tagGay MaleDon't Be Ashamed

Don't Be Ashamed


Caleb knocked on the door three times and waited on the front porch. He just didn't know what to say to his girlfriend. He just knew that he should have apologized as soon as she discovered the truth. The eighteen-year-old Thai man had grown silent. He stared at the front door before anyone could even open it. He almost shivered at the possibility of losing his own girlfriend. He slowly tapped his feet against the floor. He slid his fingers across his short black hair. He silently rehearsed what he wanted to say to Priscilla. Even if it proved to be useless in the end, he just needed a resolution for a crucial mistake.

Caleb was so nervous. Waiting for the front door to open felt like it lasted for a few minutes. Eventually, the door did open. Caleb stood straight, anticipating another appearance from his girlfriend. But it wasn't Priscilla who answered the door. Instead, her father did. Caleb held his breath for a moment. Woodrow was a forty-one-year-old single father who shared his tremendous success with his one and only offspring. He was indeed a tall and handsome white man, with brown hair and broad shoulders. It would seem to be a stereotype, but Woodrow would be the type of person to appear in a fiery romantic tale.

Suddenly, Caleb remembered what he wanted to say.

"Hello, Woodrow. Is Priscilla here?"

He almost stuttered twice when he said that.

Woodrow smiled. "Sorry. She's somewhere else right now."

Caleb nodded. "Do you know where she is?"

"She mentioned that she'll with her friends all afternoon."

That statement made Caleb tremble with dread. Gossip would spread about his secret pastime. He would be the laughingstock in 12th Grade. The new year started with an unfortunate accident.

Caleb sighed. "I see. Well, I'll come back later."

But Caleb didn't leave just yet. Woodrow opened the door wide.

"Why don't you come in?"

Caleb grew even more nervous. "Are you sure?"

"It'll be okay. I think it's time we get to know each other."

For some odd reason, Woodrow's smooth baritone voice made Caleb lose most of his anxiety. The young man was barely conflicted with this simple invitation.


Caleb was let in by his girlfriend's father. He had already grown familiar with the house when Priscilla invited him in a few times before. This was indeed a clean and spacious house in such an affluent neighborhood. Living in the city of Dana Point was a smart decision for Woodrow. A successful man like him would be living in such a prosperous city in Southern California. Furthermore, living in a two-story house situated alongside the coast made Caleb a little jealous. He stood in the living room and looked out the window. He could see the beach during a calm and cold afternoon. After a few days of rain, Dana Point experienced a welcome change when the sun came out. The middle of January would involve low temperatures, which explained why only a few people visited the beach today. And when they did, they wore jackets and pants to keep warm.

Caleb took off his jacket. Woodrow had the heater turned on in the house. That, however, didn't stop Caleb from fearing the worst from his girlfriend. He didn't want any negative consequences.

Woodrow stepped inside the living room. He currently wore brown pants and a blue shirt. Just one look at the older man, and Caleb quickly calmed down once again.

Woodrow was immediately sincere when he said, "I'm afraid Priscilla doesn't want to see you again."

Caleb raised his eyebrows. "She told you that?"

Woodrow slowly nodded. "That's not the only thing she told me. She said something about you that's really interesting to say the least."

Caleb breathed through his nostrils. He now wanted to leave the house.

Woodrow stepped closer toward him. "She told me how she caught you wearing something that's not really for a man."

Caleb shivered again. "Did she, uh...did she specify what it was?"

"A dress."

Caleb closed his eyes. Woodrow must have thought less of him for that.

But as soon as he opened his eyes again, Woodrow smiled again.

"She wasn't too pleased with what she saw."

Caleb accepted his fate. "Maybe it's time that I just leave."

Woodrow calmly denied his request. "Don't. Stay here a little longer. I have a present for you."

He started to leave the room. "Follow me upstairs."

Caleb had his doubts. "Are you sure about this?"

Woodrow chuckled. "I'm not going to hurt you. That's the last thing I would do to you."

As the older man disappeared from sight, Caleb took a deep breath. With everything that happened today, he now just had to get it over with. He officially lost his girlfriend, but her father didn't seem outraged by the results. Leaving his jacket in the living room, he followed Woodrow upstairs.

The two of them reached the master bedroom, which had a king-sized bed and a flat screen TV standing above a wooden dresser. It also had a clear view of the beach. Anyone standing on the balcony would be delighted to see the coast on a regular basis.

Caleb immediately noticed a small box on the bed. Woodrow opened it up and showed Caleb what had been lying inside it.

Caleb's eyes widened. Woodrow showed him a white dress. It was a simple design, with a skirt and a sleeveless top. Caleb couldn't keep his eyes away from it. It appeared to be a dress specifically designed for him.

Woodrow raised it up with his fingers. "Try it on."

Caleb hated to admit it, but seeing that white dress made him grow attached to his secret hobby a little more. But then again, he realized what would happen.

"You want me to try it on now?"

Woodrow chuckled. "Yeah, that's right."

"I'll have to take my clothes off first."

"Of course."

Woodrow didn't leave the bedroom. This gave Caleb a clear signal to do it in front of Priscilla's own father.

The young man looked down at the white dress, and then back at Woodrow.

"You want to see me take my clothes off."

"I don't mind."

Knowing that it would be inevitable, Caleb took a deep breath as he unclothed himself right in front of Woodrow. Within seconds, he only wore his underwear.

But Woodrow stated, "Take that off as well."

Caleb froze. "Uh...Why should I?"

"You don't have to wear it when you're wearing that."

Woodrow pointed at the dress. Caleb received a mixed feeling. He desperately wanted to wear Woodrow's gift, but he still felt nervous at the thought of another man seeing him naked. Despite his search for a convincing answer to this situation, he only discovered emptiness. Shivering like an actor with stage fright, Caleb ultimately took off his underwear. Now, he was completely naked in the room.

Woodrow's smile never left his face. "Good. Now, put it on."

Caleb followed the simple instruction. He slid the dress onto his body.

It was a perfect fit. The skirt ended right above his knees, and the sleeveless top made him feel more delicate than usual.

Woodrow pointed at the mirror hanging on the wall. Caleb gladly stood in front of it. He saw himself wearing the white dress. He was astonished. He looked so good in this dress. It reminded him of the various times he wore something similar in his own bedroom. Embracing a more feminine mystique had been his favorite pastime. He never thought he would be caught.

Fortunately, however, he no longer felt humiliated by Priscilla's unexpected discovery. Because now, her father showed no signs of a negative reaction. After all, he did give him this dress as a gift. He never showed any disgust with this new revelation. Seeing him smile with delight gave off the impression that he already accepted Caleb's secret passion as a positive lifestyle.

Caleb almost laughed with glee. He already loved this dress. It made him feel more girly. The skirt made him show off his hairless legs, and the overall attire made him look ever so adorable with his black hair and light brown skin. He couldn't stop staring at himself in the mirror.

He even altered his voice by giving it a more womanlike tone. "Oh, I love it. It's a great gift."

Woodrow replied, "I'm glad you like it."

He stood right behind Caleb and placed his hands on the latter's shoulders. "I like you better this way. Priscilla may not tolerate this, but I do. I believe you shouldn't be ashamed for wanting to wear something like this."

Caleb sighed. "I'm still a little sad. I lost my girlfriend."

Woodrow slowly turned him around and looked him straight in the eyes. "You've gained another companion. I'm sure that's good enough."

Caleb didn't know what to say. He was so entranced by Woodrow's lack of resentment. He was the exact opposite of Priscilla, who didn't even want to see him again.

And then, an unusual act caught Caleb off-guard. Woodrow slid his hand across Caleb's new dress and brought it to the bottom. He lifted the skirt up, which made Caleb assume an ulterior motive. The young man suddenly gasped as he could feel Woodrow's hand grabbing hold of his cock.

Woodrow whispered, "Like I said, don't be ashamed."

He caressed Caleb's solid cock. The young man was shocked by the movements. Woodrow wrapped his other arm around Caleb's waist and brought him closer. His embrace made Caleb act even more girly than before. He brought his tightened fists up to his chest like a frightened damsel. Woodrow didn't stop stroking the cock. The slow rhythm made Caleb take quicker breaths. The embrace made him not care for what Priscilla managed to leave behind.

Woodrow kissed Caleb on the forehead. "This is not a dream. This is reality. Don't hide things from the ones who care about you the most."

Caleb moaned and kept his feminine voice intact. "You're right. I shouldn't be ashamed. Oh, it feels good."

Woodrow's whisper was instant bliss to the ears. "Stay with me. We've got a good thing going here."

One look at Woodrow's eyes, and Caleb couldn't resist. He kissed the older man on the lips. Woodrow hugged him even tighter, and caressed Caleb's cock quicker. There would be no escape from a potentially wonderful experience between these two men.

Woodrow's fingers made Caleb tingle with excitement. He knew what would happen next. Woodrow let him go and began to unbuckle his belt.

"I've got something else to show you."

Caleb just stood there as Woodrow took off his own set of clothes, from his shirt to his boxer shorts. He showed his bare body to the young Thai man.

Caleb was almost speechless. Woodrow was even better naked. His cock had been the most appealing feature. Long and hard, it caught Caleb's attention right at the start. He couldn't stop staring at it.

Woodrow lent a hand. "Trust me. It'll be like stepping into paradise."

Caleb still kept his girlish behavior. He took Woodrow's hand and was pulled closer to him. They kissed as they hugged each other. Caleb had found himself an a more appropriate role. With him as the shy virgin and Woodrow as the ambitious adventurer, it seemed to be a perfect match.

They kept their lips locked, their own zest running high. Caleb didn't bring his fists down just yet. He wanted to experience a more submissive role a little longer. He breathed through his nostrils as he moaned lightly, still in his feminine manner. He admired the warmth that came from Woodrow's bare body. Woodrow caressed Caleb's hair with his fingers. The two of them even managed to touch each other's tongues for a few seconds. Their passionate embrace continued without an unwanted effect.

Woodrow finally stopped kissing and whispered, "Let's see how good you are. Get down on your knees."

Caleb, while a little surprised by this command, did what he was told. He got down on his knees and waited for Woodrow to completely control him. He stared directly at the enormous erection in front of him. Such a powerful tool for pleasure made the young man curious for a new direction.

Woodrow grabbed Caleb's head and pushed him toward the dick. Caleb had no other option but to open his mouth wide and take it in. In just a short amount of time, he had another man's dick inside his mouth. With eyes wide open, he was shocked by the older man's unexpected motive. Woodrow thrust his hips forward and hardened his grip on Caleb's hair. Caleb could feel the warm and rigid cock sliding in and out of his mouth. It was a slow process, but it gained a slight acceleration moments later. The tip of the cock reached the back of his mouth and down in his throat. In fact, he almost choked a few times. With a big dick in his mouth, he had to breathe through his nostrils.

Woodrow didn't stop. "You like the taste of it, don't you?"

Caleb couldn't say anything with a muffled voice. He couldn't deny it. He didn't find himself despising the experience. There would be no disgrace. This had become something that he had already grown fond of. He let Woodrow use him in a naughty manner, and it seemed to fit his persona. He moaned lightly, like a woman amazed by her man's authority.

The cock struck his open mouth many times, the tip of it touching the throat with aggression. Woodrow's acceleration of his pelvic thrusts brought a more intense sensation for Caleb, who never attempted to flee the scene. He already forgot about Priscilla, and managed to concentrate solely on pleasing her father.

Woodrow chuckled. "That's right. Take it like a woman."

Caleb continued to moan in his feminine tone of voice. This scenario made things so unbelievably alien to him, and yet it was appropriate for his type of behavior. He had already begun to view himself as a submissive mate, a gentle individual who sought a simple dynamic for this new relationship. After all, he was short and skinny. He would have been a perfect match for someone like Woodrow. If he was a woman, that is.

Woodrow didn't cease. Sliding his dick inside Caleb's mouth in a rapid fashion may have reached its peak. Caleb could feel his throat growing weak owing to the tip attacking it so much.

Woodrow growled. He pushed his dick inside Caleb's mouth as hard as he could. Caleb could feel the juices spurting right out of the cock and flooding his upper entrance. He made a quick decision. His instincts led him to swallow everything that he received. He gulped down as much of the semen that he could.

Woodrow looked down and smiled at him. "You're good."

Caleb didn't stop consuming the juices. He made sure that every ounce of it never came out of hiding. As soon as he did it, Woodrow finally pulled his dick right out of Caleb's mouth. Caleb almost collapsed on the floor. Woodrow observed him being down on all fours before he slowly brought himself back up on his knees. Caleb noticed that only a single drop of cum dripped down from Woodrow's cock and landed on the carpet.

Woodrow brought him up to his feet. "I bet it tasted good."

Caleb still had to catch his breath from his exhaustive obedience. "It was warm and thick. I really like it."

He licked his lips to take in the residue that clung onto them.

Woodrow's smile never faded. "We're not done yet."

Caleb could feel his legs grow weak. "What do you mean?"

Woodrow's next intention didn't need a vocal cue. He grabbed Caleb and threw him down on the bed. Caleb, though shocked by the abrupt actions, knew what would happen next. He lay flat on his back just as Woodrow lay on top of him.

The older man whispered, "Let's see if you can handle it."

Caleb moaned. "I'm waiting for it."

In just a few seconds, Woodrow lifted up Caleb's skirt and slid his dick (still erect from the first ejection) deep into the young man's lower hole.

Caleb let out a slight whimper, something that defined his brand new personality. He and Woodrow looked into each other's eyes. Their hunger for a radical passion had found an upsurge. Woodrow thrust his hips downward, deep into the tight hole that belonged to a womanly figure. Caleb's moans were loud and constantly girlish.

Woodrow grabbed Caleb's arms and pushed his cock hard. His fast and furious rhythm gave Caleb a better reason to submit to his feminine tactics. The entire bed began to creak. Woodrow's swift and aggressive movements made Caleb keep his eyes wide open. There was a sharp stinging sensation from within his hole. It caused a blend in his thoughts. Woodrow's cock made him moan in higher notes. His entire body shook to the rhythm of the older man's fierce determination.

"You love that cock, don't you?"

Caleb shrieked. "Yes, I love your cock! I fucking love it!"

He may as well kept his voice at a higher register. Enduring the pain and pleasure became quite the accomplishment for him. He let Woodrow dominate him for the next several minutes. Woodrow struck him in the right spots. It was a valid reason for Caleb to embrace his secret lifestyle. Woodrow's masculine figure felt so heavy when being right on top of the younger man, but the adrenaline and the pulsating tempos kept him from wanting an early departure.

He continued to pretend that he was a damsel being used by a prestigious gentleman. "Oh, yes! Fuck me hard!"

All of a sudden, Woodrow brought him up off the sheets. He made it clear what he wanted next. He kneeled on the bed and brought Caleb down onto his waist. Caleb, in return, wrapped his legs around Woodrow and waited for the next infiltration. Woodrow now thrust his cock upwards. Caleb grabbed hold of the older man's shoulders. They faced each other as the upward motions made Caleb squeal once more. He could feel his tight end burning from the intrusion. He bounced up and down as the dick provided the right kind of paradise.

Woodrow's thrusts were strong and uninterrupted. "You're a lot better this way, and you know it."

Caleb swung his head back as he continued his ride. "Fuck, yes! I'll be the one you fuck every day."

They heled each other tightly as Woodrow pummeled the young man in the white dress. Caleb squeezed his eyes shut. He could barely remember Priscilla in the midst of the intense interactions in the master bedroom. He was lucky that she forced their separation because of his biggest secret. Without her dismissal, there would be no way for him to know just how much her father would want him to stay this way. And for that, he felt grateful that the two of them broke up. Because this time, he had time to consider a different approach. And he took it. When taking so much of Woodrow's thick and creamy cum in both the mouth and the ass, Caleb would never want to keep away from such an exciting adventure.

He moaned louder than ever. "I want you to fuck me for as long as you want!"

Woodrow didn't stop. "Oh, I will."

Caleb felt so gentle and vulnerable in that dress. "Please don't stop!"

They spent the next few minutes hugging each other as Woodrow demonstrated his authentic authority. Caleb shrieked so much that he could have very well exhausted his vocal cords. Both men bounced up and down on the bed. Temperatures had risen, and the bed's creaking grew louder. The height of their relationship lasted as long as it could.

Caleb screamed. "Oh!"

The two men collapsed on the bed. They lay beside each other with seat on their skin. The bedroom had grown silent once more. The adrenaline had finally vanished, resulting in a good time to relax. Caleb, who finally had his hole unplugged by the cock, could feel the semen spilling out of him at this moment. The eighteen-year-old Thai man didn't mind it. He was thrilled to be the obedient one in the presence of a powerful gentleman.

Woodrow kissed him on the forehead. "I'm glad that my daughter found someone like you."

Caleb sighed in a womanly manner. "I feel the same way."

* * *

The man in the white dress didn't clean himself just yet. He stepped outside and stood on the balcony. He still had cum drying up on his legs, but he ignored it. He gazed at the Pacific horizon, where the sun made its descent. Dana Point would soon be engulfed in the shrouds of the night. Caleb observed the beach in the distance. The waves had grown larger, while the pedestrians on the sand had already made their exit. Only the seagulls roamed the coast.

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