tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDominating Me Ch. 07

Dominating Me Ch. 07


The next thing I knew, Jake was dragging me down the stairs. I had to crawl quickly so he wouldn't jerk the leash and pull me down the steps. When we reached the bottom, I quickly observed the layout of the house. The front hall, kitchen and living room were all connected and very open. It would be very difficult to escape out the front door with no one seeing, I thought. I'll have to learn their routines and escape when no one's around.

The shiny wood floor felt cool and hard beneath my bare knees and hands as I crawled into the kitchen behind Jake. Shay had been in the living room watching TV until he heard us come into the kitchen. He got up from the couch and came over by us.

"Sit up, pet," Jake commanded and pulled on the leash until I kneeled up and sat on my heels. I instinctively tried to cover myself. He handed the leash over to Shay, then bent down and placed my head in a bowed position, pushed my shoulders back, put my arms behind my back and made me grasp my wrists, and spread my knees wide open. I looked at him as he stood back up.

"Look down at the floor!" he yelled, and I quickly lowered my eyes. "We are going to go over the rules right now so we can get busy. First, you will call both of us Master or Sir. If you use any other name, you'll be beaten. You were brought here to be our slave for whatever we desire. You no longer have a life other than here, so don't plan on leaving this house any time soon. As our slave, you will satisfy all of our needs without question and you will always be lower than us. When you serve us, you will always kneel in this position and never look us in the face unless we tell you to. You are to follow commands without hesitation or you will face punishment. Oh, and you are not allowed to speak unless told to. If we ask you a question, you will answer appropriately with 'Master or Sir.' Finally, as of this time, you have no liberties. You must ask permission for everything. If we ever feel nice enough to give you any liberties, we'll let you know. But we don't see that happening for a long time. Understand?"

I sat motionless, too stunned and numb from Jake's words to answer. "I said, do you understand me?!" he bellowed, jerking my collar and forcing me to look up into his eyes. My own eyes wide with fear, I nodded slightly. For that, I received a swift backhand to the face. The force knocked me to my side and I lay, curled up in a ball, on the cold floor holding my face and crying out at the rage I felt toward them.

"What's the matter, girl?" Shay mocked, "I thought you liked it rough. You sure seemed to enjoy it with your hubby."

That set me off, realizing they had seen Ryan and me that night after the dance club, and then having the gall to joke about it when they knew how much I missed him already. I shot up off the floor and attempted to attack Shay but they were ready. I only managed to hit him in the arm as Jake pulled me away and wrestled me to the floor.

Holding my face in his hand, he sneered, "Looks like you're going to have to learn through punishment, I guess. But first, get up and make some breakfast, pet. We'll deal with you afterwards." Jake pulled me up by the neck and shoved me toward the kitchen counter. "You have 15 minutes. I suggest you hurry." With that, the two of them walked into the living room and sat on the couch.

Thinking this was my chance, I bolted toward the front door at full speed, grabbed the handle and pulled. It didn't budge. I frantically tried unlocking the deadbolt but the door still wouldn't open. Frustrated and angry, I pounded on the door and screamed at the top of my lungs hoping someone outside would hear. This did nothing except piss them off.

I turned around to see Jake calmly waltzing toward the door, the expression on his face making me freeze. "By the way, did we forget to mention that all the doors and windows in the house are locked? Oh, and the windows are bulletproof glass, just in case you decide to try breaking one. So don't worry, you won't get out so easily. Now get the fuck back in the kitchen! Don't make me say it again," he threatened through clenched teeth, pointing toward the kitchen. "You have 13 minutes."

I quickly slipped past and he went back to the living room. I started looking through all the drawers and cupboards, looking for a knife or some kind of weapon, but all I found was a plastic spoon and paper plates. No glass, no sharp knives, not even a metal fork. Defeated for the moment, I figured I should probably throw something together before they got even angrier.

I happened to see some peanut butter, jelly and bread in the refrigerator, so I decided to make PB & J toast. I pulled out three plates, the ingredients and the flimsy plastic spoon. I popped some bread slices into the toaster and poured some orange juice while they got hot. I pulled the toast out and spread the peanut butter and jelly on individual slices with the back of the spoon. I put the slices on the plates and took two plates into the living room and set them down on the coffee table in front of Jake and Shay before retrieving the paper cups of juice.

After setting it all down in front of them, I turned to head back to the kitchen to devour mine when Jake jerked my leash, forcing me to fall sideways toward him. "Where the fuck do you think you're going? I never said you could make your own breakfast! We have something else for you to eat this morning." At that, Jake and Shay laughed as they glanced at each other. I was afraid to find out what they meant, but I didn't move or say anything.

"Get over here and pull out my cock, bitch," Shay demanded. "DO IT!"

Realizing what they had in store for me, I cringed as I hesitated and then slowly crawled over to him. I knelt in front of him and tentatively reached my hands toward his pants. Shame and anger burned through me and I vowed they would regret this, somehow. Reaching the waistband of his pants, I unsnapped and unzipped them, pulling his semi-erect cock from beneath. Looking at my wedding ring still on my left hand, I felt a surge of guilt flow through me at what I was about to do, even though I knew I was being forced. I felt nauseous. With trembling hands I just sat there holding Shay's cock, afraid to move.

"Now put it in your mouth and suck it, nicely. Don't even think of trying anything funny," he warned, taking out the sharp blade he pulled on me in the car and lifting my chin with the flat of its tip until I was looking into his eyes, "understand?"

Lowering my eyes in disgust, I managed to reply through clenched teeth, "Yes…" But when he didn't let go of my chin, I knew what he was waiting for. "…Sir," I finished.

He slid the cold blade along my jaw until it was held just above my collar at the side of my neck, then he roughly snatched a handful of hair and pulled me toward his cock with his other hand. A squeal of pain and anger escaped my throat as my lips came reluctantly upon it, and I desperately wished there was a way out of this. I shut my eyes, hoping to block out reality.

"Open your mouth!" he shouted, and I quickly obeyed for fear of what he would do with the knife. His semi-erect cock filled my mouth as he pushed my head down onto it. I could feel it grow larger and reach toward my throat. I started getting scared that he would make me deep throat him, knowing full well I would probably throw up if he did. I began lightly sucking, just enough to cause a stir and a jerk in his cock. I heard laughter from Jake and moans from Shay as I sucked. I could feel it swelling in my mouth and prayed this would be enough to satiate him.

My fears soon became realized when he grew to full size and, after handing the knife to Jake, shoved my head down with both hands until my face was pushed into his groin. His long, slim cock drove deep into my throat. Gagging and choking while trying to push myself away so I could gasp for air, I began thrashing my arms at his legs and stomach. I dug my nails into his skin as hard as I could and punched with all I had until Jake held my arms down. With no other choice, I started to bite down on his cock. I didn't get too far before my head was jerked up and I was thrown backwards to the floor. I gasped for air but, unable to control my reflexes, started dry heaving immediately since I had nothing in my stomach.

Furious, Shay got off the couch and stood over me. He had grabbed back the knife and all I saw was the sheen of the blade as it was raised in the air before I tried to move away. Shay brought the blade down in a quick swipe toward my face. I turned just in time to only receive a shallow slice in the cheek. I howled from fear and pain as he brought it down again across my bare upper arm.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please, stop!" I shrieked, covering my face with my hands and curling into a ball in an attempt to protect myself. Suddenly, my hands were torn away from my face and a strong grip engulfed my neck and lifted my head off the floor. Shay's fiery eyes pierced mine as he screamed at me.

"Did you think I was fucking kidding?! Don't you EVER do that again or I'll fucking kill you! Do you understand me?!" he threatened, holding the point of the knife under my chin, cutting into my flesh. I knew he meant it.

"Yes, I'm sorry! I've just never done…" I began trying to explain, but he cut me off.

"Shut up!" he yelled in my face before slapping me hard, causing my head to hit the floor. I lay there, dazed and in pain for a minute as Shay went back to the couch. "I think somebody needs to be cuffed again. I've had it with her interfering," I heard him tell Jake.

Jake got up off the couch and ran upstairs. When he returned, he was holding the locks that held my wrist and ankle cuffs together. He came over to me, picked me up to a kneeling position, locked my wrists behind my back and locked my ankles together. I now had very little freedom of my limbs. Feeling helpless and in pain, I lowered my head and felt silent tears stream down my face, burning when they reached the cut on my left cheek. I glanced over to my left arm and saw the cut there, too. A trail of blood was slowly streaming down the outside of my arm from the gash near my shoulder. Jake went back to the couch. For several minutes, they sat there eating their breakfast and watching me suffer.

As soon as they finished eating, Shay beckoned me to crawl back to him. I was afraid of what he might do, but decided I was in no position to argue. I gingerly crawled on my knees toward him. His pants were still open and his cock was sitting there, semi-erect as before.

"You better eat your breakfast before it gets cleaned up and you get none," he joked, motioning toward his cock. I swallowed hard, took a deep breath and bent over, hands still locked behind my back. This time, when he grabbed my head and pushed me on his cock I couldn't thrash at him or push myself away. I was forced to take it deep into my throat and I couldn't do anything about it. Immediately, I started gagging again and trying to breathe, but he didn't let me up until I thought I was going to pass out. As soon as his cock was released from my throat I took in several huge gulps of air before I was pushed back down. He did this for a few minutes before I heard his breath get ragged, his moans stronger. Suddenly, he pulled out of my throat but kept the head in my mouth and I felt a repulsive gob of his hot semen shoot across my tongue.

"Swallow it, bitch!" he barked between moans and grunts of pleasure. I tasted his salty seed in my mouth and wanted to vomit right then and there, but I knew I had to comply. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine it was Ryan I had just sucked off and that his cum was in my mouth instead of this asshole's. That seemed to help and I swallowed without losing a drop.

"Now that's a good girl. I think you deserve a reward. What do you think, Jake?" he looked over at him with a mischievous look in his eyes.

"Yeah, I think you deserve a big reward for taking that so nicely." I didn't like the sound of this. I knew better than to expect something truly rewarding. I just wondered what horrible task they'd have me perform now. Unfortunately, I didn't have to wait long. Jake's hands moved down to his pants and began unbuttoning and unzipping them as well. Not again!, I thought. Please, not again! I whimpered, knowing I shouldn't speak unless told to, hoping this would at least make him feel a little pity for me. "Don't worry. You'll get really good at this in no time," he snickered in response to my whimpering. "Come here and do a good job or you'll beg for this compared to what we'll do to you. Understand?"

"Yes, Sir," I whispered, staring down at the floor.

I crawled the short distance between the two of them and positioned myself at Jake's feet. His cock, which was a little shorter but thicker than Shay's, loomed in front of me. I silently hoped it wouldn't gag me as badly as Shay's did. I inched my face forward as I bent at the waist until my lips rested upon the head. Tentatively, I stuck my tongue out and licked at it. There was already a shiny drop of precum on the tip from his excitement over watching me suck off Shay. It tasted slightly bitter and salty as I swirled my tongue around the head before fully engulfing his cock into my mouth. Thankfully it didn't reach quite so far back, but I still gagged when he pushed my head down into his pelvis. He pumped my mouth up and down his cock several times before letting go of my head and making me do it on my own. By that point, I didn't know which hurt worse: gagging again and again as I was forced to deep throat or having to suck him off by my own will, if one could call it my own. My neck was starting to get very tired and sore, but Jake didn't seem to be on the edge yet. I wondered, absentmindedly, how long I had been sucking him. I continued to bob my head up and down for several more minutes, varying my speed and strength of sucking, until I felt his cock begin to spasm.

"Fuck yeah! Suck it!" he grunted. Quickly after, I felt the hot cum pour into my mouth. I desperately wanted to spit it out at him, but figured I better save myself the trouble. Besides, I remembered, in order to get them to let their guard down so I could escape, I'd have to get on their good side. Reluctantly, I swallowed without much of a fight and licked the rest of the cum off his cock before he zipped up his pants. "Now that was better. Why the hell didn't you do it like that the first time?" It was a rhetorical question, and I knew they expected full compliance next time.

They left me kneeling on the floor in front of the couch as they got up to throw away their breakfast plates. I bowed my head, tasting the bitter, salty remnants of their cum and wishing I could wake up from this nightmare safely in Ryan's arms. But that was not to be. I noticed them returning to the living room and the hair on the back of my neck stood on end as I wondered what torture they would now have me endure. Quickly, Jake grabbed under my arms, Shay took my legs and they carried me to the stairs. I didn't put up much of a struggle this time. I simply lay slack as if in shock.

When we reached the top of the stairs, they hauled me into the bathroom and lay me on the floor in front of the sink. Jake went rummaging through a cabinet along the back wall of the small room and turned back around with a clear bottle, some gauze pads and medical tape. They rolled me onto my right side so my left arm was facing upward. Shay held me down as Jake opened the bottle, poured some of the liquid onto a gauze pad and applied it to the gash on my arm. I winced and ground my teeth together, taking in a sharp breath, as I realized it was rubbing alcohol they were applying. It burned and stung with great strength as the fluid drenched the gash.

"We can't let you get infected and have to go to the hospital, now can we? After all, we have plans for you and they don't include stepping out of this house," Jake taunted. With that, he pushed the gauze pad against my cheek and, in reaction, I pulled my face away and squeezed my eyes shut. He continued to blot at it and then he wrapped my arm in a clean bandage. Nice touch, I thought to myself sarcastically. I felt my wrists being unlocked and my body was pulled into a sitting position.

"You have five minutes to go to the bathroom. When you're finished, you will crawl into the hallway and kneel until I come to get you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir," I whispered quietly. As soon as they were gone, I rinsed my face and washed the taste of cum from my mouth. Being forced to give them blowjobs had been degrading and I felt guilty about it, but it was better than having them force themselves into my pussy. I decided then and there I would not let that happen, no matter what else I had to go through. They would not take me as a married woman. As a small sense of relief flooded through me, I finished in the bathroom and crawled to a kneeling position in the hallway. I only waited a few minutes before Jake came back to get me.

"Good girl," he said, noticing I followed his instructions. He attached the leash to my collar and pulled me toward my bedroom. It was harder to crawl this time since my ankles were still locked together, but I made it slowly. I secretly hoped he would simply dump me back into my cage and leave me there the rest of the day, but somehow I didn't think I'd be that lucky. Sure enough, as soon as we came through the door, I noticed Shay was standing by the padded black table in the middle of the room. My heart skipped a beat as my mind quickly conjured up images of what they might do to me, and I stopped dead in my tracks.

"Don't you dare give us trouble. Get your ass over to that table and climb up on it, right now!" Jake growled as he unhooked the leash from my collar.

Mentally preparing myself for what might come, I confidently took a deep breath and crawled to the table. With the light on in the room, I noticed the eyelets placed at each corner. I was sure my cuffs would be locked to them. Sometimes I hated being right. As soon as I hoisted myself onto the table, they flipped me onto my stomach, grabbed my arms and legs and began locking them to the eyelets. Jake came to the head of the table, squatted to my level and stared me directly in the eyes.

"Remember when you called me on the phone back in eighth grade? How desperately you wanted to go out with me? How you told me you could be anything I wanted you to be? Do you remember that?" he asked, amusement in his voice.

"How could I forget? I regretted that mistake for years," I spat back, for a split second remembering how I used to fawn over the bold green eyes that were now piercing into mine. I pushed the recollection aside and looked away. He pulled my face back toward him, making me look into his eyes again.

"You still want me, don't you? You want to be mine; want to feel me control you," he arrogantly stated.

"Fuck you! You had your chance with me and you blew it. I belong to someone else now," I yelled at him, anger and a twinge of hurt filling my voice. He merely responded with a chuckle as he rose and trailed a finger along my spine.

My mind spun with confusion as I fought back the questions my mind began throwing at me. Did I still feel something for him? How could I, after all the hurt he put me through? What kind of horrible person am I for even giving him a second thought when I had a loving husband out there, worried sick and looking for me? I felt so angry, so confused, so hurt. This shouldn't be happening to me! I must be strong. Think of Ryan. Think of how good he is to me. No one else could be good to me like that.

"Yes, that's it. I see the struggle you're having. I can tell you're questioning yourself. Soon enough you'll be my little slave," Jake taunted. That snapped me out of my quandary immediately.

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