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Does Size Really Matter?


Cock size figures too prominently in many of the stories here on Literotica. It is for me a good cue that the story will be less than stellar.

Women are naturally a bit fascinated about size, and there are some size queens out there to be sure. I recall a friend in college asking me who had the largest cock on my team. We used a large open shower room where there was no privacy. Sure enough, once I informed her (based on flaccid size), she dated him for a while and confirmed that she was satisfied (even she did not talk about inches). A few women at dating sites or on Craigslist do request only those that are well-hung. Guys too, myself included, like to watch the studs take it to the starlets in porn videos. It is clear however, that camera angles, shaved equipment, and tiny women give the impression of greater size. Look carefully at a Wifey oral video. Note how he looks longer (as does her face) when he shoots down at her, rather than when the scene is shot from the side. I have never seen a porn movie where they actually used a ruler.

Does Penis size matter in an evolutionary sense? Human penises are not small, and it would appear that there has been some selective pressure at some point in human evolution for the present range of sizes. Size is to my knowledge not an issue in terms of fertility. Also, penis size appears to be genetic rather than an indication of health or robustness. Flaccid size might be a mechanism to increase surface area to get rid of excess heat, and shrinkage as George on Seinfeld noted is a result of exposure to cold. So it might seem that there is little evolutionary pressure for penis size to increase from a sexual standpoint, but many secondary sexual characteristics (think male bird plumage) have no purpose beyond impressing the females and intimidating other males. This may be the only benefit to large cock size.

Ultimately, we can only talk with authority about ourselves and those we trust on these matters. Based on charts I have seen I fall smack in the middle (50th percentile) in length and though the data are not as robust at about the 80th percentile in diameter. This puts me, like many others on the insecure side after watching porn. On the other hand, all women that I have been with over the years have been more than happy with my average equipment. In one case she said that how merry it is was more important than size.

Is there a physiological basis for large size being better for women? The most sensitive spot in most women, the clitoris, is on the outside-- cock size is not that relevant. Some, but not all women, like cervical tapping (but not ramming), which occurs, depending on position, with most partners I have had. Other than that, most sensation is at the front of the vagina or over the G-spot. The G-spot is easily reached by fingers and so should be accessible to most penises.

In addition, I know of at least three instances where women who had experienced size, were in fact happier with more average guys, saying that it was often painful with the big ones. In one case, a friend (not a lover) was describing her deceased husband (who she loved dearly and had no reason to lie about), and apparently was about as big around as a soda can. She appreciated more that he loved to go down on her, rather than his size which she said almost always caused her to ache afterwards if not during.

On a related note: if size were so important, than most women would not be satisfied by what they had. In most long term relationships that I am aware of (including mine), it is the guys who want more sex. Yes, women can and do enjoy multiple orgasms, but it is exhausting and they often prefer to be teased to one big one rather than multiples. Yes, on vacation, they might appreciate that a guy that can do it often, but the rest of year seem more than content with 3-4 times per week. In other words, even if large cocks provided more stimulation, such an increase would not necessarily be appreciated by most women.

In summary, size does not matter a whole lot and focusing writing on this is unrealistic and often reflects on the maturity or insecurity of the author.

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