tagInterracial LoveDoctor Does Diesel Ch. 06

Doctor Does Diesel Ch. 06


When the knock vibrated through her apartment she sat up and tried to stop the room from spinning. She slid her glasses on and wrapped herself in her robe and answered the door, disorientation made her forget to even look through the peephole.

"Didn't think you were going to answer when you saw who it was," Pete said stepping through the threshold and then standing awkwardly in front of her. Madison sighed and shut the door, her insides seized in his presence and she shook her head at him.

"Had I looked through the peephole I guarantee you wouldn't have gotten inside. What are you doing here?"

"Last night, things didn't go as planned," he began. He walked past her and took a seat on the edge of her couch.

"I'm sure it didn't, I didn't agree to front for you at that party."

"That's not all I'm talking about, Madison. I don't want us to hate one another. I want us to be cordial, civil at least."

"How adult of you," Madison took a seat on the couch as well, a safe distance from Pete who had her completely on edge. She couldn't believe she'd let him in, being half awake and hung-over had really done a number on her judgment.

"Listen Madison, there's nothing I can say that will take the hurt out of what happened between us, and I can't tell you enough how sorry I am. I only hope that I can fix things between us so that we can at least be friends, you have forgiveness in your heart, I know it."

"I do, but it remains to be seen whether I have any in there for you. You're rushing all of this anyway. I need more time, you literally just blew my world apart last week. Don't I deserve time to be mad at you? I'll get over it but I guarantee it won't be any time soon."

"Fair enough," Pete said. Silence drifted between them for a few moments. "I--I broke it off with Hector."

"Hector? So your lover has a name."

"Yes, I, care for him but after you caught us the mere sight of him reminded me of how I'd hurt you. I could barely look him in the eye."

"And you're telling me this because?"

"I'm telling you because--I could always talk to you before about any and everything, and that's a hard habit to break. I don't deserve your ear but if I could have it for a few minutes even--"

"You are a piece of work, Pete. I can't believe you have the audacity to ask anything of me." Madison stood and walked to the window, parted the curtains and stared out at Pete's car, a silver Jaguar parked crooked at the curb.

"I know. I know. But I'm hurting too Madison. I made a mistake, a lot of them. I lied to you about who I really was, but I was lying to myself too. I didn't want to admit to myself that I was a homosexual. I was embarrassed, horrified."

"For how long...how long were you sleeping with Hector, for how long did you know that you had these feelings for that matter?"

"I--had been seeing Hector for about seven months," Pete said. Madison couldn't turn around. Her eyes left Pete's car and focused on the sky, blue with a few white clouds drifting slowly by. "I've known I was gay since college. But I never acted on it before Hector. I was faithful to you up until I met him."

"I don't know why I didn't know. You never touched me. I thought you were a gentlemen. My mother convinced me that it was all because you were such a gentlemen. Boy was she off." Madison pulled her robe tighter about herself and closed her eyes against a sudden wave of lightheadedness. "I thought you wanted to wait until we were married. I'd never even seen your--dick until the day I caught you with him. How could I have been so stupid?"

"You weren't stupid. You are trusting. You had no reason to assume that I was--how I am. Please, just don't blame yourself. Don't blame yourself for my mistake."

"How can I not? I was too stupid to see all of the signs. I was head over heels for you, Pete, and to have all that ripped from my chest after I saw you with that man, there's a gaping hole left."

"I know, I understand. But don't do anything stupid to fill it."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"The guy from the bar. I saw you leave with him."

"And, what concern is it of yours?"

"Madison, I still care about you, I always have, I still love you, even. I don't want you to ruin your life because of what I did."

"Pete, my life is already ruined. There's nothing else I can do to ruin it further," Madison was about to ask him to leave when the doorbell rang. She didn't make the same mistake twice, and her heartbeat quickened when she looked through the peephole and saw him standing on her stoop, his eyes shadowed by a baseball cap.

"Shit," she cursed to herself. Her hand went to the doorknob, and she turned it but didn't pull the door open.

"Who is it?" Pete asked standing.

"It's--you need to go, I'll be fine and I won't do anything stupid, I've done enough stupid things to last me a lifetime honestly. I know what I need to do and I'll do it and not because of what you said or what you think, but because it's the right thing."

"So it's him at the door? I can't believe this," Pete looked uncertain, he shoved his hands into his pockets.

Madison opened the door and Diesel stepped back as Pete came through.

"Not this guy again," Diesel said with a nasty smile on his lips. "Haven't you done enough damage to her?"

"I suggest you mind your business."

"I suggest you get out of my face before I do something I'll regret."

"Is that a threat? Because if it is, I'll be forced to take it seriously," Pete said.

"Take it anyway you want."

"By the way, how do you know Madison didn't invite me here?"

"Pete, please, you need to go."

"No, he needs to go. Madison, you can do so much better," Pete said as he went down the steps.

"Excuse me? It appears to me that she is doing better. Anything's better than liar who can't figure out where his tastes lie," Diesel said following Pete down the stairs.

"Madison, you told this--this man our private business?"

"Yes, she did. She was hurt, she had to tell someone didn't she? Who better than a man who knows how to treat her? Who better than someone who knows exactly what a woman wants, what a woman needs. Shit, who better than a man who wants a woman for that matter."

"Diesel, stop it. Both of you stop. Pete, go, I'll call you tomorrow okay?"

"Call me tonight, let me know you're okay," Pete said.

"Fuck you man she'll be fine."

"Fuck you! You have no right, injecting yourself into our issues. You mind you own business okay? And I advise you to stop with the threats before they get you thrown in jail where your kind belong."

"My kind? You don't even know me!"

"You don't know me either and that didn't stop you from making snap judgments."

"Pete, leave, I will call you tomorrow, okay?"

"Fine, goodbye," Pete said. He and Diesel gave each other hard stares before Pete finally left in a squeal of tires.

"What was he doing here?" Diesel asked.

"A better question is what are you doing here? I thought you'd be in jail."

"Why? Because I slapped that asshole around at the club? Please."

"I don't like how well you wear that anger, how easily you get physical," Madison said. She stared down at him from her stoop, contemplating whether to let him inside or not. She'd already let one mistake inside today, she didn't feel like doing it again.

"He was an ass, and he wanted to fight. What was I supposed to do?"

"Laugh it off. Who cares if some dumb guy at the club says something to us? I don't, I don't see why you did."

"Because that's me, that's how I am. I don't like people who mouth off to me. Add it to the list of issues I need to work out." He looked away from her, and when he finally met her gaze again his expression had softened. "You gonna let me in or do I have to talk to you from the sidewalk like a chump?"

Madison turned and went inside without a word, and he wasn't far behind. He shut the door behind him and removed his hat. His eyes were bloodshot, his chin was covered in a layer of white blonde stubble. He looked as if he hadn't slept.

"You look a mess," Madison said sitting down. Diesel sat beside her, removed a cigarette from behind his ear. "Thanks. Are you gonna make me put this out?" he asked.

"No, but I will ask you if you have another one."

"What? You don't smoke."

"Well today is shaping up to make me a smoker. I need something to take the edge off."

"How about I get us a bottle of wine?"

"Diesel, I spent this morning throwing up alcohol, which I'm sure you know doesn't taste too good coming up. I'm still hung-over honestly and alcohol is the last thing I want. I want a cigarette."

"Suit yourself, who am I to stop someone from developing a deadly habit? The pack's out in the car, I'll be right back."

"Okay, thanks," Madison said. After he left she went into the bathroom and slid her robe off, she bent over the sink and splashed her face with water. After she was sufficiently refreshed she felt around blindly for a towel and she nearly jumped out of her skin when one was handed to her. She wiped her eyes and opened them to find Diesel leaning against the wall, two cigarettes glowing in his mouth. "Diesel, I don't have on any clothes," Madison said.

"As if I didn't notice," Diesel said. He grabbed her shoulders when she made to reach down and pick her robe up, and with little resistance Madison aborted the mission to cover herself. He'd seen her naked before, no use acting shy now.

"I know what you're thinking, but I'm still mad about last night," Madison said. "You're a loose cannon, and you--you shoved me."

"That, I'm sorry for. But I wasn't thinking straight and honestly I didn't want you to get hit by any flailing limbs. Plus, I was just doing what pop culture has taught me."

"What? I don't follow you." Madison said, drying her neck and trying to stifle the amusement rising in her.

"Well, you've seen the movies where the guy gets in a fight and he tosses his girl away in a frenzy so he can continue pummeling his opponent. I couldn't pass up the chance to act like a maniac."

"You make no sense!" Madison said laughing. Madison reached for one of the cigarettes but Diesel ducked his head away. "Give it here, you said I could have one, you even lit it for me."

"I'll give you one after," Diesel said removing both cigarettes after blowing a plume of smoke away from her. He tossed them into the toilet and then placed a hand on her left hip. "That's a pretty big mirror you have there." Madison turned to stare at their reflection. Diesel stood behind her, both of his large tanned hands were on her now, possessive, capable. She liked the way they looked together. His neck, head and his shoulders were visible above her head, she was a silhouette on the canvas of his body which hovered over her and made her warm in the places only he'd managed to bring to life.

"After what?" she asked in a coy voice. Damn he was good. He hadn't even touched her anywhere--sexual--yet and her anger had already dissolved into arousal and desire.

"After I show you how sorry I am," he said dropping to his knees slowly. "Hop up there on the counter," he said looking up at her. She did as she was told and as soon as she'd made herself comfortable he moistened a thumb with his tongue and touched it to her clit in a torturous circular movement that was all pressure coupled with gentle urging. She arched into the movement, she watched in the mirror as his other hand reached up to knead her breasts.

"How do you do this to me? Get me like this?" She asked him breathlessly. She opened her legs wider as he tunneled a finger inside of her. "I can't even think straight."

"Wow, and I haven't even gotten started yet," he said. His lips kissed a trail to her pussy, and with little interlude he stuck his tongue inside of her and began to stroke it in and out, his eyes on hers, his hands holding her legs splayed apart so he was afforded full access.

"Shit," she cursed. Her eyes left his and landed on their reflection, his head was obscured by the bend of her leg, but the rest of him was fully visible. She watched the muscles flex in his neck as his tongue fucking intensified, as her back arched until a cramp sliced it's way up her spine. She ignored it and gripped the counter edge. "Oh god I want to see you, take your clothes off," she said around a sharp intake of breath as his tongue flicked from her sopping wet opening to her fully engorged clit. She nearly came from the contact but she held the orgasm at bay, she wanted to come with her inside of her even though she knew this might be difficult of he continued the way he was going. He broke contact long enough for her to reach down and pull his shirt over his head. He stood and allowed her to yank his pants down his legs.

"No underwear you nasty boy," she heard herself say. She'd never spoke such words in her life. He made her feel sexy, sexual, confident.

"Well, I was trained to always come prepared," Diesel said.


"Is that so? Prepared for what exactly?" she asked him, cocking her head to the side.

Diesel ran a hand through her hair and pushed her back against the counter once she was standing again, her hand on his cock, massaging it and caressing it. "I'll show you," he said into her mouth. He shoved his tongue down her throat, he wanted to devour her, it was a weird urge but he couldn't describe it any other way. Her smell alone made him hard, her taste--still on his tongue--made him want to spend the whole day between her legs bringing her the climax after climax, but she pushed him away.

"No, let me," she said. She dropped to her haunches and took him in her hand. She licked the underside of his cock from base to tip where she twirled her tongue in a bead of pre-cum that emerged.

"Stop, I'm the one who needs to make up for being a maniac last night," he said through clenched teeth. She didn't answer him, she took him in her mouth and palmed his balls. He watched her head bob back and forth, his knees weakened almost instantly and he fell back against the counter. He watched her reflection in the mirror, the way her breasts bounced as she moved, the toss of her hair as her mouth left his cock so her hands could jack him off while she licked her lips and stared him in the eye.

"Lay back and relax, I'm going to make you come," she said breathlessly. She played with him for a few seconds, she licked the tip of his cock and then rubbed it against her nipples, her eyes on his the entire time. By the time she took him in her mouth again he was ready to explode. He pushed her away roughly, then picked her up and dropped her clumsily on the counter. His composure was slipping and all he could think about was getting inside of her. She spread her legs in preparation and he shoved himself in to the hilt. He paused as a strained gasp left his lips at the sensation, and she clung to him, her breasts soft and warm against his chest, her hot wetness enshrouding him.

He held her tight to him and thrust hard, his cock was so deep inside of her that from time to time he thought he touched her cervix and those times she arched away from him as if in pain but then she would pull him in even deeper still. He assailed her with rhythmic thrusts that had her gasping for air and sent her fingernails raking across his back. "Stand up, I want you to watch me fuck you," he said. She slid from the counter slowly and bent over, and he leaned over so that his stomach was against her back and kissed her face, her eyes, nibbled the soft flesh of her ear. He entered her from behind and watched the ecstasy flicker across her fact in the mirror's stark reflection. He watched her breasts vibrate against the counter with every thrust. He watched her suck his fingers as he thrust harder, watched the muscles in his abdomen flex and strain, smiled wickedly when her eyes only showed the whites as he slapped her ass and fucked her even harder. He grabbed her hair and pulled her upright, taking care not to hurt her--in a bad way. He loved the picture they made, her dark skin against his pale skin, his arm snaking down her stomach, his hand palming her mound and massaging her clit as he continued to ram into her. She writhed against him, laid her head back against his chest.

"I'm coming," she moaned. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and Diesel could feel the tickle of his own climax waiting just outside of his reach. Her pussy tensed and relaxed around his dick and massaged a climax out of him before he could hold back, and with a strained gasp he came, and she grabbed his neck and screamed that she was coming again, and he was still hard so he fucked her so hard her moan was choppy and weak, and when the final surge of his climax was over he collapsed on top of her, his eyes closed, seeing stars.

"Diesel, can you carry me to bed? I don't think I can walk," she laughed. And of course, he obliged.

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