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Doctor's Itch


I sat in the waiting of the dermatologist trying to avoid looking at the receptionist. She wasn't particularly cute and her outfit wasn't particularly sexy, but she had a nice small and a pair of boobs, and I hadn't seen a woman in seven days, except the girl at the drive through at McDonalds on the way home from my trip.

I went backpacking with some college friends for seven days. It was a lot of fun, but after a week with only guys, I was happy to be home. I got a rash on the inside of my thigh and the tip of my penis was irritated from hiking and sweating all day and probably from not bathing enough. Luckily there was a dermatologist that had an open spot the next day.

I barely had time to think about sex or women at all the whole trip, and masturbation was out of the question when sharing a tent with two other guys. My girlfriend broke up with me a year ago when we went away to different colleges so I had almost forgotten what it was like to have sex. I was hurt, shy and my confidence was shot after the breakup. To sum it up I was sexually frustrated.

When I saw the receptionist's boobs, my sexual feelings came flooding back. I realized I hadn't been able to relieve the tension for over a week. Now here I was at the doctor's office about to get naked. I had to think about something else. I picked up a magazine, Lindsay Lohan's boobs were looking right at me. I put down the magazine and looked at the fish in the aquarium instead.

A door opened, a woman in blue nurses' scrubs came out, "Scott?" she said.

I got up and walked through the door. The nurse was about 40 years old with a big butt and brown hair that was cut in a heart-shaped soccer mom do. Don't look at her ass, I told myself. She led me into a room.

"What are you here for today?" she asked. I told her about my rash on my thigh, but was too embarrassed to mention my penis, I was still not sure if I would bring this up with the doctor. "Take off all your clothes and put tis robe on but leave it untied in the back," she said, then shut the door and left.

I took off my clothes and instantly felt so vulnerable. Was it a man or a woman doctor? I didn't know, it looked like there were two male and one female doctor at this office from the names on the front door. I looked down at my rash, then my penis, it was shriveled up to where I could barely see it through my pubes. The irritation was barely visible. Should I even mention it?

I heard a light knock on the door and then it opened. A woman in her mid-thirties with long black hair in a ponytail walked in. She was wearing a white coat over a blue doctor's shirt. I could just make out a little cleavage. She had on a black skirt that went to her knees. She was a little overweight but had a very cute face. She smiled at said hi, and asked me why I was there again and I told her about my thigh.

"Lie back on the table and let's take a look," she said. After I lay down, she lifted up the papery robe just past my thigh and looked at my rash.

All my fears of getting aroused during the exam seemed to be unfounded. Even though she was cute and I was very hard-up, I was so nervous that my penis seemed to be shrinking instead of getting bigger.

"It looks like its just irritation from sweating and friction," she said. I'll give you some hydrocortisone samples which should clear it up. Just to make sure it isn't jock itch, I'll take a swab and send it to the lab. She took out a long q-tip and rubbed it on the rash, then put it in a baggie, wrote something on the baggie and put in on the counter.

"Thanks," I said, still lying there with my balls almost visible.

"Is there anything else?" she asked.

I couldn't think about it too long or she would know I was hiding something else; the thigh thing went ok I thought, the whole thing was so professional that I wasn't as embarrassed as earlier. "yes. Uh my penis has a small rash too, could it be the same thing?"

The doctor raised her eyebrow, then turned and looked at me for a second. Let me take a look," she said as she slowly lifted up the robe up to my waist.

Now I was lying on this doctor's table with my penis and balls out and a woman's face a few feet away, it was the first time in over a year that a woman had seen my penis, let alone be that close to it. Still I was very nervous, and my penis was as shriveled as ever. I almost wished it would grow just a tiny bit, but better this way than getting a big boner and the embarrassment that would go along with it.

She took two fingers and held the shaft of my penis. "Where is the rash?" she asked.

"It is right near the tip," I said. My voice cracked a little and I cleared my throat. I could tell she still couldn't see it so I pointed to the area with my finger.

"I still can't see it," she said. "I'm going to pull it out a little bit and try to get a better look." She wheeled her stool closer and leaned over me, and then she squeezed the middle of my penis and pulled up a little. "Let me know if that hurts at all or is uncomfortable."

It did not hurt and was not uncomfortable, but luckily it did not feel good either but it did get a little bigger, if only from stretching. Then she wrapped her fingers all the way around my penis and started rubbing her thumb under the base. I was a little taken back, it almost seemed like she was trying to jerk me off, I focused on the skin cancer pictures on the wall to keep my mind off of it, and her dry rubber glove was not the most pleasurable feeling anyway. I managed to keep from getting too hard or turned on, so far so good.

The doctor took her ungloved hand and moved a piece of hair off of her face and behind her ears and gave what seemed to me to be a tiny smile. "I see a little red spot here, I think if we could swell up the area we could get it to flare up a bit more and really tell what it is." She opened a drawer and pulled out a tube and squeezed out some clear fluid into her gloved hand and started working it into her fingers. The she put her slippery hand around my penis and very slowly started moving it up and down. "Have you had unprotected sex within the past six months?" she asked.

I could not believe this was happening, there was no way I was going to be able to contain myself. I wondered if this was some kind of crazy dream. "No I have not had sex at all for a year," I said.

She bent her body down so I could see some of her cleavage down her green shirt. She kept stroking me and she looked at me, smiled and said, "Poor baby, a young guy like you?" She squeezed a little tighter and worked her way up towards the top. She let out a little laugh, "it's definitely getting bigger now."

Now I was fully hard and there was no hiding it. I could not believe it was happening, nothing like this ever happened to me. I was ok looking I thought and wasn't too fat or too skinny, but I wasn't particularly tall, handsome or buffed enough to get hit on by girls. Occasionally when they were drunk they would but it was usually right before they passed out or threw up. I wanted to just lay back and enjoy it, but what if it really was just for medical purposes and I came all over her and she freaked out?

She picked up the pace, her other hand glided across my chest and then rested on my belly. The she bent over and whispered into my ear, "How does that feel?"

"Uh, fine," I squeaked out. I didn't know how exactly to answer, but the truth was that it felt really really great and I was already feeling my balls start to climb up in anticipation of the big load that was waiting to come out after a week of building up. A big drop of pre-cum rolled off the tip of my cock and onto her hand. She rubbed it in as she continued to bring me more and more pleasure. My breathing became more quick and shallow and my toes started curling.

"I think your problem is that you just had a little too much tension that needs to be let out," She licked her lips and flipped her ponytail over her shoulder. "What do you think?" She slowed down a little.

"Yeah, I think so?" I started to move my hips up a bit into her hands.

"What should we do about it?" She gave a sly smirk. She slowed down even more.

I was so close to cumming I could barely stand it. My balls felt ready to explode. A few more strokes and it would be all over, I didn't even care anymore. It was too late; I had to let it go. "Please keep going," I begged.

But now she was barely touching it, just holding it there. A pouty look came across her face, the she put down my penis, took over her glove and walked over to the phone on the wall and picked it up.

I thought I was going to die. What was she doing? My penis was bobbing up and down pleading to be touched again. I could see her large round ass and her panty lines as she started dialing the phone. Was she calling security? I wanted my erection to go down, but it wouldn't.

"Hi, can you please come in here a minute?" she said into the phone while looking at me squirming around on the table with a look of bewilderment on my face. "Thanks."

We both looked at each other in silence. The door opened a few seconds later and the nurse with the soccer mom hair walked in. Her eyes opened wide in surprise.

"What is going on in here?" she asked, staring at my rock hard penis leaking out fluid onto my stomach.

"I'll tell you what is going on," said the doctor. She looked down at me sternly with her clipboard in hand, writing notes on it, "once again, a man comes into my office and thinks because I am a woman and a dermatologist that I am not a real doctor and shouldn't be taken seriously. Once again, a man acting like a pervert and treating us like us women are only on this planet for one reason."

The other nurse frowned and looked at me. "That's just sick," she said. "Can't you keep your dick in your pants for a simple doctor's appointment?" Then they both just stood there looking at me.

I was naked, hard and now felt like the biggest asshole on the planet. Everything I feared about this appointment came true. How could I have been stupid enough to think that she really wanted to get me off? It was now confirmed, I really as the loser that I thought I was.

"Should I call security?" asked the nurse.

"Please don't," I pleaded. I sat up and pulled the robe over my cock as best I could but it tented up around it. "It was an accident."

The doctor let out a sarcastic chuckle," how is thrusting your hard penis into my hand and telling me to keep going an accident?" She made a thrusting motion with her hips that gave me another twinge of excitement. "And don't forget staring at these," she took her hands and squeezed her boobs together.

"I...I...I don't know, I'm sorry," I said, hanging my head. "I'll get dressed and go now ok?" I grabbed for my underwear that was lying on the chair.

The doctor stepped between me and the chair, "not so fast," she said, "I think you need to learn about self-control." She put her hands on my shoulders, the robe crinkled, she gently but firmly pushed me back onto the table. "Lie back down." She lifted up the robe so I was once again exposed.

"What? Why?" I said, but obeyed her.

The nurse walked over and put her hand on my leg. The doctor held her hand on my shoulder and held me down. "Don't get up," said the doctor. "Tanya, show," she looked her clipboard, "Scott here, what his has been missing because he is too much of a pervert to even get a real girl."

Tanya the nurse walked around the table to where I could see her whole body. She bent over in front of me so I could see her ass. It was big but I could tell she did some kind of exercise. I could see her panty lines through her nurse pants, getting closer together until they became the thin strip that covered her delicious private parts. She looked at me and arched her back.

"What do you think of that?" Asked the doctor, pointing at Tanya's ass while rubbing my shoulder.

"Um, it's very nice," I said, unsure of what kind of answer they were looking for. I wanted so bad to grab Tanya's ass and then pull down those pants and fuck her.

She quickly withdrew her hand from my shoulder "Pig," she said. "This is exactly what I'm talking about. Tanya is a married woman and a professional; she does not deserve to be treated as an object."

"Sorry, I didn't mean it that way?" I said, wondering how I was ever going to get out of this.

The doctor tapped her clipboard with her pen. "More Tanya."

Tanya took her thumbs and hooked into the waistband of her pants and then pulled them to her knees. She bent over again to show me her panty covered ass. I could just make out the slit of her pussy through her green cotton panties. I was instantly rock hard again and starting to think that maybe these women were just playing around and would eventually let me in on their joke. She arched her back again and then started rubbing her pussy and ass over her panties.

The doctor was now massaging my chest and stomach, getting a little closer to my penis each time, but never touching it. It was driving me crazy, but I didn't want to rush it and get into trouble again. So I just laid there staring and lusting.

"How bad do you want to stick your face in there and then pull down those panties and fuck that hot wet pussy?" asked the doctor, her hand now running through my pubic hair.

"Not at all," I said, hoping this strategy might work a little better. It paid off; her hand went under my balls and held them.

As she held my balls in her hand, she asked, "do you want her to pull her panties down so you can see it?" she asked. Her hand moved up my shaft and around my penis. This time she did not have her glove on. She started slowly stroking it again.

"No that's ok," I answered. The doctor stopped stroking me and said, "Ok Tanya, pull them up, you can go now."

Tanya reached down to pull her pants back up. Her pants got to her thighs and I could not stand to see her cover up that work of art. "Please, please, I want to see more," I said.

The doctor smiled and flipped her ponytail again. "Atta boy, tell her what you want, don't just stare like a freak." She started to caress my shaft again.

Tanya looked at me with a devilish look. She turned to me and unbuttoned her shirt, then took off her bra and put in on the chair next to my clothes. Now she had her pants around her thighs and her panties were still on. Her boobs hung down low like a woman who has had a few kids. Her nipples stuck out begging to be played with. As if on cue, she started pinching one nipple while holding up her boob with the other. A wet spot was barely visible on her panties where they covered her pussy. A few hairs stuck out on the sides.

The doctor put some more lube in her hand and started playing with me again. I really wanted to try and enjoy it more, but I was terrified she would stop again. "Just imagine sliding it in there, so warm, so wet, and waiting to wrap around you and take you in. Imagine the feeling of letting loose your big hot load deep her. Do you want to give him some more Tanya?"

Tanya looked at the doctor, then at me, she was still playing with her boobs and she was now moving her hips a little. I could not keep my eyes off the wet spot on her panties. My balls started to tingle again. It wouldn't be long now. Tanya pulled off her panties and held them there. Her pussy hair was wet and tangled. She put a leg up on the chair and started rubbing her pussy.

"Give those to me," said the doctor and she reached out and took Tanya's green cotton panties. She held them up above my face. Then she stuck them in my face and said, "smell that hot pussy," that's what you want isn't it?"

I nodded my head as best I could with a face full of wet panties. I could smell the scent that I had not smelled in over a year. It flooded my memories of hot sex with my girlfriend during the good times when we first met, especially once when we fucked in a tent on the beach, knowing that people were all around us and the smell of her trapped in the tent made for one of the best sexual experiences of my life.

Tanya started putting her finger in and out of her pussy, her finger was wet and glistening when it came out, then plunged back in to her lovely hole. The doctor moved her hand up and down, "does that feel like you are fucking her?"

"Yes." I gasped.

"Are you going to cum soon?" the doctor purred. She parted her legs a little so I could now see up her skirt while she sat on the stool.

I was ready to cum five strokes ago, but I kept it together, mesmerized with Tanya, and now the doctor. "I think so" was all I could say. Pre-cum was dripping out of my penis every time she squeezed it.

The doctor slowed down again. "Not too fast, you still have to learn to be a gentleman, and gentleman always let the ladies go first."

I really did not know what she meant, but I knew that I was going to cum very soon and there was no way I could hold out much longer, definitely not long enough to get two women off. I could feel the explosion moving up, it was time, it was finally going to happen.

The doctor stopped stroking. "That was a close one wasn't it?" she said to Tanya, they both giggled.

I was squirming around now, more pre-cum oozed out, it was starting to get a little cloudy like sperm was already leaking out a little. I could barely breath I was so horny and so desperate to cum.

The doctor got up lifted up her skirt and pulled off her white panties and held them out to me, her hair was trimmed shorter than the nurses' pussy hair and was a darker color. "who smells better?" she said laughing.

I just laid there not knowing what to say.

"You better answer or we're done here, you have to know what you want or you won't get it." said Tanya still fingering herself and starting to pant a little.

I took the doctor's white panties and smelled them. They did not have as heavy of a scent as the nurse, and were a bit sweeter with a hint of perfume. "I um ah guess yours smell a bit better," I said, looking at the doctor.

"The man has spoken," said the doctor. She walked over to a corner of the room and got a step stool. She put the stool next to the bed and them put one leg on it and swung the other one over me so she was sitting with her pussy on my face. "Get to it," she said.

I started licking her pussy lips and sticking my tongue in the hole. I had only eaten out my girlfriend once at it was fun at first but went on for too long and she eventually tapped me on the head and said she had enough.

"Have you ever even heard of the clitoris?" scoffed the doctor. And not so hard, you're not trying to get to the candy center of a tootsie pop you know."

I slowed down and lightly licked the little nub over her pussy that I knew was the clit, but didn't quite know what to do with it yet. But I could tell by the way the doctor was breathing and her thighs closing in on the side of my head that she was starting to get into it.

"Uhh, yeah, that's better," she said, letting out a little whimper. Then I felt a hand on me again, it was Tanya stroking me now, though I couldn't see her with a face full of the doctor. Then I felt something wet surrounding my member. I could feel Tanya's tongue running up and down the head of my penis, I thought I was going to cum almost immediately but I focused on the doctor to keep my mind off of it.

"Good job, now you're learning," moaned the doctor. "Don't cum whatever you do or you fail."

I felt a weight on my legs, then a hand around the base of my penis. What now, I wondered. Then I felt my penis touching a wet hairy spot, Tanya's pussy. Can it be? Yes it can, I felt it slide in to the warmest wettest pussy I could ever have imagined. At first Tanya only got the head in and she slowly wiggled up and down it, teasing me.

"Should I give him more?" asked Tanya.

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