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Doctor's Orders


My name is Alex and I’m an average-looking guy in my mid-thirties. My wife, Liz, and I live in a small town of a few thousand people in the southern US. My wife is a pretty girl ten years younger then me. We’ve never had any kids, so Liz has stayed youthful-looking and trim. I would never describe her body as awesome, but her body curves in and out at all the right places, and simply looking at her in a swimsuit is enough to get me hard. Her tits are not large but, as they say, anything more than a mouthful is a waste. Her best features are her legs and ass, which are the reasons I fell in love the moment I saw her.

One day, Liz became ill with a bug of some kind and didn’t feel well enough to get out of bed. By lunchtime, she wasn’t feeling any better, so I put in a call for the family doctor. Dr. Davidson was about the same age as me, and had not long ago arrived in town. He was still trying to build up his practice, so was willing to make house-calls, something most other doctors around here will not do. Just before the doctor was due to arrive, I suggested to Liz that she change into fresher clothes. I went to her clothes closet and took out a fresh nightgown and a fresh pair of panties. The nightgown was a simple cotton thing, nothing fancy or sexy, and definitely not transparent. Liz got out of bed, stripped off her clothes and put on the fresh ones I had given her. Seeing my lovely young wife naked, even for those few seconds, cause a stirring of desire in my groin and, if there had been time, I would certainly have had her out of those clothes again in a flash. But there was no time for a fuck, not even a quickie!

Dr. Davidson arrived right on time and I shook his hand as he came in the door. It was the first time I had met him and I was impressed by his firm handshake. I led him upstairs to the bedroom, where Liz was back in bed, with the covers pulled right up to her chin. After exchanging a few pleasantries, the doctor turned to me and asked me to leave the room.

“I strongly believe in a patient’s right to privacy”, he explained “even from their spouse”

“No problem” said I, and left the bedroom, closing the door behind me.

I went down to the kitchen and poured myself a coffee. I also poured a cup for the doctor, figuring he would be finished examining Liz within a few minutes. As I sipped the coffee, I scanned the newspaper. The minutes drifted by. I finished my coffee and looked at my watch. I had been in the kitchen twenty minutes. I wondered why the doctor was taking so long, then started to drink the coffee I had poured for him. I was just draining the second cup when I heard the doctor’s footsteps coming down the stairs. “It’s about time”, I thought to myself. He’d been alone with my wife for about 40 minutes.

“How is she, doc?” I asked as soon as he came into the kitchen. “You took so long I was beginning to get worried.”

“No need to worry”, he stammered. “She has a slight viral infection, that’s all. A couple of days of bed rest should be all she needs.” He seemed uncomfortable and anxious to leave.

After thanking him for coming out so see Liz so quickly, I showed him out the door and he sped quickly away in his car. I went upstairs to see how my wife was feeling. She was still lying in bed, and the covers were still pulled up to her chin, just as I had last seen her. She was staring at the ceiling.

“How are you, Honey?” I started to ask, then stopped dead in my tracks and stared at the bed. Draped across the foot of the bed were the fresh nightgown and panties I had watched Liz put on an hour earlier.

“Are you naked?” I asked. She took her eyes off the ceiling and looked at me. She nodded silently.

“How come?” I asked.

“The doctor told me to take off all my clothes. He said that as I was a new patient, he had to give me a complete physical exam.”

“What kind of examination did he do?”

“You name it, he did it” Liz answered quietly. She was acting strangely, and I could see her body moving slightly under the bed covers as she spoke. She was clearly agitated about something.

“You’re going to have to tell me what he did, Honey. I’m no doctor.”

Liz threw off the bed covers, revealing her complete nakedness. She looked absolutely gorgeous and I felt myself becoming aroused again. For the next few minutes, Liz spoke quietly as she described her 40 minutes with Doctor Davidson.

“After ordering me to undress, he told me to lie down on the bed, just as I am now. I was very embarrassed by the situation, but told myself that he was a doctor, so this was just work for him. I closed my eyes and tried to relax, and kept my eyes closed until he left the room at the end of the exam. He sat down on the edge of the bed and asked me if I did regular self-examinations of my breasts. I never do, of course, so he said that he would have to check them for lumps. He began to massage my breasts, first one, and then the other. He was very gentle and it was not unpleasant. He pulled on my nipples too, and rolled them between his fingers, saying that lumps often form under the nipples, and he had to check thoroughly. He spent quite a few minutes on my breasts and nipples. Eventually it began to feel good, and I was wishing it was you who was fondling me.”

“I’m glad it wasn’t painful for you” I murmured, my voice slightly hoarse.

“It was nice, not painful at all. He then asked me when I had my last internal exam. I told him that it was so long ago I couldn’t remember. He told me to bend my knees, put the soles of my feet flat on the bed, and spread my legs as far apart as was comfortable for me. He told me to raise my hips, and he slid a pillow under my ass. I was in the perfect position for fucking, and I felt completely exposed and vulnerable. I had this wild idea that he was going to fuck me. I just kept telling myself, over and over, 'This is OK, he’s a doctor, he’s a doctor’”. As Liz described this to me, she pulled her knees up and spread her legs exactly as she had done for the doctor. Her cunt was wide open and moist. I felt myself getting hornier as I gazed at my naked, spread-eagled wife. I thought of her doing this for another man just a few minutes earlier, and the thought made my cock twitch.

She continued her story. “He told me that this exam was important to check for abnormalities in the reproductive system. I felt him squirt some lubricant on the outside of my pussy, and he spread it around with his fingers. Although I knew what was coming next, when I felt his finger slide inside my cunt, I let out a small gasp. He told me to relax, and I felt him move his finger around the wall of my cunt. He was as gentle as a lover and I began to feel aroused as his slender finger stroked the inside of my cunt. I was hoping this part of the exam would last for a while. It did.”

“Maybe I should study to be a doctor” I croaked, my voice thick with passion.

“Oh, Alex, I hate to say it, but the exam was beginning to turn me on. I know I let out a loud sigh when he slipped a second finger into my cunt. He then brought his other hand up and started to stroke my clit, while his two fingers began to slide in and out of my pussy. He said that he was testing to make sure my muscle control was normal. He called it an exam, but as far as I was concerned I was being finger-fucked by a stranger… and I was loving it. My hips started to move in time with his thrusting fingers. I couldn’t help it. It was like my body had developed a mind of its own. I wanted him to fuck me harder and faster. I grabbed the other pillow and pulled it over my face just as I came. I didn’t want anyone to hear my cries of ecstasy. I thrust my hips as hard as I could, trying to get more of his fingers inside me. As I began to slow down, he said my muscle control was excellent as my cunt had a very tight grip of his fingers.

“I know what he means about your cunt, and I agree” I said. Liz’s description of her exam had turned me on too, and I looked down at the bulge in my crotch. I wanted to get my cock inside Liz as quickly as possible. I wanted to feel those strong cunt muscles milking my cock of the last drop of cum. But I wanted to hear the end of her story first.

“The doctor slowly began to withdrawn his fingers from my aching cunt. I gripped him tightly with my muscles, trying to keep him in as long as possible, as I hate the feeling of

an empty cunt after an orgasm. But his fingers slid out anyway. He said that there was just one more test to perform and I felt him move further onto the bed. He pushed my knees right up to my chin, which caused my hips and ass to tilt upwards. For a second I wondered what the final exam would be, but my question was quickly answered. I felt one of his well-lubricated fingers, freshly removed from my dripping cunt, slide smoothly and quickly into my butt-hole.”

“That’s too bad, Honey, as I know for sure that it hurts you anytime I’ve tried that.” My sympathy was faked. The mental picture I had of my wife’s naked ass up in the air, with another man’s finger penetrating her butt, just about made me come in my pants.

“That’s just it”, said Liz quietly, “it didn’t hurt at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. He moved his finger gently around inside my butt, and slid it slowly in and out a couple of time. I felt good and my hips began to squirm again. He was still being very gentle and he made sure his finger stayed well-lubricated. He said he was checking for polyps. I didn’t care what he was checking. I felt another orgasm beginning to build and I wanted him to keep going. But after a minute or two he stopped. He let my legs fall back onto the bed, pulled the pillow out from under my ass, then stood up. He pulled the bed covers back over me, and said that was the exam finished”

She paused for a moment. “I feel a bit guilty about the whole thing because I enjoyed what he did to me. It felt good to be ordered to do the things he told me to do. He was in complete control, and I was in no position to refuse. I felt helpless. It’s hard to believe now, but I felt so completely under his power that, near the end, if he had put his cock in me, I would not have tried to stop him.”

Liz lay on the bed in silence for a moment or two, her eyes closed. Her legs were still wide apart and her moist pussy gave a small twitch. Her voice, when she spoke, was so quiet I could hardly hear her.

“Fuck me, Alex. Fuck me now and fuck me hard. I need to feel that stiff cock of yours inside me. If I don’t get your cock inside me right now I think I’m going to explode”. As she spoke, her body began to squirm on the bed and she began to twist her nipples. I had never seen her so horny.

I pulled off my pants and under-shorts in record time. My cock stood out like a bar of iron. I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself between my wife’s spread legs and aimed my cock at her twitching cunt. There would be no foreplay, no preliminaries. When the head of my cock touched the opening of her cunt I pushed downward. Her well-lubricated hole swallowed my cock in one easy gulp, and I buried myself to the hilt in her lovely body. Liz gasped with pleasure.

“I loved being finger-fucked by the doctor, but your stiff cock feels a hundred times better” she whispered in my ear. “Now fuck me like you’ve never fucked before.” Her legs went straight up in the air, and I pounded into her as hard as I could. The only sounds in the room were the rhythmic slap of flesh and our cries and gasps of pleasure as we each had the first of many orgasms.

“I hope you’re not mad at me for spreading my legs for another man, and letting him fuck me” she gasped as we thrust against each other. “After all, I was only following doctor’s orders!”

(To be continued)

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