Donna's Angel


"Why, Mrs. Mitchell; are you making a pass at me?" Karen joshed playfully.

"I hope you don't mind, Ms. Wilder." Donna replied in blissful desire.

"Not at all." Karen replied.

Donna returned her hands to Karen's soft night shirt and continued to tug it up her body.

"Can I take this off?" Donna whispered. "I want to see you."

"Thought you'd never ask." Karen told her with a seductive smile as she rose up onto her knees, lifting her arms over her head.

Donna rose to her knees as well and pulled Karen's night shirt up over her arms and off. Tossing the night shirt on the floor, Donna was left a virtual zombie as she took in Karen's magnificent nudity, allowing the tips of her fingers to gently graze down the woman's warm and immaculate flesh. Karen was the most beautiful thing that Donna Mitchell had ever seen; her eyes fastened themselves to the young woman's sumptuous, bountiful chest; the plump, pink nipples standing immensely erect in the center of the areolas and the milky white flesh that surrounded them.

"Oh Karen..." Donna whispered. "How could a human being possibly ever be so lovely as you?"

"By the hand of the Father, my precious. Now let me see you again." Karen whispered as she took hold of the hem of Donna's night shirt and lifted it up over her raised arms and off.

Karen tossed Donna's night shirt to the floor and likewise grazed her fingertips gently down the front of Donna's quivering body. Still on their knees in the middle of the mattress, the two women explored each other with their hungry eyes and their wanton fingertips. The room suddenly filled with soft romantic music, but Donna could only hear the pounding of her own heart as she felt Karen's fingers caressing her body.

"Why are you trembling, Donna? There is nothing for you to be afraid of. I would never hurt you." Karen whispered.

"I know. I just can't believe that this is happening. That I'm here with such a beautiful woman, and we're doing what we're doing." Donna rambled.

Karen caressed Donna's cheek and gently pulled her face closer.

"You're beautiful too, my darling. You're beauty is divine. You are a priceless creation, Donna Mitchell; an immaculate and holy treasure. And I am so honored that you're sharing yourself with me." Karen whispered lovingly. "Kiss me, my love."

Karen and Donna's mouths seared together in a deep, lover's kiss and they slid their arms slowly around each other; engulfing one another in a warm, devout embrace. Karen gently lowered Donna down to the mattress once again and the two women entwined in sensual passion as their kiss deepened. Donna stroked Karen's firm, curvaceous figure; reveling in the softness of her delicate skin and the heat of her sexually charged body. Running her fingers through the golden silk that was Karen's gorgeous hair, Donna felt the young woman's hand slide between her legs and gently massage her aching mound. Donna sucked in a deep, orgasmic gasp and her eyes spun as Karen touched aching and moist sexual center.

"Are you all right, love?" Karen asked quietly.

"Yes, I'm fine. It's just been a long time since anybody's touched me there." Donna replied.

"Do you want me to stop?" Karen asked.

"No." Donna whispered passionately.

"Lay back, my precious. You've denied yourself for far too long." Karen told her as she gently rolled Donna down flat on her back and shifted her own body atop her.

Karen slowly and gently pelted soft and sensual kisses all around Donna's face; on each of her eyes, on her nose, on her cheeks, on her chin and finally captured Donna's mouth in another deep kiss of unbridled passion. Donna had never felt more loved. Karen slowly continued her sensual quest down Donna's body. Beginning at her chin, and using equal parts of her tongue and her luscious, succulent lips, Karen sampled the sweet elixir of Donna's flesh; down her long and sleek neck, over and around her shoulders, down her arms and then suckling on her fingers as if they were the last morsels of food she would ever eat. Karen turned her erotic conquests back to Donna's chest and found her way to the woman's pert breasts. Karen could sense Donna's body quivering with intense eroticism; squirming as shockwaves of intense, illicit pleasure coursed through her body. As she listened to the soft, tender moans falling from Donna's lips, Karen's velvety mouth found the small, dark areola of Donna's left breast and the nub of her immensely aroused, dark nipple.

The orgasmic gasp that catapulted from Donna's lips sent shockwaves of intense arousal through Karen's seething body as she took Donna's nipple deep into her mouth. Seizing a handful of Karen's silky hair, Donna's head rolled from side to side as she felt the young woman's tongue swirl around her areola as her lips sucked, and her teeth gently nipped at her throbbing nipple; all surrounded completely by the warmth of Karen's sultry, velvety mouth. Karen continued her feast on the left then slowly shifted her head to Donna's right nipple and serviced it with every bit as much passion and carnal desire. Donna's body stiffened, her breath caught in her throat and her heart nearly exploded as Karen continued her descent; sliding slowly and sensually down across Donna's flat tummy, hungrily sampling the flavor of her succulent flesh. Karen slid her body down on the mattress between Donna's widely spread legs and grazed the tip of her tongue around the woman's divine sexual center. Donna seized handfuls of the sheets in her fists, tugging desperately at them in breathless anticipation as Karen blew softly on her soaking wet and swollen labia.

"The portal to where life begins. The most priceless treasure in existence. The very essence of womanhood." Karen whispered lustfully as she teased the surface of Donna's pulsing slit with the tip of her finger. "So beautiful."

With that, Donna's eyes rolled wildly in their sockets, her body spasmed and her heart virtually stopped as Karen took her lover's divine womanhood into her sultry mouth. Donna's jaw fell open, but nothing came out; the orgasmic pressure building within her was immense and she could find no air to exhale. Karen's mouth clamped down gently on Donna's sex, mashing her saturated, succulent folds between her lips. Wrapping her arms around Donna's thighs, Karen plunged deeper - probing her tongue inside her lover's body, sampling her sweet nectar and suckling on Donna's most sacred flesh. Donna's back arched toward the ceiling, her hand clamped down tight on the back of Karen's head, pushing her deeper inside. Karen's nostrils filled with the musky scent of Donna's arousal; her mouth flooded with the woman's liquid sexual essence. Karen's passion for Donna was fueled by the intensity of the woman's growing pleasure and the massive orgasm beginning its journey to climax.

Donna's body now thrashed wildly about on the mattress; her moans of unadulterated ecstasy bounced off the walls and the ceiling of Karen's bedroom. Clamping her legs like vice grips around Karen's head and shoulders, Donna seized the sheets once again as Karen dug her fingernails deep into the flesh of her lover's stomach as the orgasm erupted. Donna exploded. Her nectar washed like a tsunami into Karen's ravenous mouth and Donna's ravaged body then collapsed in a spent pile of a reawakened sexual being on the mattress; her chest heaving furiously up and down as her lungs reveled in gasps of desperately needed air. Donna unlocked her legs from around Karen and they tumbled to the mattress like pieces of Jell-O. Karen pulled herself up, slowly dragging the tip of her tongue up Donna's body, followed by her erect nipples, grazing across Donna's now sweat glossy skin. Karen was soon face to face with Donna, letting her body gently come to rest atop her and Donna hungrily seized Karen's mouth with her own; sliding her arms around her and holding her tight.

In the midst of their kiss, Donna rolled Karen over on her back and cupped the young woman's face in her hands as she now lay beneath her. Passion and carnal desire engulfed them; each woman could feel the other's thundering heart as their bodies and chests were mashed firmly together. Their eyes remained transfixed on each other. Donna could never get enough of Karen's intoxicating eyes. Instantly, Donna crushed her mouth to Karen's once again and her tongue explored the deep recesses of the young woman's mouth; straining desperately to taste the divine elixir of her precious soul through the passion of their kiss. The kiss soon broke and the women stared hungrily at each other. Donna felt Karen looking directly into her heart.

"Oh Karen....Oh Karen...Karen, my love." Donna panted in a near whisper.

"Easy my precious. Steady. I'm not going anywhere. I am here. I am with you. And I love you." Karen said softly.

"Can I taste you?" Donna asked breathlessly.

"Yes, my darling. Follow your heart and do what comes naturally." Karen said as she smiled.

Donna followed Karen's earlier example and proceeded to sample every inch of her flesh. Karen's sexuality was almost overwhelming and Donna never knew such passion could exist between two human beings; let alone between two women. When Donna's journey down and around Karen's body finally brought her to the young woman's sexual center, Donna knew that this was the most meaningful and magical experience of her life; Karen was truly divine. Taking the sex of another woman into her mouth for the first time, Donna Mitchell felt that at long last she was finally and truly a complete human being - her mind, body and soul were at last one. As she sampled Karen's honey sweet nectar and feasted on her divine womanhood, Donna's mind and heart filled with the assurance that she did indeed matter. That she was in fact a vibrant, pure and beautiful creation. That though she had made so many horrendous mistakes in her life, she herself, was no mistake at all. Her life had purpose. And her purpose was to be the woman God had created her to be. And from now on, with his help, she would do her best to be that woman.

Donna Mitchell and Karen Wilder remained entwined in their intense, lover's passion well into the night. They made sweet, tender love to each other; sampled each other's magnificent sexuality over and over, tasted the phenomenal elixir of each other's souls and literally explored every square inch of each other's divine nudity with their lips, tongues, hands and fingers. Donna had never experienced such a wondrous night of lovemaking. No other human being had ever before been so gentle, so compassionate, so very patient or understanding with her in the throes of sexual passion; she had never truly known what it was like to be so wantonly desired or passionately loved. Donna Mitchell was reborn.

As Karen finally fell away to sleep in her arms, Donna snuggled her tightly; holding on to her like the most cherished of earthly possessions. Gently stroking and caressing her lover's flesh, Donna's mind reviewed what had happened. As she replayed the events of the day and night past, tears welled in her eyes as a smile filled her lips. For just a mere few hours ago, this day had looked to become one of the worst of her life; perhaps even one that would drive her to a radical act of self-destruction or even death. But now, it has shown itself to be the day of rebirth; the most glorious and fulfilling day of her earthly existence. And it was all because of a gorgeous creature sent from the gates of heaven itself to rescue her - a beautiful angel named Karen. All it took was asking the Father of all for his help. And so it came. Gradually, Donna drifted off into deep and peaceful sleep. Perhaps the most rejuvenating night of rest the woman had ever known.

When Donna awoke, Karen was gone and the room was filled with bright sunshine. Glancing out the window, the sky was a deep blue and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Sitting up slowly, Donna felt like a completely new woman. She felt empowered, vibrant and totally free. As she stretched, the delectable aroma of frying bacon and eggs, toast and coffee drifted into her nostrils and made her mouth water. Springing up out of bed with the energy of a high school cheerleader, Donna immediately spotted her clothes of yesterday now washed, pressed and folded neatly atop Karen's chest of drawers. Her denim jacket too, was clean, pressed and hanging on a hanger from the brass hardware on one of the drawers; her tennis shoes waited on the floor - they too, spic and span clean.

Donna dressed, ran a brush through her hair and went out to the living room. Karen was absolutely radiant, glowing like a true Christmas angel as she stood cooking breakfast at the stove in the kitchen in a pair of gray sweat pants and a University of Texas sweatshirt.

"Good morning." Karen said exuberantly; her smile beaming.

"Good morning." Donna replied.

"Actually, it's afternoon." Karen replied.

"What time is it?" Donna asked.

"Just after one." Karen told her. "Hungry?"

"Starving." Donna said.

"I'm not surprised." Karen said. "Coffee?"

"Please." Donna said.

Karen poured a cup of coffee and brought it around the counter to Donna. Donna immediately set it down and snatched Karen into her arms.

"What. No good afternoon kiss?" Donna asked slyly.

"Of course." Karen replied and they kiss deeply. "Cream and sugar?"

"No cream. And I just got my sugar." Donna replied.

Donna and Karen sat at the small dinette table and gorged themselves on bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs and toast. They spoke very little in words, but told each other volumes with their eyes. Donna helped Karen clear away and clean up the dishes and was about to snatch her smaller lover into her arms when Karen held up her hand.

"Come outside with me. I've got a little surprise for you." Karen said.

Taking Donna by the hand, she led her outside and down the steps to the parking lot. The day was crystal clear and cool with a stiff northerly breeze, but the sunshine help keep them warm.

"Ta-Dah!" Karen said as she pointed to Donna's battered old "hoopty" in a nearby parking space.

"My truck?" Donna said in astonishment.

"Yep. Fully functioning and ready to roll." Karen said as she held out the keys to Donna.

"How?" Donna asked.

"Garrison is a small town. And small town folks look after each other. I have a good friend whose a mechanic. Actually, he's a miracle worker. So, he worked a miracle." Karen explained.

"What did I ever do to deserve you?" Donna asked.

"You asked for help, love." Karen said. Donna was silent for a long moment and her face dropped into a pitiful looking frown. "Donna? Honey, what's wrong?"

"I have to go." Donna said; her voice cracking.

"Yes you do." Karen said solemnly.

"But I don't want to." Donna admitted.

"You have to. You have to go and do what's right. You have to go and become the woman you were created to be." Karen said.

"Karen, I..." Donna began. Karen placed her hand gently on Donna's lips.

"Please don't, Donna. I hate good-byes." Karen said.

"But this doesn't have to be good-bye." Donna pleaded.

"Yes it does; at least for now, love." Karen told her and she took Donna in her arms for one final embrace. "Oh, don't be sad. You're gonna be fine. You're gonna be better than fine. I promise."

"Will we ever see each other again?" Donna whimpered.

"I don't know. That's not up to me. It's not really up to you either." Karen replied.

"I'll never forget you." Donna said.

"And I'll never forget you either." Karen replied.

"You saved my life." Donna told her.

"Not me. Now go. And just like E.T." Karen said as she placed her hand over Donna's heart. "I'll be right here."

Donna and Karen embraced once more and Donna climbed into her truck. It started right up and she rolled down the window.

"How can I ever thank you for what you've done for me?" Donna asked.

"Just remember me, love. Just remember me." Karen told her. And do for another lost and aching soul one day as I did for you."

"I will. I promise." Donna pledged.

And with that, Donna put the truck in gear and drove away. Tears slid down Karen's cheeks as she watched the truck turn the corner onto U.S. Highway 59 and disappear from sight. Donna sobbed inconsolably as she drove out of Garrison, Texas and headed south toward Houston.


Donna Mitchell was giddy as she drove her brand new 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 up Highway 59; only today she wasn't going all the way to Texarkana to see her kids. Today she was only going as far as Garrison. It had been exactly one year to the day since Donna and Karen had said good-bye. As Donna passed the Garrison City Limits sign northbound, she reflected on what had transpired in her life since that fateful night one year ago today.

As she had pulled her old "hoopty" into her parents driveway that evening, her mother and father greeted her at the door and threw their arms around her like a soldier returning from the front. They led her through the house and to the spacious spare bedroom and informed her that this was now her room. She no longer had to live in the loft over the garage. They had received a phone call from a mysterious young woman in Garrison and what she told them about the gallant actions of their daughter warmed their hearts; melting them with parental pride for the first time in years.

Then, as if the gates of heaven had opened fully, blessing after blessing and miracle after miracle flooded into Donna's life with the force of a mighty tsunami. Within two months of that fateful night, all of Donna's medical licensing was restored and she returned to her career as a Registered Nurse. Upon taking a required physical before returning to work, it was found that Donna's blood pressure had returned to normal, her kidneys and liver were miraculously healing themselves and her Hepatitis C had disappeared.

Within six months, just after celebrating a year of being clean and sober, Donna was informed that her visits with the children would no longer be supervised and it would ultimately be at her ex-husbands discretion as to how long and how often she could be with the kids. It quickly became every other weekend, Donna was even allowed to stay in the guest room of her ex's home and by Christmas, her ex-husband had moved back to Houston and offered complete joint custody. By this time, Donna had secured her own spacious three bedroom townhouse and bought herself a brand new truck. On New Year's Eve, Donna's ex-husband asked if she would be willing to make another go at their relationship. He missed her terribly and still loved her more than anyone else in the world. At the stroke of midnight, he slipped an engagement ring on her finger as he had done many years before. They kissed and ended up making love that night for the first time in nearly two years.

As Donna approached the McDonald's where her new life had begun just one year ago, her heart raced and her stomach leapt into her throat. She didn't exactly know what she would say to Karen, but she had faith that the right words would come to her. She parked the truck, checked her face in the rearview mirror and went into the restaurant, practically floating on air. It was the middle of the afternoon, well past the lunch rush, so the dining room was fairly deserted except for maybe six or seven people. Donna strode through the door and across the dining room, brimming with confidence that she once again was the healthy, vibrant and sexually alluring woman she had been in her youth. And she most certainly was. The frail, haggard shell of a wiry ex-junkie she was a year ago was long gone. Behind the counter was a handsome older man with thick gray hair and glasses; he was wearing the exact same type of bright red shirt and black slacks that Karen had been wearing when Donna had first laid eyes on her.

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