tagGroup SexDon't Let Me Go

Don't Let Me Go


"Oh, dammit!"

A violent shudder ran through her as she passed the highest peak of her orgasm. Her skin shone with a light film of sweat. "Oh fuck," she moaned, eyelids fluttering shut, her head on the back of the sofa. Her fingers slowly let go of the upholstery, aching as the muscles relaxed and the blood began to flow back into them. Her legs shook as her climax receded, leaving her hot and panting.

"Baby, I love making you cum on my mouth." His head appeared from between her legs and he was wet from her sweet juices. He licked his lips and smiled at her, kneeling on the floor. She was beautiful, he thought, lying there sprawled on the sofa after her earth-shattering cum. He touched her, held her hips from below, rubbing his cheek on her thigh. She moaned when she felt his lips kiss the inside of her right thigh, then her left, and finally her open labia.

Her muscles twitched involuntarily and he felt it under his lips. This was what he loved about her – the way she responded so easily to his touches as if she were starved for physical contact. He made sure she was always satisfied, got whatever she wished for, every night, every day. She was more than worth it and he loved her for it. Her body was not perfect, but it was beautiful to him. He could drive her mad with his fingers, soothe or punish her with his tongue; and, oh, his cock! How she loved his magnificent cock. It was neither big nor small, it was just right for her and he knew how to use it and give it to her the way they both liked it.

A few more deep breaths and she would want it, he knew. Even though her climax drained her, she would ask for more. Her desire, her pure lust for him and her passion awed him every time. It made him hard just to think about it now and he could almost feel her tightness around his cock.

Slowly he raised himself up off the floor and kissed his way up her belly, between her heaving breasts, placed a kiss on each nipple before proceeding to her collarbone and up the tender skin of her throat. His tongue licked at the fresh salt of her spent desire and sampled the tastes of her jaw, her ear, her cheekbone, an eye. His lips pressed against her forehead briefly and wandered to her nose until, at last, they reached her own.

She moaned in his kiss and he slipped next to her on the sofa, hugging her to him, feeling the last tremours course through her body. Leaning against him, she breathed deeply and he could hear the quietest of moans each time she exhaled. He smiled, knowing he had given her utmost pleasure. His hardness throbbed against her wrist which lay loosely in his lap. Their pulses joined in this rare and precious moment of rest.

He kissed her temple pulled her before him, settling her between his legs with her back resting against him. He slung his arms around her and rocked her gently, kissing her neck. She felt so safe in his arms this way, and she needed to be this close to him at the moment she was most vulnerable.

"I love you, baby," he whispered in her ear. Her body arched against him in response. "Love the way you feel." An arm under her breasts, he moved his other hand down her soft belly until his fingertips touched her neat bush. She moved and spread her legs a little again, her hands holding the arm that gripped her securely. Her eyes were still closed, he saw, and he slipped his fingers lower, collecting the wetness of her love. For a moment she moaned and closed her thighs around his hand. She was so sensitive now even though he only traced her lips. But very soon she opened herself to him again, allowing his fingers to caress her secret places. Yes, she wanted him again, she needed him so much, he could feel it. The way her body moved against him, her hips pushing towards his hand – yes. She wanted him now. A desperate moan escaped her throat and he knew he could not let her wait much longer.

"Do you want to feel a hard, hard cock, baby?" His fingertip circled her swollen clit. "Tell me, baby. Is that what you want now? Something thick pushing its way so deep inside you it will make you scream for more?"

Her movements changed. They became more urgent, stronger. She was still exhausted, but the fire in her loins could not be quenched so easily. She moaned for his cock, wordless, the pitch of her voice telling him everything he needed to know. His fingers teased her clit and then pushed deep inside her cunny where they felt her gripping them, trying to keep them there to pull them in further. But he pulled out again, drawing a frustrated groan from her.

Her hands were on his thighs, she could feel his cock throbbing against her back, so hot for her. She squirmed against it. "I want you," she gasped at last. "Please give it to me. I need it now, so badly, so badly." She sounded close to tears with a lust that consumed her utterly. He kissed her neck again and cupped her pussy in his palm. Both hands held her in place before him on the couch.

"Does your little cunny need cock," he teased her.


"Do you want to feel your pussy spreading open, wider and wider as hot, hard flesh pierces you?"

"Oh yes, please."

"Will you be able to take it, baby? Can you take a hard and thick cock all the way inside your sexy body for me?"

She shivered in anticipation, grinding against his palm. He felt her heart beating faster. "Make me take it, baby! Please. Please make me take your cock."

"You want my cock?"


"I have something for you, baby. A special treat." He had hardly said the words when the door opened and she stiffened in his arms. He never stopped rubbing her pussy with the flat of his palm. "Look, my love," he said. "They have all come to pleasure you."

She shivered when the men stepped into the room. There were three of them, she had never seen them before. They were not menacing, but she was naked, exposed, embarrassed to be seen this way.

"Baby?" She was frightened, not sure what this was all about and he saw her fear when she turned to look at him.

"Shhh, love, it's alright. Don't worry, I am here with you." He nodded at the men who began to undress before them. None of them had said a word and their eyes were fixed on this lovely girl held by her lover.

"They will take you now, baby," he explained. "One by one they will take you and open you wider for me. Every cock will be bigger. I know how you like the feeling of being stretched open wide. I know how you cum. I want to see you take them, let their cocks fuck you."

She groaned, squirming in his arms. "Take them for me, my love. Let them feel how wonderful your pretty pussy is and how good you make me feel everytime we make love. They will fuck you. Do you understand? Fuck you. Only I will make love to you."

He turned her head and kissed her gently and long and while they kissed, the first man laid his hands on her thighs. The man watched her lover tease her juicy folds. She was so very wet he knew he would have easy passage.

As soon as she felt another man's hands on her, she began to tense. Her lover soothed her with caresses and kisses as the stranger spread her legs. "I am here for you, my love. I'm holding you," he reassured her and he felt her relax. He held her and looked at the man whose cock touched the wonderfully slippery lips. He nodded, giving him his final permission.

She gasped and bit her lips as the smooth rounded head pressed inward. He felt not so different from her lover, but she knew this was a strange man, someone she did not know, and she was giving him her body. "You look wonderful," her lover whispered as the cock slid all the way into her in a steady easy motion. The man held her legs spread and fucked her at a leisurely pace. She was so soft, so wet inside! He ground his groin against her to touch every hidden crevice of her depths.

"Does it feel good, my love?" She smiled softly and he knew the look in her eyes. She was enjoying it. "I want you to feel this because I love you," he said, planting kisses along her shoulder. He held her in place for the man to fuck her as he speeded up. They could all hear how wet she was, her pussy squishing as it was entered again fully on each stroke.

"He won't cum inside you, baby," her lover assured her. "You are my baby. No one else will fill you or cover you with hot cum."

The man's thrusts ended abruptly when he soon pulled out with a loud groan and moved to the side, his cum jetting over the floor as he slumped in orgasm. They watched him until the next stranger stepped forward. He looked her in the eye and held her gaze. He was stroking his cock and it was longer and thicker than the one before. She had never had a cock of that size before, her lover knew. It was nine inches long, perhaps more than she could take.

"Look at him, baby. Don't you want to feel that cock in you now? Look at the veins on the shaft, the thick head. Imagine how it will feel inside you, when it pushes past your tight entrance." He knew his words turned her on. The stranger opened her pussy lips with his fingers and saw that her cunny was already closing again. He wanted to open it and fuck her deeper than she had ever been fucked before. She saw his determination in his eyes and whispered, "No."

"I am here, baby. Don't worry. I want you to enjoy these cocks and get the fuck you deserve. I want you to be filled and happy." Her lover moved his hands under her legs and pulled her knees up to her chest and out, opening her perfectly. She looked at the stranger's face, then his cock as he nudged it at her entrance. It felt so thick just poised there. She wondered if she would take him easily or not, if it would hurt.

"Relax, my love. Let it go, baby, and let him take your beautiful body. I want to see him fuck you." Her lover pulled her legs further outward and her lips opened. At that moment, the man gave a mighty thrust and plunged the thick head and half of his cock into her tight channel.

She screamed from the sudden penetration. She jerked in the two men's joint grip, but there was no escaping the wonderful fulness of that big cock. It seared into her cunny, going deep into her secret places, stretching the walls of her young pussy more than she was used to.

"Shhh, it's okay now, baby, it's okay. Feel him in you. He is going in," her lover soothed her, his eyes on her widening pussy, the lips wrapped around another man's cock. "You make me so hot, do you know that?"

She kissed her lover while the stranger drove into her hard and fast, making her cry out whenever he pushed particularly hard, trying to get all of his length into her. Her lover felt the man's urgency and understood his need to bury himself fully in this wonderful woman. "How does it feel, my love," he asked her, pressing her shaking body to his, his cock painfully hard. She could barely speak from the powerful thrusts: "Don't let him stop. I need to be fucked." He loved seeing her this way, hearing her say such things while he held her open for another man to take. And he could see that fat cock all shiny with his love's juices, thrusting in and even further and going beyond the depth he himself had ever reached.

She began to whimper again and he calmed her. "It feels good, my love. Let him fuck you just like this. He loves to fuck you just as much as I do. Can you feel it? Can you feel his need for you?" He had to hold her securely, the man was giving her his last few inches now, shaking her body and rocking her deeply. "He is fucking you, baby. Deep, hard fucking. I know this is what you've always wanted."

She cried out when his cock rammed her cervix with all his strength and they both had to hold her down hard until the man pulled out of her at least, leaving her pussy gaping and trailing a string of her juices that dripped to the floor. Her fucker didn't need to stroke at all, he simply came as soon as he was out of her tight grip and his cum shot through the air and onto the sofa.

Her pussy felt empty and raw and she felt how swollen it was, running her hand over her open labia. "Mm, was that good, baby," her lover asked, caressing her breasts. "Yes," she whispered. He licked her lips and said, "There is one more for you."

Both gazed at the last man standing a few feet away from them. He was naked like all of them and his hand moved along his big cock. It was the first time she actually became aware of him. His cock was so long! So thick! She would never be able to take it.

"No," she whimpered to her lover as the men stepped closer. She shook her head, frightened of that monster.

"It is big, baby. You always said you wanted to try a huge cock." Her lover cuddled her, trying to make her feel safe. "I am with you all the way. Everything will be alright."

The man's big hand spread lube on his entire shaft. Her lover whispered, "Twelve inches, my love." She groaned. Knowing it made it even worse. "Let him take you slowly. I want my baby to feel everything."

The cock gleamed wetly in the light. The man rested the shaft on top of her belly, letting her see where it would go, how deep he would make her take it. She was afraid, and at the same time she knew she had to try it, she wanted it, she needed to know how it would be to be fucked by him.

The two men sensed she was calming and gently prepared her. Their hands moved over her body, teasing her everywhere. Fingers slipped into her pussy, caressing the sensitive inner walls, making her moan and squirm. The first two men joined them and each held one of her legs. Her lover wrapped both his arms tightly around her body just under her breasts. He never stopped whispering into her ear as the men lifted her legs into the air and pushed them back until her pussy pointed up. Her new fucker held his shaft and slapped her swollen clit, making her groan with the pleasure.

"He is going to feel so good in you, my love. I want to see you take him in your little cunny. I want to know you have taken such a large cock when I fuck you."

She moaned deeply at his words. He said, "Yes, I will fuck you too. When all is done, I will let you feel the cock you love and I will make love to you until you can't take it anymore. I will fill you and tease you and love you and fuck you and make you cum so much more."

She grasped his arms and all of them watched the last man rubbing his cock over her clit and lips. "Open for him, baby." The head slowly spread the lips, making them bulge at first, then cling to his fat cockhead. The man held her pussy open with his thumbs and watched that tight little hole give under the pressure of his enormous shaft.

She winced as the ring snapped tightly around the shaft just below the head. Oh, she had never felt such a thick cock in her! And the thicker shaft was yet to come. "Yes, my love, let him inside you." The man pushed a little harder, feeling the strong resistance of her pussy. Her lover caressed her clit, wanting to give her pleasure to accept the pain more easily. Her fingers dug into his arms.

"Ah!" They held her tight, his cock delving deeper painfully slowly. She felt her cunny give, felt the tender lining of her insides being scraped by something so hard and big she could hardly breathe and he pressed forward. "Open your cunny for him, my love. Open for his cock. You look so sexy, I want to make love to you for the rest of my life."

After nine thick inches disappeared in her body, the man held still. She breathed, feeling him throbbing inside her. Then he began to grind, moving in circles to widen her. There was more he had to give her and he would make her take it all. Her lover whispered to her, comforting her, "You are my baby. I love you. Let your cunny wrap around that cock, let it happen. Let him in." The man pushed further and she screamed in pain as a virginal part of her pussy was opened up for him. "No... I can't. I can't," she cried. "You can, baby. Give yourself to him. Let him enter you completely."

Her fucker pushed forcefully against her cervix. He would have to open her more and place all of himself inside her. He waited, pushing against the barrier, trying to widen it, tease it. He slowly pulled his cock out and started all over again. It was easier now, but she still felt the pain that was accompanied by a new pleasure.

Her lover's fingers on her clit made it easier to bear. She whimpered and cried out as the man moved his length in and out of her steadily, but slowly. Her lover watched, unable to take his eyes off those thinly stretched lips that clung to the wide shaft. It bottomed out at her cervix, illiciting cries from the girl as they held her in place. Her lover's eyes met those of her fucker, the one he had chosen for her. "Fuck my baby good," he said sternly and tightened his hold on her body. Spread wide open on the couch, she lay helpless. The man nodded and pulled out to the head and without hesitating he plunged into her pussy with all his might.

He had never heard her scream like that before. It was a scream of pain and pleasure as the huge cock thrust against her cervix. "Take it all, baby. Take everything." The stranger fucked her roughly, forcefully, without concern for her comfort. He had to give her his full cock, no matter the pain. She would love it, she would accept it. Her cunny must yield. He rammed into her again and felt the tightness of her cervix as he breached the resistance a little. Her scream was earsplitting. They held her in place, watching in fascination as more of the man's cock entered her. "Now, baby. Now you will be mine through him," whispered her lover and her fucker cried out and buried himself in her womb.

She went silent, shocked. The pain was incredible, she was being fucked deeper than she ever thought possible. It hurt her so deeply that she couldn't hold back the tears. Her lover kissed them away. "You have done it, my love. You have taken all of him in you. I love you, my baby, I love you." His fingers brought the pleasure into her cunny as he whispered the sweetest words in her ear. She gave herself to them, to the pleasure and the pain and was beginning to orgasm: "Hold me, please. Baby... don't let me go, don't leave me."

"I am here, my love. I'm always here for you." The man quickened his pace and soon fucked her as hard as he could, making her scream out her release. "Yes, baby, let it come, let yourself go." Her cunny was so stretched it could hardly convulse on the man's hardness, but he felt it, he felt her cum and bring him close to the edge himself. He shoved into her, from head to root, once, twice, three times... and he pulled out roughly with a loud pop and a cry of pain from her. Roaring, he shot his cum onto the wall. It was so strong he couldn't stand upright any longer. He sank to his knees, stroking till the last drops of cum seeped out of him.

Her lover cradled her limp body as the men began to leave. When they were alone again, he carried her into their bedroom and laid her out on the soft covers. He washed her body tenderly, being careful with her sore pussy. Maybe she slept while he cared for her body. When he finished, he slid beside her and held her. He listened to her breathe, felt her fingertips on his chest. His lips brushed hers. "Now you are mine, my love," he said in the solitude of their bedroom. He grew hard against her wonderfully soft side and laid her wrist against his cock again. "I will make love to you now, sweet beautiful love."

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