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This is the amended alteration of the part 2 to Doctor Who: Out of Time Experience which I published. It features the 11th Doctor, Clara, Amy, Rory, River Song (Melody Pond), Strax, Jenny and Vastra.

I have also included paragraphs and a bit of dialog leading up to the Christmas Special The Time of the Doctor.



"How did you know that Amy had been taken River?" The doctor asked River.

"I was just with Amy and Rory in the past when they got sent back in time by the weeping angel, Amy had just finished writing the afterthought in Melody Malone as she finished that part. She suddenly disappeared in a beam of light that I haven't seen before today.

Luckily I had my vortex manipulator so both of us only had to take a short hop to present day where the same particles were present in the air but judging by the scorch patterns in the ground near Clara's flat it is a small drop-ship that we are looking for." River replied to the doctor while the doctor fiddled switches to make sure that the TARDIS lands in Victorian London where Vastra, Strax and Jenny were.

While the doctor set the TARDIS on course for Victorian London, River flicked a switch which had a flickering light above it. The switch only played an incoming message which rang out throughout the TARDIS. upon hearing this the doctor finished up with the flight controls and went over the centre control and flicked a switch just below the centre column in the TARDIS. The switch that the doctor flicked started translating the message.

after a minute or two the doctor and River consulted the scanner just to find that even the TARDIS couldn't translate the message which was odd.

The TARDIS groaned as it landed while Rory and River got their balance back, the doctor was already out the door striding towards the house where Vastra, Jenny and Strax lived at. As the doctor approached the door without knocking Strax answered the door, Strax stepped out of the way allowing the doctor Rory and River to walk into the corridor as Jenny came down the stairs to greet the guests.

Jenny could tell that something had happened just by the expression on the doctor's face, Jenny then informed the doctor "If you wait in the study I will inform Madame of your arrival." With that Jenny disappeared up the stairs to get Madame Vastra, as Jenny knocked on the door before she heard Vastra's voice. Jenny entered the room to get Vastra to see the doctor.

"The doctor is here and he needs our help." Jenny said trying to keep the calmness in her voice although from past experiences when the doctor turns up out of the blue it is rarely a good sign.

Vastra was concerned as the doctor hardly turns up nowadays without Clara and even when he did turn up on his own he wouldn't rattle Jenny like this. Vastra and Jenny went to see the doctor, as soon as they both descended the stairs they saw that the doctor, Rory and River were standing in the corridor with Strax just a few yards away.

Vastra knew why the doctor was there although she needed him to say so she decided to act like she didn't know anything about why he was there. "What brings you here doctor?" was Vastra's opening gambit.

The doctor just looked at her as he tried to gauge if she knew or didn't know. Once the doctor knew that she was only acting like she didn't know why he was standing in their home in Victorian London.

"You know why we are here someone has snatched Amy and Clara out of all of time, we need your help, as well as Jenny's and Strax's."

"That seems like extreme lengths to get your attention, I can see why you came to us to assist you in getting them back."

"Let get going we have a lot to do so history don't plaster over the cracks or worse." The doctor, Jenny, Vastra, Strax and River went to leave and get back to the TARDIS once Vastra and Jenny picked up their swords also allowing Strax enough time to grab his Sontaran weapons from his trusted gun, scissor grenades, triple bladed brain splitters and all the above.

Also allowing him, Jenny and Vastra to change into clothing that are appropriate in case it escalates into a battle though all they did was change into the clothing they wore during the business with the great intelligence on Trenzalore.

Rory asked, hoping that he didn't have to wear his centurion costume "What do you mean or worse?" the doctor stopped in his tracks before turning on his heels before he walked back so he was standing next to Roy. The doctor then proceeded to look directly into Rory's eyes before the doctor said in a hushed voice so no one else could hear.

"If certain aliens know there is a crack in two time streams then they might try to force the time vortex open which will not only splinter the whole time space continuum but if the Daleks know about this then they will try to prevent fixed points, the whole time war begins again or worse, every race except Daleks just disappear with a pfff."

"A pfff?"

"A pfff not a bang just a pfff."

"I see now doctor we need to get things how they are supposed to be."

"Glad you see sense Rory, now come on."

The doctor and his companions walked towards the TARDIS and entering her. While inside the TARDIS the doctor used the scanner to get a lock on either time streams whether it is Amy's or Clara's the scanner did find a faint trace of Clara's time stream. So the Timelord and Professor River Song piloted the TARDIS to land at the exact place where Clara was now, the doctor prepared himself for the pep talk that people have before they go into battle but as the TARDIS materialised within the location of where Clara's time stream ended.

The scanner picked up two incoming messages both came through side by side on the scanner but it was Amy and Clara saying one word over and over on a loop. That word was "Doctor" upon seeing this the doctor started flipping switches before Vastra asked

"What are you doing Doctor?"

"I am trying to isolate the feed so I can use the TARDIS to hack their systems as I saw this twice before with once with the wire where she took roses identity and then with the data cloud and Clara, so in case anything like this happened again I set up my own version of the data cloud within the TARDIS. All I have to do is isolate one of the feeds then all we have to do is get the body back in the TARDIS then we only have to find one body and mind."

"That is brilliant." River said to the doctor following his train of thought.

"Isolated one feed and river can you throw that switch just their?" The doctor pointed at the console by to the left of the stairs heading below the console, he specifically pointed at one switch in particular that seem to be the only one pointing down. River went over to the console and flicked the switch that the doctor was pointing at, as soon as River flicked the switch. The scanner swirled and Amy's voice rang out through the TARDIS although her image wasn't on the scanner.

"Doctor why isn't Amy's image with the brunette on the scanner?" Rory asked the doctor.

"We managed to download Amy's mind to the TARDIS provided we keep her here she is safe."

"What Amy's body?"


This slightly irritated Rory although he knew the doctor cared about Amy and this mysterious Clara though judging by the picture she was beautiful though to Rory not even as beautiful as Amy. River broke the tension in the air by saying "What's the plan?"

"Plan yes River, Rory you two must try to find Amy's body and get it back to the TARDIS so we can reunite her mind and body so no paradoxes can happen, fed up with the Squall attacks.

River also once you are back in the TARDIS call the Judoon Platoon that owe me a favour get them here immediately.

Jenny, Vastra find Clara's mind and anyone else that they have taken from time, release them and return them to the right time and meet me at the main control room.

Strax there is probably a few soldiers who will try and stop us out those doors your job is eliminate them. Also disable any space crafts so they cannot escape.

Finally I will confront the person behind this and odds are that Clara's body is with them but if anybody finds Clara's body bring it back to the TARDIS in one piece."

With that everyone exited the TARDIS the as River, Rory, Jenny and Vastra though they both felt a prick in the sides of their necks as they were hit by something, they pulled the darts from their necks although no one noticed well no one but the doctor. As the team split up to complete the plan they all went down separate corridors as the doctor went straight up the corridor directly ahead of them.

With Rory and River

As they walked down the corridor both Rory and River felt something stirring within them whatever was in the darts was taking effect. Rory thought it might knock them unconscious to her surprise it only made her feel horny, she tried to wait out the urge and she could tell that Rory was trying to do the same as River could see the bulge in his jeans. As they approached a door to the end of the corridor they were both that horny that they would fuck anything just to end this feeling, Rory tried the door only to find that it was open.

Neither of them knew what to aspect as they opened the door, the door opened with a hydraulic sound only to reveal 2 high tech computers, one of them looked like a Silurian data records machine that they saw on the spaceship arc when they ran into Solomon and the dinosaurs. The other one looked completely different as it was just a screen upon closer examination they found that it was obviously used for two functions the first being security cameras and the second judging by the pictures monitoring time streams. River went and locked the door which closed behind them, she managed to lock the door before turning back to a shocked Rory they both had lust filled eyes.

Without saying a word they walked up to each other and although it was wrong not only because she was the doctors wife but his and Amy's daughter but given their situation they both needed to get release, they kissed each other to begin with they were both closed mouthed kissing but after a few moments they began to open their mouths which lead to a passionate kiss.

River moved Rory over to where the chairs were which were in front of the monitors, Rory felt the seat hit his legs but before he could react River had pushed him down on the seat before taking her clothes off which Rory started to do also.

They both took care not to rip anything as they still had a job to do, once they were both completely naked River started to suck Rory's no erect cock though he was only 8 inches long but that was enough for River, as soon as River deep throated Rory's cock he placed a hand on the back of her head as he started to thrust his cock deeper then River could get it.

Rory expected to hear River choke and gag but he was surprised as neither happened but she started to moan, this was the only thing Rory needed as he started to pull out only to ram it straight into River's pussy. This brought a moan from River and Rory did this repeatedly all the while he could feel River building to an orgasm and so was he, after the tenth time he rammed in he was on the peak of cumming but when he tried to pull out River kept him close into him by wrapping her legs around his hips.

"Cum inside me" River moaned as her orgasm hit eliminating whatever was in dart bringing her back to her old self before she got hit by the dart.

"No I cannot Melody I really don't want to impregnate you!" Rory shouted trying to stop himself from cumming, which he found really hard to do as he could feel River's pussy trying to milk Rory's cock for everything he had.

River began to relax her legs enough for Rory to pull out which he did do. Just in time as well just as Rory got his cock free of Rivers pussy he came which landed on her stomach, River pulled her pants to herself to wipe it off while Rory proceeded to get dressed while he tried to stay on his feet while the drug was being washed from his body. They both normalised as the last of the drug washed from their bodies, both River and Rory got dressed while they got dressed again River said to Rory "Are we in agreement that what just happened between us didn't happen?"

Rory nodded as he agreed with what River just said, they both went and observed the equipment that were set up only to find that Amy and Clara weren't the first ones to disappear out of time as there was 200 logs, River opened one of the logs only to find a photo of someone their name, date they disappeared and date they were sold on to someone. Upon seeing this both River and Rory realised that whoever was here were human traffickers, snatching people from time only to sell them on to other aliens as playthings or even worse slaves.

With Jenny and Vastra

As they approached two doors they split up to cover both doors they both opened the doors at the same time. As Jenny went through the door she chose to the left she noticed that the room was full of bodies just standing there including Amy's body, Jenny backed away instantly to go and find Vastra so she could see this. Jenny closed the door as she went to the room where Vastra went into.

As Jenny went into the room she found the room was empty besides Vastra fingering herself something that Jenny never saw her love do, Jenny quickly surveyed the room only to find that is was being used as a store room. Jenny went and locked the door which she just about to do before Vastra pounced on Jenny while they undressed each other making sure not to rip anything which they managed to do.

Jenny is always amazed by Vastra's Silurian body as it was covered with scales even her tits were covered in scales although she could still make out the firmness of her wife's tits, Jenny could still clearly make out Vastra's areoles. Like many other Silurians her figure was slim with perky medium tits, seeing this made Jenny feel extremely hornier as seeing her loves naked form always did it for Jenny.

They both skipped over the kissing instead they ended up in the 69 position with Vastra on the bottom and Jenny on the top, they both started eating each other out but upon feeling Jenny's tongue touch her lips Vastra used her long tongue to fully enter Jenny's pussy. Vastra went as far as she could with the tongue of hers, she felt her tongue hit Jenny's cervix and decided that was far enough, Jenny felt this as it sent her into a wild orgasm.

Jenny eliminated the drug from her system but she never disappointed her love and she wasn't going to start now, Jenny abandoned licking her pussy but instead shoved her whole fist and half her arm up Vastra's pussy going deep which spurred Vastra on with her licking. Both Jenny and Vastra were moaning as they didn't care if anyone heard only to have someone knock the door trying to get in. followed by Rivers voice on the other side of the door.

5 minutes ago

Both River and Rory heard moans coming from where Vastra and Jenny while they checked the security screen there were no cameras where they were. Both River and Rory were slightly worried as they thought that someone was trying to empty them out so they would end up as mindless slaves, if the logs were anything to go by.

They both ran towards the moans while it was happening River was the first one to get to the door followed by Rory trying to get his breath bad. River knocked on the door asking "Is everything ok in there?"

Back to the Present

Jenny managed to get Vastra off freeing her from whatever was in the darts, both of them got dressed and went to the door. "Everything's fine River." Vastra answered, joining River and Rory before they went any further Rory said.

"We must find Amy so I can have my wife back."

"She is in the room just here" Jenny said leading Rory and River to the room that she looked in before going to Vastra, as Jenny opened the door Rory ran to Amy's body not even glancing at any of the others. As Rory moved Amy's body there was no constraints holding the body obviously no one thought that a time machine would land and take back the bodies.

Rory half pulled and half dragged the body back to the TARDIS and produced the key that the doctor slipped him on the way out, once he got the body back into the TARDIS River, Vastra and Jenny then came to his side. While River figured out which switch to pull to guide the mind back to the body when she figured out that she had to get the containment field around Amy's body which she could they receive her memory back.

River instructed Rory where to place the body, Rory obeyed placing Amy's body where River needed it. River got the containment field around the body then River flicked the switches needed to guide Amy's mind into her body which she did. Amy started to stir as Vastra said "We need to assist the doctor and get all the bodies back in to where they were."

"Agreed" Jenny said to her loves statement.

"Ok then we need to do that before they get sold." River said.

"What about Amy we cannot leave her." Rory said to everyone present.

"Amy will be safe in the TARDIS though you can stay with her although she will be out of it for some time." River told Rory.

"I will stay with Amy it is my duty as her husband to keep her safe." Rory said and all the companions nodded and left the TARDIS, Rory made sure that the door was locked. Before sitting by his wife's limp body. River proceeded to call the Judoon fleet particularly the part of the fleet that owed the doctor a favour. River got through to the Judoon Plantoon leaving them a homing signal to the space craft they were on.

If they were lucky the Judoon's would just follow the signal and come straight here with no verbal channels open. As only the doctor can speak the Judoon language.

With River

Upon leaving the TARDIS they agreed that River would go to free the minds and return all the bodies to the right times while Vastra and Jenny went to assist the doctor. River returned to the computer room and proceeded to access all the minds from the console, she knew that soon enough she would get through to where all the minds were.

River did it she gained access to where all the minds were she managed to get the minds back to the bodies and judging by the camera in the room where all the bodies were, River flicked a switch on the console just underneath the screen and that sent all the people back to where they belonged leaving the room empty. She them froze the computer system leaving one word on the screen, that word was Spoilers.

Meanwhile with Strax

Strax had just blown open the doors using one of his grenades, he was hoping that there were some soldiers he was quietly disappointed when he found nothing but a small space cruiser he knew that the doctor told them to destroy anything so he scanned it to make sure that no one was on board. There wasn't anyone on board so Strax fired his gun directly at the primary controls which disabled the flight controls. Strax then went insode the spacecraft which was unlocked and waited for whoever the pilot was.

10 minutes ago with the doctor

As the doctor soniced the door to open it he was confronted with a human male, an alien being that looked like a cross between a Cyberman and a Dalek and Clara's body. The doctor simply said "It's over"

The mechanical being that looked like a cross between a Cyberman and a Dalek spoke with the voice completely mechanical "No doctor it is not over so long as I have your companion here." Indicating to Clara. It moved to the captor over Clara before whispering something the doctor couldn't hear.

The captor spoke to Clara "Slave get the doctor make sure he doesn't move." Upon hearing this Clara pounced on the doctor. As Clara landed on the doctor she went limp as her mind returned to her, a loud siren rang out in the control room.

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