tagLoving WivesDon't Get Mad... Get Even

Don't Get Mad... Get Even


Sharon unlocked the door and entered Helen's house. Helen, a 29 year old divorcee, was her next door neighbor and best friend. Sharon had promised to tend to her cat while she was out of town. Sharon went in, found the cat food, and put down fresh food and water, but didn't see the cat anywhere. "Oh well," she thought, "she'll come out of hiding when she's hungry."

Since her husband was also out of town, Sharon decided to borrow a video from Helen's collection of tapes. John, had left early this morning for Washington, D.C. He had a conference starting early Monday morning. She spotted, Casablanca, and took it - she loved the old movies. "I haven't seen this in years. It's a good one to watch by myself -- I can cry and not be embarrassed about it," she thought as she locked up and headed home..

Even though it was early afternoon, Sharon got a diet soda, loaded the video in the VCR, and sat down to watch it. The picture flickered for few moments and then the picture finally came on, but it wasn't a movie. It was a home video. Sharon saw Helen with her tits squeezed around a prick as some guy fucked her breasts. The prick was just barely going between Helen's lips each time the guy thrust it forward - she could see Helen's tongue teasing and lick the head of his prick. Then, she watched as the guy's prick started pumping shot after shot of cum onto Helen's face. "Damn, I didn't even know she was going with anyone," mumbled Sharon as she hit pause on the remote. She felt embarrassed; like she was spying on Helen.

Her curiosity won out over her misgivings. "Hell, I might as well watch it. See who it is," muttered Sharon as she clicked the VCR back on. The next scene showed Helen sucking the guy's prick, and then, him cumming on her face again. The scenes were evidently made at different times. Occasionally there would be a date/time shown up in the corner of the picture. Sharon was taking a drink of her soda when the scene changed. Helen was sitting in the guy's lap with his prick clearly buried in her pussy - they were both facing the camera. Startled, Sharon swallowed wrong, choked on the drink, and started coughing. When she got her coughing under control, the scene had changed.

Sharon didn't believe what she had seen. She quickly stopped it, rewound it, and replayed the scene - pausing on the picture of the two. "YOU, SON-OF-A-BITCH," she yelled, hurling the half full can of soda at the television screen. It was her husband...John was screwing Helen. Sharon put her face in her hands, weeping, "Damn you...Damn you. How could you?" After a few minutes, she got her emotions under control, but not her anger, anger at John and at Helen. She restarted the video and watched the remaining 15 minutes or so of John and Helen sucking and fucking each other. Her anger peaked when she noted that the last scene was dated last Thursday night when she was at the women's country club meeting - the one Helen didn't make. Sharon turned the video off, picked up the phone, and punched in the number for the hotel that John had left by the phone.

"Good afternoon, this is the Washington Ambassador Hotel. How can I help you?"

Keeping her voice under control, Sharon replied, "Ms Helen Alperson's room please." If she was there, she would have her own room. The operator said just a moment and Sharon heard the connection and then the ring, once, twice, and on the third ring she heard Helen's voice say, "Hello." Sharon slammed the phone down so hard a large chunk of plastic went flying across the room - she'd broken the handset. "Atlanta...like hell," thought Sharon. "She's there with him - in Washington."

"I'll take his ass to the cleaners," Sharon fumed. "Ten years....married ten years and that bastard does this. I'll make him pay for this...pay until it hurts." Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door chimes. "Who the hell could that be on Sunday," muttered Sharon to herself.

Opening the door, Sharon saw it was Rudy, the college kid that serviced their pool.

"Hi Rudy, what's the matter?"

"Oh I....don't you remember...I called yesterday. You said it would be okay to do the pool today."

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Sharon. Noticing the surprised look on his face, Sharon realized what she had said. "I'm sorry, Rudy.....I just forgot. Excuse my language...please, I'm a little upset. I didn't mean to bark at you."

"I could come.."

"No...No, go ahead and do it today. I'm not bothered by that....I just had something else on my mind."

"Thanks Mrs. Watson. I'm sorry I didn't get by yesterday, but I was running real late. It'll only take about an hour and I'll be out of here."

Sharon stood at the plate glass door to the den and watched Rudy as he worked. He was a nice looking kid, 19 or 20, in his first year at the local college. At about six feet tall, in shorts and a tank top, he looked like he might be in to body building or least some kind of strenuous exercise. She was still seething with anger, when a thought suddenly occurred to her. She smiled and whispered to herself, "What's that old saying, 'Don't get mad, get even,' and she chuckled. "It would serve him right," she said aloud. She turned and almost ran up the stairs, unbuttoning her blouse as she went.

She looked at herself in the mirror. She had put on the skimpiest bikini she had - the one that she never wore in public, only for John. The bra just barely covered her nipples and their aureoles; the bottom was a thong and the small patch of material in the front let her dark pubic hair stick out on all sides. "Damn, I'm getting turned on just thinking about this," she thought as felt the moistness in her pussy. "God, what if I try this and he doesn't want me? I'm 31. I must be 11 or 12 years older than he is." She looked at her image critically, 5'6", 117 pounds, 34-27-35. A brunette with reddish highlights to her short hair who had always wished her tits were bigger. She cupped her breasts in her hands. They were still a handful, with very long, very sensitive nipples that she could feel rubbing against the bra material.

As she walked out to the pool she thought, "I've never even been with another man - Christ, I was virgin when I met John." Rudy was down at the other end of the pool as Sharon called out to him, "Hey Rudy. Take a break....I brought you a beer. It's hot out here." She put the beer down and stretched out on the double lounge chair, the one for two people. She watched him walk toward her. She could see him eyeing her outfit and thought there was a bulge beginning to show in his shorts. "This may be easier than I expected," she whispered softly to herself.

He sat down in a deck chair beside her and they chatted for awhile. She was watching him when she rolled over on her stomach, exposing her naked butt with the thong running up between the cheeks of her ass. Then, when she unfastened her bra strap, the bulge in his shorts definitely got larger. She picked up the lotion and held it out to him, "Rudy, would you rub some lotion on me - I don't want to burn."

"Uh....yeah....sure, Mrs. Watson," he stammered as he got up and sat down on the side of the lounge chair..

As he rubbed the lotion on her back, Sharon said, "Call me Sharon, Mrs. Watson makes me feel too old." Reaching back she patted the left cheek of her ass, "Put a lot of lotion on these...they don't get a lot sun." She heard a mumbled okay then felt his hands massaging her ass, rubbing the lotion in. Her pussy felt like it was flooding with heat and moisture, she must be soaking the front of her bikini. "Oh Rudy, that feels so good, I'll let you do the front too," she said softly as she rolled over on her back letting her bra fall away from her tits.

He was sitting on the side of the lounge chair next to her hip, facing her. She placed one arm on his thigh letting her hand drop casually to the inner side of his leg, her finger tips lightly stroking him.. The bulge in his shorts was large, clearly visible, and had to be uncomfortable. "God," thought Sharon, "I'm torturing the kid. I feel like Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate."

Sharon set up, her bra falling away to the ground. She slid her hand up his thigh and into the leg of his shorts. "You must be uncomfortable with this big thing trying to get out," she said softly as her fingertips stroked his balls and the base of his cock. "No one can see us....there's nobody home next door....take off your shorts. I want to see you....look at you." God, she had never behaved like this before. She felt a sexual excitement, an aching in her loins and pussy, that she had never experienced before.

"Oh....Mrs. Watson...."

"Sharon....it's Sharon," she whispered as she watched him jump up and strip off his clothes. When his prick sprang free of his briefs, Sharon took a deep breathe as she gazed at it. Her first thought was, "Damn, he's big...much bigger than John....I wonder how something that big will feel in my pussy." She reached out and grasped his prick in her hand and gently pulled him toward her, guiding his prick to her mouth. She kissed the tip of his prick letting her tongue probe at the slit in its head and then slide all around the crown. She slipped her mouth over the large head, swirling her tongue around its crown as it entered her mouth. She could feel her pussy responding and aching for attention. Letting his prick slip from her mouth, she quickly removed her bikini bottom and lay back, spreading her legs. "Oh Rudy, put that beautiful prick where it belongs...I want it in me."

As he crawled between her legs, she reached down, gripped his prick, and began rubbing its head up and down between her swollen pussy lips, coating it with her juices. Just as she completed an upward stoke brushing her throbbing clit, she felt his prick jerk in her hand and heard him moan, "OHhhh Shit.....dammit!" He was cumming. The first spurt of cum landed on her left breast, the second, not as forceful, landed on her stomach. She got his prick back down to her pussy. She rubbed the head of his prick against her swollen clit, milking his throbbing prick with her hand - she let him pump his warm, hot cum over her clit and the outside of her pussy.

"Oh damn....I'm sorry Mrs....I mean, Sharon. I couldn't...."

Sharon pulled him down on her and kissed him silencing him. "Honey, it wasn't your fault." She chuckled, "It's my fault...I've been acting like a prick-teaser ever since I came out here." Using two fingers she scooped his cum off her breast and licked it off her fingers while she watched his eyes. "Besides, we've got all afternoon. I'm not going let you leave until you've fucked me with that big prick of yours....maybe more once." Still holding his prick in her hand, she hugged with one arm and kissed him running her tongue deep into his mouth. Breaking the kiss, she whispered, "You're still hard...just as hard as before."

"Yeah, when I'm real excited, I'll cum like that...real quick. Then I'm okay."

Sharon chuckled, "Then let's put that thing where it belongs." She rubbed the head of his prick on her cum soaked pussy, slipping it between her swollen pussy lips, feeling its large head enter her pussy. "Oh God....Rudy how big is that thing?" she moaned as he pushed his prick deep into her throbbing cunt. She clutched his ass pulling him against her pussy, grinding her hips against him, trying to get his prick even deeper into her as she felt the spasms start deep in her cunt. "OHhhhh.....I'm going to cum. OH GOD....I'm cumming.....I'm cumming."

He pushed his prick as deep into the throbbing pussy as he could. He could feel her pussy gripping his prick as her orgasm swept through her body. He paused holding himself in her.

"No...No, don't stop," begged Sharon. "It feels too good." She laughed, gasping for her breath, "I guess I was a little excited too." She hugged him, "But don't stop. Fuck me....fuck me anyway you want to...make me cum again." She kissed him running her tongue deep into his mouth, thrusting it against his tongue.

Rudy lengthen his strokes into her pussy. He was withdrawing to the head of his prick and then driving his prick back down into the very depths of her pussy. She had never felt anything go that deep or stretch her pussy so wide. "My God," she thought, "it never felt like this with John, never."

She wrapped her legs around his thighs opening her pussy even wider to his thrusts. She could feel her clit being ground against the base of his prick as it rammed deep into her cunt. She began to thrust her hips up to meet his downward thrusts, wanting him...that beautiful big prick...even more than before. "OHhh...that's it.....fuck me....Fuck me hard. Oh Rudy, go deep....all the way...as fast....as hard as you can."

He increased the tempo of his thrusts and after a couple of minutes moaned loudly, "I can't hold it...can't....I'm going to cum."

Sharon tighten her legs around him and gripped his ass cheeks in her hands pulling him against her, grinding her hips into his. She could feel her fingernails sinking into the flesh of his ass but she couldn't help it. She could feel the tension building in her body, then, just as his prick erupted in her pussy pumping his cum deep into her cunt, she felt the spasms in her pussy as she climaxed, the release her body and her pussy had been aching for.

Rudy had paused, his prick buried in her as he flooded her pussy with cum. Sharon hugged him to her as they lay there, not saying anything, recovering - she could feel his prick, still hard, buried in her pussy. After a few minutes, Rudy resumed the long slow strokes into her cum filled tunnel - he was still hard, just hard as before! She could feel, even hear, his cum and her juices being squeezed out of her soaked pussy by his large prick, running down the sides of her thighs and down the crack of her ass.

After a few minutes of the slow steady stroking of his prick into her pussy, Rudy picked up the pace, and began to drive his prick into her faster and faster. When he pushed deep into her, grinding the base of his prick against her pussy, pressing it against her clit, it triggered a new wave of sensations in her pussy. She gripped Rudy in her arms and moaned loudly, "OHhhhh GOD, OOhhh, I'm cummmiiinng.....cummminnng!!!" Rudy kept grinding his prick against her and Sharon felt her body shudder as another, even more powerful, orgasm welled up from her pussy. "OH DAMN....OH RUDY....I"M CUMMMING, CUMMING AGAIN!!!"

Rudy collapsed onto her and lay there, breathing heavily, his prick, now limp, slipping from her pussy. Their sweaty bodies melded together.

Sharon, gasping for breath, whispered, "Oh Rudy...Rudy, I always thought those stories....stories about multiple orgasms were just that - stories. Christ...I didn't know I could cum like that." She took a deep breath, still trying to catch her breath and come down from her sexual high. She hugged Rudy tightly, "I'm going to have let you come service the pool more often - it needs it....I need it."

Rudy laughed and rolled from between her legs. He leaned over her and kissed her gently. "I didn't get finished today. I think I need to come back sometime next week, maybe Tuesday?"

She pulled him to her and kissed him, running her tongue deep into his mouth. Breaking the kiss, she smiled at him, "I think that's an excellent idea." She rolled her body into his and draped her leg over his legs. She could feel his flaccid prick resting against her wet, cum matted pubic hair. Her mons ached slightly from the pounding it had received, but it was a good, satisfying ache of fulfillment "Just hold me right now....hold me tight. I feel so damn good I don't even want to move."

Rudy chuckled, "Okay, we'll just rest a few minutes. I don't have to go anywhere....we have all afternoon."

Sharon buried her face against his neck and kissed it. As she kissed his neck, teasing him with her tongue, she thought, "Whoever came up with that saying 'Don't get mad, get even' certainly knew what they were talking about - getting even was a lot more fun and more satisfying. She wouldn't divorce the bastard - she'd just keep on getting even. Now, all she had to do was think up some way to get even with Helen." Sharon smiled to herself as she thought about it, "I'll think of something - something really good."

To Be Continued...

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