tagGroup SexDonna's Summer Afternoon

Donna's Summer Afternoon


It was a very warm summer day. My girlfriend was headed to the beach and I said I would leave work early to meet her there. She said she would wait for me along the edge of the dunes on a secluded part of the beach. I knew she wouldn't be sitting alone for long. She was in her early 40's with fiery red hair, a long lean torso leading down to a tight little butt. Her breasts were those of a teenager, firm pert, and a beautiful handful that just asked to be licked and sucked. Her tits were the type that would stay pert forever. Her legs were as long and as lean as her torso. Her pussy was neatly shaved and as tight as a teen. She was often told she looked like a famous, very hot actress. Guys were always putting down their beach blankets next to hers.

Our relationship had been on and off again lately. She blamed it on my lack of commitment, but I knew it was really because of our similar hot tempers and constantly escalating arguments. (Plus the fact that I was in a stagnant marriage, but with great kids who needed a full time father) Yet the attraction between us was irresistible. We definitely knew we loved each other deeply.

I called her when I left work and said I was going to run home and get my board in case the waves were good. She asked me to pick up some beer as she only grabbed a couple on her way out the door. I said no problem. She then told me to hurry as she was so fucking horny. I knew being at the beach in the afternoon always made her hot and her pussy dripping wet. I couldn't wait to see her in her tiny little bikini. God! She was a hot piece!

I stopped at a local beach bar to grab some brew and got caught up in a conversation with 3 guys who were also headed out to hit the surf before it got too late. After a few beers I said they were welcome to join me at the far part of the beach where my girl was. Waves were usually good there. They said they would follow in their cars.

We got there late in the afternoon and were disappointed to see the waves sucked. We walked up to my girl's blanket and put our boards down. I could see she was a little upset that I hadn't come alone. At least no one was sitting around her; she seemed to have the whole beach to herself.

The guys said they had to pee and headed up into the dunes. My girl said she also had to pee badly and would I go with her up in into the dunes to keep look out while she did so. I said it would be my pleasure; I loved watching her squat to pee outdoors! We walked up in the dunes and found a clearing with lots of bushes around. She had me stand in front of her so she could hold onto my hands as she squatted down, then slid down her bikini bottoms. Damn! That was hot! As she was peeing she told me how wet her pussy was and how she had rubbed it while waiting for me. My dick was hard as a rock by this time and I thought what the fuck? Why not. I pulled down my Baggies and grabbed a hold of her hair as I pushed my dick between her lips. She protested but I knew she loved this. As she was sucking my dick I watched as the 3 guys quietly came up behind her to watch.

When she finally noticed them she took out my cock and said, whoa, whoa,
whoa. I told her to just with it and give the guys a little show. I also knew this was one of her fantasies. She asked if I was sure and I said go for it. With that she when back to sucking my dick like there was no tomorrow and my God could she suck cock! She said it was because her dentist told her she had a small mouth. I just knew she enjoyed it big time. The guys dropped their shorts and came up next to her while stroking their cocks. She sucked even harder when she saw their dicks. I knew another fantasy of hers was to suck off a group of guys together. Two of the guys were younger and one was about my age. Three of us had similar sized dicks but one younger guy had a larger fat cock. I saw the want in her eyes and took my cock out of her mouth and said go ahead, I know you want to. She immediately turned her head and put the young guy's fat cock in her mouth, after a minute she turned and started to suck another guy while stroking a dick in each hand. The older guy kneeled behind her and undid her top, freeing her beautiful breasts. He went quickly for them, sucking on one while pulling the nipple of the other. I was enjoying this as much as she was and decided to see how far she would go.

The sounds she made as she sucked and licked their balls (another passion of hers) were incredible. She kept saying how hot this was and how bad she wanted me to fuck her while she sucked their dicks. I told one of the younger guys to go get the big blanket. He came back and spread it out behind her. I watched as she let go of one of the cocks and thrust two fingers in her pussy then taking them out and sucking them clean while looking me in the eye. The little slut knew how much this turned me on. She quickly went back to sucking the guy's dicks again. You could see the juices running down her thighs. I told the guy with the big dick to lie down on his back. I then told my girl to turn around and straddle his dick; she hesitated for only a second then climbed on him. We watched as she worked his big cock slowly inside her, constantly saying "Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck ". When he was finally in he reached around to get her ass, I told him to squeeze her tits while I kneeled down and grabbed her ass cheeks. I knew she liked help sliding up and down on a cock while getting her ass slapped playfully, she also liked me to slip a wet finger in her tight asshole often. I pushed her cheeks apart and slid her up and down on his dick. She was still sucking the two guys kneeling by her face. This was turning me on like never before. I leaned in and stuck my tongue in her ass, poking it in and out as I moved her back and forth on the big dick. I could feel his balls hitting my chin.

I suddenly had a thought; if I was ever to fuck her in the ass this was now my chance. She claimed she'd never been fucked in the ass before. I slowly slid down to my dick was behind her little tight hole, and then wet my cock with all the spit I had. Spreading her cheeks further apart I pushed the head of my dick in. She moaned loudly, but didn't resist. I was in heaven; I kept pushing in as he pulled out. I could see one of the guys pull his dick from her mouth and shoot his cum down the side of her face. This didn't slow her down a bit. I could tell she was cumming by the sounds she was making. The dick in her pussy was coated a milky white with her cum. The guy in her pussy said he was gonna cum soon, so I pulled my dick out of her and told him to take it out and shoot it on her ass. I watched as glob after glob of cum spurted on her cheeks and down the crack of her ass. I was so hot I pushed his dick away and pushed my cock right through the middle of his cum and back into her ass. I came almost immediately, shooting a huge load of cum deep in her ass. I lay there for a second catching my breath then stood up and pulled her up on her knees facing me, I told her to suck my cock clean and if she did a good job I'd let her lick her juices off the cock that was just in her pussy.

He also stood and held his softening dick in front of her face. She protested, saying she didn't want her ass juices in her mouth. One of the younger guys came and kneeled next to her. He grabbed her hair and told her to suck it or he would make her suck it. She wouldn't, then to my surprise he pushed her mouth onto the guys cock next to me telling her to suck it, at the same time he leaned over and took my cock in his mouth. At first I became pissed off, then I saw her reaction, she said "Oh my God! That's hot. Don't take it out" It didn't feel too bad so I let him keep sucking. This little fagot was a pretty good cocksucker. My girl friend was sucking the guy hard again as I watched. The guy sucking my dick kept asking someone to fuck him. No way I thought to myself. This was my first and last homo experience. I looked around for the third guy but he had left after cumming on my girls face, then to my surprise the guy she was sucking got up and walked behind the guy sucking me, pushed him to his knees then we watched as he shoved his huge dick in this guy's ass.

My girlfriend laid on her back so she could see, then pulled her legs up to her tits and told me to fuck her hard and fast right now. She was fucking digging this gay shit! I thought fucking A right I'll fuck you, lets do it. I mounted her and fucked her for all I was worth! I listened as she came again. (I love that sound!) I came quickly after she did. We watched in amazement as this guy fucked this kids ass. He shot his load right in the kid's ass as the kid was jerking off his own cock and shooting a stream of cum on the blanket. The two of us lay there as the guy helped the kid up. They thanked us and said it was getting dark soon and they'd better be going, then left. We lay there awhile longer content just to spoon for a while. She kissed me and said that was the amazing sex she'd ever had.

We causally got up collected our belonging, then went back to her house for a long hot shower, the a slow sensual fuck, followed by a long nap, snuggled in each others arms.

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