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Don't Pull Out


I never thought I would ever be telling anyone about a situation like this, let alone writing about it, but I have to get these strange new feelings off my chest. My name is Gary and I've been married to the love of my life, Cindy for about 15 years. We were each other's high school sweethearts and after dating all through college we got married and its been pretty good up until recently.

Our sex life has always been a good one, and I had no real complaints except that sometimes I felt like we were in a rut. I began to spend more time online reading sex stories and you can imagine my surprise when I came across the ones where guys wanted their wives to have sex with other men. At first the thought made my stomach twist. I didn't want to imagine Cindy with another man. The idea of her climaxing on another guy's cock repulsed me, and made me scared as hell she'd love his cock more than mine.

Well as you can guess, over time I kept reading those stories and I started to envision Cindy with other men. Now I can't get the thought out of my mind.

One night after one of our regular love making sessions we started to talk a little about what our fantasies were. Cindy mentioned that she had always wanted to be taken roughly and forced to accept my load deep inside of her. We always used condoms as she just felt more clean that way plus we could avoid pregnancy.

When she asked me what turned me on, before I even thought about it, I blurted out "I want to watch you fuck another guy." Her eyes widened at my words and she plunged her fingers into her pussy as she came. She quickly grabbed my cock and forced me inside her. I can't remember her ever being that wet. The bed was literally soaked in her juices by the time I shot off, filling the condom with my seed.

Afterwards we discussed what had happened and Cindy admitted to being turned on by the thought of being with another man, but felt that I was all she needed. We decided to keep it a fantasy and for the next few months, our sex was vastly improved as I pretended to be a string of men, some friends, some strangers, a couple times I pretended to be her handsome cousin Howie (that one surprised me a bit). Cindy became multi-orgasmic as she rode her fantasy lovers and talked dirty about all the things "they" were doing to her and how much more she loved "their" cocks more than mine.

The game made me feel weird. On the one hand I was having great sex, on the other pretending to be cuckolding myself made me feel a little self conscious. Cindy would assure me that it was just sexy talk that got her more into the moment but she really seemed to enjoy the game a little too much.

Things escalated as our "stranger" sessions became more involved. We would go out to bars and such, where I would arrive separately and pick her up for a wild night of cheap sex. Her "husband" never the wiser.

One night as I went to meet her for one of our dates I was called in to work at the last minute. I called her at the bar just as she arrived and told her we had to scrap our plans and I would meet her home in a few hours. At this she playfully said "Maybe I'll play the game for real tonight, and you can come home to a well fucked wife." I smiled at her teasing.

"Just make sure he wears a condom." We giggled a bit at the situation and I said. "I'll see you at the apartment a little later sweetheart."

She told me she loved me and she'd probably just get a quick beer and head home, as she hung up.

As soon as I got to the office, it turned out that my partner had already gotten there ahead of me and since his night was already ruined he insisted I go and be with Cindy. Since she said she was going to our apartment I thought I would just meet her there and got back in record time. I started to relax and wait on my bride to arrive when I looked up and realized she was over an hour late from when she should have been home. Just as I was thinking of giving her a call, I saw headlights in the parking lot from the living room window.

I went to look and saw that Cindy had just pulled up, but there was another car pulling in right next to hers. The cars both shut off and I waited as Cindy climbed from her car only to walk over to the new car parked next to hers. She spoke to what looked like a younger looking guy for a few minutes then walked around and got into his passenger side door. My stomach began to twist. "She didn't just pick up a guy for real." I thought. As soon as this thought began to fester, this guy started his car again and slowly crept around the corner of the parking lot where its a bit dark. During the summer I've seen more than a few teenagers park back there and make out or whatever.

My curiosity was killing me as I spied the car in the dark distance, parked next to the fence with the lights off. I could only imagine what was happening when I made up my mind to go down there and check this out.

I made my way to parking lot and circled wide to avoid them seeing me. This area of the parking lot has a lot of bushes and I used them for cover as I crept closer. As I approached my hope that this was all innocent faded as I heard the unmistakeable sounds of my wife cumming. I peeked from my hiding spot to see that her new man was fingering her pussy and sucking noisily on her delicate breasts.

"You sure I can't have any of this sweet pussy?" He kept saying almost as a mantra, while bringing my wife to what sounded like another climax.

"I can't." Her words caught in her throat as he continued to manipulate her body. "I'm — m-m-married."

"Oh so its alright for my fingers to fuck you, but not this?" He grabbed her hand and placed it on his dick. "Yeah stroke my cock, bitch. I don't give a fuck about your husband. Ooh and the way you're stroking that dick, don't look like you give a fuck either." They each kept touching each other for awhile before he pulled his fingers from her snatch and held them up to her face. "Lick yourself off my fingers bitch." Cindy thrust his fingers into her mouth moaning wildly as she slurped every drop of herself from them.

When she had cleaned them he put his hand behind her head and started to push her face down into his crotch. She resisted, "No. No I can't do this, please don't make me do this. My husband..." With that he pushed harder.

"Bitch I said I don't give a fuck about your husband. You picked me up in that bar. You brought me back here, so I'm not leaving until you make me fucking cum.! Now suck my cock you fucking cunt!" He pushed again and Cindy's head disappeared into the car, and I began to hear the sound of her slurping on this angry stranger's cock. I'll admit to being more than a little afraid of the situation. Here was my wife with another man living out her deepest fantasy, but I also felt the danger of this mean asshole with his dick in my wife's mouth. Should I stop this? The 7 inches of blue veined steel in my pants made the decision for me not to act.

Cindy continued to suck this guy's cock for what seemed like a half hour. I would occasionally see her blond ponytail bounce in and out of sight as he berated her as a "good slut" and said how her husband didn't know what he was missing. Before too long he started to guide her pace until his hand was a blur on the back of her head. "Yeah. Yeah here I cum. Swallow my load bitch! AAAAaaahhhhh!" I could hear Cindy choke a bit and sputter as he unloaded in her mouth.

Fine I thought. That's it. She's had her fun, and now its over. I was so turned on that I could not wait until she got upstairs so I could fuck her senseless.

"Oh my god. You're still hard." Cindy said as I turned back to see her still stroking his cock, now with a smug look on his face. "My husband is only good for one." I was surprised that her usual cuckolding sexy banter had made it into this situation, and it made me a more uncomfortable.

"Yeah baby. I'm not your husband I'm good to go all night. Why don't you climb that ass over here and see what it feels like with a real man's dick inside you." Alarm touched me as I wondered if she had any condoms. She gave voice to my fears as she said, "I can't, I don't have any condoms, and I really should go now."

He reached out and grabbed her wrist. "What did I tell you about teasing me bitch? You know you want this dick and you're going to take all 9 inched of it. Besides I don't fuck with condoms anyway, I like bitches to swallow my cum. Get over here." With that pulled her over to his side of the car, making her awkwardly straddled his torso.

"But I can't.." Cindy said as I saw him thrust himself upward, penetrating my wife for the first time. She immediately cried out in pain as he reached past where I had ever been inside of her. After a few strokes of his hard cock I could again hear the sounds of wet sloshing from inside the car as she began to ride his cock in earnest.

I watched covertly as Cindy's face contorted in a mask of pleasure. She got into a steady rhythm soon and then began to cum. She cried out in multi-orgasmic bliss as her lover squeezed her sweat soaked tits.

"Does your husband's cock feel this good?" He asked as he pinched hard at her nipples.

"Oh god! No. I love your cock. I love your cock! I love your COCK!" She screamed as she came again.

"I'm about to cum baby. Get down there and swallow my cum, bitch. Swallow it." He cried as I could see him try to shift her from his lap.

"Please..." she said in a soft voice still thrusting herself on top on him. "Please don't pull out. I want –you ...to... to cum inside of me." She began to repeat these words over and over growing louder and bolder with each stroke. She was basically begging this guy to fill up her married pussy.

"Please don't pull out. Cum inside me. Please cum inside me! Oh god cum inside me!" The pounding of wet flesh became all that I could hear before I heard the guy start to groan.

"Aaaahhh shit! Take it bitch! Aaaaaaahhhhh Take this...Dick!" Cindy began to cum yet again as he filled her pussy with cum.

I was devastated. I know this was a kind of fantasy for me too but the reality was so hard to take. I was still turned on but just as stunned by what I had just seen.

As soon as she caught her breath, I watched as Cindy climbed off of her lover's lap, looking a little sheepish at her own behavior.

"That was amazing." She said still catching her breath. "Thank you for a fun time. Oh would you look at what I did to your beautiful cock? Its soaked in cum." To the surprise of myself and the guy she then leaned over and slurped up their combined juices as he tipped his head back in pleasure. After a few more minutes she leaned back up, wiping her mouth. "All clean. But now look he's all hard again. I can't let you go home like that." She said as she again climbed aboard his cock for another hard ride. When he was close to cumming the second time around, he didn't even tell her, he just grabbed her hips and slammed his cock home as he deposited another load into Cindy's womb.

After that she quickly dressed and excused herself from the car thanking "Don" one last time. Then she dashed into the back entrance of our building giving Don a little wiggle of her ass as she closed the door behind her. Don's car pulled off and I found myself alone in the bushes with a raging hard on and more than a little hurt.

I knew as soon a she was inside the apartment it would be obvious that I was home, so I made my way upstairs trying to think about how I was feeling. When I got inside, Cindy was nowhere to be seen. I went into the bedroom and there she was stark naked laying spread eagle on the bed waiting for me.

"I told you that I might come home with a surprise. Now get over here and taste your treat." She said her eyes alight with desire. "I made you a double cream pie, and I can't wait for you to eat it."

"Maybe this might be okay after all", I thought as I buried my face in her delicious pussy.

The End

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Not a REAL Man, just a wimpy Cuck lol

Let's face it, fantasy and reality often should never meet when subjects like this occur. I have yet to meet ANY woman that once she got a taste of another Cock other than her husband or boyfriends, shemore...

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