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Doing It For The Boys


Doing it for the Boys RedHairedandFriendly

Author's Note: This is not a romance. It does not contain incest. Enjoy. . .I did. *wink* ~ Red

Sarah placed her coffee cup down and stared at her three friends. "Look, I know and you know, they're going to do it whether we allow them to or not. If not here, then somewhere else. At least here we can control the atmosphere," Sarah said, with an air of superiority.

"She has a point," Barbara stated calmly. "Dean's been in trouble twice already this year, one more time and he could lose his scholarship. Mike and I can't afford to send him to Purdue without some financial aide. The football scholarship is our free ride."

"But come on, Barb are you saying you'd be okay with your son and his friends drinking in the next room? And what about Mike? What's he going to say about this? He's the coach " Catherine asked. She finished her coffee and stood up collecting everyone else's cups as she did. "I mean Steve's in the same boat as Dean, but I don't know if this is the way to address the problem."

"Everything else has failed," Denise muttered. "I'm not saying it's right and I'm not saying it's wrong. But since their freshman year they've become boys I don't even know anymore. Dean, Steve, Alan and the twins. It's like ants jumped in their jockey shorts and won't stop partying. I'm just glad I'm not a grandma yet "

The four mothers nodded and murmured their agreement. It was Wednesday night and they were once again discussing their teenage boys. The twins, Darrel and Delbert celebrated their nineteenth birthday last Friday and ended up getting caught drinking on school property. They along with their best friends and the cheerleading squad were hauled off to the town jail, where they sat, until Saturday morning's game, when the coach came and bailed them out.

All five boys were on the football team and all were on their way to earning a rap sheet a mile long. The only thing keeping them from Juvenile Hall was the fact that the Judge was one of the son's father, the Coach was also the Sire to one of the delinquents and the rest were star players. This last year had been the best on record for Smith Valley High.

Sarah took a deep breath. "We all agree something has to be done. We can't stop them from having sex and drinking. We can stop them from getting caught and going to jail. Friday night there's a big game between Smith Valley and the Bakerville Bulldogs. If we win, you and I know they'll be a party somewhere. I say we hold it here. I've a pool, sauna, hot tub, and a rec room. Not to mention two spare bedrooms, futon mattresses and our couch is a pull out. They're gonna make-out with those girls and who knows when it'll go too far "

Barbara sighed. "I'll talk to Mike and see what he says. He knows we have to do something. Steve's behavior is out of control. I'm in, if Mike is."

Denise agreed saying, "They aren't going to agree, unless we aren't around."

"Not around Hell yes we will be. . ." Sarah said.

"Calm. We'll be in another room. Then they can have their fun," Denise said.

Catherine tossed back her blonde bangs. "Greg will be fine with it, and since he's the county judge we'd never have to worry about getting caught. Matter of fact, he'll probably tell me 'If you're providing the booze, then you may as well provide the women too,'. "

The three friends laughed. "Oh yeah, right. Those cheerleaders will be more than willing to do that for us," Barb laughed.

Sarah chewed on her lip. "Wait a minute, this isn't a bad idea."

The other ladies' jaws dropped. "What?" they all seemed to ask simultaneously. Sarah held up her hands. "Hear me out," she said. "Catherine's husband has a point. If we provide the women, then we know these boys will not be caught up in some STD frenzy fuck, right?"

"Sarah, this is too much. We've been lucky so far. From what Alan's told me the boys aren't fucking yet. There is talk about prom night, but maybe we can just throw a big party here that night and not worry about the typical prom expectations," Denise said.

"We can give them what they need and keep them away from the cheerleaders if we play our cards right," Sarah said.

"I can't even believe I'm going to ask this, but. . .Where are you going to get these girls?" Barbara inquired.

All eyes turned to Sarah and they watched her shrug. "Us."

Her one word shocked the room into silence. Then everyone began speaking at once. She whistled loud and explained her plan. "Be quiet and listen. All four of us are disease free. All of us have had our tubes tied. All of us have their best interest at heart and. . .two of us are single. If Cat's husband and Barb's won't agree to let them suck a few cocks then Denise and I can do this alone. Just means we'll be extra tired, come Saturday morning."

"You're serious aren't you?" Denise asked. "Sarah... I know you think this is the answer, but I don't want to fuck my son." She laughed half heartedly.

"I'm not asking you to. Look. For example. . .Let's say Mike and Greg agree. I'll take Dean. Barbara can have Delbert, Cat's got Alan, and you could have Darrel. . . now that leaves Steve, so I'm willing to take him too. No one's left out and no one is fucking or sucking on their own kid," Sarah said. She sat back in her chair and crossed her arms.

"It would give us control wouldn't it," Catherine whispered. "I'll talk to Greg and again, if he's in, I'm in."

Barbara shrugged her shoulders. "If I can keep Dean from getting some cheerleader pregnant and keep him out of jail, I'm in and I know Mike will be too. He'll just want a play by play so he can get off thinking about it." She laughed and added, "Hell, he'll probably want me to video tape my sessions."

Denise shook her head. "If I don't have to fuck Alan, then I'll go for it."

Sarah smiled at her friends. "They agree to this or they don't play ball. Deal?" she asked.

The ladies smirked. "Deal," they unanimously agreed.

"Do we tell the boys, before the game?" Denise asked, wondering how she was going to tell Alan he was welcomed to screw her best friends, because she was going to be screwing his.

"No, we make this first night a surprise and tell them they can have more if they agree we four are the only ones they screw," Sarah said.

"Win or lose, we have to make sure they come back here after the game. We'll tell them its part of their punishment for last weekend. No girls. Just the guys being allowed to hang out together at my place." Sarah commented to her friends as they said their goodbyes on her porch.

Thursday afternoon the ladies were together again. This time they were making lists as to who was bringing what. Sharon was told she could sit back and relax. She was already providing the house and all the extra things that came with it. Barbara and Mike had agreed before hand to supply the drinks, soda for the first night. They wanted the boys sober when they presented their ultimatum. Catherine and Greg opted to bring the party food. Denise offered to bring her box, full of every single woman's most prized possessions, sex toys. Gregory and Mike would drop the boys off and then leave. They all agreed that having the dads there could be more intimidating than the just their moms. If this worked, then Greg and Mike could play with them another time.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

"This sucks Dad," Steve muttered under his breath. He sat in the front seat of his parents mini-van and stared out the window. Two of his best friends, Delbert and Alan sat in the back seat. They remained quiet. Steve knew though that they were just as upset as he was. "We were all just going over to Maxine's and having pizza. Her mom and dad were going to be there."

"I don't care son. Your antics last week with the others landed you in a boat load of trouble. You can go to Delbert and Darrel's, hang out there with the others and Sarah or come home with me and hang with your parents," Greg told his son.

He wanted to slap the young man upside the head and tell him what was in store for him, but he didn't. Inside he was envious. The idea of being eighteen or nineteen again and having older women to get him off, would have thrilled him to no end. He was hoping this worked out, because the idea of screwing Cat's friends with her permission was very appealing.

"It won't be so bad," Delbert added, hoping to set his friend Steve's mind at ease. He was pissed too. The idea of missing out on seeing Maxine spread her legs when her parents weren't looking and playing with her soft blonde curls was not sitting well on him. He had to admit though, the fact that their parents were even allowing them all to hang out after last week was mind boggling. He wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth and kick it. "I've got a couple new X-box games we can screw around with."

Alan remained quiet. His thoughts were on his mom. She'd been acting strange the last couple of days, watching him and several times he would have sworn he caught her checking out his crotch. He'd almost positioned himself so she could watch him jerk off this morning, but thought better of it. The idea of screwing his mom wasn't something he ever fantasized about, but the looks she was giving him were making him wonder if she wasn't thinking it. . .and that was making him think about it. When they arrived at the Delbert and Darrel's he gave himself a mental shake and thanked Steve's dad for the lift.

The boys got out, just as Mike was pulling in the drive with Darrel and Dean. Soon they were piling out of his SUV. They all waved and watched the two dads drive away, before turning to head up the walkway toward the twins' front porch.

"I'm not looking forward to this," Delbert muttered.

"Neither am I," his twin answered. "Mom's never missed a game. She's been to every one. She must have really been pissed." He opened the door to the house and heard the local rock station playing on the stereo speakers. His stepped back while the others walked in. Closing the door behind them he called out to his mother. "We're home."

"Pizza's in the living room," Sarah's voice called from somewhere in the back. The boys pulled off their jackets and headed to the food. They settled down on the couch and the floor, surrounded by pizza, chips, salsa, and many other kinds of sweet and salty snacks as well as sodas.

About an hour passed before the first of the five boys had to get up to pee. Dean made his way to the bathroom closet to the living room, passing Sarah's bedroom. He thought he heard an unusual sound, but shrugged it off. He used the facilities and then made his way back, this time hearing the muffled "oh" drew his attention. His gaze casually passed over the room, the door open and light spilling out. He stopped and stared at the twins' mom teasing her sex with a vibrator. He wasn't sure how long he stood there, but when he finally remembered to breathe, his eyes moved up to stare straight into hers.

"Good evening, Dean. How was the game?" she asked him quietly. He gawked at her. Her fingers pulled on the dark circles of her breasts and her hand slowly worked the fake cock in and out of a freshly shaved pussy.

"Umm. . .we uh. . . lost, but. . .I'm sorry. I should go," Dean sputtered out.

"Why? Don't you think I left it open for a reason? Do me a favor, go get Steve and you come back here with him. I have something I want to discuss with you boys," Sarah's voice came out throaty and full of lust. "You need to be quick though, because I'm gonna come soon." She flicked the vibrating cock to high and started to buck wildly on the bed.

Dean's head was spinning. He made his way back to the guys and couldn't bring himself to look at Darrel and Delbert. He grabbed Steve and said, "Come on dude, I need to talk to you." The others looked up and asked what was wrong and Dean just muttered. "You'd never believe me if I told you. But I need to talk to Steve."

Steve followed his friend and when he pushed him into Sarah's bedroom and shut the door behind them, Steve was left speechless. "She wants us both in here to talk to her," Dean whispered.

Both Seniors from Smith Valley High stood in awe as Sarah's body lifted and fell from the thrusts of her toy plunging in and out of her sloppy pussy. The scent of her sex reached their noses and the smell and sight surrounding them caused their cocks to jerk against their pants.

"Boys, here's the deal. Every time you get the urge. . ." Sarah moaned and swallowed her saliva, "to drink or even think of . . . ohhh fuck. . .yes. . . or even think of popping those cheerleaders' cherries. . . Mmmm. . .come here Dean, and push this in and out of me," Sarah suddenly muttered.

Dean moved to the bed and sat down. His fingers wrapped around her toy and he watched in splendor as it entered and exited her pussy. "Missus. . ."

"Sarah, I think we'll all be on a first name basis from now on. . .mmm. . .harder baby. . .don't you?" she muttered. "Ohh fuck yeah, like that. . .slow and steady. Steve come here and suck on my nipple."

Steve moved to the side of the bed and stared down on the naked beauty that was telling him and his friend to get her off. He moved to his knees and cupped her right breast. His mouth latched over it and his cock strained with anticipation.

"Fuck oohhh... ohhhh god yes, boys, just like that. Fuck me with that toy!" she shouted and buried her fingers into Steve's hair, holding him too her nipple.

"You're too talented to go to jail for partying and your too young to get some highschool slut pregnant . . . Mmmm . . . faster Dean, ohhh yeah, like that. . ." Sarah's fingers moved down to pull and tease her clit.

"I'll do that Missus... I mean Sarah," Dean whispered and settled between her legs. His mouth moved to her clit and she bucked against his face.

"Jesus fucking A' . . .Dean," she muttered and hissed. "You boys can fuck us moms and drink. . .mmmm. . .beer, sodas, pussy juice. . ." She came on the last word. Her come shot from her sex and covered Dean's face.

He quickly moved the toy from her entrance and covered it with his mouth. His tongue worked in and out of her slick hole until she was gasping and panting for him to let her breathe.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Darrel wasn't sure why his two friends hadn't come back. Several minutes had passed and they still weren't around. He got up, making excuse he was going to use the john, but really he was more curious as to what had befallen Steve and Dean. He walked past his mom's room, noting her door was closed, but thought nothing of it. He dashed to the back room where he figured the two boys were shooting pool or playing cards. Opening the double doors to the game room, he sighed into the darkness and moved to shut the doors behind him. A small "wait" came from somewhere in the dark and he stopped.

"Whose in here?" he asked. His hand moved to the switch on the wall.

"No, don't," the voice said.

Darrel thought he recognized the woman's voice, but he wasn't sure. "Missus Geo. . ."

"Darrel, shut the door and call me Denise. We have to talk. Leave the light off though," Denise whispered.

Darrel did as he was told and shut the door. He leaned against it and let his eyes adjust to the light that was spilling from the window. "Denise, what's going on? Delbert and Steve ran off to some room in the house and. . ."

"Darrel, you and your friends are on a path of destruction and we moms want it to end. So," a rustle in the room was heard, "we came up with an idea."

He heard the sound of a lighter being flicked and watched as a candle was lit. The soft glow cascaded over Denise, his best friend Alan's divorced mom. Darrel swallowed. He took in her tall frame, full breasts, and slim hips. She wore a sheer robe, barely covering her pussy, which he swore was trimmed into a heart shaped design. "What the fuck?" he muttered.

"Darrel," she whispered, setting the candle on the table, where she'd been leaning. "If you feel the need to drink or make out, perhaps fuck some silly ninny at school or even college this fall, we want you to think of us. We want to provide those services to you and your friends. That way there are no unwanted pregnancies or diseases. Could we trust you to do that for us?" Denise asked, opening her robe and letting it fall to the floor.

She stepped onto a small stool, she'd placed on the in front of the pool table. Slowly she climbed onto the green fabric and crawled toward the young man. "You can fuck us all, except your mom. No incest here, just good ol' fashioned screwing. You get what you want, an experienced beautiful woman. . .three really and we get what we want. . .great safe sex and no grand kids."

When she made it to the other end of the table she stopped and rolled onto her back, spreading her legs and running her hands down her body. "Deal?" she asked.

Darrel's eyes were bugging out. His hands were already pulling his zipper down and his cock was out and being stroked by the time her 'deal' left her lips. "Deal," he answered back and stripped. He climbed onto the pool table and moved over her. "I've never. . ." he told her, staring down on her soft green eyes.

"No worries. I'll teach you everything you need to know and then some. So will the other moms." Denise pulled his lips down to hers and kissed him. Her tongue swept inside and she moved her legs down his thighs and calves. "Mmm. . . I can feel your cock pushing against me."

"Yeah, it feels so hot Miss... I mean Denise." He ground his hips against her.

"Ohhh. . .that is nice; do that again, Darrel."

He did.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Something's up," Alan told his friend Delbert. He wasn't lost on the amount of time that had passed since Dean had left, come back and taken off again with Steve. Now, Darrel was gone. He looked over to Delbert. He remembered how nervous his mom had been acting and he wondered suddenly where all the moms were. "Hey did your mom say anything about our moms hanging out together tonight?" he asked Delbert.

Delbert shrugged. "No, but something strange is happening. Where the fuck is everyone?"

"I don't know, but my mom was acting strange the last couple of days and now the guys are gone. I doubt it means anything, but. . ." he shrugged his shoulders and stood up. I'm gonna head to the pool and see if they went swimming."

"I'll check upstairs. Come and get me if you see um. A late night swim sounds fun."

"Okay," Alan said and headed to the kitchen. He grabbed another soda and then took the side door out to the back yard. He heard someone dive into the water and was about to holler back into the house that the guys had gone swimming, when his eyes caught the naked figure of Catherine, Steve's mom, rising from the pool. "Holy shit," he said. His voice carried on the wind.

"It's about time. I was starting to get bored," Catherine said and walked over to Alan. She opened the gate and took his hand. "Where is everyone else?" she asked.

"I umm. . .I uhhh. . ."

Catherine giggled. "It doesn't matter. I'm sure their fine. Come here Alan, I have something to tell you."

Alan moaned as he watched her ass wiggle with the gentle sway of her hips. "Umm. . .I hope it is that you are madly in love with me and are leaving Mister Danson and marrying me."

She chuckled. "No Alan, I love Gregory very much. He knows I'm here though." She stopped leading him when they reached the edge of the pool. Turning to face him she began to pull his T-shirt from his jeans. "We want to be your outlet. Your play things. You only have to abide by a couple of rules." She ran her hands down his now, naked torso. "Nice," she whispered and kissed his right nipple.

"I'm sure I'm willing to work within the guidelines you set up," Alan's fingers moved into her thick curls. "That's nice Cat."

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