tagLoving WivesDon't Leave an Aroused Woman Home

Don't Leave an Aroused Woman Home


After stepping out of the shower and wrapping the towel around her body, Nicole opened the door to the bedroom and looked out at her husband. Mike was pulling on his pants as she stepped out and walked towards him. Nicole reached out and ran her hands down is bare back and rested it on his waisted band. Mike turned his head and locked eyes with Nicole and smiled. As he turned to face her she dropped her towel. Mike looked his wife up and down, he leaned into her and kissed her forehead.

"I don't have time right now, I have a meeting to get to at work." Mike said as he pulled his shirt on and started to button it up. Nicole wasn't ready to take no for an answer and reached out to run her hand over the front of his pants. She was reward with a swell in his pants as her hand rested on him. Matt removed her hand from him crotch and kissed her cheek. "Not now Nicole, I have to get to work early." Mike picked up his loafers and left the room, leaving Nicole turned on and alone.

After getting dressed in sundress and making coffee Nicole sat down to her computer. She needed groceries but wasn't feeling very social, so she decided to try out the new option of delivery from her favorite grocery store. After ordering her dry goods, because she didn't trust anyone to pick her veggies or meats, Nicole went about watering the house plants and contemplating vacuuming.

Two hours later, 2 rooms vacuumed, and still feeling aroused and unsettled after her rejection that morning, Nicole was sitting on the sofa drinking ice tea when the doorbell rang. Nicole got up and answered the door to find the grocery delivery boy standing there.

"I'm from Smithy's groceries, are you Nicole?" he asked her. His voice was deep and caused Nicole to look at him for a second time. He wasn't really a boy, but a man maybe only a year or two younger than her, and he was very attractive.

"Yes I am." Nicole said with a smile and quick bat of her lashes.

"I'm Daniel, and I have your groceries. If you could just sign here, I'll go get them from the van." Daniel said handing over an iPad and styles. Nicole took them and watched him walk back to the van and grab her bags out of it. As he turned around she quickly moved her eyes back to the iPad and signed it. "Would you like me to place the groceries in the kitchen for you, or just leave them here at the door?" Daniel asked when he returned to the door.

"The kitchen would be perfect, if you really don't mind." Nicole said flashing a smile and gesturing for him to come in. Daniel stepped into the house and Nicole closed the door behind him, stealing another quick glance at his well-formed ass. "If you just follow me, I'll lead you to the kitchen."

As they walked down the hall Nicole became very aware of the dampness that was forming between her thighs and at the knowledge that Daniel couldn't help but watcher her skirt him sway just below her ass. As they got to the kitchen and Daniel put the bags on the counter, Nicole smiled at him and locked eyes.

"Would you like some water?" Nicole asked tilting her head slightly but holding Daniel's gaze.

"Sure, that would be nice." Daniel said. As Nicole turned away to get a glass, Daniel caught a glimpse of her ass when her skirt road up as she grabbed a glass out of an over counter cabinet. As Nicole opened the pullout freezer and bent over to scoop some ice out, her skirt slid back to her waist on one side and he could see that she didn't have underwear on. The simmering heat that had been building in him, flared and his breath caught at the site of her bare shapely ass.

Nicole was very aware of what her skirt had done and showed off to Daniel when she had bent down. She also heard him catch his breath and couldn't help but smile and feel her own sexual desires surge knowing that he found her attractive. She turned and handed the glass of ice water over to Daniel knowing that her nipples were pushing against the thin fabric of her dress after being exposed to the cold air of the freezer. When Daniel took the glass from her, his fingers brushed hers and neither of them pulled away quickly. "Would you like to sit down while you drink your water?" Nicole said in a light voice, and licked her lips nervously. Daniel just nodded, and the moved to the living room. Daniel sat down on the sofa and Nicole sat across from him on the love seat. She couldn't believe what was running through her mind, she hadn't ever looked at another man like this since she got married. But she was just so frustrated at being brushed off so much recently. Mike's job was taking more and more of his attention right now, leaving very little attention for her and her needs. Here was Daniel and his well-formed body, and the heat in his gaze matched her own. Shifting Nicole slid her legs apart and showed Daniel her most womanly parts.

Daniel couldn't believe what was happening. Here was this shapely and toned woman showing off her body for him and inviting his gaze with smooth and unrushed movements. He was getting more turned on the longer he stayed in this house, and he really should leave. But moving any direction but towards Nicole was going to be difficult and a letdown. They sat in silence for another long moment both contemplating the repercussions of any forward movement. Nicole slid her feet to the floor and rose up without losing her gaze with Daniel. She stepped across the small space between them and dropped to her knees in front of Daniel.

Reaching out with one hand Nicole brushed her palm across the bulge in his pants while running the other hand up under his shirt and caressing the tight abs that she found there. She was reward with a sharp intake of air from Daniel as her fingers slid under the waist band of this pants and rested on the snap to them. Rising to her knees Nicole removed her hand from his body and was rewarded with a whimper and frown as the loss of contact. Leaning back, Nicole put pressure on Daniel's legs and he complied with her shifting his body so that she was between his knees while he still rested on the sofa.

"Do you want this?" Nicole asked sliding her hands up his legs to groin and rested them there waiting for a response.

"Yes." Daniel said placing the water glass on the side table. With a smile Nicole slid her hands back onto his crotch and was reward with feeling how solid the mass underneath her hands had gotten. Moving her fingers up she found the snap and zipper and in a few quick movements they were free and his pants were laid open. Nicole was reward with the sudden knowledge of that Daniel was going commando as his hard cock jumped free of his pants. Nicole locked eyes with Daniel and ran the tips of her nails up and down his cock a few times before leaning and licking the precum off the tip of his penis. She was rewarded with a grown and Daniel sliding down the sofa bring his hips closer to her body. Breaking eye contact with him, she slid her lips over this penis and ran her teeth gently down his cock while slowing messaging his balls with her free hand. Daniel quivered and tangled his fingers in Nicole's hair has her mouth worked up and down his dick. Looking up at Daniel and locking eyes with him, she sucked gently on the head of his cock and gave his shaft a long firm squeeze. Daniel closed his eyes and groaned with pleasure.

Nicole pulled back and licker her lips, smiling at Daniel and his hurt gaze as she had broken the contact with his hot body. Nicole rose up a little and grabbed the glass of water of the side table, grazing her breast across Daniel's arm in the process. She took a sip of water and pulled an ice cube into her mouth. She put the glass back and showed Daniel the ice cubed held between her teeth as she settled back between his legs.

Daniel was confused as to what she intended to do with the ice cube till she slid her mouth back over his cock and the sudden cold form the ice and the heat from her mouth nearly sent him over the edge as the pleasure and pain surged through him. He grabbed her shoulder and pulled it closer to his body in pleasure. At the pull of her shoulder Nicole removed her mouth and stood up, smirking at Daniel and his expression of pleading for her to return to his body. Stepping away Nicole reached behind her and undid her dress letting it fall from her body to show that she was naked underneath it. Stepping out of the pile of fabric she stepped back to the love seat and slid down on to it, never losing her gaze from Daniel.

Nicole settled on to the sofa with her legs apart giving Daniel a clear view of how turned on and bothered she was. She slid her hands up her legs towards her own warmth. She slid her fingers gently across her vagina and opened the folds gently to show Daniel what he was welcome to if he really wanted it. Daniel broke the gaze and watched her fingers as she touched her body in front of him. He'd never seen a woman touch herself and was amazed how much of a turn on it was to watch Nicole caress herself. He couldn't help but get more turned on and grabbed his cock to give it a few strokes in time with her own. Nicole smiled with appreciation as she watched Daniel stroke himself and she rubbed herself, and glided a finger firmly across her vagina. Not being able to stand it any longer, Daniel stood up and kicked his shoes off and stepped out of his pants before moving towards Nicole.

He dropped to his knees in front of her and removed her hands from her body. Holding on to her wrists he gently licked the top of her cleft and was reward with Nicole pressing her hips forward to him. He slid his tongue between the folds and licked her hard bring her close to climax before removing his mouth from her. She whimpered at the loss of contact from his mouth and whined for him to not stop and to go back. Daniel smirked at her and ran his fingers across her groin, enjoying the heat and wetness that he found there. Nicole struggled to remove her hands from his grasp, but he only increased the pressure on her wrists to get her to hold still. Locking eyes with her again he slid a finger into her body and watched her arch her back in pleasure. He moved his hand so that with a finger still inside her he could play with the cleft that was begging for attention. He was almost instantly reward with her climaxing and her body wrapping and pulsing around his finger. After letting her body settle back down he removed his finger from her body and licked it off.

"Are you ready for me?" Daniel asked leaning forward to nip at a nipple.

"yes, please. Oh please." Nicole panted at him as her body settled back down from the best climax she had in months. Daniel stood and put an arm around her waist raising her from the sofa and settling her onto the floor. He let her lay there for a minute while he pulled the condom out of his wallet and slid it on.

"Roll over." He whispered to Nicole as he slid his hands on to her waist to help her. After rolling over Daniel coaxed her knees under her bring her ass up to his hips. He gently rubbed her vagina with his thumb, making sure it was still wet and ready for him. Nicole tried to slide back down to the floor but Daniel wouldn't let her and slid his hips under her, resting his sheathed cock against her stomach. "Stay up on your knees." Daniel whispered in the silence. Pulling back away from her, he lined his cock up with her vagina and slid in with one movement.

Nicole gasped with ecstasy and pain as he filled her tightness with his large clock. She couldn't help but settle her ass backwards into his hips as he picked up the pace of his thrusts. Mike had never fucked her like this, she thought in passing as Daniel kept a steady pace. Rising onto her hands she changed the angle and was reward with a change in sensation and pleasure. Daniel reached forwarded with a hand and grasped her breast and played with the nipple without changing his pace. Nicole had never been so hot and turned on! She gasped as her body shook with another orgasm and was reward with Daniel's own sharp grasp and hard clench on her breast, as he hit his own climax. They stayed locked together for several seconds before Daniel released Nicole and let her slide to the floor in happy exhaustion.

Daniel slid the condom off and tied it closed before settling on the floor and pulling Nicole into his body. His fingers wrapped around a breast before sliding down and resting on her hip. They laid together for a few minutes before Daniel stood up and got dressed again. Nicole rolled over and watched him get dressed. Daniel left the room with the water glass and condom and returned a minute later without either. He crouched down on the floor by Nicole's head.

"Have a great day Nicole and thank you for using Smithy's grocery delivery." With that Daniel grabbed his iPad and left the house, leaving a very satisfied Nicole on the floor of the living room.

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by Anonymous06/16/18


Great story!.....5*.....The only improvement would be no condom usage!

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by Anonymous05/23/18

Great story

I always tell my wife she is free to play during the day.

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by Anonymous05/19/18

Spelling is a good thing...

"messaging his balls...?"

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by Anonymous05/18/18


of retarded writers writing only smelly turds! WFRW (WATCHMAN FOR RETARDED WRITERS)

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by AnnetteBishop05/17/18

I love home delivery

Great fun xoxoxoxo Annette

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