tagLoving WivesDonna From Next Door Ch. 02

Donna From Next Door Ch. 02


Donna and I simply sat there in shock! Here were her two lovely daughters, standing in the doorway with big grins on their faces.

Their Mother and I were still firmly enjoined, shall we say.

Donna hopped up with a start, I caught her look of dismay as she dashed from the living room, leaving me sitting there hurriedly pulling the robe closed over my still glistening half hard erection.

"What's that?" Lisa demanded.

"What's what?" I answered, feeling a bit on the vulnerable side.

"That bandage!" She said, a bit of concern in her voice.

"Just a scratch," I told her, "There was a little problem."

"Little problem, hell!" Donna interjected as she walked back into the room, now dressed in slacks and a pullover top. "Ted saved my life!" she said.

We all sat at the kitchen table as Donna related the situation of the last couple of hours. She told them how I had interupted an intruder that had attacked her, managed somehow to beat him off. She explained that the Police had been there, and were looking for the guy. She mentioned the fact that he had fired one shot, and hit me. "I just was doctoring his wound," she added, lamely.

Lisa and Kathy looked at each other, and started laughing. "Love your technique, Mom!" Lisa popped out.

Donna flushed scarlet, I was being careful to keep my mouth shut at this point. Then I felt Lisa's hand on my leg, high enough that her fingertips were brushing my privates. "Teacher Ted is good, huh?" she said, looking pointedly at her Mother.

I was thinking at this point that this would be a fine time for me to head for the house, when Donna looked at me, suddenly understanding. "You mean?" she said, looking from me to Lisa and back.

Lisa now had her hand inside my robe, on my still sticky half hard, and was beginning to stroke me under the table. "Yes, last Tuesday! Teacher Ted did me too!...While Kathy watched!"...

Then she added, "Well, Kathy did more than watch, she tried a blow job!" Blunt and to the point, this is Lisa.

Totally uncomfortable now, I was about ready to bolt. Donna just looked at her two girls, then this amazing smile came over her face. I was doing my level best to keep a straight face, the cat was totally out of the bag, so to speak. Lisa was now stroking quickly enough that it was obvious what she was doing, Kathy was now staring at Lisa's busy hand. Kathy hadn't said a word to this point, now she got up and came to sit in the chair on my other side.

Donna was sitting right across from us, Kathy reached down and began helping her sister. Donna was looking at me, her face was becoming flushed, it hit me she was starting to get turned on at the sight of her girls busying themselves with my now rock hard hunk of meat.

This was all way too much, I exploded, spraying out a good half dozen spurts.

Donna got up and left, returning in moments with a warm damp washcloth. She stepped around the table, pulled my robe back, and matter of factly washed me up. "This is a little much!" I managed to mutter.

She looked at me, smiled and said, "Not a thing in the world we can do about it, the girls are all grown up! Besides, I liked it too!" Then she leaned down and kissed me full on the lips. I returned the kiss, her lips were soft as silk. As she finished wiping me down, she turned to Kathy and told her to go run a warm bath.

Kathy hopped up and went into the bathroom, Donna and Lisa got up, reached for my hands and said, "Come on!"

I meekly complied. They led me into the bathroom, took my robe, and Donna peeled the bandage off my side. Then they had me get in the tub, I lay back in the warm water as they washed me from head to toe.

I must admit, it felt wonderful, but over far too soon, as they used towels to dry me off. Donna redid the bandage over the wound where the bullet had grazed my ribcage, applying some kind of ointment. Lisa came in with my clothes, adding a fresh T-shirt she got from someplace. I quickly dressed.

We all went back into the living room, Kathy had produced a plate of cookies and some milk. We sat there, eating some of the cookies, drinking the milk, in silence.

In the space of less than 3 hours, I had been in a fight, shot, screwed silly by Donna, then hand finished by her two Daughters right in front of her, bathed, fed, and they were acting like this was a nice neighborly visit. Let's face it, I can't even make up stuff like this!

Donna broke the slience with, "So you slept with Lisa?" I nodded. Then she looked at Kathy, who shook her head. "Well, two out of three ain't bad!" she laughed. "I didn't mean...." I started, lamely. Donna just waved her hand, "It's all right!" she said. "I enjoyed that, it has been a long time!"

Then she looked my right in the eyes, smiled that big smile of hers. "If you ever need anything, anything at all!" she stressed, "This house is yours, too!"

I nodded, understanding fully. An entire house full of beauty, all mine for the asking. Now how many men my age have a deal like that?

There was just one problem. Lee, my wife would be home the next day. How am I going to explain this..........?

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You left your readers hanging with..: (( There was just one problem. Lee, my wife would be home the next day. How am I going to explain this..........? ))


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