tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDoin' Bruins Ch. 01

Doin' Bruins Ch. 01


It was my first ever Boston Bruins practice. I’d won a contest to attend a closed skate, so it was just me and the boys. I watched longingly as they skated one by one onto the ice. I especially kept my eye on Bryan Berard (#34) and Brian Rolston (#12). The two hotties.

I thought slutty thoughts as I watched each take a turn shooting the puck at goaltender Steve Shields. He was also very doable.

What was I thinking? I had to concentrate on the on-ice action, not on my imaginary Bruins gangbang. Besides, what were the odds?

“Excuse me, miss.” It was a security guard.

“Should I move?”

“Well actually, at every practice, we pick a fan to sit in the penalty box. Since you’re the only one here, would you be interested?” I gladly accepted, figuring it would be a much better view.

The penalty box was actually quite comfortable. The bench was lightly padded and there were water bottles ready for use.

The doors started to open. Bryan Berard was coming in! I hadn’t expected any visitors.

“Hi there,” he greeted me. “I’m Bryan.”

“I-I know.” I sounded like such an idiot. “I’m Jen.” I extended my hand.

Bryan removed his gloves and fervently shook my hand. Ouch, I thought to myself as he reached for a water bottle and sprayed most of the contents on his sweat-drenched face. As I watched Bryan I suddenly felt very wet down below.

“Not that I mind,” I said, “but why are you in the penalty box? I thought this was just practice.”

“Yeah, but our coach likes our practices to have the feel of real games. Besides,” Bryan continued, now sporting a tiny grin, “when I saw you in here I suggested the team work on the power play. It could use some work.” He smiled a bit wider as he again squirted water on his face.

My clit began to throb as I watched the sweat drip from Bryan’s gorgeous face. I had to say it. “Would you like me to cool you off some more?”

Bryan looked me up and down. “If you’re implying what I think you’re implying, I think it will only make me hotter. Besides, honey, we’re in a penalty box.” But there was that grin, nonetheless.

“Don’t worry. You won’t be sorry.” I glanced around to make sure the coast was relatively clear as I got on my knees and presented myself to Bryan. He seemed quite ready. Even with all the padding on I could still make out the outline of his rock-hard cock strained against his thermal hockey shorts.

I traced my finger along Bryan’s solid member, reveling in the naughtiness of it all. I was going to make Bryan Berard get off in the penalty box, with all his teammates skating right by us. It was perfect.

“You’ve been a bad boy, Mr. Berard, and I’m going to make you pay.” My fingers worked to untie Bryan’s shorts. It wasn’t long before I reached his jockstrap. He pulled his hard cock from its confines and pointed it right at my mouth.

“I accept my punishment, Jen. Whatever it may be.” Bryan’s hand slowly stroked his thick member as he awaited my hot mouth.

My lips engulfed Bryan’s cock and sucked down its full length. “Oh yeah,” he groaned. “Oh, that’s so good, Jen.”

I marveled at Bryan’s beautiful member as I withdrew it from my mouth and flicked my tongue at the head. A combination of his precum and my saliva glistened at the hole. I hungrily sucked it up, gathering the juice on my tongue. Bryan’s cock twitched in my grip as he watched.

“There’s not much time,” Bryan said as he helped turn me around. “Keep your head down, Jen.” I felt his strong hands on my hips. He was lifting my skirt and pushing it up past my hips. Then he deftly lowered my panties and let them drop to where my knees met the floor.

“Bryan, what if we-”

I was immediately silenced as Bryan’s huge cock invaded my insides. My pussy expanded like never before as he began to pound in and out of me.

“Oh, oh yeah. Oh god,” he moaned as he fucked my pussy from behind. Bryan was on the edge of the bench, almost completely clothed, his skates laced up and his helmet still on. (The face shield, completely fogged, was pushed up away from his face.)

Bryan leaned forward and turned my head toward him. “Mm,” he growled. “Is it good for you?”

It was quite obvious I was enjoying myself. I must have seemed like the world’s ultimate whore the way I moaned and whimpered every time Bryan Berard pumped his giant cock into me.

“Oh yeah,” I replied. “It’s incredible.” Bryan expressed his satisfaction with my answer by pushing his tongue into my mouth. He was a very talented kisser and was also very good with his fingers, which were now very busy stroking my clit.

It was quite obvious other players knew what Bryan and I were up to. My left palm was pressed to the glass, and if a player got close enough he could see the whole thing: Bryan fucking me from behind, my hips rocking back to meet his every thrust, my tangled hair draped across my flushed face.

Bryan’s cock inside me was by far the best thing I’d ever felt. He had an expert rhythm to the way he fucked. He would thrust at different speeds, going suddenly from one extreme to the next, and his fingers made sure my clit was kept happy.

“Oh god yes,” I moaned as Bryan pulled out and then plunged hard back into me. One hand gripped my shoulder, digging hard into my skin, the other still busy on my clit. Bryan groaned loudly behind me as he began to thrust even harder.

“Baby,” he panted, “I want you to come. Come all over my cock.” That was way too much for me to hear. I starting coming hard right away.

“Oh yeah...Bryan!” I cried out as I exploded around his cock. My cunt pulled tightly at his hard member.

Just as I was at the height of my climax, there was a tap on the glass. Brian Rolston was skating by; in my state of arousal I pressed my tongue to the glass and beckoned him. He mouthed “LATER” to me. Hmm...Something to look forward to?

I started coming again as I imagined being double-teamed by Bryan and Brian. One in my pussy and the other in my ass. But I wouldn’t hold my breath. What were the odds?

Bryan stretched himself across my back as he began to fuck me much faster now, if that was possible. “I know what you’re thinking, Jen,” he whispered heavily into my ear. His hot breath tickled my skin. A hand slid beneath my blouse and pinched at my nipple. “I can make it happen.” Bryan’s tongue slid across my earlobe and then moved downward to my neck.

“Oh, Bryan,” I moaned, excited by the prospect of Brian Rolston. “Suck on my neck. Bite it...” I’d never been so turned on in my entire young life.

Bryan’s teeth clamped down hard on my neck. He sucked hard at my skin as he gently pierced me with his canines, drawing a little blood. It was incredibly erotic.

“Oh god, Jen. I’m so close.” Bryan released his cock from my cunt and again turned me toward his lap.

“Ooh, you naughty boy,” I teased. I lowered my mouth over Bryan’s huge, incredibly hard dick. It glistened with my pussy juices.

I stared up into Bryan’s beautiful eyes as I sucked on his solid cock. He stroked my hair while I lolled my tongue around the head and then, one at a time, took each delicious ball into my mouth.

My free hand crept up under Bryan’s hockey sweater. His chest was sweaty and violently heaving. He had the nicest pecs, lusciously rounded with hard little nipples. Bryan grinned down at me as I gave his right nipple a little pinch.

“Bryan, do you want to come in my mouth?” My tongue swirled lightly around the head of his dick. He nodded. I rose up and gently pressed my lips to his before returning my mouth to his painfully swollen member. I gave Bryan’s cock a few more sucks and licks and then began to jerk him off.

“Oh my god. Yes. Oh yeah. Jen...Uh, I’m coming.”

Bryan’s cock exploded and cum sprayed my face and mouth. I jerked it again and this time got most of it to go in my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and squeezed the last few drops onto it. Bryan’s cock twitched as he watched me intently.

“Swallow it all, honey.” I did as instructed, savoring his musky taste. Bryan surprised me by scooping up the stray droplets of his cum from my chin and then feeding it to me.

“Mmm...You taste so good, Bryan.” He surprised me again with a wet, tonguey kiss. “You like your own taste too?” He nodded, a sheepish grin displayed on his handsome face.

I shuddered as I felt a finger probe my nether region. Bryan brought his finger to my mouth and smeared my juices across my lips. “Now we’re even.” Another little grin.

“Hey, are you guys done in there?” Brian Rolston was practically pressed to the glass. Bryan quickly tied up his shorts, grabbed his gloves and exited the penalty box, brushing his hand against mine on the way out.

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