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Donna's Neighbor


Dear Readers,

Ever had a friend, acquaintance, or neighbor, who you always wondered about? What if they made the first move?


I was just about to settle in front of the T.V. when I heard the knock. I looked through the peephole. It was Adrian, my incredibly hot next door neighbor with the long hair and the sexy English accent. I immediately felt a flush of warmth. He moved in four years ago, and I've had a bit of a crush on him ever since. He worked in a nightclub, so our hours were very different. We waved at each other coming and going a few times every week. We had had a few conversations, the way neighbors do, about the weather, or the neighborhood, but I could count the times on one hand when we'd had a conversation that lasted more than fifteen minutes. He'd never knocked on my door before.

He probably wanted me to check his mail while he was going on vacation or borrow a cup of sugar or something.

I opened the door.

"Allo Donna," Adrian said.

"Hi Adrian," I said. "What can I do for you?" I asked.

Wicked smile at that. He leaned against the door jam.

"Would you like to come in?" I asked.

"No, love, that's alright."

"So how can I help you?" I asked.

That smile again. God, he was even hotter than I remembered.

"I was wondering if you'd like to party with me and a friend of mine tonight?"

"Ah..." Of all the things I thought he'd ask, that was not it. I was always traveling for work and I was always complaining that I didn't really know anyone in my neighborhood. I guess after all this time it would be a good idea to get my neighbor better. "Ah, sure, why not?" I said.

"Good," he said, straitening up. "Say ten o'clock then?"

"Okay," I said.

He turned around to leave and then turned back to me. "Do you have something ultra-sexy to wear?"

"Ah..." It had been a long time since I had been clubbing. "Ah..." I tried to think of anything that I had in my wardrobe that wasn't work clothes. "Ah... um... no."

"Good," he said. "I'll bring something over then."

He gave one of my strawberry blonde curls a tug and stroked one finger down my cheek and then he was gone.

"Well that was weird," I said to myself.

I looked at my watch. 7:30. I'd hop in the shower right now. This was a great idea. I hadn't been out in forever. I remember about a year ago I'd seen him with a beautiful tall brunette a few times. That's probably who he was talking about when he mentioned a friend. Maybe she liked to get up and dance when she went to the bars. Goodness knows how guys don't always like to get up and dance and girls tend to only get up and dance if a friend gets up with them.

The more I thought about it the more and more I liked the idea. I needed to get out. All work and no play makes a girl a dull... well however the saying went. Maybe I'll take a bubble bath. I ran up the stairs with a giddy laugh and a spring in my step.

I had my make-up and jewelry on and my hair in a nice updo with a few artful tendrils hanging down. My robe was really short so I was wearing my sweats under it when Adrian knocked at a quarter to ten.

"Allo again, Love," he said.

"Ah...hi." It was still weird to see him at my door.

He handed me a shopping bag.

"So see you at my house in fifteen minutes?"

"Okay," I said.

He left. I went upstairs to get dressed.

The dress was a black leather dress with a zipper all the way down the front and a red detail around the waist made to look like a belt. He'd included a black bra. I looked at the tag. My size. Good guess. He'd included shoes. Wowza! Those were freaking high heels.

I put on the bra. WHOA. That was not just a bra. That was a MAJOR push-up bra. I looked down at myself. Holy moly. I'm about a C cup but I looked like a triple D in that bra. I couldn't see anything down past my boobs in that bra. I wasn't sure the dress would fit over the bra. On the one hand, it was strange that he got it for me, on the other hand it was probably meant to go with the dress and I definitely wanted to keep it.

He hadn't included underwear, which I considered a good thing; I mean that would have been kind of creepy. Only, I'm sure I didn't have any undergarments nearly as nice as the bra. All the underwear I have are the boring comfortable kind. I rummaged through my underwear drawer and came up with nothing that even remotely matched. Not that it mattered, nobody was going to see it, but I would know. I didn't want to wear granny panties with an awesome bra like this and an amazing leather dress.

I thought about it and remembered a pair of pink lace boy shorts that I had bought years ago but had never worn. They were in a box in the bottom of my closet. I dug them out. I put them on. I looked in the mirror. Perfect.

Okay, I told myself. Now the dress. It had a tight bodice and a very short, loose flowing skirt. Jeez, is this what they are wearing to the clubs these days? I zipped the neck down until it showed a ton of cleavage. That would never do, definitely too slutty. Way not me. Truth is, I haven't dated much, I'm pretty shy, and it's a good thing Adrian brought something over because I certainly didn't have anything like this in my closet.

I zipped the zipper all the way up to my neck. The leather formed like second skin to my torso this way, making my breasts look even bigger. No, that's definitely not good either. I opened the zipper just a little bit. The leather relaxed some and so did I.

"Phew," I said out loud.

I looked at my watch. I had to get a move on if I didn't want to be late.

I looked at the shoes. Those laces looked complicated. I slipped them on. They fit perfectly.

Had Adrian noticed me more than he let on?

I laced the black leather laces all the way up my calves. Is this the way they were supposed to go? I stood up gingerly. Freakin' A, these heels must be six inches high. I will never be able to dance in these. Fuck. I looked in my closet. Sling backs. No. Blue flats. No. Sandals. No. Running shoes. Jeesh. The one inch Steve Maddens I wore to great Aunt Jane's funeral. Yes!

I grabbed, my small-heeled dress shoes, and walked carefully down the stairs. I was walking out my front door when I thought this outfit needed pantyhose. Or better yet stockings. Ah, fuck that.

I walked to Adrian's house. The shoes were surprisingly comfortable. As long as I swung my ass a little and watched my step I could actually walk in them without worrying about falling down.

I rang Adrian's bell and he let me in right away. He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek as he let me in. I walked in and I saw a man leaning against the dining room table. Adrian locked the dead bolt behind me and it made a very loud click, locking us all in together.

"Ah..." I said.

"Donna, this is John, he was my roommate in University and he just moved to the states a few months ago."

"Ah..." I said again.

"He's my guest, Donna," Adrian said. I got the distinct feeling I was missing something. "I'm going to make him feel welcome."

"Um..." I said.

"Would you like a drink, love?" Adrian said.

"Um, yeah," I said.

What's with this calling me Love like he throws it around all the time stuff? I thought. I know he grew up in England and all, but he never called me Love before. Curious.

"Sure," I said.

"Follow me," Adrian said.

I followed Adrian into the kitchen, putting my purse down on the dining room table and my spare pair of shoes down below it on the way. I hadn't been in Adrian's house before, but the layout of his house was almost identical to mine.

"What will you have, Donna? Beer, wine, a mixed drink?"

"Um, I don't usually drink," I said.

He smiled at me. "Of course not," he said.

"Maybe a girly drink?" I asked. Then I wondered if it sounded stupid. I realized John had come up behind me.

"A creamy girly drink or a fruity girly drink?" Adrian asked.

"Fruity," I answered.

Adrian made me a drink. It was way stronger than I expected. I took a sip and put it down on the counter. Adrian picked it up and handed it to me. "No," he said. "Drink up."

Something in the way he said it, so firmly, had me obeying automatically. I took a few big sips. I went to put it down.

"No," he said. "Finish it."

"I'm not used to drinking," I said.

"That's okay," he said, "finish it."

I did. "It was really good," I said. And it was.

I looked over at John; he still hadn't said anything. "I expected a girl," I said.

"Really?" Adrian said. That seemed to amuse him. I couldn't figure out why.

I felt a tiny bit of a buzz, and it made me happy. Then in a quick move, so quick it was almost too quick to follow, Adrian grabbed both my arms and held them straight down behind me, holding my wrists together. It was a weird thing to do, and made no sense, but oddly enough it felt kind of good, as if he were holding me up instead of just holding my arms back.

"When are we leaving?" I asked.

"We're not going anywhere," he said. "We're staying in," he said.

"I'm confused," I said.

Adrian cuffed my wrists together with some kind of padded thick wrist cuff. I pulled my wrists against them. I had less than an inch that I could pull them apart.

I blinked fast. The alcohol had hit me really hard but I was becoming less confused by the second.

Adrian put his lips to my ear and unzipped my dress an inch. He took one finger and caressed the swell of my breast that the dress revealed.

"Wait, wait, what?" I said. I blinked fast. He never said we were going to a club, I just assumed that. The way he pulled down the zipper on my dress an inch wasn't to get it where he wanted for a fashion statement. It was pure sex. He was interested in me. That way. This was a surprising turn of events. And my body was so on board. Unfortunately my mind was still taking a minute to catch up.

Adrian ever so lightly caressed my collarbones, making me shiver.

"You're going to do anything and everything I want you to do, aren't you?"

What the hell?

"I'm not so sure about that," I said. I wasn't hostile or fighting him. My mind was so far behind where he was leading I was trying to wrap my mind around this situation and catch up.

"Wrong answer," he growled and unzipped the dress another inch. He caressed further down my breast, lower, the part that was now exposed. My God, that felt good.

"You're going to do what I want you to do, right?"

"Ah...maybe?" I said.

Growl from Adrian.

"Wrong. Answer." He unzipped the dress another two inches. Adrian slipped his hand into the dress and pinched my nipple through the bra. And that was it, my body flooded with wetness and desire.

Oh, God, I liked this game.

"Don't make me ask you too many times Donna. Now, you're going to do whatever I want. You're going to do EXACTLY what I want. When I want. How I want. When I ask it. You're going to do everything that I want, right? Aren't you?"

"I think so," I said. "I don't know."

"Well, let me help you decide," he said.

And he twisted my head hard and brought it back to him for a kiss. It was an onslaught. Like he had complete control and he was making love to my mouth. My neck muscles went completely limp. It was a good thing he was holding the back of my head because I could no longer hold it up.

With his other hand he pulled one breast out of the top of the bra, pushing it up even higher. He found one nipple and kneaded it between his fingers.

I whimpered into his mouth.

He laughed and broke the kiss. "Now that's a good girl," he said.

God, I don't think I ever had anyone say something to me that made me feel as good as when he praised me like that or as hot as what he had said before. Yes, it had taken me a minute to wrap my head around what he was doing but now I got it, and oh I got it BIG time. He was establishing himself as dominant. And, oh fuck, I liked it.

"I've never done anything remotely, remotely like this," I said looking at Adrian.

"I figured that," he said. He put his lips to my ear. "I like that. Pure. Fresh. I'm going to taint you. Despoil you. It will be my pleasure."

I got even wetter.

Then I remembered John. I looked at him. "Oh, fuck," I said.

They both laughed.

"And John's going to watch?" I asked.

They both laughed again.

"Shit," I said. "Oh, God."

With a fast move Adrian yanked the zipper of the dress down to the waist and opened the top halves of the dress up. John reached out and touched my cleavage. Instinctively I jerked away from him but Adrian was right behind me so my arms and back bumped into Adrian's front.

"No," Adrian growled drawing the word out, "bad girl."

"Sorry," I said, but I didn't relax or move back into John's hands, "He surprised me."

Adrian gave me a little bump forward, which moved me into John, but John just caressed me lightly and stepped back, like he sensed it was too soon.

Adrian gave a sharp little downward tug on my wrists. I got it. Bad girl.

Adrian came around in front of me.

"This is NOT how I expected the evening to go," I said.

"Too bad," Adrian said, all sexy accent, sly smile, and wicked humor.

I couldn't help it. I smiled back at him. This was already WAAAAAAY not how I expected the evening to go. But who wants to go to a loud, smelly, noisy club, when they could have their hottie neighbor who'd they'd been crushing on smile at them like that? Adrian bent down and slowly licked my cleavage. "Too bad? I mean, too good. I didn't want you to suspect ahead of time. I wanted to surprise you." He sucked on my nipple. Then he stopped. "Surprised?"

I couldn't talk. I was surprised all right.

Adrian walked back around behind me.

"John," Adrian said in a firm commanding voice. "Go get a chair."

"Donna," Adrian said and kissed up my neck. "Do you want me to stop?" He caressed my arms.

"Ah...no," I said, I sounded tentative, unsure. There was a moment's pause. If I wanted to leave, if I wanted to back out, the time was now. "No," I said more firmly. "I don't want you to stop."

Adrian ghosted his lips over my neck, blazing roads of arousal from everywhere he touched to all points south.

"But...ah...shouldn't I have a safe word?"

His lips were at my ear again. "You won't need a safe word," he said. "Because I'm going to do what I want to do to you, and John's going to do what I tell him to do to you, and you're going to like it."

That shouldn't be so hot.

Adrian put his hand on the outside of my thigh and slowly ran it up my leg, and then under my skirt.

"But shouldn't I have a safe word," I repeated, "You know, just in case?"

I could feel him smile against my ear. "How about, 'stop'?"

I nodded.

He whispered. "Are you wet yet Donna?"

I didn't answer. I was a little embarrassed to say, 'Hell, yeah'.

"Because I'll tell you something. I'll listen for you to say stop. I'll listen for your breath to catch, and I'll listen for your moans, I'll listen for any noise you'll make for me. But my fresh, pure, ripe, unspoiled peach, of all the sounds you make, I don't think it's going to be stop."

I let my head fall back on his shoulder.

Damn right it won't. So far this has been the most amazing night of my life. Not that I'm going to tell him that.

John had come back with the chair.

Adrian apparently gestured with his head because John put the chair slightly in front of me but also partially to the side.

Adrian's hand continued up my thigh. He stopped when his hand reached the edge of my boy short underwear.

"You're wearing panties," he said. He did not sound pleased.

"Yeah, well. I thought we were going out clubbing. I was not about to come over here commando.

"John," Adrian said in a very directing voice. "Take them off her."

Yank down on the wrists for me. I got it. Bad girl.

John slid his hands up the outside of my thighs until he came to the top band of the underwear. He slowly dragged them down. I stepped out of them. He stuck them in his front pocket.

"Hey!" I said.

Yank on the wrists from Adrian. Adrian's finger in front of my lips. I stopped my protest.

Adrian put his forearm between my shoulder blades, forcing my breasts further out. He used his other hand to find a nipple and knead it up again. I moaned. That man had some very talented fingers.

"Do you like that little slave?" he asked.

Of course I liked that. It felt fantastic.

"Answer me," Adrian said.

"Yes, yes, I like it." I paused. It seemed like he was waiting for something else. Oh. "Sir."

"Then beg me," Adrian said.


It took me a second.

"Please, Adrian. I want it, please, more of that," I said.

A soft chuckle in my ear. The kind when a man is really pleased with himself.

"Don't stop Adrian, please don't stop, I'm begging you."

"John," Adrian said in a commanding voice. "DO IT."

John unzipped the bottom of my skirt a little bit and took one of my legs and put the bottom of my shoe on the edge of the chair, the heel catching smartly on the edge, the rim, and the underside. He tilted my knee outward. All of this was very fast, less than a second, and then he was THERE, his entire face in my core and MY GOD, whatever the hell he was doing it was total magic, something like I never felt before, something beyond what I could possibly imagine.

It was like cocaine on steroids, sweet torture times one thousand, something I had absolutely no reference for. Who was this guy?

Like someone struck live wires all over my body I began to shake. John was all over my clit, licking, biting, sucking, and I was dripping, soaking liquid like I couldn't believe.

My heart rate shot beyond safe levels, I couldn't think, I was so overwhelmed by John's tongue, his face, fuck, his hands, spreading me, everything overwhelming, powerful, burning, beyond intense, like white light was blindly exploding out of my center throughout the whole room and he hadn't even started yet.

Most. Wonderful. Feeling. Ever.

I was dimly aware of something going around my arms, right above my elbows, some sort of rubber strap maybe. Adrian was yanking it tight, forcing my arms tighter together and my shoulder blades to move together and my chest to pop out more. I felt a rope around my upper arms and then I heard a click, and there was a collar, tight around my neck and I heard metal on it, but I couldn't focus because then I was shaking and shaking more and then shaking so violently I thought I would break apart.

"Help," I whispered.

I tried again.

"Help," I said louder.

The leg I was standing on was trembling. I was heating up to liquid. An orgasm was rushing at me so fast I didn't know what to do. All of my weight was on one leg and I was bursting into flame and I couldn't balance and I was panicking and Oh, my, God whatever John was doing it felt so good.

"Adrian HELP me," I yelled.

Adrian grabbed me around the waist, circling one arm up to hold my breast and one arm low to grab my abdomen hard, completely supporting my weight and I came hard.

Really hard.

And I screamed.

And still John kept going.

I began convulsing, racking spasms of pleasure, my moans getting louder and louder as my toes tingled and more and more thick honey poured out of me and I was about to beg for mercy and as if from a great distance I heard Adrian say, "John stop for a minute."

Immediately John backed off.

I collapsed like a rag doll, only Adrian's arms held me up.

Adrian shook me.

"Anything you'd like to say to John, little slave?" Adrian asked.

I couldn't speak. An aftershock shivered through me and I trembled.

"What do you say to the nice man, little girl?" Adrian asked.

"Do I say...Did I have a stroke?" I asked.

They both laughed.

"Ah....thank you? For being mind-bending to the point of changing the laws of the physics? Um... how about...am I dead? Cause I'm seeing floating spots and ..."

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