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Doing It In The Woods


This crazy, wonderful thing happened to me last summer. It happened when I went camping with a friend, just before school started. I thought I'd write about it. I hope you enjoy it...Kala

* * * * *

It was late summer when I was invited to go camping with my friend Debra and her parents. Debra and I attend the same high school and we shared a couple of classes together last year. Before that, we were in elementary school together.

I've never been camping before and I was really excited! We were going to be living in tents in the middle of the woods.

We drove up this little dirt road and got as close as we could to the campsite. After her Dad parked the car, we put on our backpacks and began hiking to where we would be sending the next four days, camping, swimming and fishing.

Our backpacks had to weigh at least a thousand pounds. We had to hike for about two miles through the woods to our campsite.

Debra and I, have been friends since the sixth grade. I've always thought that she was beautiful. Even though we run in different crowds, we have always been good friends.

Debra is a tall, beautiful blond with sparkling, sky blue eyes. She is a cheerleader at our high school, who can really get the crowd going at a game. She only dates the top athletes in our school.

She has soft, full lips that seemed like they were made for kissing. She has large breast with long, pink nipples. She doesn't mind showing off her long nipples in the school locker room after she's showered. She is just simply gorgeous!

Me? I'm half Greek (my Mom) and half Native American (my Dad). I've got dark olive skin and a very Mediterranean look, thanks to my Mom's side of the gene pool.

I've played sports since I was a little girl. I love playing baseball, basketball and anything else that's physical. I rarely go out on dates. Most times, I'd rather play sports than go out on a date.

I have a strong body from playing sports. I have long, black hair, deep brown eyes and nice, firm breast. My long nipples are always erect.

Most guys, and some girls, can't keep their eyes off of my long nipples because they poke through whatever I'm wearing. Bra or not.

As we walked along the trail, I was behind Debra. I could not help noticing how sweet her ass looked. Or how her hips rolled while she walked.

I guess I'm bi-sexual. I've only done-it a few times. The most awesome sex that I've ever experienced, has been with girls. I've only been with a couple girls...but each time was absolutely awesome!

Luckily, I've managed to keep those sexual experiences a well-guarded secret. Gays and lesbians, are not treated well at my high school.

I still think about doing-it with a guy sometimes. But I can't get over how wonderful it is to do-it with a girl. It's the smell of an aroused female that really turns-me-on. Guys just don't smell like that.

I've shared myself sexually with only two guys. Neither cared if I achieved orgasm or not. The first one complained because I got (or get) sloppy wet.

The second jerk I gave myself too, complained that I sweat too much. And when I did manage to reach orgasm, he accused me of peeing on him!

Why should I have expected him to know that female come (Or what every that hot oil is gushes out of my vagina during orgasm) "does not" smell or feel or taste, like pee?

The embarrassment their stupid complains caused me to stay out of intimate situations with anyone who owns a penis. The few girls that I've been with have never complained about anything.

It's true that my vagina turns into "Niagara Falls" when I really get going. I have actually soaked through my panties and jeans when I've been on top of someone, humping them.

The orgasmic contractions that causes the "gushing" (for lack of a better word), feels superb...but it is also "VERY" embarrassing to get that wet while having sex with someone. It even happens when I masturbate.

Debra was straight. If fact, when the roomers started going around that my friend Amber and I were lovers, she made a special point of reminding me that she is, was and always will be...straight. She did not leave any room for doubt.

But she did not let the roomers about my questionable sexual choices, effect our friendship. In the homophobic atmosphere of our high school, I'm grateful that Debra and I, are still friends.

By the time we made it to the campsite, we were all covered with sweat. The campsite was on the shore of a crystal clear mountain lake.

Debra and I had our own tiny two-person tent. Her Mom and Dad had their own tent. We all went to work making the campsite habitable and putting-up our tents. We had a full size air mattress, a couple of blankets and pillows. It was to hot for sleeping bags.

After her Dad cooked dinner on his portable gas stove, Debra and I, used his stove to heat-up some lake water so that we could take a birdbath.

Once in our tent, we stripped off our clothes and underwear. Then began washing the sweat off of our bodies with hot water and soap.

I could not take my eyes off of Debra's beautiful body. She had soft dark blonde pubic hairs. She had a full bush between her strong thighs. As she squats over the small wash tub, I could see her dark, pink pussy lips hanging beneath her.

The sight of her long, puffy labia took my breath away. I felt the deep stirrings of arousal as I watched her soapy washcloth glide over her pussy lips.

Her pink nipples were erect. I could smell the earthy scent of her body, mixed with the light fragrance of her soap as we washed as much of our bodies as we could.

I had planned on sleeping in my panties and t-shirt. But when I saw that Debra had gotten under the blanket while still completely naked, I decided to sleep nude too.

As I got under the blanket with her, I felt an erotic wave of lust course through me. I knew without looking that my pussy lips were swelling with sexual desire. I felt my clitoris beginning to come alive with a deep sexual longing.

We laid under the covers and started talking. Debra started telling me about her latest boyfriend and how long he could do-it without coming. She described how they had sex in very, graphic details...right down how her vagina felt as she orgasmed during intercourse with him.

The conversation was getting us both hot! It was dark in the tent so we lit a small candle. It gave us just enough light to see each other.

I could feel Debra moving around beside me. We were both under the same blanket. The more she talked about sex, the hotter I became. I could feel myself getting really wet between my legs.

Then she started talking about how it felt when he sucked her clitoris into his mouth and how wonderful his tongue felt as it danced on her clit.

I was beginning to sweat from arousal. I was lying on my belly, trying not to hump myself against the air mattress. I was so wet that I could smell my sex. And if I could smell my wetness...so could she.

I rolled over on my back and let my right hand slide between my legs. I was dripping wet! The insides of my thighs were coated with the hot oil that was seeping from deep within my vagina.

My poor clitoris was begging to be touched. I let my legs drift further apart. As I did, I felt Debra thigh against mine.

Debra started talking about how her boyfriend sucked her nipples while she was on top, fucking him. And how electrifying it was to pound herself, up and down, on his hard cock.

As she talked, I let my fingers rub my engorged clitoris. I moaned as I touch myself.

I didn't mean too moan out loud. But when my fingers grazed my clitoris, I felt a tremendous shockwave of erotic pleasure flow through my entire body.

Debra heard me moan. She stopped talking and asked, "are you okay?"

I want to masturbate so badly. I was actually holding my wet pussy lips with my fingers. But I couldn't tell her that. So I said, "It's been a really long time since I've had any."

"Yeah, me too." She said. That's when her Mom yelled at us to stop talking and get some sleep. We both yelled our compliance, then rolled over to sleep.

We left the candle glowing so that we could find our stuff, if we need to go outside to pee.

It did not take me long to realize that I could not get to sleep. Debra's vivid descriptions of her sexual adventures lit a fire in my soul.

It was to hot under the blanket so I push it to the side. I need to come... bad! I was still wet from listening to her.

I looked over at Debra. She was moving around like she could not get comfortable. Just when I was thinking about sneaking outside the tent to masturbate, it started to rain.

"Damn!" I thought to myself. There was nothing I could do but roll over and try to get some sleep.

Sleep was impossible. I was just lying there watching the candle flicker. All I could think about was sex! I was going to masturbate right here in the tent...if Debra would just go to sleep.

But she didn't. She kept tossing and turning...over and over. She obviously couldn't sleep either. I felt Debra constantly moving around beside me. By my count, she had rolled over at least ten times. First to her back...then to her belly....then to her back.

I had my back to her when I felt her arm go around me. She just laid her arm across my shoulder. I also felt the points of her erect nipple poking my back. From the sound of her breathing, I thought that maybe, she had finally fallen asleep.

I slowly rolled onto my back. I was careful not to move to fast. I did not want her to move her arm. As I rolled over, I moved up just enough so that her hand was resting on my breast.

I knew this was stupid. But it had been a long time since I've shared myself sexually with anyone...too long! I just wanted to feel a human hand on me.

I felt a deep, erotic wave of sensuous pleasure, roar through me as I felt the heat in her hand on my breast. My nipple was erect under her hand.

I squeezed my legs together in an effort to control myself. I was breathing hard from the excitement of being touch like this.

Then, I felt her hand move. I almost panicked because I didn't know how she would react to waking-up and finding her hand on my breast.

Then Debra's fingers gently pinched my nipple. She rolled my hard nipple between her fore finger and thumb.

She didn't open her eyes or say a word; she just squeezed my nipple between her fingers. Then she moved her hand to my other nipple and did the same thing. I groaned with pleasure.

Then, in a very soft voice, she said, "Kala, I think I talked about sex too much tonight. I can't get to sleep. I feel really hot...or something."

I said in an equally soft voice, "Neither can I. I feel sexual...or something." I knew that sounded kind-of stupid. But I having trouble controlling my urge to roll on top of her.

Then, she let go of my nipple and rolled onto her back and said, "I'm not a lesbian or a bi-sexual, but roomers has it that you are. Are you?

Before I could answer, she said, "I've even heard that you did-it with Amber before she moved to Kansas. Is that true?"

This was not the time to lie. Not to a girl who's stayed my friend, after other's had turned away from me because of the same roomers that she was asking me about.

"I guess I'm bi." I answer. "And the roomers about Amber and me are true." I added.

She didn't say anything at first, then she asked, "did you like doing it with her?"

"I loved it! And so did she." I answered.

Then she said, "tell me about it. What's it like...being with a girl...sexually?"

I decided to give her a taste of her own medicine. I started describing to her, in very graphic details, how wonderful making love to Amber was.

As I talked, Debra started moving around again. She was using her feet to kick the blanket off of her. Once free of the blanket, she rolled over on her belly and turned her face away from me.

In the flickering light of the candle, I could see her naked body, lying next to me. The sight of her beauty dazed me. I didn't realize that I had stop talking until I heard her say, "keep talking."

I started telling her about how erotic it was to bring a girl to orgasm with my tongue. And how incredible it was to suck a clitoris into my mouth and play with it, with my tongue.

As I talked, I notice that Debra was slowly bunching the blanket up between her legs. She had stuffed half the blanket under her pussy while lying on her stomach.

I told her how I love to taste and smell a girl that is really sexually aroused. I told her how much I love sucking nipples and I described how I suck them. Debra moaned softly while I talked.

Then she started moving her beautiful ass up and down. She was grinding herself against the blanket that she had stuffed between her legs as I talked.

I could see the muscles in her buttocks tightening as she moved her hips up and down, in a familiar sexual rhythm.

I could actually smell the musky scent of her womanhood. That meant that she must have been as wet as I was. I wanted to rub my nose in the wet blanket under her and smell her sex.

She moaned again when I told how wonderful it is to come during oral sex. I was just saying anything sexual that came to mind.

Debra started humping the blanket really hard. The air mattress rocked as Debra pelvis moved up and down with greater urgency. It was obvious that she was masturbating herself against our poor blanket.

I was amazed that she had become so stimulated by what I was saying. I laid down on my back and let my fingers drift towards my wet pussy, as I watched her masturbating.

I could feel a thin stream on wetness flowing from my vagina, down between my ass cheeks. I was literally dripping wet.

I had stopped talking because I was to excited to continue. Debra didn't even notice that I had stopped talking this time. She was concentrating on pleasuring herself against the blanket that she had stuffed between her legs.

I knew that she was grinding her clitoris as hard as she could against the blanket. I could see that she was reaching the point of no return.

I started to masturbate with my fingers. I let my fingers go deep inside my vagina as I watched Debra abusing our poor blanket. It was as if she had forgotten that I was in the tent with her.

Just when I though she was about to go into orgasm, she abruptly stopped, sat-up and covered her face.

"I'm sorry Kala." She said, "I know that was stupid."

Then she shook her head and cried, "Damn-it! I can't seem to control myself tonight."

Apparently, she hadn't noticed that I was also masturbating. I rolled to my belly and said, "I can't blame you. I need to come in the worst way too."

She laughed as she said. "Why didn't we sneak a guy up here in our backpacks?"

Then she laid down on her back and said, "I think I'm okay now."

"Why didn't you come?" I asked her. "It looked like you were almost there."

"I was. I was right on the verge of having this incredible orgasm. But I treasure our friendship and I don't want to scare you off. Acting like a pervert while lying inches from you, isn't good for long term friendships. I'm sorry I got carried away."

"There is nothing perverted about masturbation." I countered, "I'd be in jail if it were."

Then I said, "You can finish-it if you'd like. Trust me, masturbation has never scared me off. I think it's healthy as well as fun. I do it a lot. I love masturbating" I was babbling and I knew it.

But I still added, "I need to do the same thing you were doing."

She didn't say anything. When I looked at her, she was pinching her nipples with her fingers, just like she had been pinching mine. I watched as she pulled one long nipple up and twisted it around.

It was obvious that she was still very aroused. Then she said, "If it wasn't raining outside, I'd ask you go out there and give me some privacy. I've never done myself while being watched. I usually do-it while locked safely in my bedroom...alone!"

I was going insane from wanting her. I knew that if she'd just let me touch her, I could bring the most exhilarating sexual pleasures she'd ever have.

Cautiously, I said, "I could help you."

When she open her mouth to protest, I gently laid my fingers on her lips and said, "I know that you're not a lesbian, and I'm not trying to turn you into one. I won't touch if you don't want me too, I just feel so aroused that I'm going crazy."

Debra laughed and said, "Me too! I can smell how wet we both are. This tent smells like we've already been having sex for hours."

Then, with a sly smile, she asked, "I've heard roomers about how wet you get during sex Kala. Are those roomers true?"

I picked up my pillow and hit her lightly on her head. Then I said, "stop with the roomer questions tonight!" She did not realize how embarrassing that subject was for me.

As we talked, she continued to pull and twist her erect nipples...one at a time. Even in the dim candlelight, I could see her lovely breast and the way she was pinching her nipples.

Finally, the urge to suck her nipples overwhelmed me. I leaned over her and let my tongue rest against the fingers that was twisting her nipple.

I thought she might slap me away. Instead, she moved her hand and gave me her nipple.

I sucked it into my mouth and let my tongue dance on it. I felt both of her hands on the back of my neck as I sucked her nipple.

I could not believe what was happening! Was she going to let me do this?!

Then, using both her hands, she gently guided me across her chest to her other nipple. I let my tongue dragged across her chest until I reach her other breast.

I kissed my way up her firm breast until I could suck her erect nipple into my mouth. I held her hard nipple in my mouth as I whipped it gently with my tongue.

I heard Debra moan as I gently pinched her other nipple with my fingers, while not giving-up the one that I was sucking.

This was it! Debra was allowing me to seduce her. She was slowly giving herself to me. I briefly wondered if she had decided to let this happen because she couldn't bring herself to masturbate in front of me.

Suddenly, Debra pushed me away and sat-up. She covered her face with her hands and yelled angrily, " You're driving me crazy Kala! I can't control myself around you."

I was afraid to say anything. So I didn't. The frustration in her voice was apparent. Her need for sexual release was driving her crazy.

If I was a guy, she'd be all over me...but I'm a girl...just like her. She'd have to "cross-the-line" to be with me.

Debra said, "I need some air." She moved over and unzipped the widow flaps of our tent. The smell of summer rain flowed into our tent on the currents of a cool breeze.

I leaned towards her and said, "I'm sorry if I've gone too far. I guess I'm having trouble controlling myself too. Please don't be angry with me."

Debra turned and looked at me for a second. Then she said, "It's not your fault. You didn't go to far, I just need get control of myself...and so do you!"

She laid down on her back and said, "You suck nipples better than my boyfriend or any other guy I know."

"You have beautiful nipples." I said. "I'd like to do it again. If you want me too."

There was no pretending now. We couldn't hide the fact that we were very aroused. We both needed the type of relief that only an orgasm can provide. We were both sweating heavily from the sexual energy that was about to overwhelm us.

Debra didn't say anything. I knew that she was fighting an internal battle with herself. She needed to make a decision. I just hope she wouldn't decide to go sleep in her parent's tent!

"I don't know how far I'll let you go Kala." She finally said. "I don't want to walk out of these woods a lesbian."

Then she covered her face and said, "I just can't stop myself from wanting you to suck my nipples. You do it so soft and gentle. I've never had a guy make me feel the way you make me feel, never."

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