tagLoving WivesDonna's Hunting Trip

Donna's Hunting Trip


My husband's buddy, Dan, my brother-in-law, was coming over. We all get together once in awhile. Whenever Dan, my sister, and my husband and I get together we have a certain sexual understanding that we always allow to happen. When we are together, we swap partners. But sometimes one of us can't make it when we do get together, so when that happens, the three of us play together. The first time this happened, Dan had driven in and met us at a cabin where we had a rustic room rented for 3 days. It had been arranged that I was to be their sex toy for the entire time Dan was there, I was to dress so I was "available" at a moments notice; whatever and whenever they wanted me I was theirs.

I dressed skimpily and met Dan at the door with my husband, Scott. I got touched a lot over the next few hours. Before we were ready to begin, I went into another room and changed into some lingerie. When I came back out, I went over to Scott and knelt in front of him and started giving him a blowjob! When he came, I moved over and started blowing Dan. Scott came up behind me and removed my lingerie. Dan couldn't take it any longer and picked me up off my feet and carried me to the bed and jumped right on top and started pumping away. When he was done, Scott did me doggy style until he came again; then Dan did the same. We got dressed and went out for a walk in the woods.

When we got far enough out of sight, they both took off their shirts and my dress and laid out the clothes on the ground where they lay me down. One played with my breasts as the other had me missionary style; then they switched after cumming. We got dressed and kept walking, with their hands all over my body. When we got back, I cooked and served them dinner topless. After dinner, they took turns with me in various positions, neither one cumming. They switched positions before they came, so that it was over 2 hours before they were done with me. We slept together, me between them. During the night, one would wake up and make love to me. When he finished, the other, having been wakened up by us, would then have me in the same position as the first.

I didn't get much sleep that night, but I was happy and willing to do whatever they wanted me to do. The next two days were just as fun, although they did slow down a little after the first day. It was one of the most exciting times I've ever had! I enjoyed every minute of it, even if I was a little sore after. Another time they both used me like a sex toy, the three of us had gone hunting with a 4th person, Dan's brother, Tim. We tried to keep things quiet in front of Tim. So every evening after dark that we were there, five days, the three of us would go for a quick walk They would lead me off into an empty part of the forest in the dark. There they would lay their jackets down on the ground and I would take off all my clothes.

They would both play with me all over my body, but we had to be quick, so they would both quickly take turns with me. I love getting it hard, fast and deep, so they would make it a point to come as fast as possible. While I got fucked repeatedly hard, fast and deep on my knees in a dark campsite, I wished we could do more, but we couldn't risk getting caught. We got together in the same place for a week this fall, and it will be the same situation. We will have to keep our activities quiet, but I didn't know that this fall's bow season we were going to include Tim. Tim had caught his wife cheating on him, and Dan said he wasn't getting any pussy.

Thursday afternoon when Dan and Tim arrived, Tim looked a little put off with having a woman invade their boys' weekend out, but after I promised to stay out of the way, he agreed to have me come along. The drive to the cabin at Mormon lake took about two and one-half hours, so it was dark when we arrived. Scott had remarked how even he had gotten cold the last time, so he'd brought along a small space heater to add to the heat from the fireplace. As he fired up the propane heater, Dan went to turn on the breakers, and Tim started making a fire. We'd already stopped to eat dinner along the way. After everything was up and running and the cabin warmed up, it was time for a drink or two, but I wanted to change first.

The cabin was just one large room, and the way it was laid out there was a kitchen area along one wall. Another wall had one bed and large closet that used a blanket as a door. The third wall had another bed, and next to it was the cubby-hole bath and shower with no door. The last wall was of course the front door, with a window on each side. There was a table and chairs in the middle of the room for eating, and a couple of other chairs for sitting. The cot either Dan or Tim would sleep on was next to the fireplace.

The guys were already sitting at the table, and having a drink as I went to my bag and pulled out my thong, and robe. I tried not to notice, as my thong got stares from all three men, and then I went into the closet to change. When I came out with my robe wrapped tightly around me, I joined the guys at the table, and almost laughed as they each rushed to be the one to pour me a drink. Tim succeeded in pouring, as Tim held my glass. Scott just sat there with a big grin on his face.

After my first drink, I got a little tipsy and didn't really notice the top of my robe had fallen open slightly, exposing the top half of my tits. The other two guys noticed however, and even though they tried their best, they were staring. Feeling a little bit bolder, and more than a little horny, I decided to tease them, and let my robe slip open even more. Now they had a clear view of my tits, all the way down to my hard nipples. The looks of disappointment were plain to see, as eventually Scott announced that we'd better get to bed, because they all had an early morning. Scott told them he was setting the alarm for five-thirty AM, as he walked over to our bed. I got up, bent over and kissed each of the guys on the cheek, giving them each ample opportunity for a last look down my robe, and at my 36D's, and then off to bed I went.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I took off my robe, hung it on the bedpost, and slipped under the covers. As soon as I did, I felt Scott's arms around me. He was naked, having slipped off his briefs, after he'd gotten under the covers himself. I was facing away from him, and I could feel his hard cock press into my ass. I felt his hand slide under the sheets, and his fingers surround my hard nipples. His cheek was against the side of my neck, and he whispered to me that I seemed to have liked putting on my little show for the other guys. I moaned quietly, as he pinched my hard nipples, and rotated my ass back against him. He whispered in my ear again; "That's what I thought!"

Scott's hand left my tits just long enough to reach around behind me and lift up my ass. Reaching around again, he returned to rubbing my nipples. I could feel his hard cock sliding up and down my ass crack, and I knew what he was in the mood for. Whenever we started out in the spoon position like we were then, if he slid his cock between my legs, and let it slip up and down my wet slit, I knew he wanted to just fuck me from behind. I knew he was in the mood for a little sex! So, tonight it seemed, he wanted to fuck me with the other guy's in the same room!

I leaned over the side of the bed, and fumbled around in my bag, which I had left right next to me on the floor. I found the little bottle of lubricant we always used and handed it over to him. I knew he was applying it to his cock, and then I felt a slippery finger slid inside my pussy, lubing me up. As I wriggled my ass back against him, I felt his finger being replaced by the head of his hard cock. As he penetrated me, I moaned a little louder than I intended too, and I held my breath, hoping the other two men hadn't heard me, but secretly hoping they had. As Scott's cock slid inside my pussy, I pressed back, until I could feel his pubic hairs tickling my ass. We held ourselves still for a moment or two, him enjoying the hot, wetness of my pussy, and me enjoying the way his cock felt filling me up.

As Scott began to move his cock in and out of me, slowly and silently, I reached down between my legs and started rubbing my hard clit. I felt Scott's hand pull the covers down slightly, and then pulling the sheet down, exposing my tits to the cool air. His fingers started playing with my hard nipples, and I rotated my ass back against his crotch. It took me a few minutes, to realize that with Tim's bed at a right angle to our bed, he now had a clear view of us, illuminated by the fire, and he had a clear view of Scott fondling my tits. The thought excited me something terrible!

Our tempo increased, and the bed even started squeaking a bit, but we were lost in our fucking, and neither Scott nor I really noticed or cared. My body quivered with pleasure as Scott started whispering in my ear, asking me how I'd like it if his cock was in my mouth, while one of the other guy's was in my pussy, and I was jacking-off on the third. I moaned and pressed even harder back into him!

Now fantasy sex talk had always been a regular part of out love making, and added spice to the act, but right then I was really unsure how much was pure fantasy, and how much Scott really wanted it to happen! I knew I was so turned on, hot, and wet, that I would have loved it to be happening, but was he serious? I honestly didn't have that much time to think about it though, because my clit manipulation, and Scott's hard cock sliding in and out of my pussy, had me rushing toward orgasm!

As I began to cum, my vaginal muscles contracted around Scott's hard cock. I knew from experience that this would in turn trigger his orgasm, and this time was no different! I felt his cock twitch inside my pussy, and then begin to throb, as his warm, wet, cum began to fill me, causing my pussy to get even slicker, and add to both of our pleasures. Right in the middle of our mutual orgasms, I looked over at Tim's bed, and I swear I could see the covers moving rapidly, around the area of his crotch. He had to be masturbating, and the thought of that only added more to the intense pleasure I was feeling! As our orgasms subsided, Scott left his still semi-hard cock in my pussy, and eventually we fell asleep that way.

When I woke up it was around four-thirty AM, and I put my robe back on and quietly went to the toilet to pee. I forgot to mention earlier the only toilet was in the back of that big walk-in bathroom. As my pee hit the water, and then I flushed, I could swear it was loud enough to wake the dead, but when I returned to the main room, it was still filled with the sound of snoring, so I relaxed. As quietly as possible, I got out a frying pan, and as it heated up, I made coffee and set the table. The smell of the bacon frying, and the eggs cooking, as well as the hot coffee, soon woke my snoring men. As each got out of bed and made their way to the toilet, I caught a quick glimpse of their early morning hard-on's underneath their briefs. By the time they were all seated in T-Shirts and shorts, I was serving them bacon, eggs, coffee, and juice. Their mutual comment was that they had never had it so good on one of these trips before!

As the men got dressed, I made quick work of clearing the table and cleaning the kitchen. By the time they were dressed and out the door, I was ready for a shower myself. Looking out the window and making sure they were gone in their separate directions, I quickly stripped and turned on the shower. As I began soaping up my body, I thought I heard a noise. I didn't bother turning around, but instead took my time soaping up my big tits. I had a feeling, no, I knew I was being watched, and I decided to put on a real show. I made a point of taking my time soaping up my ass, and running my fingers up and down my butt crack, and then even inserting a finger into my pussy. I also paid a lot of attention to my pussy, not knowing whether it was the soap or my own juices that was making me so slick!

I had no idea who my peeping tom was, and that only added to my excitement. As I started to rinse off, I glanced over my shoulder just in time to see the front door silently closing. After drying off, I stayed naked and slipped back under the covers of our bed. I spent the next half hour masturbating myself to no less than three orgasms, and I was still damn horny! At some point I fell back to sleep, and I'd kicked most of the covers off of me as the cabin warmed up. I was naked with my ass facing the door, but half twisted around on my back so that at least one breast stuck up in the air. I never heard the sound of the door opening, and I was finally awakened by Scott shaking me and telling me I had better get dressed. I had no idea then, that all three men had seen my clearly sleeping on the bed nude, before Scott hustled them out so he could wake me.

After dressing, I made the guys sandwiches, and then after eating they were back out again. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading a very trashy romance novel, and I was sure my thong was more than a little damp by the time I got up to fix dinner. The guys got back around five, and I was busy cooking away. The men each took showers, making me promise not to look. Of course I agreed, but little did they know I did have somewhat of a distorted reflection of them in the kitchen window. The site of Scott naked turned me on, and still does to this day. It was hard to tell when Dan showered, but his cock looked to be about the same size as Scott's. Tim however was a completely different story! Even through the blurred and distorted reflection, I could clearly see that he was extremely well hung! I almost dropped a dish in the sink, as I watched him begin to soap his crotch, and I was actually glad when he finished his shower, dried off and got dressed, because I didn't know how much else I could take without turning around for a clear view!

After dinner, all three men complimented me on my cooking, and then helped me clear the table and do the dishes. More than once I felt Dan or Tim rubbing against my ass, as they put a plate or glass up. I had a feeling this was going to be a very interesting evening! As we sat drinking again around the table, Dan got up and pulled a deck of cards from the utility drawer in the kitchen.

Before Dan sat down, I got up to got pee. As I left, so did Steven. He went outside to pee. When I finished, I was about to walk back into the room, when I heard Dan whispering to Tim. Because of the alcohol, their whispers were louder than normal, and I could hear Tim telling Dan how he had spied on me taking a shower earlier that morning, and how much he'd love to fuck me. Dan made some comment about how if they got me drunk enough, maybe they all could, and he'd already cleared it with Scott! My own hubby was willing to see me get gangbanged while he watched and participated! As I came back into the room, I made enough noise to let them know I was back, and the whispering stopped. Scott came back inside then too, and as we sat down, Dan announced it was time for a card game.

We all agreed to play a little poker, and as the evening progressed I held my own, but the drinks were starting to get to me, and that is when someone suggested we switch to a friendly game of strip poker. When I looked over at Scott for advice, he was looking down and already shuffling the deck again, so I just thought what the hell! Through the first round, everyone managed to loose a hand, and as each guy elected to remove their shirts, I choose to lose my pants, leaving me in my thong, T-Shirt, and bra. It was during the next hand that the rules suddenly changed. Now when someone lost a hand, the other three could choose the article of clothing to be removed. Naturally I lost the next two hands!

First they elected for me to remove my T-Shirt, and then when I lost the second hand, my bra. I thought it was now or never, so after taking a big gulp of my drink, I reached around and unhooked my bra and then slid it off. I had my arms crossed covering what little I could of my big breasts, when Scott reached up and pulled them to my side, fully exposing me. He then reached over and rubbed one of my very hard nipples. At the same time, Dan reached up and cupped my breast, and then began playing with the other nipple. My head was spinning, as now I had two men playing with me, and I was in heaven!

Dan was the first to stand, as he slid his briefs off and his hard cock sprang free. He moved over beside my chair, and his hard cock head pressed into my lips. Without hesitation, and opened my mouth and sucked him in! He moaned and I heard him telling me to suck it. I did! Scott was the next to stand and strip, and then I turned and sucked in his hard cock, as Dan bent over slid a hand inside my thong. His comment to Scott about how wet I was only turned me on more, and made me suck harder. Last but not least, Tim stood up after watching me taking turns sucking the first two cocks. He was already naked, and as he stood and moved toward me. I was amazed at the size of his cock! He had to be at least three inches longer than either Scott or Dan, and at least half again thicker! I couldn't wait to get my hands and mouth on it, as Scott stepped back making room for Tim, I practically lunged at his huge cock! Dan again made a comment that turned me on when he said something about how I was devouring Tim's big cock!

Eventually I felt three sets of hands standing me up, and maneuver me around. Scott and Tim left for a minute, as Dan stood kissing me with two fingers buried up my wet pussy, and me stroking his hard cock. The other men grabbed a mattress off of each bed and placed them on the floor side by side, in front of the fireplace, and then helped Dan lower me onto them. Hands and lips and tongues were all over me! I'd never felt anything like it in my life! Dan was the first to climb on top of me, spread my legs, and penetrate me. For the first time in my life I would be fucked by two men in front of my hubby, and I was loving it! Dan was a hard driving pumper, and with his size cock, that was just how I wanted it. He had his hands under my ass, and was driving his cock in and out of me at a rapid pace, his balls slapping hard against my ass, and in a matter of minutes he had me cumming all over his hard cock! A minute or two later, and he was pumping his hot semen deep inside my pussy!

Almost as soon as Dan rolled off me, Tim was on top. As his big cock entered me, I thought I had died and gone to heaven! I'd never felt so stretched and full of cock in my life! I moaned loudly and almost screamed at him to fuck me! Tim's pace was a bit slower than Dan's, but the head of his cock was penetrating me and touching me way down deep in places Scott's or any other man's never had! The pure pleasure I was feeling was intense, and my moans and groans betrayed exactly how I was feeling. I looked over at Scott and he was standing there watching, stroking his own cock with one hand, while taking pictures with the other! I didn't have time to wonder if he'd taken pictures the whole time Dan was fucking me, because I was quickly heading toward another orgasm!

My second orgasm hit me even harder and deeper than my first, and that old saying about curling the woman's toes, I can sure say that Tim did just that to me! My toes were not only curled, but I was humping back up at Tim just as hard as he was fucking me, and driving me through my very intense orgasm! I could say I was coming down from that climax, but my pussy was still on fire and tingling, as Tim pulled out of me, and roughly flipped me over. He then pulled my ass into the air, and quickly thrust back inside me, fucking me from behind. Oh my God, I could now really feel him going deep inside me! The next thing I knew, I was experiencing another orgasm.

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