tagGroup SexDonnia Ch. 1

Donnia Ch. 1

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Donnia Ch. 1: Honeymoon Gangbang

This is a true story of how my wife and I enjoy our overseas holidays. Donnia and I have been together since we were sixteen. We were twenty when we were married and had very little sexual experience with other people. We are both from close families and have responsible jobs. Therefore we have to be careful of gossip and our public image. We are now twenty-eight and I have been busting to tell someone of our solution to this problem. Posting our story seemed the best way to share our experiences anonymously. Please enjoy.

* * * * *

Donnia and I decided to spend our honeymoon in beautiful Bali. We arrived on a Sunday, the day after our wedding. We were a little hung over from our wedding reception, so we just wandered around Kuta doing the touristy things, sightseeing and a little shopping. That evening we had a quiet dinner at our hotel and called it an early night. The following afternoon we decided to hit the beaches.

The beaches around Kuta are congested and full of tourists. We asked some locals about the best beaches and they informed us of a little surf beach about eight miles from Kuta near a village called Uluwatu. So Donnia and I hired a car and surfboard and headed for the beach.

It was a beautiful beach with white sand and good surf; best of all there was not a tourist in sight. There were only a few local lads surfing. Donnia stripped down to her bikini, set a towel down on the beach and lay down to sun bake.

I waxed my board and hit the surf. I paddled to where the locals waited on their boards for the next wave. The local lads, all in their teens, greeted me warmly in the usual pleasant Balinese manner. The lads and I chatted in between waves and we told each other a little of our life stories. It struck me that they looked different from most Balinese in that they had bleached red blond hair with dark roots, apparently from constant exposure to the sun and the salt. We surfed and chatted for about an hour in that perfect tropical paradise.

I decided I had had enough surf for one day so I paddled to the beach and sat with Donnia. She had removed her bikini and was working on her already impressive all over tan. Se looked beautiful lying there with her long brown hair and small firm breasts. There were minute droplets of sweat on her flat stomach and long tanned legs. She looked up at me with her emerald green eyes and gorgeous smile, asking if I had enjoyed my surf. I replied it was unreal, leaned over and kissed my new bride.

I placed my towel down and lay down next to Donnia to enjoy the sun’s rays. We must have drifted off to sleep for we didn’t hear the four lads that I had earlier been surfing with approach. We snapped back into wackiness as the lads flopped down on the sand next to us. Donnia blushed with embarrassment as she hurriedly reattached her bikini under the lingering gaze of the lads.

“Donnia, may I introduce Indra, Jdja, Teguh and Ridwan. Guys this is my wife Donnia.”

Four sets of eyes looked her tan body up and down as they each shook her hand in turn. As soon as the introductions were done Indra produced a bottle of local alcohol and offered us a drink. He passed the bottle to Donnia. She took a swig and began to cough violently. She passed the bottle on to me. It was a strong but pleasant tasting drink unlike anything I had tasted before.

We sat around drinking and joking with the Balinese lads for close to two hours. It was beginning to get dark. Donnia suggested we go before it was too dark to find our way back to the car. We said our good-byes to the lads, but the booze was even stronger than I thought and as I stood to leave I stumbled and fell back down to my knees. Donnia didn’t fare any better.

“I can't drive like this.” I remarked.

Donnia asked the lads if one of them could drive us. They all shook their heads. It was a silly question and slightly insulting; most Balinese don’t drive and are too poor to own a car.

Djaja pointed to the hills behind the beach. “There’s a small shack that surfers use not far from here. You can stay the night there if you like.”

Unsteadily, Donnia pulled on her denim shorts and put her arm around Djaja for support. The six of us stumbled along the beach, then down a short jungle track that led to the native shack. It was already quite dark on the jungle track. A dim light emanating from within the shack illuminated the last part of our journey.

Ridwan opened the door. Donnia gasped and took a huge step backward almost falling over. On the dirt floor of the shack was a mattress and laying on the mattress was a beautiful teenage Balinese girl and laying on top of her was a slim lad slamming his cock in and out of her pussy. At the same time another youth’s cock occupied her mouth. Still two more fondled her breasts.

“What’s going on here?” I exclaimed as Donnia regained her balance.

“Don’t worry.” my friend Teguh replied, placing his arm around my shoulder. “That’s just Yanti. She’s the local slut. All the local guys use her for their pleasure. The guys will be finished with her soon. Then you and Donnia can have the shack to yourselves.”

Donnia and I entered the shack feeling very uneasy. Ridwan ushered us over to a rug in a corner of the shack; the six of us were seated. We looked on at the orgy occurring no more than three meters from us. Donnia held my hand and I could feel her trembling slightly.

Before long the youth plowing the young girl let out a cry, emptying his gooey load in her pussy. As soon as he withdrew he was quickly replaced by one of the other lads. He then got dressed and picked up a bottle of alcohol from next to the mattress and joined the rest of us seated on the rug. We joked and drank as the bottle was passed around our little group. The other lads continued their fun with the young beauty.

“What do you think of my little slut?” Indra asked me, nodding towards Yanti.

“She’s beautiful.” I replied. I was not exaggerating; she had a typical petite Balinese figure. She had small features dark tan skin, long brown hair and small perky breasts.

When the guy fucking the young native girl added his load to that of the first, he to joined us in drink and conversation. Donnia and I had begun to feel more relaxed with what was going on. Maybe it was the drink, or maybe the disarming, easy-going manner of the youths. Whatever the reason by the time the third youth squirted his cum into that pretty girl’s cunt, Donnia and I were quite relaxed.

Donnia passed the alcohol to Indra. “You asked Mark what he thought of your little slut. Does that mean that Yanti’s your girlfriend?” Donnia asked.

The lads broke out in laughter at her question. “No that was just a figure of speech. She can’t be anyone’s girlfriend. She’s damaged goods.”

Indra gestured towards his friends. “The slut has fucked all of the young guys in our village and the entire district for that matter. If someone from the village was to marry her, he would be shunned by the entire village population - even his family. A girl has to be a virgin for her to be married.”

Donnia looked slightly annoyed. “That’s hardly fair. “It’s ok for guys to screw around, but it’s not all right for her to do the same.”

Indra quizzed Donnia. “Is it not the same for you?”

The lads looked shocked as Donnia explained that she was not a virgin when we married. Teguh asked how many men she had been with.

“Four. But four or four hundred it shouldn’t make any difference.” she replied.

Djdjas looked to me. “Did you know about the other guys?”

“I knew she wasn’t a virgin.” I said. “But I never asked her the details.”

He looked at me with surprise on his face. “And you’re ok with that?” I just nodded.

“What about after you’re married?” Ridwan asked.

I shrugged my shoulders. “That depends. It’s not acceptable for either partner to screw around behind the other’s back, but some couples agree to what we call an open marriage. They might join swingers groups or some swap partners with other married couples. Basically whatever they agree to.”

“Do you guys have an open marriage?” Indra inquired.

“We did consider it when we were dating.” Donnia told him. “But we both have old fashion families and work in conservative jobs. Even in our culture there are many people that don’t agree with that type of thing. If people found out it might cause trouble. So we decided against it.”

The lads looked at each other and shook their heads. “Different world.” Djdja commented.

Just then the forth lad mixed his sperm with that of the others. The youth called out to Indra, “Do you want to go next?” but Indra shook his head. “We’ve all had her many times before but maybe Mark would like to fuck her.”

I was shocked at Indra's suggestion. Indra continued. “Here’s your chance for an open marriage. Your family and friends aren’t here to see you now and no one will ever know.”

Donnia, drunk and having lost her inhibitions, grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes. “He’s right. Go for it. I want to watch you fuck that young slut.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“I want you to.” she replied.

The youths egged me on as I slowly got to my feet and walked to where the beautiful Balinese girl lay. I bent down next to her and kissed her sweet mouth. I thrust my tongue between her lips and she sucked on it as if it was a cock. Her mouth tasted like honey. I barely noticed as she skillfully ran her hand inside my shorts and began manipulating my balls and rock hard cock. I quickly removed my shirt and shorts.

Yanti gently kissed me again as she whispered something to me that I didn’t understand, then smiling she moved her mouth to my cock and took its full length deep into her throat in one heavenly thrust and immediately began moving up and down the stalk, stopping every few strokes to rim my cockhead with her tongue. That beautiful young slut gave head with the skill that can only come from plenty of practice.

I soon felt my balls tighten and I shot streamer after streamer of cum into her mouth. She eagerly swallowed every drop without spilling any. I looked up at Donnia sitting with the lads on the rug. She was clearly turned on by what she had witnessed as she smiled her approval to me.

I wasn’t yet finished with that Balinese beauty. I still wanted to experience her sweet pussy. So I kissed her soft neck then worked my way down to her nubile breasts. I could taste the salty sweat on her perfect skin from her marathon workout. I worked her sweet breasts with my mouth and hands until I was ready to go again. It wasn’t long before my cock was rock hard and I positioned my body between her smooth legs. As I slid my cock into her cum soaked pussy it occurred to me this was the first girl other than Donnia I had been with in four years. A squelching sound filled the room as the youths’ cum squeezed out of her cunt and passed the stem of my cock with each stroke. My head spun from the alcohol and lust as I felt the warm depths of the slut’s cunt. As I fucked her, Yanti kissed me softly and I picked up the pace plowing hard into her. The youths cheered as we locked together in bliss. Gradually we settled into a much smoother, steadier rhythm. It went on like that for about ten minutes, when Yanti’s cunt walls began grabbing at my cock. She began to moan and convulse in orgasm. The youths were again yelling encouragement. I couldn’t hold out any longer and with three final thrusts my spunk mixed with that of the youths.

I cleaned myself up with my towel and then handed it to the young girl to clean up the unbelievable mess between her legs. She then dressed quickly saying that she had to get home to the village before she got in trouble with her family. She kissed me, waved to the others and was gone.

Donnia wrapped her arms around me from behind as I stood in the doorway watching the beautiful Balinese girl disappear down the jungle track.

“Watching you fuck that young slut made me so hot.” Donnia whispered in my ear. “It has been one of my biggest fantasies to watch you with another girl.”

I turned and kissed her. Our lips locked with passionate exhilaration for several minutes. I then looked her in the eyes and said, “Indra is right. We are on holidays and we do not know anybody in Bali. We basically can do as we please. I want you to live out all your fantasies.”

There was a look of excitement on Donnia’s face. And she said, “You had better be careful what you wish for or you might get it.”

When I said nothing she frowned and asked, “Are you serious?”

I simply smiled and nodded. She smiled back. “There is a fantasy I have had since I was a young teenager but have never dared act on.”

Our conversation was cut short by the four youths that had earlier fucked Yanti brushing passed us on their way out the door, declaring that we needed more booze and they headed for the village. I was just contemplating what I might have let myself in for, when Indra grabbed my arm.

“Did you enjoy my friend Yanti?” he asked, handing me the bottle of alcohol.

“She was superb.” I replied and swallowed the last of the booze.

Teguh switched on a small battery radio, tuning it to a local rock channel. The four remaining lads began dancing and singing along with the radio. Donnia took my hand and we joined the youths. We all danced and sang in the little hut. After a few minutes of dancing I began to get lightheaded from the alcohol so I left the others to their dancing and sat back down on the rug in the corner. Donnia looked beautiful dancing with the youths in her bikini top and denim shorts, softly illuminated by the lanterns hanging from the shack roof.

Indra placed his hands on Donnia’s waist as they danced and I noticed he was working his way in closer and closer. A few minutes later Indra wrapped his arms entirely around Donnia and pulled her hard against him sliding his right leg between her legs so that his thigh rubbed against her pussy. Donnia responded by wrapping her arms around him. She was obviously enjoying the attention, as they ground their bodies together.

Djdja joined them, pressing his body against Donnia from behind, running his hands over her naked belly. Donnia responded by grinding her butt into his groin. I was amazed as I watched my beautiful, usually conservative wife dirty dancing with the youths like a cheap bar slut. But I could hardly complain as I had only minutes before given her permission to live her fantasies and she had just allowed me to fuck the young Balinese girl.

The other two lads joined their friends, taking up position either side of her. Donnia was surrounded on all sides; their bodies meshed as the group moved and swayed to the music.

Donnia shot me a smile as five of them danced and sang. I think the thing that surprised me most of all was just how turned on I was watching the youths dirty dance with my new bride, rubbing themselves against her and fondling her arms, belly and legs. I only hoped Donnia wasn’t too drunk to know what she getting herself into.

Donnia embraced Indra in a passionate kiss. Their lips locked and their tongues entwined in a frenzied dance. Djdja responded by running his hands over Donnia’s bikini top, cupping her breasts, he began to squeeze and manipulate them. The treatment Donnia was receiving from the lad’s probing hands caused her to gasp and throw her head back, breaking her kiss with Indra.

Teguh quickly turned her face to him and she eagerly took his tongue into her mouth, at the same time Indra undid the button on Donnia’s shorts. Sliding his hand inside he ran his fingers over her dark thatch and into her wet slit. Donnia thrust her pussy against Indra's hand as he explored her depths with his one finger then two.

Djdja undid Donnia’s bikini top allowing it to drop to the floor exposing her firm breasts. The lads immediately went to work fondling and sucking on her hard nipples.

Donnia broke her kiss with Teguh and exclaimed, “O’ FUCK, YES THAT’S GOOD!”

Donnia soon stood completely naked, lost in pleasure as the youths’ hands explored every region of her body. It was impossible to keep track of what all those hands, fingers, mouths, and tongues were doing to her gorgeous body.

Ridwan temporarily stepped back from the action in order to remove his clothes. He then stepped up placing his hands on Donnia’s shoulders and gently pushed her to her knees. He held his hard seven-inch cock in front of her face. My sack churned as my bride eagerly wrapped her sweet lips around the Balinese youth’s cock. Ridwan placed his hand behind Donnia’s head and began sliding his cock in and out, fucking her mouth like a cunt. With each stroke he worked his shaft further into Donnia’s throat until she took the entire length of his cock, her face burred into his belly. The other youths watched the action as they undressed.

Ridwan picked up the pace as Djdja lay between Donnia’s legs and buried his face into her wet pussy. Donnia swayed her hips back and forth as Djdja lapped at her pussy furiously. She was savoring the attention she was receiving from both ends. Soon Ridwan sunk his cock deep into Donnia’s throat, and arching his back, he let out a groan as he emptied his load into Donnia’s sweet throat. Donnia swallowed feverishly, trying not to choke on the flood in her mouth. Cum ran out the side of her mouth down her chin and onto her breasts. Donnia continued to suck Ridwan until she had sucked every last drop of cum from his now limp cock.

As Ridwan withdrew he was quickly replaced by Teguh; Donnia eagerly taking his cock into her mouth. Teguh crammed her mouth and throat entirely with his eight-inch cock Ridwan came over to where I was sitting on the rug. He sat down next to me and placed his hand on my shoulder.

“Your wife is one hot slut.” he remarked. “She sure knows how to suck cock.”

I was a little embarrassed by his comments knowing their opinion of sluts. So this was what Donnia meant by be careful what you wish for, her fantasy was a gangbang. We watched Teguh withdraw from Donnia’s mouth splattering her face with thick dollops of hot cum at the same time Donnia let out a scream and her body convulsed in orgasm from Djdja’s oral action. The youths then led Donnia over to the mattress were I had fucked Yanti no more than half an hour before.

They laid Donnia on her back and Djdja quickly took up position on top of her. Donnia spread her legs wide and raised them to invite invasion. Djdja slid his cock into her drenched pussy. Donnia let out a cry of joy as Djdja slammed in and out of her. Donnia wrapped her legs around his back and Djdja kissed her passionately. My head spun, driven by a combination of lust and alcohol as I watched the Balinese youth pounding my new bride’s cunt. Djdja settled into a steady rhythm as droplets of sweat started to form on his back from the exertion in the tropical heat.

Indra meanwhile sucked on Donnia’s nipples and fingered her clitoris causing her to occasionally buck hard against Djdja’s thrusting cock. Djdja gave three final sharp strokes and splattered her pussy with gogs of hot cum. Indra immediately replaced Djdja; he raised Donnia’s legs up bracing them against his chest. And as he slammed his cock into her Donnia gasped, leaning over her he pumped his hips hard and fast, sinking the full length of his cock into her well-lubricated pussy.

Djdja joined the other two youths and myself seated on the rug. He passed out some Indonesian cigarettes and we sat smoking and watching Indra pound away at Donnia’s pussy so that I could hear his balls slap against her ass. Donnia had her hands on his ass pulling him hard into her with each stroke. The youth were cheering and joking in Indonesian as they watched the action.

Djdja turned to me. “Your wife is one great fuck. She’s the first white slut we have had. I didn’t know white girls could be such whores.”

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