tagRomanceDon't Ever Give Up Ch. 00

Don't Ever Give Up Ch. 00



"Oh, FUCK!!!" the beautiful blonde goddess called out. "Jesus, Tim, you fuck me so good!"

Laying underneath her, Tim couldn't help but smile. He knew damn well he fucked her good, but confirmation never hurt.

"Your cock gets so... fucking... deep!" she cried out again. "Hitting places I.. didn't know I had! FUCK!!!"

Tim sat up partially, taking advantage of the cowgirl position and latching onto Leira's right breast with his lips. He raked his teeth across her nipple and bit down hard before switching to the other nipple. It was a trick he used nearly every time they fucked, but it always sent her into the stratosphere.

Not that she wasn't already there this time, though. The rough play with her tits just gave her something else to yell about.

"Yes, baby! BITE my fucking nipples, just like I like it!" she exclaimed, continuing to bounce up and down on his dick as hard as she possibly could. He knew his pelvis would be a bit bruised in the morning - he was pretty sure he wouldn't care.

Through playing with her breasts for the time being, Tim moved his hands to Leira's curvy backside and simultaneously spanked both her ass cheeks. The force of the dual blows caused her to press her tits into his face again, and he managed to catch one nipple between his teeth before she sat back again.

"God, you push my buttons so good!" she said, staring down at him for just a second. "This dick... I LOVE this dick!!"

Tim responded by spanking her ass again, and in turn, Leira answered back with another squeal and more dirty talk. This too was a game they played often - she'd get on top of him, facing either direction, and control the pace while ripping off a steady stream of language that would make most 1-900 operators proud. Unlike other positions and situations, he wouldn't answer back with any nasty talk of his own. Instead, he'd just stay silent and let her do all the talking - until it was time to shut her up.

"Oh, God, baby," Leira shouted, pinching both rock-hard nipples with her fingers. "I love the way you fuck me. God, you fuck me so good. I'm such a whore but I love this fucking cock and the way it makes me feel."

The words would be undecipherable to anyone but him. She'd pretty much left the English language altogether and switched to expletive-laced babbling. That, Tim knew, was his cue.

He yanked her arms away from her tits and pinned them to her sides with his own as he wrapped his arms around her slim torso, locking his hands behind her back. He fell back onto the bed, bringing her with him as he went. Since both their bodies were covered in sweat, it was easy to slide her just far enough up his body to get the right angle. He bent his knees and planted his feet. He looked up into Leira's eyes - they both knew what was coming.

"You love talking, don't you?" Tim said. "Talk, talk, talk."

With that, he slammed his cock up into Leira's soaked pussy, sliding all the way in with one stroke. Using his feet for leverage, he pounded up into her pussy with lightning-quick strokes, causing her eyes to roll back in her head. He seriously doubted she'd even hear what he said next.

"I think it's time for you to shut up now, slut," he said, whispering into Leira's ear. "Just shut the fuck up, and cum all over this cock you love so much."

He kept fucking up into her pussy - he knew she was seconds away. Tim tightened his bear hug on Leira, squeezing her even more tightly to him.

"I SAID, CUM, YOU FUCKING WHORE!" With that, his lips left her earlobe and fell to her neck, where he promptly bit down as hard he could.

That was all it took. Leira dropped her head to his right shoulder and bit down, using his flesh and muscle to drown out at least a little bit of what could only be described as a blood-curdling scream. This part always hurt like hell, Tim said to himself, but he figured it would hurt a lot more if not for what was about to happen.

"I'm gonna fill your pussy with my cum, baby," he said, shouting so she could hear him over her half-muffled scream.

"Oh, fuck, Tim," Leira cried out, releasing his shoulder for just a second. "Please keep fucking me! Shoot that cum inside me, but don't stop. Please, please, please..."

There might have been more, but Tim didn't hear it. They'd been fucking for nearly two hours, and he'd managed to avoid cumming until now. The orgasms were always the most intense in this position, so he'd wanted to save up. With two or three more final, quick thrusts, he plunged deeply into her pussy and held it as his cock fired bullet after bullet into Leira's pussy, which he could still feel spasming around him.

"Yes, baby! Fill my pussy up with that cum! Oh, FUCK, I can feel it!" Leira shouted.

Tim wasn't sure he'd be able to speak if he tried, so he just went with what he knew he could do. He was still cumming, but he picked the pace back up with his cock, ramming it back into Leira almost as hard as he had been before his orgasm started. Her eyes went wide as he kicked it back into fifth gear.

"You want me to cum on that cock again, don't you baby?" Leira growled into his ear. "You want more of my pussy juice flowing down your cock, across your balls and soaking this bed?"

His answer was to again catch one of Leira's nipples between his teeth. He didn't clamp down so tightly this time - he knew she'd be too sensitive for that at this point - but he still bit her hard enough to get a reaction. He sucked the nipple and most of the surrounding areola into his mouth, feverishly rolling his tongue around all that he could. He quickened his pace as much as he could with a half-hard cock, but he could tell from her body language that she was close.

Tim slid his hand down Leira's back and onto her ass, rapidly firing several slaps onto the right cheek and then the left. She loved being spanked almost more than anything else, and he knew that would bring her right to the edge.

"Spank that ass, baby! Spank me like the bad, dirty fucking slut that I am!"

She really was in a mood today, Tim thought. She always talked dirty, but she wasn't usually into calling herself names.

"Yeah," Tim replied, talking softly but loud enough for her to hear it. "You are a little slut, aren't you? Well, take this then, slut!"

Tim rubbed his right index finger around the junction between his cock and her sopping pussy for some lube, then quickly plunged it into her asshole while increasing the pace with his cock.

"FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKK!!!!!!!!!" she shouted, and somewhere in his subconscious, Tim was pretty sure the cops were on their way. "CCCCUUUUUUMMMMMINGGGGGGGG!!!"

Understatement of the year, Tim thought. He could feel blood flowing from the spot Leira was biting on his shoulder, the same exact place she'd nailed a couple minutes ago. But the sight of this beautiful woman, cumming for the fifth time that evening while rocking blissfully up and down on his cock, was more than enough to make him forget about the pain.

After what seemed like an eternity but was really probably only a minute or so, Leira's undulations subsided, and she collapsed on top of him, panting and breathing heavily, unable to say a word. She lazily traced a pattern on his right bicep, which he knew was her outlining the Eagle, Globe and Anchor tattoo on his arm.

His cock finally slipped out of her, rapidly softening after its extra shift. Tim knew there were guys out there who could keep an erection even after an orgasm, but if it didn't happen after an extremely intense orgasm like that one, it never would, he figured. Even still, it had stayed hard enough for four or five minutes afterward - long enough to get the job done.

"I guess every part of me is a Marine," he said out loud, softly chuckling to himself. He got no response from Leira, however - in fact, her fingers had stopped moving on his arm, as well. He looked at her face and saw that she was either asleep or out cold.

"Good God, you are beautiful, woman," he said, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead and another on her lips before gently rolling her off of him and onto her side on the bed. She still had a goofy smile on her face as Tim slid off the bed and walked into his bathroom.

Tim carefully cleaned the blood off his shoulder, and after stopping the bleeding, he grabbed a first-aid kit from under the sink and applied a large Band-aid to the area. He figured he should be pissed off or at least a little annoyed about the deep bite, but all he could do was smile dumbly at himself in the mirror. Ever since he was old enough to know what he really wanted in a woman, he'd known he wanted a tiger in the sack, and Leira was certainly all that and more.

As Tim started the shower and stepped underneath the hot spray, he thought hard about the woman still lying on his bed in the other room and compared her to that list he'd made in his early 20s. She really was everything he wanted. Sure, the sex was incredible, and they'd fucked at least once a day almost every day in the nearly two years they'd been together, excluding those special times of the month that all men love to hate.

But Leira was a lot more than that. He wanted someone with ambition - she was a RN and was toying with the idea of medical school. He wanted someone he could raise a family with when the time came - Leira had several brothers and sisters and always talked about being a mom. He wanted to be able to hold a conversation with his woman that didn't involve shoes or the latest episode of Gossip Girl, and Leira constantly surprised him with her depth of knowledge about both mainstream and off-beat topics. They both loved to travel. She wasn't a huge sports fan, but she watched football with him on Sundays when she didn't have to work. There was nothing about her he didn't like.

She was almost too perfect, Tim thought. But he wasn't about to complain.

Finally clean after their marathon weekend of sex - this last two-hour session had just been the final act of a very, very long screenplay - Tim stepped out of the shower and into the steam-filled bathroom. He wiped off a spot on the mirror and carefully appraised himself as he toweled off. He was only three years removed from active duty with the Marines, and he'd managed to stay in pretty good shape. His abs were still rock-hard, and his arms and chest were almost as chiseled as they had been back then. His legs were a little less muscular than they were, but still nothing to laugh at. He'd grown a goatee since then, and his dark brown hair was just a little longer than Marine Corps regulations.

"Not bad," he said just before the door opened. Leira walked in and gave him the same once-over he was giving himself.

"Not bad, my ass," she said, running her hands over his flat midsection and her tongue over his right shoulder and across his neck to the Band-aid. "Awww... did I do that?"

"You fucking know you did, woman," Tim said and tried to smack her ass. She moved just enough that all he got was hip and thigh instead.

"Poor baby," she said, starting the water in the shower back up.

"Yeah, I'll show you poor baby," he replied. "I'm taking the blood you drew out of your ass next time."

Leira just giggled as she stepped into the shower and drew the curtains closed. Tim brushed his teeth, and then took a quick peek behind the shower curtain. Sure, he had just seen her naked a few minutes ago, but with a body like hers, a few minutes was just too damn long.

He threw on a T-shirt and a pair of workout shorts and headed out of the bedroom. He grabbed a bottle of water and plopped down on the couch to check out the Sunday night NFL game while he waited for Leira to finish up. After the Patriots scored another touchdown on the Panthers' uber-soft defense, the first commercial was for a jewelry store. He just chuckled at that - the following day, he would go down to a local diamond shop and make the final payment on Leira's engagement ring.

Tim heard the shower stop at the same time he heard his cell phone beep on the kitchen counter, where it was charging. Someone had called. He went into get it, and saw that the only missed called had been from his best friend, J.T. It wasn't like J.T. to call when the Panthers were on TV - come to think of it, it wasn't like J.T. to breathe when the Panthers were on TV. Figuring it must be important, Tim dialed his voicemail to see what his buddy wanted.

J.T.'s message sucked all the air out of Tim's lungs.

"Hey, buddy," the message said. "Heather just told me about you and Leira. I'm sorry to hear that man. I really thought you two were going to be the ones that made it. Hell, we all did. Anyway, hope you're doing OK, man. I know how much you love that girl. I'm here for you. Give me a call."

The phone fell out of Tim's hand, and he barely noticed when it clattered onto the floor. He felt a little dizzy. He'd brought the bottle of water into the kitchen with him, but now he looked at it like it was a foreign object.

He tried to recall what he could from the message - no way his motor skills were letting him grab the phone and replay it. Heather was Leira's best friend and roommate, and she'd told J.T. - told him what? As far as Tim knew, Leira hadn't talked to Heather or anyone else since she came over Saturday morning. "I really thought you two were going to be the ones that made it. Hell, we all did." What in the hell was he talking about?

Immediately, he snapped out of the haze he'd fallen into. He snatched his phone off the floor and practically sprinted into the living room as he punched the buttons to return J.T.'s call. Right as the call was about to connect, Leira turned the corner from his bedroom into the hallway.

"What the hell is going on?" Tim asked, more harshly than he should have but not as harsh as he wanted to be. To his knowledge, she'd never lied to him, so perhaps he should have given her the benefit of the doubt. But this was J.T., -- Tim wanted to believe it was a joke, but J.T. wasn't one to play games with him on something like this. Either he'd gotten something really, really wrong, or something very bad was about to happen.

"What?" Leira asked. She tried to pack some surprise into her wide-eyed look, but one thing his girlfriend was not was an actress. He knew the moment she said it that something was not right.

"J.T. just left me a message," Tim said, suddenly talking way too fast. "Said Heather told him about you and me and that he was sorry because he knew I loved you and he thought we were gonna last and - fuck."

His lungs suddenly ran out of steam, and he had to quit. For her part, Leira stood in the hallway looking at the ground.

"What the hell is going on, Leira? Is this some kind of joke?" Tim asked, but after 30 seconds of waiting, he got no response. He stepped closer to her, lifted her chin up and tried to take the sting out of his voice. "Is it?"

Leira only made eye contact with him for a second before turning away. "No," she said finally. "It's not a joke." With that, she spun around and walked toward the bedroom. He followed behind her.

"Then what is it?"

"I think we should start seeing other people," Leira said as she began gathering up her clothes off the ground. Tim fell back against the door.

"You... want to see other people?" Tim wasn't normally one to restate an obvious question, but he couldn't wrap his mind around it.

"Don't you?" Leira asked, glancing at him briefly before shoving some more of her things into her bag. Through the haze he'd slid back into, he realized this must have been planned out. Heather obviously knew about it before Leira had left their house on Saturday, and Leira had brought a bag big enough to take all her things out of his apartment.

"It hadn't crossed my mind, no," Tim said.

"I mean, come on, Tim," Leira said. "It's obvious that things are getting stale with us. I'm bored. I'm sure you are too."

"You weren't bored 20 minutes ago." It probably wasn't the best response, but it was the only one that made it to the part of Tim's brain that communicated with his mouth.

"Oh, the sex?" Leira asked, setting the bag down for a minute and smiling. "The sex with us has always been great, Tim. You know that. You're one of the best lovers I've ever had. But that's all this is about now. That's all this has been about for months now. Don't you want more than that?"

Without waiting for a response, Leira headed into the bathroom. She grabbed the toothbrush, toothpaste and other hygiene items she left at his apartment and stuffed them into the bag.

"Yeah, I do," Tim said, barely loud enough to hear himself. "With you."

Apparently, Leira heard it anyway. When she turned back to face him, he didn't see compassion or even sympathy on her face. He couldn't place it at the time, but when he thought back on the moment a few days later, he'd realize what it was.


"Seriously, Tim," she said. "We don't have anything like that anymore. I don't know if we ever did."

Tim liked to think he had excellent self-restraint, but he was about to scream. Leira probably felt she had the upper hand in this situation, but if he exploded the way he wanted to, he had no doubt his now-ex-girlfriend would be hiding in the closet. Instead of going that route, he stumbled into the hallway and collapsed against the wall next to his front door. He had no idea how much time passed - maybe a minute, maybe 10, maybe an hour - but eventually, Leira came around the corner again, her bag packed, ready to leave.

She stood there for a moment, waiting for Tim to say something. He didn't. Finally, when Leira reached for the doorknob, he grabbed her wrist and held it tight.

"This isn't right. And you know it."

"It's what I want, Tim."

"You know what I mean. Telling your friends two days ago. Going through this whole weekend with me and not saying anything."

Leira started twisting her arm, trying to get it free from his grasp. He let it go.

"I told you, babe," she said. "The sex is fantastic. I don't plan to stop that part of it. I'll call you in a couple of days."

Tim was shocked - she did what she just did, and then wanted to keep having sex? Sure, most males are shallow and will take sex any way they can get it, but, seriously? If that shocked him, though, Leira's last statement blew him away.

"I'd love to stay and chat, Tim," she said, "but it's almost 7:30. I have a date in half an hour. So, gotta run."

Before he could reply, Leira opened the door and closed it behind her.

I've received lots of great feedback on the Road Trip series, and I'm getting back to that very, very soon. I started this project as a way to give myself a little break from those characters, and it turned into the only thing I wanted to work on. It's taken me a while, but it's done. This is the first in what will be a 10-part series (a prologue and nine chapters). They are all finished, and I'm submitting one per day for the next 10 days. Most of them have at least some sex in them - I can only think of two chapters that don't. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this one. Check back for the ensuing chapters, and as always, comment/vote/send private feedback. I love writing, and I love telling the stories, but I love interacting with readers just as much! Thanks to LilTexasSexFiend and AnInsatiableReader for turning my blithering plot into something readable.

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