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The office was quiet for a Saturday. Most weekends, everyone came by the office because they could not during the week. This was not true this weekend however. Even the rest of the office staff had left. Only Becca and Dr. Bob were still there. At the last minute a young lady came in needing to see a doctor.

Becca had led her to the exam room, took the woman's vitals and told the doctor she was waiting. She left her chart by the door then went up front. There was no more she could do unless the doctor called her, but she could not leave yet till after the doctor was finished.

Becca want to the office to write up a few notes. As she sat there, she began to think about Dr. Bob. He had just joined the practice. He was right out of medical school and had been hired to the firm. He stood six feet tall and had a very dark tan. He had a very muscular body from where he worked out regular.

Becca found her self closing her eyes as she began to day dream.

She dreamt of Dr. Bob softly kissing her on the neck. She could almost feel his soft warm breath as he nibbled on her ears. Becca imagined him kissing her neck from side to side before starting to kiss her down her chest. He gently pulled the top of her scrubs open to lick on her chest. As he got to a button, he looked up at her before biting off the first button. He took his time as he moved lower and bit off another button.

Dr. Bob paused only for a second when her realized Becca's bra fastened from the front. He then stopped to use his hands to open the bra. He then pushed what he could of her top and bra aside. He took his tongue and started to twirl it over her nipples. He gently licked them before kissing and biting them.

Becca began to undo her top as she imagined what the doctor was doing in her mind. She undid her bra also and began to touch her nipples and the doctor in her dream kissed them. She began to moan from her touch and her imagination.

As Dr. Bob got Becca's nipples hard and standing tall, he began to continue down her stomach, biting off all the buttons as he traveled down. He paused again only for a second to undo the draw string of Becca's pants. He then spread Becca's legs apart and started licking gently on her pussy lips.

Becca took her hands and rubbed her lips to mimic the doctor's actions.

She let her fingers trace her pussy lips and gently side between them making her wet. She felt her sex juices began to grow thicker and run down her legs.

In her mind the doctor had begun to suck hard on her clit and teased it with his tongue. Becca's clit grew hard and tingly. Her body began go shake as she touched it and rubbed it gently. She then pressed down on it with a little force causing her body to start to quiver. Her back grew tight as her entire body began to brace it self for the explosion deep in her that had begun to build.

Becca began to moan and almost growl as her body came alive from the attention and her imagination.

It was not long before she was sliding her finger in her deeper, harder and faster. She tried feverously to bring her self to climax. She could not stand the pressure building from deep in her loins. She touched every inch of her pussy as she played causing the intense desire to get stronger.

Before Becca realized it, she began to shake and let a scream escape from her mouth. Just as it happened she realized what she was doing and covered her mouth so the doctor and his patient could hear her. She then continued to make herself climax before stopping.

Becca slowly rubbed her pussy after she climaxed. She liked the feel of her wetness clinging on her fingers and in her pussy. She did not linger there long however. She was afraid the doctor would call her and would be found out. But before she pulled up her pants, Becca allowed her finger to find its way deep in her then took her finger to her mouth to taste her own goodness.

As Becca dressed, she thought she heard a noise coming from the exam room. She thought the doctor was indeed calling her. She quickly tried to compose herself before going to his aid.

As she walked down the hall, she realized it was not the doctor calling her. Instead it sounded like some one that was enjoying a sexual climax! She paused for a second to listen closely to make sure. She slowly walked towards the exam room. AT the door, she placed her ear gently to it to listen. From inside she heard a woman panting and moaning from deep in her throat, "yes, yes oh yessssssss!"

Becca cautiously pushed the door open a little to see what was going on. Once it was opened enough, she could see a naked woman leaning on the exam table. She could see the woman's large tanned firm breast bouncing back and forth as she rocked back and forth. Dr. Bob was standing behind her giving her his long hard thick shaft!

Becca could not believe what she was seeing. Here she was waiting for him to finish "examining" the patient and her they were "playing doctor!"

Becca started to leave but found she could not. The idea of the doctor throwing caution to the wind as was making love to a patient in the office turned her on.

She watched as the doctor kept sliding in and out of the woman's pussy. Becca did not even know when she pulled her draw string on her pants and allowed them to fall to the floor. Her hand spread wide and it fanned over her pussy. It was not long before her finger began to slide in and out of her just as the doctor slide in and out of the woman. She watched as the couple began to move faster and harder, knowing they would soon climax. Becca listened as the woman began to scream louder and yelled out Dr. Bob's name.

The couple collapsed on the table but only paused for a second.

The woman stood to and turned to face the doctor. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a big kiss on his lips, as she did she allowed one arm to leave his neck and moved down his body. When her hand reached his shaft, she touched it. She found it had grown hard and tall again. She pulled way from the doctor for a second and smiled. She then lowered herself down to his shaft and started licking their combined juices off it. Once clean, she started to kiss suck on it gently.

The doctor leaned back on the counted to steady him self. He closed his eyes and she took him deep in her mouth. She sucked on him faster and faster causing him to finally come again.

As the woman sucked the doctor, Becca played with her pussy also. She caused her self to come with a force that almost knocked her off her feet.

Becca screamed as she came. This caused the couple to realize she was there.

Becca realized it also and stood to run away before found her. She had forgotten her pants were down around her ankles. When she tried to run, she fell face first onto the floor. Before she could get up she heard the door from the exam room open. She turned to find the doctor looking down on her with the woman standing at his back trying to hid her nudity behind him

Becca's face turned bright red.

They looked at each other for what seemed an eternity before all three began to laugh at the situation. Dr. Bob helped Becca to her feet.

Dr. Bob broke the tension by introducing each other. Seems the woman was his wife. They had not seen each other in 2 month. When he moved to take the job here in the office, she had stayed behind to sale the house. Since it was that long ago, since they had sex, they could not wait for Dr. Bob to get home.

The trio dressed and talked for a few more minutes. They walked from the office and locked up together.

Becca walked to her car as the doctor and his wife stayed behind for a minute.

They watched Becca walk away.

"She is cute," the wife said. "And has a nice ass! Maybe we can invite her to dinner one evening, and if we are lucky, she can be dessert!"

Dr. Bob just laughed and gave his wife a wink!

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