tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDonna is Donna but John is Joan Ch. 01

Donna is Donna but John is Joan Ch. 01


I’m an average size guy. Five ten, almost thin, and at thirty years of age, very little facial hair. My beautiful wife was four inches shorter than me, thinner and as she had pointed out many times before, my arms were as skinny as hers. She always talked about me dressing up girly with her because I almost had the body type of a woman anyway. This always seemed like a put down and in the eight years that we had been married, I had never tried it and never wanted to.

After an rare, early Saturday morning fuckfest, we laid next to each other, soaked in sweat. She looked over at me and held out her cigarette toward me in her delicate, tiny hands, which were as tiny and delicate as mine were.

“I still don’t smoke,” I insisted as she rolled her eyes at me.

“Well,” she sighed, smoke shooting out of her nose as she reached down to the floor and flung her bra up at me, “if you won’t smoke with me, at least put this on for me once, satisfy my curiosity Mr girly arms.”

I never had this desire, but I grunted, pulled the thing on over my chest, which was hairy. She was painfully right about the arms, tiny like a girls’ arms, not like the manly, muscular arms that I would sometimes look at in envy.

Sitting up in our bed, I gestured, open armed with her bra over my hairy chest, she scowled as I smiled at her beautiful face, framed by long, blonde hair. She leaned forward, cigarette jammed between her lips, as she fastened it behind me.

“You could at least try to get into it,” she said around the cigarette as she leaned back to look at me. She stood about five foot six, but always wore clogs or heels to look taller, she weighed between one hundred ten and one hundred thirty, depending on the diet.

“Okay honey,” I said in a girly voice, “why don’t you suck my titties?”

“They’re too hairy,” she said, her pretty face scrunched up, “all right,” she grabbed me by the hand pulling me after her, “come on, we’re gonna have some fun today.”

My body had a tiny frame like hers, I thought with disgust as she led me toward the bathroom, her frame was a lot more alluring, but I could not get over my tiny arms and very smooth face. I was along for the ride as she stood me in the shower, rubbing her Nair all over me. The burning was not very erotic, especially when it had to burn for fifteen minutes before she turned on the shower and washed my hair away, “Well,” she said, smiling as she looked at my completely hairless body, which did feel erotic, now that the burning was over, “don’t you look sweet Joan.” She was determined to play this out, so I would go along. It did feel weird, having no body hair on me at all, my nipples felt stiff, with the hair gone and the fleshy chest I had, it almost looked like I had a tiny pair of breasts. My seven inch, now hairless cock was throbbing.

“I’m gonna do your makeup Joan,” she whispered hotly into my ear as she once again led me away, I followed her lead, my hand in hers, I tried to walk the way she did, it felt good, a little to good to be feeling this sexy.

I was staring into my reflection in the three mirrors on her makeup table, I was getting more into it and why not? I had this not quite manly body, why not have some fun? She did my face, my lashes, mascara and eyeliner and finally put some wet, red lipstick on my lips. With very little facial hair to begin with, it did not take a lot of makeup. I looked like an honest to god girl in the mirror, not a guy with makeup on, but a girl. She made me look like a real woman.

“Don’t you look pretty Joan,” she cooed at me.

“I...I feel so feminine,” I said, using a girly voice that was getting better all the time. My head was still shaved bald, but she put a blonde wig, long hair, just like hers, on me. Next was a tiny, gold necklace and hoop earrings, which were held on with clips. I did not have pierced ears. She had obviously been planning this. Next, I was putting on a powder blue baby doll, it felt so good against my smooth skin, I was so aroused, rubbing my nipples, my smooth cock throbbing in my panties, I stood away from the makeup table and began to practice my girl walking around the room. I was letting go, trying to feel fem, and suddenly wondering how a man’s lips would feel kissing mine. Not a tiny framed man like me, but the real men, with their muscular arms and large, manly bodies. How would it feel to be wrapped in a real man’s embrace, how would it feel to be desired by him? What would it be like, to feel his hands on my shoulder as he gently pushed me down to my knees, where his cock would be jutting out into my face, my red lips ready to lean forward and suck...

Maybe this had been going on too long, I suddenly thought, alarmed at my sudden change in desires. Maybe I should just stop this, undress and never do it again. I had never wanted a cock before, suddenly my hairless ass was wet, I ran back to the mirror, I did look so good, and I now realized that I did want cock in my mouth and in my asshole, I almost looked like a girl anyway, why not enjoy it?

Donna stood in the doorway, wearing a pink camisole with thong, “Hey Joan,” she was suddenly in charge, her own lips were bright pink, her delicate hands had pink nails, she sauntered toward me, “you look so pretty honey,” she leaned forward and brushed my lips with a kiss, my hand was in hers, held tightly, “time for these two girls to play,” she began leading me downstairs. What now, I wondered, we had pretty much did all that we could do, it felt good, it was fun, maybe she would do me with a dildo or something, that would be hot.

We walked slowly down the stairs, where I heard two voices. Male voices. The nervous part of me hoped that it was the television.

They were men, real men. Tall, muscular and very handsome. I was frightened, but I wanted cock more than I wanted to run away, so I walked with my wife, toward these two, hot looking guys. They stood to greet us, I was too lustfilled to let my fear stop me as we engaged in chit chat, my girl voice getting better and better.

As Max and I stood there talking, I was amazed by the look he was giving me as he looked down into my eyes, there was lust and desire there, I found myself touching his arm as we talked and when we sat down on the sofa, his hand was on my knee. Then, it happened, he began to lean his handsome, rugged face down into my girly face, my lips parted slightly in anticipation of tongue. When his lips touched mine, I was filled with even more desire than before, his hands were rubbing my hairless body as he kissed me hard and I sucked on his delicious kiss, his scratchy face rubbing against mine was incredibly erotic, his fingers were on my nipples, my shaved cock so hard and throbbing in my panties as I reveled in his manhood.

For a moment, I looked over at Donna, she was between her man’s legs, sucking his cock, which was what I wanted, cock in my mouth. Max was pulling baby doll off, all three pieces as he hungrily kissed my stiff nipples, I was so happy to be desired in my new feminine form. I pulled away from him to kneed down, pull down his pants and take, what had to be an eight or nine inch, thick cock into my mouth.

First, I kissed the head, it felt so good in my hands, then it tastes so good, I needed more, I began to close my lips over it, taking the entire head into my mouth, looking up at Max to see if I was doing it right, I could tell by the look in his eyes that I was, I felt more confident, I began to move my mouth up and down his cock as I played with his balls, then I held his balls up, put my tongue under them and licked up from his balls to his cockhead. I felt his hands, gently on my head as I moved my mouth up and down.

I savored every moment of my first cock, learning on it, gaining cock sucking skills that I planned to use for a long time to come. By his moaning, I knew he was enjoying everything, then, his cock suddenly began jerking hard in my mouth, I knew what was coming, I kept my mouth clamped on his dick, my tongue up inside of my mouth to keep his hot load from shooting directly into my throat and gagging me. His cum shot out hard, very hard, past my tongue, gagging me anyway, I pulled away as jets of cum shot in my face, then I clamped my mouth back on, sucking his warm, gooey cum out, he was moaning and calling my name, “Joan, you are such a good cock sucker,” he moaned, as I kept draining his cock. A few moments later, as I laid next to his cock, still oozing cum, I took stock of the situation. It was one thing to do something in the heat the moment, but now that I had my taste of cock and cum, how did I really feel about it?

I felt great, I felt like I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing, it just felt like the best sex I had ever had. Max leaned down, pulling me up to his face, pulling me down onto him we were kissing eachother again, oh his razor stubble felt so good on my face as I kissed him harder and harder, our tongues wrestling in each other’s mouths, “You are so beautiful,” he sighed as he began nuzzling my neck, I looked over at my beautiful wife who was getting fucked hard by her man, she looked over at me, her eyes glazed over by lust, but she smiled at me, I smiled back.

“I wanna fuck you,” Max whispered hotly in my ear.

“I want your cock inside of me,” I said lustily to Max, the area between my asscheeks was wet, I wanted him badly. I could not believe what happened next. Max stood, leaned down and scooped me up into his massive arms, I felt like such a girl as I wrapped my arms around his neck, smiling at him as he carried me up the stairs to the bedroom, where he laid me down on the bed. I smiled up at him, spreading my legs, oh god this was going to be fantastic.

He stood between my legs, smiling at me he worked his cock into my bald asscrack, up and down, he was teasing me.

“Oh Max,” I looked into his eyes, “please, fuck me with that big cock, I want your big cock inside of me Max, please fuck me,” I pleaded.

That made him smile as he pressed his cock into my tight asshole. Just the tip was inside of me, there was a little pain, but I wanted him deep inside of me, I could not believe how girly I was being, nor could I believe how much I loved it and how fulfilling it was, he looked intense as he began to press his cock inside of me, it hurt, oh god how it hurt but I wanted more, I wanted to be full of his thick, throbbing cock. I cried like a woman, the pain was indescribable, I looked up into his eyes, even if I asked him to stop, I knew he could not now, he was so hot for me and I was so hot for him, I tried to relax, suddenly, he was completely inside of me, his balls banging against my asshole as he began to move back and forth inside of me.

“Are you all right?” he asked as he pulled back and forth, my cock jumping up and down as he fucked, beginning to fuck me faster and faster as I kept moaning and groaning, god his cock felt so good filling me up, fucking me, I looked up into his eyes, filled with lust and desire.

“Fuck me, fuck me, keep fucking me, I wanna feel your hot cum shooting off inside of me, oh god keep fucking me,” I pleaded as he bean fucking me faster, suddenly, my cock began squirting a load of cum all over, up into his belly, shooting up into the air and falling back on my shaved body, oh god it felt so good, was this how a woman’s clit felt when it came? He was pumping faster, I felt his cock get even bigger inside, then it was pulsing, I felt so good when his cum began shooting inside of me, filling me, it kept shooting hot cum deep into me, he fell on top of me, filling me with his seed.

“Oh god,” he sighed, “oh god that was great Joan,” he looked at me with warmth, lust, desire, he kissed me hard on the mouth before standing up, gently pulling out, his cum lubing the way as he smoothly pulled out. I missed his cock as soon as it was out of me, but I also felt worn out as I laid back on the bed, suddenly, I wanted a cigarette. She had left hers on the nightstand, Max lit one for both of us as I laid there feeling his cum inside of me, I felt so content as I smoked and we made small talk.

They were both married, knew Donna from work, they were both doing Donna on the side. We slept wrapped in each other’s arms most of the afternoon. Near dark, I was awakened by Donna, she was shaking us both, “Come on lovers,” she said, “we’re going out on the town.” This was getting better and better. Especially in part two.

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