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Don't Hang Up


It wasn't one of my best days that's for sure. It was just long, and I am so glad its over with. I don't even have someone to share my day with. Someone to help me release some of this stress and tension from my body. It just sucks sometimes to live alone and be between lovers. To make matters even worst, I am horny as all hell.

I am just going to jump into the shower and cool off, hoping that would help. Letting the warm water relax my body. I get into bed with just clean panties on. My body still damp from my shower. I slowly drift off to sleep.

I am dreaming that I am stretched out on a rock, with the sun shining on my naked body. My breasts are warm to the touch. My nipples are hard. My hands are slowly moving up and down my body, not stopping in any one place too long. I can feel the dampness in my pussy.

The phone rings. I am trying to wake myself up not really sure if I am dreaming it or not. I look at the bedside alarm clock and see that its 1:30 a.m. I reach for the phone, and I say hello.

At first I don't hear anyone on the other end." Hello?" I say louder, "Is anyone there?"

"Are you in bed?" I hear someone say on the other end of the phone. "Who is this? You must have the wrong number," I say. "Oh I got the right number, baby", I hear someone say in a soft smooth voice. "Just lay back and listen to what I am telling you, I am going to make you feel so good."

"Can you feel my lips kissing you?" "I can feel your breath in my mouth." "Kiss me back baby." I hear him saying this to me on the phone. "Put your hand on your neck, run your fingers down your throat." "That's it baby, do it now." I hear him tell me. "Slowly run them down to your breast, and don't touch your nipples". "Just feel around your breast baby."

His voice and my dreamy state have me even more aroused. I feel my body responding to his commands. His voice is hypnotizing me as I lie there and wait for what is to come next.

"Are you touching your breast?" "Tell me how they feel under your finger tips." "They are soft and tender, so very smooth." I tell him. "Just cup them and squeeze them together, have your nipples in the middle of your fingers pushing them out," he tells me. They feel so good when I do what he says. I can feel a gentle breeze from the open window caressing my body. This makes my nipples even harder.

"Now you can pinch your nipples," he tells me. "I want you to pinch and twist them gently at first, then work your way to harder." I try not to moan, but he can hear my breathing is changing. He knows I am aroused by what he is telling me to do on the phone. "Wet your finger tips and put them on your nipples as you pinch them." "Yes, I can almost see you doing it for me," he says.

"I am stroking my hard cock for you baby." "I wish it was your hands on my cock, making all this pre-cum." I can't help but let out a little moan. I like that he is telling me what he is doing. I can picture it in my mind. It makes me wet.

"Move your hands slowly down your body now," he is telling me. "Just touch the outside of your pussy for me." I can hear his breathing faster now. I know he is stroking his cock still for me as he tells me what to do. "Touch your pussy lips for me." "Tell me if you can feel the wetness there." I do as he tells me, eager to be touching my pussy. "I can feel the dampness on my lips," I tell him. "Now just run one finger between your pussy lips, just feel how wet you really are," "It feels so good, I am so wet," I tell him. "Good, now rub that pussy like you like to do it baby." "Play with that clit, getting it nice and hard." "Push back the hood, and rub that clit, just like I would be doing it for you if I was there with you right now."

I put him on speakerphone and his voice fills the room, I tell him this. I am pinching my nipples as my other hand plays with my clit like he is telling me. I am rubbing faster and faster. I can feel the pressure building. Getting me to my peak. I am moaning out loud now. "Oh yea baby, it feels so good," I am telling him. "Tell me more, make me cum, tell me when to cum for you," I am telling him.

"I want you to cum with me, when my cock is ready to shoot all this hot cum," he tells me. "I am stroking faster for you, feeling my balls fill for you." "Don't stop playing with your clit baby, take your other hand and put two fingers deep inside of your cunt hole for me", I do what he tells me. "Ohhhhhhhhh yessss, I have them buried in me just like you want," I tell him. "Now fuck your hot wet hole like I would be doing to you, and don't stop rubbing that clit either, I want you to cum with me," he is telling me.

I am fucking my hole faster and faster. My fingers are sliding in and out. My other hand was rubbing my clit. It was so fucking hard by this point. So very ready to cum I was. "I need to cum, tell me I can, please tell me to cum", I am moaning for him to hear me. "Just a little longer baby, hold it, not yet, I want to cum with you," I hear him say.

I can hear him moaning and stroking in the background. Not sure if its his moaning or mine I hear. My nipples are rock hard, and sticking out. My fingers are making the sweet sounds of fucking as they are being rammed into my pussy, faster and faster.

"Get ready baby," he is telling me. "We are almost there, faster, faster". "Now, cum now with me now," he is screaming. "Yes, baby, mmmmmmmm oh god Now," "I'm Cumming to, mmmmmmmm ," I am moaning. My body jerks until there is nothing left in me. I slowly pull my fingers out of my slick cunt hole. I hear him softly say to me, "taste them for me, taste your fingers," as if he can see me taking them out. I bring them to my lips and snake my tongue out and take a long wet lick. Then I just put them inside my waiting mouth. "Taste good, do they?" he asks me. "I taste so sweet," I tell him.

I feel so very relaxed now, sleepy. "Next time we will use toys baby," he tells me. "Now sleep with a smile on your face."

"Will there be a next time?" I say out loud. "I have your number, and you can count on it," I hear him say right before I hear the click of the phone.

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