tagBDSMDominating the Field Ch. 03

Dominating the Field Ch. 03


She walked down the hall of the hotel. Her whistle jingled around her neck.

"Damn what room was I in?" She pulled out the card key and looked at the number written on the card's sleeve and realized she was in the wrong part of the floor. The tournament had been rough through the first few games. She had managed to keep the game mostly fair ,but there had been some times where she was nervous. It was over now though and she could go back to her room and just relax. Rylee wouldn't be here until tomorrow when her dad brought her up for her games. The excitement had been palatable when she told Rylee that she would be refereeing a few games for soccer.

She just wished the training had been easier. At least he had managed to keep his shirt on during the training. For the first few minutes the lingering arousal permeated everything she did. Everything she felt was centered around those feelings she had for him. As he put his hands on her hips to show her the difference between an illegal and legal tackle she had felt her nipples harden within her sports bra. His hands were rough in places ,but they were firm and warm. She crinkled her fingers as her thoughts drifted back to that day.

"Mmmmm " She could feel her eyes glaze over as she walked into the bathroom. She pulled the jersey over her head and looked in the mirror. Her fingers rubbed down the edge of her stomach as she could see the faint outline of her abs. The past three weeks had managed to trim off about 10 pounds from her small frame. A smile flashed across her face as she looked in the mirror. She shook her head as she pulled her shorts down. She slapped her ass.

"Naughty girl you shouldn't be thinking like that." The smallish boy shorts she wore were thin in places. She could feel the tingle drift from her ass to the center of her crotch. Her hand reached up and yanked off the panties and pulled them down her legs and off as she stepped into the shower. The warm water began to sooth the small aches that had accumulated throughout her body during the game. The air left her lungs as she poured a small pile of shampoo onto her hand. The water drifted down her breasts and her back.

The water warmed as she fingered the nob and rinsed out her hair. The steam filled the small bathroom as she began to hum. She loved a nice warm shower. It was like having the comfort of a warm bed poured down all over you. The scent of mint filled the air as she began to rub the small mint scented soap over her abdomen and her stomach. Her fingers traced the gentle curve of her stomach as she smiled. Being a gym rat for the past few years had toned her up.

"Not that Michael ever cared." She had done everything to attract his attention. The small frilly dresses, the tight leggings, and finally the coup de grace a simple black silk baby doll. All that each outfit got her was an empty bed by herself and a growing sense of unfufillment. The airy bubbles slipped down her thighs as she continued to rub the soap in. Her mind drifted back to the day her and Rich had begun to train for the tournament. His hands all over her body. She felt the heat well up in her stomach as her thoughts continued to drift back. His voice reverberating throughout her body. Its tone so persistent and stern. He had forced every extra rep he could out of her. Every drill she could do. The sweat had poured off her body as he barely broke a sweat.

Her arms ached as she thought back to the push ups. A firm push on her shoulder blade had forced her to look behind her. She had expected to see his foot ,but was greeted by his smiling face. His hand was firmly pressing down on her back to increase the resistance. The well of effort she had to draw from was deep ,but within a few moments she was finding it dry. His words were the only reason why she had continued.

Her chest began to heave as she gave into the thought. Her hands began to grope at her body. A finger pinching a nipple. Her thighs desperately clenched together rubbing trying to force the pleasure out of her body. Her hands had gently nudged his stomach for a brief second as he pulled her to her shaky feet. The world seemed to spin as he caught her. For the briefest of seconds she had felt the warm firmness of his skin. The smell of his body. She wanted to fall into his arms and never leave. The pleasure crossed her lips as she massaged her clit. Her hips grinding into her hand anxious to fulfill the need that had built in her mind. The sound of the water changed as her eyes darted open. She let out a exasperated cry as she heard the doorbell to the room ringing. She grabbed for the towel and quickly wrapped herself in it. Still dripping wet she hurled the door open.

"Uh hi Andy... did I come at a bad time?" Rich? She clenched her teeth as she looked at him holding up her gym bag.

"You left this at the field and it looked important so I thought I would bring it over, but I'll let you get back to your shower now." No! Don't leave. Not now. Not here. Her arm grabbed at him.

"No don't leave I don't want you to leave." Oh no did she just say that?

"I mean you're so nice to bring that up for me at least come in for a second and we can have some dinner. I think the Ruby Tuesday's downstairs is open now and we can have them bring it up." Think think this sounds too much like a date. Think of something he likes.

"We can watch the Playoffs." God I hope he likes baseball.

"Yeah sure that sounds fine ,but one question." .. just let me say yes by undoing your belt.

"Are you going to get dressed first." She threw up her hands in the shock of a laugh only to feel the towel ride down her chest and uncover her breasts. She quickly pulled it back up as they both turned red.

"Yeah I think that would be what we need." She darted back into the bathroom and dried off and pulled a t-shirt and shorts from her case and put them on. It was only when she was walking out the door that she realized she had forgot her panties. A lump formed in her throat as she tried to decide if she should go back for them. Her feet decided for her as she looked over at him lying on one of the queen sized beds with a Gatorade from the fridge. Her eyes scanned him from foot to head as she saw his lean frame.

"Wow." He looked over at her quizzically?

"Since when are you a Cubs fan?" Her eyes darted back to the TV as she saw a player darting around the bases. She breathed out and thought for a second before sitting next to him on the bed. He moved over a bit to give her more room. She wanted to lie down and nuzzle up to him and feel his arm wrap around her. She could feel her nipples harden as she tried to stifle the thought. Her hands were neatly folded over her lap as she sat there. A dull ache formed in her lower back as she kept it straight. Her stance stayed rigid as she was completely frozen. She would occasionally look back and manage a nervous smile. Then she felt it.

"Ow ow oh god." Her chest felt like it was on fire as her chest seized up.

"Andy what is it. What's wrong?" She grabbed her chest and laid back on the bed and put her hands over her chest. The muscles in her chest jerked uncontrollably as she closed her eyes. Then she felt his hands. They were so warm as he began to massage her chest. His hands played across her nipples and over each breast. His fingertips played across her collarbone as her eyes fluttered open. A look of shock crossed her face as she felt the pain subside. His legs straddled hers as he looked down at her. Her knee drifted across the inside of his shorts and she felt it. He was hard.

"Please?" She looked up at him with eyes pleading.

"Oh my god I am sorry. But but I'm just sorry. My last girlfriend had those and it made her better. Just sorry ok?" He rolled over and laid flat on the bed. His head turned to face her. She let out a breath and rolled towards him and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. He rolled back and fell off the bed.

"Oh god Andy.. I.. I uh.. I need to go." She watched him get up and run out the door. He slammed the door shut and she watched it bounce back open as she ran towards it. She poked her head out the door and saw him standing at the elevator. For a few seconds she watched the indecision play through his eyes. The elevator door opened and chimed. Their eyes locked. She begged him with every inch of her body. He let out a sigh and walked back to the room and closed the door. He closed the door and looked at her.

"Uh Rich .." She felt his arms grab her and pull her close as he pressed his lips to hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and squeezed as tight as she could desperate to keep him from running again.

"Oh god I want you so bad Rich." His arms scooped her up as their tongues pressed against one another. His hands searched over her body as he put her on the bed. Her shirt flew across the room as he pulled it off. She grabbed onto his back and tried to pull him forward onto her. Her momentum stopped as his hands pushed her wrists over her head. She felt his palm circle both of her wrists and hold her down as he began to unzip his pants. A brief groan escaped her lips as she pushed her tongue through her lips.

His shirt rode up slightly and she could feel his hard stomach against hers as he laid on top of her. His neck craned towards hers as she felt his lips rub against her neck. She felt the slight twinge of pain as his teeth began to rub against the skin and then the warmness of his lips as he applied the slightest bit of suction to her neck. The grip the confined her arms slackened and she instantly grabbed him. Her eyelids were so heavy as she pressed her hands into his back. She began to rake her nails down his back. He stopped moving and looked at her. His hands forced her arms back down into the bed.

"Stop that now." She instantly stopped. Her lungs seemed to fill up like balloons as she tried to talk. Nothing will come out. Why won't anything come out? She could feel a small breath push its way into her body.

"Yes Sir." He looked at her for a second and then continued to lick her neck and jaw. His eyes had seemed to studder on the word as she said it. He stopped holding her wrists as he pulled her shorts down and off. The sheets felt cool against her ass as she laid on top of them. His hands drifted down her stomach as he pulled himself down her body. She closed her eyes and relaxed into the bed. The dull hum of the air conditioner filled the room as she heard him place a small bite on her calf. The smack of his mouth in the air seemed to linger forever. The pain stayed in the muscle and then drifted away as his hands massaged the place afterward. It hurt but each sensation sent a jolt to the depth of her stomach. Her hands reached down and began to massage her nipples as his hands parted her legs.

"You smell really nice." She giggled as she heard it and as his hands crept slowly to her crotch. She gasped as he pushed one finger into her and then began to slowly move it around. Instantly her body began to respond as she moved her hips. She could feel the side of his shorts against her thighs. The nylon was soft and cool as the skin of her thighs rubbed against it. His hands reached out and squeezed her thigh as he began to bite it. She relaxed into the mattress. The first touch of his tongue against her clit sent shivers through her body. Her hips moved up and down as she laid there. She wanted him so bad.. but why wasn't this all she wanted? He was caring and he respected her needs. Michael had never gone down on her. This should be all she wants. This she be all she ever wanted.

"Rich?" His head poked up from between her thighs.

"Yeah Andy are you alright?" He seemed genuinely worried. Oh I hope he thinks everything is ok.

"Why did you tell me to stop a few seconds ago?" She hoped this would work.

"Because you were hurting me. Why what's wrong?" The confusion was evident all over his face.

"What if I did it again what would you do?" A look of exasperation rose across his face.

"I would tell you to stop it again." She smiled and raked her nails down his back.

"Stop it." He reached back and rubbed his back before she scratched him again.

"Damn it Andy I am not going to tell you again." He pushed her onto the bed and held her arms over her head. She tried to reach up to kiss him but he pulled his back away from her.

"Now are you going to stop it if I let your hands up?" She looked up at him and smiled. He was completely unnerved by the entire affair.

"Yes, I will do whatever you want me to Master." She added emphasis to the word Master as she looked up at him. Her hips ground into his leg as she laid there. The edge was so close as she began to feel the heat in her loins rise. Her breathing was increasing in tempo with each passing second.

"Andy? Are you ok? I am not going to hurt you if this is what this is all about." God why can't he just fuck my brains out.

"No I think since I was such a bitch the least I can do is make it up to you Master." She rubbed her knee against his crotch and licked her lips. A smile crept across his face.

"Fine Andy I want you to go put on your referee shirt ,sneakers and then get on your knees in front of me." He released her arms and let her up. She got on her feet as she watched him. The bathroom door swung openly quickly as she grabbed for her jersey and sneakers. The smooth mesh of the jersey teased her nipples as she felt it press against her nipples. She slipped the shoes on and went back out in front of him. She walked up in front of him. Her eyes drifted down between his thighs as she saw how hard he was. She imagined how good it would feel in her mouth. Her knees felt weak as she put her full weight back down on them.

"Jesus Andy I didn't think you would do it. I thought you would laugh. What are you doing?" He seemed shocked.

"What my Master wanted me to." She said it flatly.

"Andy why do you keep calling me that." She smiled at his question.

"Because I want you to be mine. I want you to use me. I want to be used by you. I will do anything my Master wants. Whatever he wants me to do." She could feel the heat drift through her body as she began to rub her inner thighs. Her nipples hardened as she rubbed her stomach. She flipped up the jersey as she looked at him. Her hand drifted between her legs as she began to rub.

"Oh god Rich please just tell me what you want me to do." She could see his cock harden as he looked down at her. Her hips began to rock into her hips.

"I wanted this for so long. I wanted you to own me for so long. Please oh god please." The breath was becoming harder and harder to keep in her body. Her hands grazed her clit. Short spurts of breath went through her teeth as her butt rose off her calves. He moved toward her.

"You really want me to tell you what to do?" She nodded quickly.

"I want you to do whatever you want with me or my body that makes you happy." She watched him rub his cock.

"Master would you like me to suck your cock?" All he could manage was a small timid smile and nod before she began to lick the tip of his cock. His body shook as she rubbed the insides of his thighs. Her tongue climbed up the sides of his cock as she licked around the tip. Her hand stroked his cock up and down furiously as she sucked harder.

"Andy?" His voice sounded a bit far away as he said it.

"Yes Sir?" She paused in between licks to look up at him. Her hand slowly stroking his cock.

"Play with yourself as you suck me off." Her hand darted between her legs as she looked up at him.

"Yes Sir." He smiled and began to rub the back of her head. She tried to take his cock as deep as she could ,before choking. His hand rubbed through her hair and stroked her cheek as she took his cock in her mouth and ran her tongue along the underside of it. A small twinge of pleasure drifted through her body. What was she doing? She was wearing a referee uniform on her knees in front of a guy almost 15 years younger than her .. masturbating because he told her to. So shut up and enjoy it little girl. To add emphasis to her situation she felt his hand grab her head and push it down further onto his cock. Yes.. this is exactly what she wanted. She breathed through her nose as he forced her head down.

"You are really good at that." She pushed two fingers into her pussy and began to piston her fingers in and out. She tried to stifle a moan ,but his ears perked up.


"Yes Sir?"

"Bend over the bed." She moved closer to his waist and sat up before rising to her feet and laying over the bed with her ass in the air. She wiggled her ass side to side. His hand slide between her legs and against the inner part of her thighs. She felt a slight twitch in her thighs as he began to rub them. The floor squeaked as he moved behind her. His hands ran up and down her back. His fingers quickly found each nipple and began to roughly massage each one. The sounds in her throat wouldn't stay down as she began to breath.

"Uhh that feels really good Sir." His hands pinched a bit harder as she felt him rub his cock between her legs. He stopped for a second to stroke the outside of her thighs and to rub along her waist again. A brief shock spread throughout her body as she felt him reach out and pull her backward by her pony tail.

"Please Sir not so hard?" She heard a slight laugh as his hands drifted below her waist.

"And what if I did it again what would you do?" Her words came back to haunt her as his hand pulled her tight against his chest. He began to kiss up and down her cheek and over her throat.

"I wouldn't say anything because its what you want." But it does hurt some. She cringed before he let go of her hair. He reached down and pinched her ass hard. This was just a test to see if he could make her disobey or do something to convince him it was an act. Did he want this to be an act? Did he not want this from her. She began to wonder ,but outwardly she remained stoic.

He continued to roughly fondle her body for the next few seconds. His teeth slid against her collar bone and down over her shoulder. He placed small kisses along the back of her arm as his hand vigorously rubbed between her legs. His finger began to rhythmically stroke her clit as she tried to maintain her composure. All he could manage to force past her lips were a few dull moans and shudders. Each time her hips would start to grind into his hand she would see his head pop up and then eventually return back to its resting position on her shoulder. I wish he would just fuck me. She could feel her arousal begin to flow down her leg as his hand pushed a finger inside of her. Her body was drawing closer and closer with each thrust of his finger. His breathing grew louder with each thrust as his nose lay beside her ear.

"Master please just fuck me.. please." She had stop herself from begging further as his hands rubbed the underside of each breast. His finger slipped along the bottom and circled up to her nipples. His fingers just applied the smallest amount of pressure to the nipple. The finger then drifted away from the very tip of the nipple and rubbed down along the soft skin surrounding it. He bit down on her shoulder and began to suck hard as a second finger pushed inside of her and worked in and out slowly. She could feel the dampness between her legs become a steady torrent as his hand pushed in and out. All she could think of what do with her hands. She wanted to make him feel. She wanted to jerk his cock furiously as he continued to rub it between her legs, but each time a small slap to her ass would dissuade her.

"Do you want me to fuck you Andy?" She tried to speak ,but all that came out was something resembling a grunt as his cock pushed inside of her. She rubbed her thighs in frustration as she couldn't figure out what to do with her hands. She rubbed them hard up and down. The heat it caused began to hurt hands before he stopped her.

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