tagErotic CouplingsDoctor Dimitri Pt. 01

Doctor Dimitri Pt. 01

byEd Rogers©

Doctor Dimitri – the ongoing tale of a University Doctor

Part 1

I was attending a medical conference at a small southern university when I ran into an old friend from med school. Janine and I had been fairly good friends and were in most of the same study groups. After school we went our separate ways. I went on to Psychiatry and had an extremely successful practice in New York. Janine was now teaching in the nursing program at the university where the conference was being held. We agreed to have dinner that evening with her husband to catch up. During the course of a lovely evening I had probably griped way too much about the "crazies" I was treating and the speed of life in the big city when Janine mentioned that the university was looking for a staff doctor for the health center. I reminded Janine that I was a Psychiatrist and hadn't treated physical illnesses since med school almost 30 years ago. Janine told me that the job was basically treating scrapes, bruises, hangovers, a few broken bones, the occasional case of crabs and doing basic physicals for students, and staff.

I could do that.

Two days later I found myself interviewing for the position which paid about half of what I was making in New York and before I knew it I was shaking hands, signing contracts and looking for a place to live near the university.

It was summer but the job started immediately, so I made arrangements to sell my part of the New York practice to my partner and sublet my apartment to a friend.

There were very few students on campus in July but the athletes for the fall sports were coming in and our little health care center was booked solid doing physicals. My office consisted of two treatment rooms, a waiting room, a records room a bathroom and my tiny office. My staff consisted of several part time nurses who would do night shifts, weekends and during busy hours, and a part time receptionist/records administrator. I say part time because Nancy was only in my offices for 20 hours per week and then worked another 20 in the main administration building.

For the first week I did nothing but physicals and I have to say that it was quite a difference to go from examining the minds of seriously ill people to examining the naked and perfect bodies of top athletes. I was not immune to the sexuality of it all as one by one these young men and women stripped for my examination. By the end of the summer I had examined the breasts and vaginas of just about every female athlete on campus and held in my hands the penis and testicles of each male as well.

While the nurses were usually shy about assisting in physicals, Nancy in the records room would tease me about it all the time when she saw an especially good looking young man or woman waiting. Nancy was probably about 35 years old making her a little more than 15 years younger than me, but I could tell flirting when I saw it and Nancy was a huge flirt. It also seemed like Nancy liked to dress in a provocative way, with open blouses and what appeared to be very nice breasts. Quite often her nipples were prominently in view and I wondered if she wasn't wearing a bra or just had nipples that penetrated the bra as well as her blouse. She would bounce around the office with breasts jiggling, teasing and flirting harmlessly.

I realized that since all of the university staff had to have physicals on file that I could go into the files to find out more about Nancy. All I really found out was that she was divorced, and 37 years old. A clean bill of health meant no real details about her. Not even a mammogram so I could get an inside look at those undulating breasts.

As the campus filled with students I was into a routine of early morning sick call and a few staff physicals in the afternoon. Seeing and feeling the naked bodies of the staff was not quite as nice as the students but still very interesting. One afternoon my old friend Janine stopped by. We hadn't gotten much chance to talk since she helped me to get this job. We sat in my office for a while and chatted. I told her a few funny physical stories like the young woman who was terribly stressed because she did not have any breasts to speak of and thought It might mean she was gay – or the young man who not only had an erection when I examined him (which is more common than you might think) but actually came in my hands when I examined his balls.

After this Janine got up and said "Well I guess it's my turn." I was confused at first but then realized that Janine had actually stopped by for her required physical. I was now very embarrassed about telling those stories but tried to stay professional as best I could under the circumstances. In school I had wanted to have sex with Janine. She was a tall very slim blonde with a wonderful personality. Of course I never even got up the courage to ask her out and she had dated several men on and off during school. Janine was still slim and beautiful and having met her husband I was even more concerned about doing her physical but she just walked in the exam room and sat down. Nancy handed me Janine's records and left with a larger than usual wink and smile. I started with the usual questions, took temp, weight, blood pressure, pulse and finally got to the part where I had to ask her to disrobe fully and put on the stupid gown. We both seemed a little embarrassed and when Janine went behind the screen to undress we talked nervously.

We both laughed as she came out in the little gown and hopped up on the examination table. Once again I was professional and listened to her heart and lungs, looked at her feet and noticed she was ticklish there, I checked her reflexes at the knee and then as professionally as I could asked her to take the robe down to her waist so I could examine her breasts.

As I mentioned Janine is very slim and had only very small breasts but with nice nipples. She laughed a little and said that at least she knows she is not gay – a reference to my earlier story about the student with similarly small breasts. A story I now wish I hadn't told. Nancy warmed up as I checked for lumps in her breast and checked her nipples for sensitivity. "Very nice" I said and instantly thought I probably should had said "very good" she said thank you and commented that the good thing was that they hadn't changed in 30 years.

I decided not to comment again on her small but beautiful breasts mostly because I had to ask her to lie back, pull up her robe and spread her legs so that I could examine her vagina. Janine did as told and spread her legs tentatively. I got down very low so we would not be able to look face to face as I examined her most private parts. I chose not to use a glove either.

Now this is not a gynecological exam. All I was supposed to do with the females was to examine the outer and inner lips for signs of disease or rash, check the clitoris and clitoral hood and finally open the lips to look at the urethra for signs of infection or irritation. We did not talk at all during this part of the exam and finally I said "okay everything looks good you can get dressed".

At least I ended on a professional note, but as Janine came out from behind the screen she smiled and said " I wish you had done that 30 years ago." And I had no idea what she really meant but she ran off to a class and I was left wondering but with the smell of her pretty pussy on my fingers. I walked past Nancy who greeted me with her ever prominent nipples and a big smile and went directly to my office, pulled out my cock and stroked just a minute or two before unloading into a wad of tissues - zipped up, stepped into the waiting room and said "Next!"


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