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Donna Is Shared with Friends


Richard's Story

It all started several years ago at my swim party. I invited a few friends and co-workers over for some fun and it was about 9:00 o'clock at night. After most of them left, it was just me and my best friend Donna, she is 5'3, between a D and DD cup, and she has the best looking ass you can imagine. Her husband, Scott, a few friends and male co-workers, and one other woman remained inside my home. Donna and I were alone in the backyard in the pool. She was wearing a two piece bikini, with the top barely covering half of her tits, with a matching thong. Anyway, I was sitting on one of the lounge chairs, the kind that you lay down on, and she was swimming around the pool and heading for the ladder. When she climbed out of the pool and faced me, I noticed that the water had pulled the material on one of her tits past her nipple. It was around the size of nickel, stiff as a nail, and was a little bit darker that her tanned skin color.

All of a sudden my cock was begging to get hard, and I was starting to get ideas about her that I have not had before. I just could not take my eyes off of it. Then she looked down and saw what I was looking at and she slowly walked over to me not bothering to cover her self up. When she got to me, she glanced down at my now rock hard cock, and said aren't we a horny devil tonight. And with that, she leaned over and grasped my cock through my swim trunks and said such a big boy too. Then I reached up and wrapped my hands around her back and pulled her to me and gave her a long passionate kiss. Once our lips broke, she reached behind her back and undid her top and threw it a side, then she leaned over and I brought a nipple to my mouth. About every two minutes I would alternate between nipples. Then she started moving down my body, kissing every inch until she got to my trunks.

I lifted my butt up and she pulled them down and I kicked them off. She then brought her hand to my cock and started to fondle it. Bringing my cock head to her mouth, she stuck her tongue out and licked it until it was dripping with her spit. Then she took my whole cock into her mouth and started sucking like there was no other. Her mouth moving up and down my shaft, just the thought of it would make me cum. I managed to hold on for a little while longer, until she said I want you to cum in my mouth, and with that, I shot load, after load, after load of my hot sticky cum down her throat. When I was finished, she took my limp cock out of her mouth and said I hope there's more where that came from. Oh there was, and with that I was rock hard and ready to go. Then I brought my hands to her thong and ripped it off in one fast motion. With this, I saw the world first wonder. Her pussy was shaved and dripping wet, and just the right size.

She bent over to kiss me and she said I want you inside me now. I needed nothing to be said. I picked her up by her waist and positioned her beautiful pussy above my cock. I grasped my cock and moved it back and forth over her slit getting it lubed up. Then it was the moment of truth! I positioned the head of my cock at the entrance of her love canal. She then slowly lowered herself down on my cock. When there was about four inches left, I pushed down on her and my cock went into her cervix. Once I was all the way inside her, she started moving up and down on my cock at an increasing pace. Soon my cock was pistoned in and out at a frantic rate. It felt like her vaginal walls were trying to eat my cock alive. I felt my balls starting to tighten and I told her that I was about to cum. Donna then moaned and said that she wanted me to fill her pussy full of my cum. And with that, I thrust my cock with all my might into her and emptied what seemed like gallons of cum into her cervix.

We kept this up for another three hours, until she had to rest. Then the other couple exited the house and climbed in the hot tub, but they looked like they didn't care who else was around. She was straddling him as she sat on his lap facing him, and we could hear the moans coming from both of them. We got out of the pool and I watched Donna's sweet body walk in front of me. I pulled the chair out for her and she wrapped the towel around her. We sat there talking and wondering what that couple was doing in the hot tub. We both laughed when Donna said, "Making love to each other just like we want to do!" We had another beer and then moved into the hot tub. As I sat on the one of the tub's steps, Donna sat in front of me. I whispered very sexual things to her as I looked down between her breasts. I could see the nipples of her breasts getting hard. She tilted her had back and I kissed her as she moaned softly!

As I moved us down another step, her head was all that was out of the water now. I moved down to the same step and she sat on my lap. I slid my hands under her arms and cupped her beautiful breasts. Moving the material of her suit up freeing those beauties, I began to play with them. It was dark and we sat on the corner of the steps in the dark. There was no other person around, as the other couple had gone inside. Donna's husband was inside the house talking to my friend Denny, who was keeping him busy so I could fuck Donna. Two people sat at the patio bar drinking and watching the television. I squeezed Donna's breasts and pulled gently on her nipples. She turned and sucked on my tongue as I slid my hand down over her flat stomach and into her bikini bottom. She immediately opened her legs for me, giving me the freedom I needed to finger her pussy again. It was already open waiting for me and still coated with our cum.

She moaned my name and told me she loved the way I made love to her body. We sat there for a long time with one of my hands on her right breast and the other one in her bikini bottom fingering her slowly and gently! She just lay there enjoying the touch and feeling I was providing her. And then she groaned and began to hump on my hand as she got off! I mean she was fucking my three fingers deep inside her pussy and moaning as she sucked on my tongue. Her body pumped against my fingers as I pumped them in and out of her pussy. It was so fucking sexual! I have to tell you, watching her humping like a puppet on my fingers made me hard as a rock! No wonder her husband likes to watch her fuck other men! Donna is one sexually sensuous hot wife! She moaned and whimpered as her climax moved over her. And then she arched her back and hung there, not moving as she reached the peek of her orgasm!

My fingers never stopped moving, and since I now had both hands inside her bikini squeezing and stroking her clit, she was shuttering and shaking as she finished her climax. When she was done, I pulled my hands out from between her legs, and as she watched me, I sucked my fingers, tasting her juices and cum! She kissed me hard and told me she wanted to suck my cock! Just then, two of the guys came over and walked down into the hot tub. We talked for a few minutes and then Donna asked me: "So Richard, are you ready babe?" We got up and dried off as we walked to the patio door. When we got in the kitchen, she faced me and cupped my cock and balls as she kissed me. I was so fucking hard, and in that wet bathing suit, I was hurting as she squeezed me. I moaned now as she continued to rub my cock. We hurried to the bedroom, opened the door, and laughed as she pulled my wet suit down with one quick motion.

She dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth! I pulled her up and told her let's stain my new bed covers with our cum! She smiled and we walked to the bed as she held on to my hard cock! I got up on the bed and she knelt between my legs. She took my cock in her hands and we both watched her pump the hard shaft! Then she smiled like a devil woman and covered the swollen purple head of my cock with her lips. Her mouth worked on just the head as her hand pumped up and down on my hard shaft! Moans and groans came from my mouth as Donna sucked my cock to the very edge of orgasm three or four times. But each time I arched up, she pulled her mouth off of the head and told me: "No! No! Lover! Not yet baby! You're not going to cum yet babe! I want you to be much more worked up than you are baby! I want to see your cum hit the ceiling!"

We both laughed as she lowered her mouth back over the swollen cock head. She kept me going for god knows how long before she turned around and straddled my head with her knees. I reached up and watched my fingers play with her pussy. I held her labia open with one hand and moved my fingers in and out of her pink insides. My fingers became very wet! She was wet, and from her moans as she sucked on my cock, I knew she was really enjoying this finger fucking. Finally when I cried out and arched my ass up off the bed, she felt the first shot of cum hit the back of her throat. She pulled her mouth off my cock quickly and pumped the shaft with both hands. She watched as the white juice flew out of my cock and up in the air over the bed. She told me she loved to watch cum shoot out of a cock! Finally when I had no more cum shooting from my cock, she put her mouth back over the head and sucked me dry!

I had my fingers working her pussy good now and you could hear the slurping sounds they made as they moved in and out of Donna's pussy. She knelt there on all fours with her ass facing me, and as I lay under her thighs, I watched as my fingers fucked her pussy! She was moving with the feeling now and I could see her juices actually running down my hand. She was close! With one quick turn, she moved around and sat facing me with her pussy resting on my chin. She held my head with both hands and told me: "Eat me Babe! Lick me Babe! Suck my pussy and make me cum! Oh god I love your tongue Richard!" And with that, she moved her ass up on my chest until her pussy was over my mouth! I inhaled her musk and licked her pussy like a starving man! I used my fingers and pulled her pussy open by moving her labia lips out to both sides. I played with her insides, touching and licking it with my tongue.

I had all of my fingers on both hands separating her lips wide. I took my tongue and licked directly up and down the pink inside. Then I blew warm air on it! She shuttered! She held my head with both hands as I licked around in tight little circles inside her. She was rocking with me now and I quickened the pace. She whispered: "Oh Richard! That feels like heaven babe! Mummm baby! I love that! Oh yes! There! Right there! OH! Fuck yes!! Babe! Mummm Baby! YES!! YES!!!YES!! I had really begun to lick her pussy now. Deep inside my tongue moved in and out and around, fucking her pussy. Donna's body was moving quicker now and I knew she was building fast! Now I moved my mouth to her clit as I inserted two fingers into her pussy. With my mouth sucking her long hard clit and my fingers flying in and out of her pussy, she arched her head and back and slammed her clit into my mouth! She screamed as her body released her cum! I had her!

She was going crazy on my face. Her pussy spasmed and sucked in all of my tongue as I continued to lick and suck on her pussy! Again and again I heard her cry out as a second orgasm hit her. She humped and humped and humped her pussy on my face as she mumbled words I couldn't understand! She moaned one last time as she fell over on her side! I quickly got up and moved between her opened thighs! She tried to stop me saying: "Oh god Richard I'm going to have a heart attack! Oh I can't I can't have another one right now! Stop babe!" But her musk and body was driving me crazy and I paid no attention to her, as I pinned her down and buried my face back into her pussy! With me on top now, I was in control, and as I licked and sucked her pussy, her ass was up off the bed, humping again as she was going back into another orgasm. When I was sure she was almost there, I began to bite her clit softly and hum directly on it as I held it in my teeth!

She screamed again and rammed her lower body up off the bed, fucking against my mouth! I was afraid she would break one of my teeth; she was pumping her pussy so hard on my mouth! I held her that way until she had climaxed two more times for a total of four! Then I let her clit go and came up and sucked her nipples as she lay there panting like a dog in heat! Her body was still humping my body as she moaned in somewhat of an almost unconnected state. I moved over her and took my cock and put it at the opening of her pussy! For the first time since we have partnered together, it slid in easy! She was so stretched from her orgasms! I pushed my very long and hard nine inch cock all the way in and began to fuck her! Not slow like before, but with a passion of a crazy man! She was humping me back and lifting us both up off the bed as I rammed into her. She moaned and then cried out, "OH Richard! OH God babe! Oh god Baby! Fuck me! Fuck me until I can't walk any more! I love you!"

We continued for I don't know how long, fucking as hard and fast as we could move our bodies. I moved my arms around under her legs and lifted her legs up in the air. With my arms under her thighs, I continued to pump into her pussy! I had her legs bent enough that I moved my hands to her shoulders. So now her legs were bent at the knees and my arms around her thighs, lifting her legs up enough so my hands were holding her shoulders. Now using this position as a support, I continued to thrust my cock deep into that sweet pussy! We were both grunting and moaning as we humped into each other! Then I could feel the walls of her pussy tighten even more around my hard shaft, and as she hissed at me to fuck her harder, she began to orgasm! It was like some magic took over her body as she lifted us both high up off the bed and humped and humped and humped on my cock! Like a piston, I continued to ram in and out of her cervix!

The pressure and tightness in my balls was unbelievable! I moaned loudly and rammed my cock hard into her one last time as I began to cum! I mean cum! It shot into her with such force I was surprised! Again and again the cum shot out of my cock into her waiting and eager pussy! There was a ton of it. She screamed and we climaxed just about together. She went off first, but I followed right behind her and we were like dogs in heat fucking each other with as much force as our bodies could give us! Our bodies were reacting with only desire and passion now. This was pure lust in fucking another man's prized wife! We fucked and fucked as hard and as long as we could do it. We finally stopped and fell into another round of sleepiness. I woke an hour later still lying on top of Donna with my semi-soft cock head still inside her pussy. The lights in the room were still dim and the bedroom door was still wide open. I was happy we were not disturbed by her husband or the remaining party guests.

With my trunks down around my feet, I held her head wrapping my hands around her long blonde hair as I began to fuck her mouth seriously with my very hard thick cock! It had been about two hours since we had gotten back to my room from the big party. She was kneeling on the floor in front of me sucking my cock as I sat on the edge of the bed. Her beautiful completely tanned tits were hanging and bouncing with her movements. Her nipples, that looked like they needed sucking badly, were pointing at my knees! Her nipples were dark brown/red and very hard. They usually pointed against her blouse when we were with each other, but now as she sucked on my cock, they were sticking out about 2 inches. Every once in a while, I would take my fingers and pull on them and squeeze her tits as she sucked on me. Her mouth had formed a tight seal around my cock, and it was only a matter of a few more seconds before I filled her mouth with my hot cum! I think back on how the night started.

Earlier that night we had been dancing, and both of us had been drinking heavily most of the night. This would be the 3rd year we had met at this party, and for some reason, Donna had been much sexier with me than ever before. She said it was her and her hubby's birthday gift to me! Her body pressed tight against me as we slow danced, and when we danced to a fast song, she worked against me with that great Italian ass of hers! She was a very good-looking 35+-year-old woman with one fucking great body. She stood 5 foot three inches tall and had at least 36D breasts. Her body was tight and had hardly any sag at all! She was somewhat drunk, but I have been with her when she was more drunk. So I'm sure she knew exactly what she was doing when she pushed me on the bed and began to undo my trunks. All she said before taking my cock in her mouth was, "I have wanted to do this for 3 years baby! All fucking night it has been pressing against my body, and now I want to see it and touch it and lick it! Mumm!"

So I let her have her way with me! She pulled my trunks down my legs and ripped my shirt off! My cock was a little hard, but as soon as she put her hand on it, I felt a shock go over my entire body. She began to jerk me off for a few minutes, cupping my balls with one hand and pumping my cock shaft with the other hand as she watched it grow and grow!! She looked me in the eyes and licked her lips. She smiled and dropped to the floor, pulling me to the very edge of the bed by my cock! As she did, she stopped for a second and pulled her bikini top over her head. She took her breasts in her hands and held them up for me to see those very hard long dark nipples. She then took my cock back in her hand, and as she held it up, she touched the head with her nipples. First the left one and then the right one was rubbed all around my cock. I was getting stiffer by the second! I smiled down at her and asked, "So what the hell got into you tonight?"

Donna moaned and told me, "I hope it will be you baby! But first I'm going to suck this big cock and make it super hard for my pussy! Happy Birthday from Scott and I!" She opened her mouth, and very sexy, very slowly and very softly covered the head of my cock with her wet warm lips. She sucked it hard and licked it like a lollypop for a good five minutes. When I was as hard as I get, she smiled up at me again and slowly engulfed the head and half of the shaft. She began to fuck my cock with her mouth! Up and down the shaft her mouth left wet marks, and a very good feeling as the head never came out of her mouth! I know I moaned a 100 times: "Oh god yes baby! Suck it! Yea just like that! Yes!! Oh your mouth feels so good! Mummm! Suck it baby!" Her hand was jerking the shaft as her mouth continued to suck and pump up and down. Her left hand cupped my nuts as she rolled them around in her fingers.

I was rock hard and took my hands and held her head on my cock as my hips began to fuck her face automatically! She moaned as she felt my hips push up off the bed into her face. My cock was sliding all the way in now, and I was sure my cock head was going down her throat! She didn't gag or choke, she just continued to give me the best blowjob of my life! Now the need to cum was building very quickly and I knew it would be only a few minutes before I shot a huge load of cum somewhere. Being a gentleman I told her, "I'm going to cum Donna! Cumming in a few seconds! Oh fuck! YES!" My hands wrapped around her blonde hair and I fucked her face hard now trying to cum! Donna didn't protest at all. In fact, she held her hands on my cock, milking my nuts and sucking harder. I yelled, "I'm going to cummmmm!" And she sucked as hard as she could as my cock shaft went in and out of her mouth!

I could actually feel her mouth sucking my cum up out of my nuts and along the long hard shaft of my cock. And then, it pumped into her mouth! She sucked and sucked as I came and came and filled her mouth. It must have been 12 or 15 shots of cum that went into her mouth, but she didn't spill a drop! All of my cum went down her throat! She just continued to suck hard on my cock! She did look up at me with her sexy green eyes, and I saw a nice smile on her face as the last of my semen began to leak out of my cock head. She kissed and licked my cock for another ten minutes or so, making sure there was no more cum to be taken. Finally, I pulled her up on to the bed and held her in my arms as my mouth met hers. My tongue flew into her mouth and I told her she was next! I was going to eat her pussy and make her cry out in lust before I fucked her and put us both into heaven! She moaned and ground her hips and pelvis into me.

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