tagBDSMDomestic Wife Ch. 03

Domestic Wife Ch. 03


*This is an edited and longer version of what I had first written. I combined and rewrote chapters 03 and 04 to hopefully create a more cohesive work. Please enjoy.

All characters are 18 years old or older. Thank you for reading (again)!


Darcy stood in the kitchen kneading the dough before placing it into the oven. Baking was always a relaxing activity for her. Every measurement needed to be precise and put together in just the right order for it to turn out as planned. It was comforting for her to follow the directions exactly. Then, when she had done everything accordingly, she'd come away with a delicious blueberry pie or sweet loaf of cinnamon banana bread. Nothing in the world that was quite as reassuring as the smell of bread baking in an oven like the one she grew up with.

Darcy walked over to the bookshelf to grab the book she'd been working on as well as her pen and papers. It was strange to not wear anything underneath her dress. She had done just as her husband said and gave him every pair that she owned. It was exciting for her to know that underneath her dress' skirt there was nothing but her bare skin. Often, she felt the place between her legs was hot and wet. He only allowed her to wear panties if they were going to be out of the house. Even then, he would select the pair for her. Darcy enjoyed being told what to wear.

She sat down in her husband's royal blue, cushioned armchair and began her reading. It was a simple child's book filled with fables, but because Darcy's parents had never taught her to read, she was still having trouble with the vocabulary. Darcy copied the words she didn't know onto the sheet in order to ask her husband what their definitions were. Darcy thought it was strange that her husband could read complex books aloud to her and she would comprehend what he'd said. Whenever she tried to do it on her own, she was easily frustrated that the letters often did not match what sound they were supposed to make.

She'd gotten through a few more pages before she got up to take the bread out of the oven. Setting it out to cool, she started to set the table. Her husband would be home for work soon and she knew he would be tired. Most likely, he would want to go to bed as early as possible.

He'd gotten up before sunrise and left her a note with instructions for the day. They'd outlined her objectives for the day. She was to clean the floors, feed the chickens, clean herself up and get dressed. Then she was to bake or cook whatever she felt like and work on her studies as well.

When Darcy's husband walked through the door he was carrying more firewood for the oven. He set it down and walked over to his wife. His hands were dirty from his work outside. Without touching her, he kissed his wife on the check and went to clean himself up. He sat at the table. The room was quiet.

"Did you put any new words on you list today?" Jesse asked after he was finished.

"Yes," Darcy replied quickly getting up.

She brought him the list and sat down at the other end of the table. He reviewed it. "Your penmanship is getting much neater. I can tell you've been practicing."

She beamed at his praise, but said nothing. She adored when he complimented her. It made her feel a sense of pride and accomplishment at her work. Even if the praise was small, Darcy was always grateful for it.

"O-n-c-e," he spelled aloud, one of the words on her list. "This is another one that doesn't follow the rules exactly. Once. The 'c' makes an 's' sound and the 'e' is silent. And T-h-e-i-r that's 'their'. But, when it's spelled that way it means that something belongs to someone else; like 'their coat' you see?"

As he went on explaining the words on her list Darcy felt her chest tighten. There were too many rules to remember. She could feel herself beginning to get frustrated. Working hard to remember all the combinations of letters that make sounds seemed overwhelming, especially if they sometimes followed the rules and sometimes didn't. She began to wonder what idiot came up with the system anyway. Why make it difficult, she thought bitter at her own inability to understand.

"Are you making this up?" Darcy rolled her eyes, "Damn. I mean what's the point of having rules if none-"

"Excuse me?" he interrupted her. Looking up from the list, he scowled. The stern expression on his face let Darcy know she'd disappointed him, "What did I just hear you say?"

Darcy blushed embarrassed by her outburst. She fidgeted in her chair, "I didn't mean to-"

"I'm sure you didn't." He stood and walked to where Darcy was seated. Standing beside her now, his hand on her cheek, his thumb rubbing across her bottom lip, he said, "But, if you can't learn to control that mouth, I'll help you find a better use for it. Understand?"

Darcy was aware that her comment was out of line. He'd never used that language with her when he was irritated. She owed him the same respect. It was hard sometimes though because she didn't mean to blurt out obscenities or speak out of line. Curse words were so common in her house, and with the others she knew growing up. Still, that was no excuse. This was her husband's house; and she was to follow the rules he'd given her.

"Yes, Sir."

"Good." He replied with a lustful look in his eyes. "Now, pull up your dress for me."

Surprised, Darcy hesitated. "What?"

"Now, please." He said and although it sounded polite, Darcy blushed at the look in his eyes, "Spread your legs."

She obeyed, revealing her naked body to him. Displaying her body for him this way made Darcy feel very hot. The need for him to touch her was slowly creeping back. Instead, of giving her the relief she desired, he rested his hand on the chair. His palm was placed firmly between her open legs as he leaned into her. His lips brushed hers lightly. She leaned into him but he pulled back, looking her in the eyes.

"I won't have that language in my house," He stated firmly. "Is that clear?"

Darcy nodded, her eyes still locked with his. When he spoke to her this way, it was impossible not to feel attracted to him. His words were a lightning rod sending waves of electricity through her body. She was instantly wet.

"Very good." He said.

Just then, Darcy felt his fingers. She closed her eyes as he started playing with her clit. Her entire body tingled when he touched her that way. She moaned in the chair, but suddenly he stopped.

"Please, Jesse. I want you to keep doing that." She said shyly, trying to be good and ask for what she needed, like he'd told her to before. Jesse smirked but didn't give her what she'd asked for.

"Get in the bath." He said abruptly.

She looked puzzled, but did as she was told. She started to close the door, but he stopped it with his hand. She was surprised, but yielded to him, letting him keep the door open. He stood leaning in the doorway. The way he was looking at her made her legs feel as if they might give out. The place between her legs started to throb harder now.

"Come here first," He told her, his voice stern.

Darcy stepped towards him and he placed a hand around her waist, as he started to kiss her neck. His other hand traveled to her breast, squeezing and pinching her nipple as she moaned again.

"Undress for me." He growled into her ear.

She looked at him, nervous, yet excited. She started to unbutton her dress and pull it off her shoulders. Her breasts were full but not too large for her delicate frame. Her pale pink nipples were the smallest he'd ever seen. The dress fell around her waist, her hips and ass hindering it from falling any further. Darcy felt incredibly desirable as her husband lustfully watched her disrobe. When she forced the dress down over her hips she noticed his hand at his erection.

Still clothed himself, Jesse told his wife to step into the tub. She followed his instructions. Once the tub was filled with warm water, he told her to lie back. Rolling up his sleeves, he placed one hand on the back of her head to keep her from getting uncomfortable. The other hand he placed between her legs. His fingers skimmed her inner thighs delicately as he looked down at her.

"Darcy there's something I want to ask you."

She nodded. Her eyes darted from his hand back up to his face. He wore a serious expression on his face. Darcy waited quietly for him to continue.

"I want you to tell me the truth. Can you do that?"

"Of course," She'd never given him a reason to think otherwise.

"How do you feel when I touch you?"

She was a bit taken aback. She knew that she adored his touch and that anytime he was in the room with her, she craved more of him. Nothing satisfied her as much as his fingers on her body or his mouth on her. Sometimes she'd daydream about him pleasing her while she was at home. She wanted to touch him as well. Even so, her lack of experience made her nervous to try. But, it was embarrassing for her to admit such things. Still, she thought, he had asked for her honesty.

"I like it very much. It's like nothing I've ever felt before," she said quietly. "I think about it sometimes, even when you're gone."

He smiled warmly at her response. Being able to evoke those thoughts made him feel proud and strong. His hand was getting closer to her sweet spot, but he would not touch it. Darcy was starting to feel frustrated. Yet, his teasing also excited her. She could feel her sensitive parts begin pulsing with anticipation. His strong hands were so close to her.

"Do you ever try to touch yourself there?" he asked, "While I'm gone?"

Darcy shook her head. Although, she'd thought about it, she'd been too nervous to try it on her own. She liked having him there. His hands always knew exactly what to do to make her feel good.

"Not ever?"


"Don't you want to?"

"Not really."

"Why not?" he asked hoping that she wasn't afraid to do it. Perhaps she thought it was some sort of sin. Jesse had no objections to his wife touching herself if she liked; however, he did want to provide her with every pleasure. It was presumptuous of him, but it made him feel incredible to think that he could be the only one to make her feel alive in that special way.

"I don't think it would be the same," she said, looking up at her husband, "I like when you do it."

"Darcy?" He said beginning to touch his wife's clit again, sending jolts of electricity through her, "I want to be the only one who touches you this way. I want to be the only one who makes you feel this good."

Darcy nodded, then squeezed her eyes shut with the pleasure coursing through her.

"Do you want that too?" He said sweetly, "Do you want only me to make you feel good?"

She moaned and nodded her head.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you Darcy."

Her eyes opened and her gaze locked with his. "Yes. Sir."

"Very well then," he smiled, continue to play with her body.

She whimpered as he played with her more. Her clit was so sensitive in the warm water, it felt even better than she imagined. He loved the sounds she made whenever he touched her sensitive parts. Her broken whimpers, her small cries of excitement, every pleasurable sound her mouth created only made him swell more.

"Tell me that you like when I touch you."

"I only like it when you touch me, Sir," she said, squirming with pleasure underneath his hand.

He adored her obedient nature, her attempts to please him were always charming. He loved it whenever she would call him 'Sir'. It gave him a sense of responsibility for her as well as a rank over her.

Darcy was in complete ecstasy. The way her husband touched her clit made her feel like her entire body was buzzing with excitement. Suddenly, it was as if her clit became more sensitive that it had been. She tried to pull away, but he wouldn't let her. Taking his hand out from under her head, he forced her legs open again.

"Keep your legs open," He commanded moving his finger faster over her swollen, pink clit.

Her hands moved down to the bottom of the tub, trying to push herself up. But, he placed a hand on her stomach to keep her from moving anymore. Somehow, it was as if her husband was prolonging the feeling she had just before she came. He was keeping her there, in that state of anticipation. She could hardly take any more. She let out an excited scream as he kept rubbing her.

"That's it. Talk to me. Tell me you like that."

She shook her head, "Jesse. I need to come."

Her husband's face was devilish, "Then you need to ask politely."

"Please," she said through clenched teeth, irritated at how long he had kept her waiting. Drawing out her words, "Please, may I come Sir?"

"First tell me something." He said starting to finger her with the other hand. "Who do you come for Darcy?"

"I come for you,"

"Who else?" he teased.

"No one else Sir," his wife panted, "I only come for you."

"That's right. From now on you come for me and only me."

Her husband spoke in a husky voice, finally sending his wife's orgasm hurdling over the edge. She was in a haze of sexual bliss as the feeling rolled through her body like a wave. His wife's legs were shaking as she came down from the high, but he wasn't done with her yet. He took off his clothes and got into the tub with her. Holding her from behind, he kissed her sweetly.

"You did so well my darling," he told her as he held her close. "I know that was a lot for you, but you did beautifully."

She said nothing but let him wash her until she was clean. Resting against him, she allowed herself to feel her husband's warm skin and hard muscular chest. His embrace was so comforting that she could have fallen asleep right there in the tub. Every time they were together her connection to him and her orgasms seemed to intensify. She loved how he could control her body; she craved it.

When he was done washing himself, he got up, dried himself off, and got her a towel. After drying her off, he carried her to bed, laying her down gently. He placed the wet towels where they could dry, and came back to the bed. His wife was laying on her back, elbows propping her up as she watched him.

He was still naked, his body muscular and tanned from long hour of working outside. His forearms were veiny and strong. His hands were wide. She could see every contour of his body. His sculpted abdomen and V-shaped muscle drew her eyes to his manhood. The sight made her wet again. Her husband's cock was also starting to swell again at the sight of Darcy.

He climbed into bed with her. Their naked bodies, still hot from the bath, were pressed against each other. He looked into her eyes, kissing her sensually. Parting her lips with his own he allowed her to open up to him slowly. She bloomed beneath him as she moved so that no part of her was covered or hidden from him. He could feel her naked body under his own and his hands reached up to gently cup her face. He pulled back to look at her again, searching her eyes.

"Darcy," The way he said her name was gentle and commanding at the same time, "Are you nervous?"

She knew what he meant. This was the moment in which he would claim her as his. She was very nervous. His cock was large, not in length, but in girth. She was sure it would be painful. She nodded, looking a bit paler than she had before.

"We don't have to yet," Her husband said gently, "I don't mind waiting until you're ready."

"I am ready," She said truthfully. She'd been fantasizing about being with her husband ever since the morning in the barn.

"Are you sure?" He asked wanting to make sure that she wasn't just agreeing to make him happy, "I won't be pleased if you're lying to me Darcy."

"I'm not lying." she started, "I am nervous, but only about the pain."

"I promise it won't be painful my darling." He said, "alright?"

She nodded again, "Alright."

This time she leaned up to kiss him, wanting to reassure him that she wanted this as well. He kissed her back, gently at first and then more urgently. His tongue traveled over the delicate skin of her neck and collar bone. He nibbled her ear gently. His mouth traveled to her breasts, kissing and licking each one slowly.

She sighed and moaned with pleasure as his mouth made its way across her body. He used his knee to part her legs, leading a trail of kisses down her stomach to her sensitive parts. He teased her again, skipping her pussy and instead kissing her right thigh and then her left. He kissed her knee and then licked all the way up her thigh.

Finally his mouth rested on her wet pussy. He used his fingers to part her delicate lips and pressed his mouth to her. He could feel her warmth against his own lips. Jesse's flat, soft, wet tongue against his wife's clit sent her head spinning. He pressed his face closer to her, taking in her scent and licking her juices. He used his fingers to rub her, making sure that she was wet. When he was sure that she was ready for him, he moved up to his her lips.

Placing one hand behind her head, he looked at her reassuringly. He grabbed his cock with the other hand, and began to tease his wife, dragging the tip up and down her soaked slit.

"Do you remember the first time I used my fingers to go inside of you?"


"When I enter you, it will feel sort of like that, like I'm stretching you. But, I want you to relax. Can you do that for me?"

Darcy nodded.

He started to press his cock against her, when he felt resistance, he knew she was still nervous. He kissed her and started rubbing her clit for her. Soon she opened up for him, her muscles wet and relaxed and very hot. Her walls were so tight and hot he moaned instantly and felt her contract. She liked to hear his pleasure as well.

"Darcy do you like when you hear me moan?"

"Very much, Sir," she said as he pushed farther into her virginal pussy.

He groaned at how good it felt to finally be inside his wife. He started kissing her neck again and for a moment he stayed inside of her, not moving, just allowing her to adjust to him.

"You're going to feel me moving inside of you now Darcy,"

She nodded and immediately felt the thick, hot, pulsing rod start to move inside of her. When he'd entered her it felt as if he were stretching her, but it didn't hurt. He was moving so slowly that she felt only the heat of his cock inside her and the pressure against her own body.

Now he was moving inside her and she could feel herself getting more excited. This felt so right. His cock was rubbing against her body in a way that was excruciatingly exciting. Suddenly, he started to move a bit faster. Darcy liked the feeling of him moving back and forth.

"Jesse?" She asked timidly.

He stopped to look at her, wondering if he'd somehow hurt her.

"That feels really good." She said dragging out her words, "Please, could you go faster?"

Her husband smirked as his speed picked up. He used his arms to hold her legs up, as he grabbed onto the headboard. He began to pound into his wife. She started moaning with pleasure, closing her eyes to savor it.

"Look at me," Her husband insisted, his eyes dark with lust and power.

Obediently, she opened her eyes and looked up at him. He looked so powerful above her, holding her in place. He kept pressing his hardness into her waiting cunt. Darcy began to whimper, suddenly feeling to need to come as he pumped faster. He could feel his wife getting closer.

"Tell me who you come for," he nearly growled through his thrusts.

"I come for you," she said, "only you."

He shifted and used a hand to play with her clit again. Darcy almost screamed with pleasure. Her back arched and her eyes squeezed shut as her legs trembled. He watched the beautiful orgasmic display before him. When he saw that she was coming, he came with her, his hot, sticky seed flooding her virginal pussy.

For a moment he stayed inside of her. Resting on his arms so that he wouldn't crush her with his weight, he looked into her eyes. He couldn't help but lean down to kiss her. Her face was flush and her lips were pink and full. Eyes wide she looked back up at him and smiled.

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