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Doctor Who: Panic Moon Ch. 04


Author's Note: This is the sequel series to Amy, Captured. To get the full experience, please read through that one first.

Okay, so this is chapter four, which we're calling the Kanaria chapter! We tried something a little different here, and it turned out to be hell to write, but I guess that's what we get for trying new things...

As always, thanks go to my lovely wife Isabel for her assistance, and persistence, on the creative side of this thing, and to Allyourbase, who gave us some feedback and suggestions that really improved this chapter from the shambles it was when I finished writing it the first time. That said, we'll certainly think hard about how we're going to use Kanaria in the future; she's not as easy to write as Ren is.

Any feedback, comments or votes are hugely appreciated, and I hope you enjoy the story!



'All in all, Viral came through for us rather comprehensively.'

'It did. I'm quite pleased, myself. I would have thought we'd have more trouble.'

'As did I, sir.'


'That's you, sir. Until the end of this job. I think we all go our separate ways, after that. You can lead us to Hackett, but after that... Well, we know who you are, sir. Most of us don't like the idea of working with you any more than we do working for Hackett. Ends and means, I suppose.'

'That's very honest. Still, I can't blame you. I'm just using you too, you know. At any rate, the system intrusion has gone perfectly. Viral does good work. Now we just wait, and see what happens.'

'Yes, sir. I do have one question, though: why do you want to find Sander Hackett?'

'Me? Hmm... Well, um. Honestly? I haven't been able to get him out of my head. I want to show him how I feel.'


It was night now. Trismestigius had retreated behind the bulk of Sigma Majora, obscured from the light of the binary stars that served as the sun in this particular system. Amy was back in her cell, frankly glad to be left alone after the events of the afternoon. Everyone had retreated from the common areas back to their rooms; Kanaria had been unable to solve the Marduk issue, and various other parties had lobbied Sander for the next shot at Amy. In the depths of the complex, the Eternity Engine continued to work, the next captive slowly accruing reality.

Sander and Mara had retreated to their room. That is to say, Mara had dragged Sander back to their room with some force. She happened to do that a lot; Sander didn't mind. He liked a forceful, take-charge Mara. It had defined the early days of their relationship, in a way.

Now, he lay on their large, comfortable bed, staring at the ceiling. He wasn't frowning, exactly; he found it exceedingly hard to do that in Mara's presence, but he was deep in thought. He shifted uncomfortably, and his mouth opened.

'So, Kanaria asked me for the next shot at Amy, you know?' He said, chewing absently on his lip. 'I didn't think she'd be up for that... Do we need to set up, like, a rotation, or something? I mean, there are more of us, now.'

Mara lifted her head, a frown creasing her features, 'Seriously? Are we discussing this now? I mean, I am naked...' She propped herself up on her elbows, her body curled around Sander's legs, practically immobilizing him. Absently, she traced her index finger up the underside of Sander's rock-hard cock. He twitched, his hands pulling against the restraints attached to the headboard; forceful Mara hadn't stopped when they had entered the bedroom. Unbidden, Sander's eyes slid to the clock on the wall; she had been at this for over an hour... In truth, he'd been trying to distract himself.

With a playful smile, Mara swept her tongue around the head of Sander's dick, causing him to grunt loudly and buck his hips up to meet her mouth. Mara shook her head in response and pulled away.

'Oh, come on, Mara!' Sander eyed her helplessly, pulling uselessly on the cuffs encircling his wrists. 'Don't tease me like this...'

She gave a little giggle and ran her lips up and down the sides of his shaft in a series of blistering, sucking kisses, all set to a soundtrack of frustrated male groaning. It wasn't just the unbearable heat of her mouth causing him the trouble, but also all the subsets of sensation that demanded an equal share of his attention; the warm, pliant weight of her body against his, the delicate tickle of her hair against his legs, and the omnipresent frustration of her breath on his cock. She was doing all this on purpose, damn her.

'You know I'll just get you back for this later,' Sander growled. 'I can remember stuff like this.'

Mara gave him a challenging, wicked smile, 'I know! Counting on it, Hackett... Sounds fun.'

'You bitch...' He laughed despite himself. Mara laughed too, but in a vicious way, giving him a hard open-handed slap on the thigh. Her tongue lapped at him, from base to tip, and he gasped sharply, legs flexing and wrists pulling strongly at his bonds.

'Mara! Please let me cum, already!' Sander's eyes were practically crossing with the effort of bringing his dick into contact with Mara's lips. She had pulled herself back, away from his hardness, and contented herself with running teasing fingers up the insides of his thighs, stopping just before contact with that all important, aching heat.

'Ugh, fine! Just quit your bitching!' She grinned, delving down to engulf his heavy arousal in her soft, wet mouth. Sander growled with animal pleasure and bucked his hips upward, driving more and more of his length between her lips. Mara sucked with loving attention to detail, showing off her complete familiarity with her lover's body as she drew him into her talented mouth.

After her extended teasing and denial, Mara's total commitment quickly brought Sander over the edge, and he bucked powerfully, his cum splashing over her tongue and filling her mouth. He groaned once as he relaxed, muscles flexing in pleasure as Mara's tongue swept the remnants of his seed from the head of his dick before she pulled away. She offered him a naughty smile, her throat pulsing as she swallowed his load and her lips smacked together.

She slithered up Sander's body, planting her mouth firmly over his own. His face flushed as he tasted himself on her tongue. After an extended, passionate kiss, she pulled away and shot him a reproachful glare, 'Happy now?'

'Yes,' Sander sighed contentedly. 'Yes I bloody well am.'

Mara exhaled and laid her head on the bare skin of his chest, 'Good, I suppose.' She closed her eyes and nestled in, entirely prepared to drift off to sleep. Sander frowned, waited for a moment, wondered if she would remember. Eventually, he had to protest.

'Hey, untie me before I have to wake you up?' He blew a gust of air into her face. Her eyes screwed shut, and she sighed.

'No. This way, you'll be right where I want you if I wake up in the night and want something to chew on.'

'Seriously, Mara. Release me.'

Her eyes snapped open again, and rolled in a put-upon manner, 'Fine. You know, you're awfully demanding, for a sub.'

'I'm a switch,' Sander said hotly.

'Yeah, tell that to the collar around your neck,' She kissed him on the cheek as she leaned over him to undo his chains. 'To answer your question, you don't need to think about who gets Amy when too much. It's easy: Dulsie gets her last, since she's a bit... intense. Lyssy is nothing if not patient, so that leaves two. And Kana asked you first.'

'Yeah. Yeah, you're right,' Sander nodded. 'That'll work.'

Mara's brow furrowed, 'Hey, are you okay? You've been a little off all night.'

'I'm fine,' Sander lied. 'Just a bit tired, I guess. Big day, in case you haven't noticed.'

In truth, he did feel somehow off. Mara quickly lost interest in the conversation and drifted off to sleep, but something in Sander's head prevented him from doing the same; some snag in his thought process, or dark little idea stirred up in the wake of the day's events. It was seeing Amy again that did it, bringing up all those emotions that had simmered under the surface for three years; he had almost been a normal person, for all that time. Almost.

But now... The companion was back in his clutches, the chase was back on, and he was attempting something that had never been done before. Building the infrastructure of Trismestigius, the Engine, the life support systems, all of that had been hectic, but it had been over for more than a year. All he'd had to do recently was build the software systems, install Jericho...

And suddenly everything was dangerous again. Suddenly, he was up against the Doctor. Suddenly, he had to be worried; had he gone too far? There was no possible way the Doctor would be forgiving, this time. If the Time Lord found him, there would be consequences. Only this time, he wasn't just endangering his life, or Mara's life; he was putting the lives of his friends at risk. He had warned them all, everyone knew what they were up against if they helped him, but even so, six other people had put their lives in his hands. Now he had set the wheels of this chase in motion, he was beginning to wonder: did he have the wherewithal to see it through to a victory?

Silently, he slipped out from Mara's unconscious embrace, out of his bed and to the window. The skyline was dominated with the immense, green-and-blue bulk of Sigma Majora. Stars filled the available space, free of any light pollution that would otherwise obscure them. The answer came to Sander, in that moment, with Mara behind him and the vast, empty Trismestigian horizon ahead: He would come out ahead, this time. He would win this fight.

The thought had weight; it had heft, like an iron bar. It was unbendable; he simply had too much to lose, now. He had Mara, he had friends that depended on him, and he had this moon. He had a life now, and one that was worth defending, even if he had long ago set himself down a path that would lead him to risk it all, again and again. When he thought back...

Just three years ago, his life had changed- no, his life had begun, properly. He had spent thirteen years basically in purgatory, absorbed in his rage and his plots, locked away from the world; all because he had lost someone important to him. With Elsa gone, all the doors in his mind had slammed shut; he'd purposely shut out contact with anyone else. Mara had stuck with him, as loyal as anything, and tried to open him up again, but like an idiot he had ignored her. To him, she had just been an assistant; he'd often wondered what it must have been like for her, caring for him that much, when he himself had been cold as ice.

Damn... He had been really stupid, back then...

But the whole of life is a learning experience. Sander Hackett had learned that he actually needed a life, not just revenge. Now he had one, and a second chance, at that, he wasn't willing to just drop it all at the behest of a murderer in a blue box.

He smiled. It was Mara who had started this healing process within him, and her sisters and their new friends that had helped it along. And this place, this moon, was a perfect staging ground for that kind of growth. His old home had been a stifling steel box, hurtling through space aimlessly. This place, his home... It had windows, and a horizon, and air. It had an outside. It was a place to live, not just a prison.

His feet impelled him out into the hallway, into the central room listed in the administrator's systems as the Cell Hub. There was someone he needed to talk to; someone whose opinion he, strangely, did care about. His hand reached out, hit the scanner pad by the door to the single occupied cell. A little readout above it listed her name, along with a little cartoon of her, and the video feed from the cameras inside the cell. Currently, Amy was sitting on her bed, staring at the opposite wall. Sander supposed it wasn't terribly surprising if she couldn't sleep tonight; this must be quite a shock, all things considered. He didn't quite smile, but his expression did grow lighter, as the door opened.

He saw Amy's eyes harden as he entered the room. He inclined his head in response, crossing the room silently to what passed for a window; the holographic display was currently showing the same view that he had seen from his own window. Frowning, he made a mental note to update the image database for the hologram system.

'What do you want?' Amy's voice was cold, and her fingers curled into shaking fists.

'Couldn't sleep,' Sander shrugged. 'Needed someone to talk to.'

Amy's mouth opened and closed as she struggled to find words angry enough to be appropriate, 'And you came to me? Because I'm going to provide you with pleasant conversation, yes? Is that what you thought?'

'What? No, shut up,' Sander said. 'I get that you're angry. I was just wondering if you knew why you're here?'

Amy's brow furrowed. This time, she didn't need to search for a response at all, 'Because you're a complete psychopath and a rapist?'

'Only the surface reasons, then,' Sander's forehead rested against the hologram, sending ripples of light sliding across the surface of it. 'In the end, if I really, really think about it... This isn't about you or I. Isn't about Mara either. Or Ren. It's about the Doctor.'

'Yeah, I believe that!' Amy snapped. 'If it was about the Doctor you'd go after the Doctor. But you didn't. Both times, you went after me.'

'It's complicated.'

'How can you hate him so much?'

Sander turned his head to regard the woman, 'Do you remember what happened the last time we were together? Back on the asteroid?'

It had seemed impossible before, but Amy's expression grew even more acidic, 'Hard as I've tried, I haven't forgotten a single moment of the time I spent with you.'

'Back then, it was just pure rage. He had killed my wife, or caused her to die, or whatever it is you want to call it. I wanted revenge. I wanted him dead,' Sander closed his eyes, pinched the bridge of his nose between two fingers. 'But as time went on... I thought about it. Even past all that he's done to me, the Doctor is wrong.'

'How can you say that?'

Sander turned his gaze sharply towards Amy, affixing her with a dark, penetrating stare, 'Have you ever actually thought about what he is? About the nature of your relationship with him? About how damn scary that creature is? He is the closest thing this universe has to a living god, even if he doesn't admit it out loud! And he knows it, deep down! Actually think about it, Amy!'

'Sander...' Amy's voice quavered as she spoke. She had seen this look before, when the anger had overtaken him. It generally meant pain for her.

'It's like he's put the entire universe on a leash!' Sander growled. 'He doesn't like what somebody does, he pulls, as hard as he can! Interfering in the development of countless civilizations, not to mention all the individual lives he blunders into! He has no right to do that! And the worst part is, he's treated as a hero for it!'

'The Doctor saves people, Sander. That's something you don't seem to understand.'

'Sure, he saves people. But what about the ones he doesn't? What about the people he topples, because he doesn't like how they do things?' Sander spat bitterly. 'What about me? What right has he to wander in like he does? Even you thought that he would have chosen that Star Whale over the entire population of the Starship UK.'

'That was before I knew him that well!' Amy snapped. 'Before we properly became friends-'

'You are not his friend. You're more like a pet, Amy Pond. Someone to look impressed when he does something clever.'

'That's not true,' Amy snarled, suddenly all fire and brimstone. She glared at Sander, filled with pure, animal hate.

'Please, I bet you know more about me than you do about the Doctor! Where does he come from? And where do I come from?'

'He's from Gallifrey. You, you're from New Warsaw, on New Earth.'

'Just a planet for him, but a country for me. Hmm.'

'That doesn't mean anything-'

'Alright, let me make it easier for you: What's my first name?' Sander glanced sidelong at Amy. Her mouth opened and closed, no sound coming out. She was stymied; Sander continued, 'You claim he's your best friend, but you know next to nothing about him. He doesn't tell you anything, because you're on his leash, same as everyone else. He'd drop you the moment you do anything he doesn't approve of. He's done it before. And he calls it mercy. Well, this is me, freeing myself of the leash. Even if I have to be the only person in the universe that is.'

'I'd been stupid, Amy. Mara... for eleven years, I ignored her,' Sander's expression became bitter and regretful. ' I'd been so wrapped up in the past that I'd been blinded to life. She told me once that she'd cared about me for years before I noticed. How that must have hurt her. I was stupid, but not anymore. This isn't about Elsa. It isn't about the Oncoming Storm, or about you... This is about me and him. It's about taking back what he took from me, showing him that he doesn't have the right to judge people the way he does. It's about proving that I am Sander Hackett, not some pet on his leash. Nobody else is saying it, so I will: The Doctor is a monster.'

There was a kind of shocked, horrified silence, as Amy stared on and realized that, deep down, Sander really did believe what he was saying. At the core of his being, he both feared and hated the Doctor, a being that had successfully saved the universe on several occasions. Despite his happy, relaxed new appearance, this was still the old Sander; that same terribly angry man that was perfectly happy with doing terrible things.

'You're wrong,' Amy shook her head. 'I don't care what you say, you're wrong, Sander!'

She flinched, as he turned his impassive gaze to her. Somehow, his flat, appraising stare was worse than the fury and lust she had experienced previously. Slowly, he stepped toward her. Every muscle in Amy's body cried out for her to run, and her mind just barely overrode them; there was simply nowhere for her to go. Sander reached down and gently cupped her chin, tilting her face slowly upwards. He leaned in and planted a strong, suffocating kiss on her lips, his tongue probing her mouth even through her muffled sounds of protest. Eventually, he withdrew, leaving her literally gasping for breath.

'I am not wrong, Amy,' He said, his face still so close to hers. 'Power will always be abused. I have absolute power over you, right now. And I am abusing it. The things I could do to you, that you'd have no choice but to obey, would boggle your mind. Now, your friend the Doctor? He has pretty much unlimited power over all of space and time. Think about that. Properly examine the things you've watched him do. Not from your own perspective, but from that of the people he fights.'

He turned on his heel and went for the door. Amy was unable to suppress a sigh of relief. Briefly, he turned back, 'Tomorrow morning, you shall have another visitor. She's delicate, this one. A very close friend. I love her, she's practically my little sister. You will show her the proper respect, and you will be accommodating. If I find that you gave her any trouble, your mind will be boggled, pretty lady.'


'Well, well... Good morning, sleepy head.'

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