever you need to make yourself comfortable Max, Serena will will be happy to oblige."

"Now! We have already discussed the requirements for Alva extensively. From our exchange of photos I am quite clear about what needs to be done. You have had lots of time to think about the contract and now you have both met me, are you happy to go through with it?"

For a few seconds there was complete silence. Max glanced towards Alva and seemed as though he was about to say something, but then Alva suddenly burst in

"Please, please Doctor. You must help me. Please do it. Master has told me your price and I am afraid, but I will do anything. I mean it. I will do anything."

"Shhh. Shh!! OK. I understand, but just before we clinch the deal with a final handshake, I will give you one last chance to think about things"

Karl gestured again to Serena and she moved into a position with her forehead on the carpet, her ass high and her knees spread. He called Max over and showed him the fading marks on her ass of what had obviously been a hard caning a couple of weeks ago. Karl pointed out that Serena had no permanent scarring on her body, but that it would be unusual if she did not have some marks from one or more of the implements he used on her when he chose.

Karl went to the dining table and picked up a cane from a range of disciplinary tools that Max and Alva had not noticed before. At once he delivered five, hard strokes across both buttocks in quick succession. Livid welts appeared immediately, but there was nothing from Serena other than quiet, suppressed yelps and some wriggling. Karl invited Max to feel her ass.

He ran his hand over the sharply raised welts and felt the burning heat of hear beaten skin.

"This is very beautiful Doctor, but it must be so hard to bear. I am not sure whether Alva..."

His voice tailed off as Karl had Serena stand with legs apart and her hands clasped behind her head. Without saying anything more, he applied another five cane strokes to her tits and down her belly. Next she lay on her back, clasped her ankles and held her legs wide apart. Karl caned the wide splayed cunt presented to him with another three strokes.

Tears stained Serena's face and she whimpered gently as she was allowed to release her ankles and lay flat. Alva remained trembling on her seat as Karl invited Max to touch Serena again. To continuing encouragement from Karl he moved his fingers lightly over the red striped belly and then to massaging her swollen tits and penetrating the hot, swollen cunt lips with two and then three fingers. Serena writhed and it was obvious from her sopping pussy that it was not only pain that she was feeling at that moment.

It was also very obvious that Max was highly aroused by his examination of the beaten woman.

"As I explained when you arrived Max, Serena is here to make you comfortable. do you wish to take her ass, her cunt, her mouth or all of those?" Herscht was snapped back from absorption in his fondling. Pulling his hand quickly away from her cunt he looked up to Karl.

"But surely..."

Again his voice faded away and Karl interjected.

"Not at all my friend.She serves at ALL times and complies unquestioningly with ALL requirements. Now, allow me to suggest that you fill her throat to begin with."

Serena drew herself up to a kneeling position and Karl hooked her wrist cuffs together behind her back. By now, Max was beyond worrying about whether it was the right thing to do and was opening his trousers. When his rigid tool popped out, Serena moved forward on her knees and took him into her mouth. It didn't take too much encouragement from Karl before Max had a firm grip on Serena's head and was pumping his full length into her throat. For this occasion there was not to be any try out of ass or cunt fucking because he was grunting within a few seconds and he shot his load directly down the well practiced throat.

Serena sucked and licked the softening prick as she was always required to do. While she was completing her job, Karl looked across to the wide eyed and open mouthed young woman that had brought him to Budapest.

"So, Max and Alva, do we have a contract or have you seen enough to call your driver to collect you?"

Max took his soft dick from the gently massaging mouth and self-consciously rearranged his clothing. He glanced nervously at Alva who appeared doll like in her stillness and lack of expression.

"I am not sure Doctor. Your hospitality has quite overwhelmed me. Although we have discussed this so much by email, she is very young and I don't know."

Both men looked directly at Alva.

"I must do it. Please let me do it Master. The Doctor is my only hope."

"Are you really sure." Said Max.

She nodded.

"Yes Master. I'm sure."

"Time for the examination I think." Said Karl. "Please stand in front of me and remove all your clothing."

Having seen many pictures of her, there was no shock or surprise for Karl in seeing Alva in the flesh, but the breathing, perspiring body under your hands is something different. This was going to be a challenging job.

When Alva was ten years old she had been struck by a careering vehicle that failed to stop. She was left fighting for her life with a punctured lung and a large chunk of flesh gouged from the right side of her chest. The medical services of her country were not great at the time, but they succeeded in their main concern of keeping her alive. Slowly Alva recovered quite full health and was growing into a very pretty girl. The ugly and lumpy scar on her chest upset her by reminding her of the horror of that day, but it was only when she moved through puberty and began to develop into a woman that her real distress emerged.

From her very first days, Alva was fascinated by the world of fashion, celebrity and the glamour of the world on her TV screen. She lived for the world in the magazines that she could not buy, but only read quickly and furtively on the shelves of shops. She knew that she had striking looks and with her long, shapely legs she dreamed of modelling. Except that those dreams always turned into nightmares. Nobody would ever be interested in a girl with one luscious breast and one hideous, twisted lump; a knobbly lump with a nipple sticking out from one side; a lump half covered with blotched scar tissue instead of skin.

Not knowing what could ever happen with her life, by her later teens Alva continued to make up well and dress to emphasise her lovely legs, but she had never had a single boyfriend. There were a lot of approaches, but she could not face the thought of undressing before a man and destroying the image that she showed to the world. Everything changed when she caught the eye of Herscht as she boarded a tram. Max ran the largest and most influential model agency in central Europe. He constantly scouted for new girls to build his empire, his wealth , and his ego. Nobody said no to Max Herscht.

Over a lot of charm, a meal and a couple of hours of talk in a luxury club with drinks, Alva could not walk away, but did not know how to explain why she could never be what Max wanted. Inevitably he eased it out of her, she literally signed her life away to him on the promise that he could get her fixed, and then Herscht searched the Internet for the best man in the world to do what had to be done.

"Yes. It's a challenge, but I can definitely fix this. Over a period of time I will stretch the skin all round the breast. We will need an implant to even up the size with the other breast and I will have to re-locate the nipple of course. With careful location of the stitch lines, only we will ever know what has been done in another six months."

Alva's mind was racing. The excitement of looking perfect mingled with the fearful thrill of what she had just seen and the worries about the contract. Master Max had told her that in exchange for being repaired she would be given to this Doctor for three months. During this time he could use her however he wanted and she had just seen what that might mean.

Karl called for a further large brandy for himself and Max. When Serena placed the glasses in their hands, the two men clinked them together and shook hands.

"A deal then. She is mine. She will be yours again in three months and then she will have had a very fine education as well as the most beautiful pair of tits that either you or she cold dream of."

"A deal." Said Max. "She has already learned a lot under my careful direction, but you are Master now, dear Doctor, and I am sure her talents will be developed under your wonderful hand."

"On your knees". Barked Karl very suddenly, and he pointed at both women to emphasise the direction of his order. They dropped to their knees next to each other. Alva glistening with the sweat of fear and trembling visibly, while Serena was still and calm despite the hard use she had already received.

Karl suggested to Max that they should finish their drinks, have a little to eat and then remove their clothing so that they might enjoy some more recreation before he was parted from Alva for so long.Within a very short time, the men were laughing and chatting about what they did in their lives. They relaxed into a state of mild intoxication that was a mixture of the brandy and the situation. As each man told of different women, they compared what they liked to do and how they did it. All the time Serena and Alva knelt in the knowledge that they were to be the subjects of whatever new techniques were being exchanged.

Finally the men agreed that a good rimming was always delightful. They stood and presented their buttocks in front of the girls' faces. Karl, of course, chose Alva so that he could get the feel of a fresh tongue. Serena was doing a much better job as he would have expected, but he knew that he would soon change that. Max appeared to be in a state of ecstasy as Serena's tongue probed deep into his ass and swirled around the super sensitive area. She had an expertise that he had never managed to develop in any of his girls and he was going to go away today with a new determination to provide stern training for his women.

Karl forced Alva's face into ass from time to time and instructed her to push her tongue in further. By the time he'd had enough her jaw ached so much. Master Max had introduced her to sex and required her to be obedient, but he had never made her lick his ass. She didn't really know what she felt. It seemed hard work and Master obviously didn't think she was much good. She was worried that she wouldn't please him. She would try a lot harder. She wanted the Doctor to be really content with her so that he would do his very best with her breast.

Who knows how long Max would have continued having his asshole massaged by Serena's tongue if he had not been interrupted by Karl saying

"I think it is time for Alva to be warmed up a little."

He didn't need to explain himself further. He was picking up a riding crop from the table together with four leather cuffs. Max pulled himself away from Serena's face and snapped his mind back.

"Oh, yes, yes. I see. Please excuse me for a moment, I must take a pee."

Instead of his enquiring glances being answered with where the bathroom was, Karl pointed at Serena and told him to use the facilities provided. While Max was, slightly self consciously, getting his piss to flow into Serena's open mouth Karl applied the cuffs to Alva's wrists and ankles.

He clipped her wrists together behind her back and then secured her ankles to two table legs so that she was standing with her legs spread and her buttocks against the table. Without any further comment, he gripped her damaged tit, stretched it upward and brought the crop down hard onto part of the uninjured flesh. Alva screamed as a livid welt came up immediately in the shape of the leather crop flap. Max flinched and splashed piss over Serena's face.

Karl ignored the screams and continued to crop both tits until he had covered them with bright marks and swelling was distorting their usual shape. Max finished his piss and come over to inspect what had been done to the girl he had been enjoying until he handed her over to this treatment.

Alva was crying uncontrollably and shuddering against the table. Max placed his hand on her left tit. It was strikingly hot and he was fascinated. This was the tit he had fondled and sucked as he fucked her, but it never felt like this. He had given her plenty of spankings and used a paddle and even a cane on her ass, but her tits were completely out of bounds for that sort of thing in his mind. He remembered Serena getting her caning earlier on and he had thought then that he might like to do some of that to one or two of his girls, but with Alva's injury he would not have thought it was possible for her.

There was no discussion about it and Karl was releasing her ankles. He told Alva to lie on her back and he then clipped her left wrist to left ankle and the same for the right side. He told Max to stand above her head and pull the wrists towards him while holding them wide apart.

"I have my women completely naked." Said Karl. "That cunt has got to be shaved."

Alva was splayed before him with her moist, pink cunt lips pointing upwards making a perfect target for the crop which he now used all over her thighs, buttocks and pussy. All her crying, wriggling and squealing had no effect at all and Max held her firmly in place. After ten or a dozen strokes, Karl stopped and unhooked the cuffs.

Both men stroked and felt Alva's scorching skin and discussed whether Max had used her ass. He had, and had he used her from ass to mouth. The answer was yes to that as well. This girl would not need too much work to take her limits to where they had to be. Karl said that he would save fucking her for later, but right now he needed a piss and he looked forward to a change from Serena's willing mouth.

The men lifted and encouraged the still sobbing Alva to her knees. Max held her head tilted back and told her to open her mouth. No man had ever pissed on her let alone made her drink it, but Alva was already understanding that this was what the Doctor did and she was in no state to take any punishment for disobedience. When the first spurt filled her mouth she hesitated, not knowing what to do. Karl had stopped pissing and she realised that now she had to swallow. She did it and that was not a problem. Her mind was drifting away again to the strange feelings all over her tingling body when Karl sharply said "Open" and she quickly opened her mouth for some more. This time she got the smell of the piss and when she swallowed she started to get a feeling that she might throw up. Suppressing it, she opened her mouth again before being ordered and managed to get down a third mouthful. Just as she was thinking that she couldn't hold it down any longer, Karl seemed to have finished and just plopped his dick into her mouth for her to suck clean.

With that the men let her go and she stumbled to the bathroom that Karl pointed out. He smiled as he heard her empty her guts into the bowl.

"In a week or two she will love it." He smirked. Max knew what he was going to do when he got home.

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