tagHow ToDoing the PWP One-shot

Doing the PWP One-shot


"...doing a big long multi-chaptered story intimidates the hell out of me. I'd love to do a PWP (Porn Without Plot) one-shot, but I'm afraid of messing it up. Is there an easy way to do it?"
-- Wanna Write some SMUT

So you wanna do it quick and dirty?

Okay, first you need a sex scene. No really...! Think of what kind of sex you want FIRST. The sex is what's driving the whole story so you need to know what you're aiming for in order to make the story go there.

To borrow from my friend Toonces, "What do you find hot? Write a short list."

Reader preferred Smut Scenes: (I did a poll and this is what I discovered...)


1. Ravished! ~ "Oh no! Don't...! Stop...! Don't...stop!"

2. Captured! ~ "I have you now!"

3. Threesome ~ Sharing the love.

4. Romantic Fluff ~ Wine & Roses

5. Lower Education ~ "Teacher, I was a naughty boy."

6. Domination & Punishment & Whips & Chains ~ "You've been a bad, bad boy."

7. Bribes & Blackmail ~ "You owe me. Drop your pants!"

8. Strip Tease ~ "Oops! I'm naked!"

9. Self Gratification ~ "When I think about you, I touch myself."

10. Cosplay ~ Leather & lace & ears & tails...

11. Orgy ~ "The more the merrier!"

12. Voyeurism ~ Ringside seating.

13. Exhibitionism ~ Center-stage performances.

14. The Professional ~ "You can have me, for a price."

15. Beautiful Stranger ~ "He saw. He conquered. He came. He went."

Things to AVOID at all cost!


  • Bestiality: No sex with Animals. Were-people & Furries don't count as they're people that LOOK like animals.

  • Snuff: No raping anyone to death. Erotic Horror is when they die of Pleasure. That's different.

  • Watersports or Scat: Most sites will not accept pee or poop used in a sexual context because most people think its GROSS -- me included.

One more thing: Write what you KNOW. If you write something anatomically impossible or something you're totally ignorant about, at least one your readers will most definitely let you know -- believe me!

Avoid hate-mail: Do Your RESEARCH!



Next, you need two characters to make your sex scene happen.

For a novel-length story, you ought to have a third character that tries to interfere. Classically, these three characters are known as: Hero ~ Victim ~ Villain.

In ordinary erotica, and romances:

Hero ~ Heroine ~ Villain

In Yaoi/Yuri stories:

Seme ~ Uke ~ Troublemaker

In Gay/ Lesbian and BDSM stories:

Top ~ Bottom ~ Interfering Goody-Goody

Reader preferred Bottom types: (I did a poll for this too.)


  1. The Wildcard: Obstinately defiant, they only submit to those strong enough to MAKE them submit.

  2. The Bastard: Hates even the idea of submitting, but once they do it feels so damned good...!

  3. The Innocent: Sweet, delicate, defenseless, & tearful, they're easily bullied into submission.

  4. The Brat: Temperamental yet clueless, they're commonly tricked into sex -- repeatedly.

  5. The Little Dictator: A demanding Bottom that doesn't always make it easy for his Top.

  6. The Lover: The tender and supportive wife-like bottom.

  7. The Obsessed: Blissfully happy to take it any way they can get it from the one they adore.

  8. The Slut: Blissfully happy to take it any way they can get it from ANYONE.

  9. The Manipulator: Befriends, then seduces the unwitting Top of their choice.

  10. The Shattered Doll: Compulsively obedient due to vicious conditioning.

  11. The Poisonous Flower: Submits in order to destroy.

  12. The Broken Heart: Having loved and lost, they're okay with mindless sex, but resistant to even a hint of real affection.

  13. The Masochist: Perilously attracted to the dangerous & powerful.

As for Tops, use your favorite.

Always DESCRIBE the Characters!


Use detailed descriptions with lots of enthusiastic adjectives - hair, eyes, body, and clothes, but for pity's sake, don't write actual measurements! ("He was 6'4". She had D-sized boobs.) Use comparisons as in:

  • "Her breasts were a double handful each."

  • "He stood an arm's length away."

  • "Her hair draped to her waist."

  • "He stood a full head taller than she.


Erotic Short: (PWP)

1. They meet.

2. They hump.

3. What happened after. The End

To make the story longer, just add more humping and then something that happened BECAUSE they humped. Easy, ne?

Genre Variations:



They fall in love and have sex.

Bodice-ripper Romance:

They have sex and fall in love.


They have sex and something happens.

Erotic Romance:

They have sex, something happens, and then they fall in love.

Erotic Horror:

They know exactly what will happen if they have sex, and do it anyway.

Writing the SEX:


Write each scene IN DETAIL! As in, every sight, every sound, every scent, every sensation. Describe the setting where the humping will happen, then focus on the characters and stay focused on the characters.

Pick ONE Point of View and stick to it per scene, and only write each scene ONCE. You don't need to keep writing the same scene over and over in each participants' POV. They'll only get skipped in favor of the main character's POV anyway.

Most importantly, write your SENTENCES in Chronological Order -- the order in which the events actually happened:

1. He did this.

2. She reacted this way and did that.

3. He reacted this way and did the other...

4. Etc...

Cheat: Make a list of actions if you have to, then add all the adjectives and dialogue. If your sentences end up short and choppy, it means you didn't add enough description, body-language, sound-effects, or internal thoughts (if it's the POV character.)

Words to AVOID:


  • PENIS: It's a dick, a prick, or a cock, sometimes a 'length', and occasionally a 'member' -- never a 'penis.' 'Penis' is word that should only ever come out of a doctor's mouth. 'Manhood' is another word to avoid. That's a word used by ancient grannies too shy to say what they're talking about. If you're too shy to write dick, or prick, or cock, don't bother writing sex!

  • VAGINA: It's a pussy, a core, or a cunt, sometimes a creamy center, and occasionally an entrance -- never a 'vagina,' Just like 'penis,' 'vagina' is word that should only ever come out of a doctor's mouth. Womanhood is another word used by ancient grannies too shy to say what they're talking about. If you're too shy to write pussy, or core, or cunt, don't bother writing sex!

  • APPENDAGE: Whether it's an arm, a dick, an ear, or a foot name the frikkin limb.

  • LOCKS: Locks are tiny portions of hair that tend to curl. Children have locks, not grown adults. Adults can finger a single lock or a tendril, but what they have on their heads is hair, and occasionally manes.

Getting into the Mood:


  • Have sex with your significant other, watch porn and masturbate, or read your favorite erotica just before you sit down to write.

  • While you write, put on some music that suits your story.

  • Close the door and shut off the phone! Interruptions will make it hard to maintain that special mood.

Last but not least...


Enjoy yourself! If it's not fun for you to write, it won't be fun for anyone to read.


DISCLAIMER: These instructions are intended for Beginners, for those who have little or no clue on how to do a short erotic story, and for those looking for a few short-cuts to jump-start their writing. However, as with all advice, if this does not agree with your style of writing, by all means, take what you can use and ignore the rest.

Morgan Hawke

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