tagIncest/TabooDon't Say It.

Don't Say It.


Kim didn't mean to cross a line. Her dad had a long week of work again. It seemed for as long as she could remember he worked long weeks as a broker and investor. She spent her weeks at college but whenever she could, Kim went home to stay with her dad on the weekends.

Her mom picked up and left when she was a toddler and hadn't been seen since. Her dad worked and raised her himself. Kim was 21, her dad was turning 40. She always thought it was a shame that he spent his little free time working out and staying fit and never had a girlfriend to let enjoy it.

Accidently Kim saw him not long ago... saw him stretched out on his bed asleep and naked. His tan body was long and hard in the dimly lit room.

His dream must have been a good one, the woman of his dream, she imagined, was everything every man dreamt of but few ever had in their bed. As she looked on he reached down and took his throbbing body into his hand and slowly stroked it until his cock began convulsing and fired out streams of thick white come onto his chest and stomach.

From this point on Kim found herself quietly passing by his room each day she was home. It kept the memory, either real or imagined, of her mother leaving them. She hated her for doing this to her dad.

Kim wrestled in her mind over watching her dad but she couldn't shake the desire to watch him. That desire carried her by his room each morning. This morning worked out differently though. The long weekend worked out that she came home Wednesday night and was off for the summer.

Doug worked out an internship for her at the firm so Kim would be able to spend the summer at home with her dad.

While she was still in high school and living at home he would take a vacation each year but since she went to college he quit taking more than a few days off here and there. He was a free spirit for the next week though.

Early Thursday morning Kim, barefoot, quietly tiptoed toward his room.

The anticipation in her stomach resonated through her whole body. She stepped up to the partially closed door and peered through the crack, her mind focused on controlling her breathing.

"Hey Kimmie." Came from directly behind her. Kim jumped, her voice betrayed her with a brief shriek.

She turned to face her dad standing in the hall behind her. "What'cha up to?"

"Oh my god! You scared the bjeezes out of me! I figured you were still in bed."

"It's early. You can't sleep and were seeing if I was up?"

Kim felt like her eyes would betray her anyway. She didn't usually insult her dad by lying to him although the temptation was there today. Still, she didn't know what to say.

Kim timidly shrugged her shoulders. "You're usually up early when I'm home so I was just checking."

"Listen Kimmie, we don't give each other bullshit, we don't lie to each other."

"You're usually up early... I always come by to check."

"I know." Her dad said pushing his door open and walking in to the large room. Kim followed.

"I don't want to have this conversation Kimmie, I don't know what to say other than I don't want to have this conversation."

"Okay. "

"Are you going to be coming back in the morning?"


"and the next?"



"Because being close makes me feel better. I like to watch you sleep."

The fact was, Doug hadn't been with a woman since his wife left. It was in his eyes. He didn't answer. Dating was not an option. A busy week of long hours and giving Kim the time she needed as a child, doing the job of two parents didn't leave any time week after week.

Doug imagined that next week or next month he'd be able to ask one of the many females that flirted with him in his building out for drinks or dinner but it never happened. The months turned into years.

"I don't want your pity Kim. Women asked me out... Besides being there for you I didn't because it was a pity date... I don't need pity."

The thought hadn't crossed her mind. "I never pitied you. I ..." she left her sentence unfinished.

"I'm trying to understand Kim. You're at college... why not stay there some weekends? There's good parties and no doubt many guys of your choosing... I did everything I could as a dad, I'm not sure how to guide you on this one, you know guys at college and right or wrong, you can fill that need, your desire there." He said it almost as a question to ask why they were having this conversation.

"That's not what I want. I'm managing a four point g.p.a. because I don't party. I study."

"So you choose to stay at school over the weekend to party... I mean, you know, that's better than this, right? " Doug was flustered.

Kim shrugged. "I want to be here." She motioned toward the chaise next to the window. Doug leaned against the foot of the bed. Kim sat down and leaned back comfortably on the chaise.

"Kimmie, damn it. I don't know what to do with this. I'm your dad and these aren't conversations normal people have. I mean goddamnit, what if someone found out that you do this... that we've even had a conversation like this. You're going to be working with me this summer... a boundary has been crossed, things can't be undone once they're done. You are my daughter, I cherish our relationship and this isn't part of that relationship. You're all I've got..." Doug pleaded with his eyes."

"It's always been that way dad. You have always been the perfect dad. I've messed it up. I'm sorry."

"So what's this morning thing? Tell me about it."

"I came by one morning and you were kind of asleep. You were stretched out on top of your covers and didn't have anything on. Your body was hard. As I watched, you began taking care of it and you came onto your stomach. I can't resist watching dad, I'm sorry. Sometimes that's all I can think about. The anticipation of watching you next time ..."

"I don't know what to do Kim."

"We're the same dad. I think we're the same."

"It's up to me to make the right decisions."

"We're cursed dad."

Doug didn't say anything.

"You raised a smart kid. You probably didn't want this but... we're just alike."

Doug didn't say anything . Kim continued. Listening was all he could do. He would keep himself to himself, his daughter would do an internship and get on to her life.

"You knew I was watching you." Kim said.

"If I knew sweetheart, I wouldn't have..."

"We don't lie to each other dad." Kim said.

Doug just stood there looking into her eyes.

The pause lasted more than a breath.

"The morning that I stood and watched you, you were at my room. I saw you..." Kim paused "I was waiting for you. I saw you the time before that and the time before... I knew it excited me but you wanting to watch me didn't occur to me until I got up and followed you."

Doug had no excuse to free himself. Kim was not a child that would believe some fabricated story. He was looking into the eyes of another adult, albeit one half his age, but another adult.

Beaten, Doug shook his head "You had been in college for a couple years. I never saw you that way before and don't know why I did then. I was passing by your room and looked in on you like I've done since you were a baby. Nothing was different from the rest of the years. I just noticed you... and wished I could look at you without worrying about being caught. Your door was open a little as I passed by and I saw you lying on your bed." Doug shook his head grimacing with embarrassment and shame.

"What did you see?" Kim wanted to hear it.

"You were on top of your covers... you didn't have anything on."

You assume too much dad. I was already thinking it... I was hoping for it. You didn't know that I knew you were there, one way or the other I would get my answer if I acted. You would either watch or walk away."

"I watched?" Doug hoped she might question it or at least let him off.

"Knowing you were standing there as I came was the most intense orgasm I'd ever had. It might have been my first orgasm. I had never felt anything like it before."

"You usually leave your door cracked open. I don't know how you could be sure of anything outside your door."

"I followed you once after watching me... I watched you go down the hall and into your room." she said. "I watched you stretch out on your bed and masturbate after watching me. I couldn't wuit thinking about watching you come on yourself... over and over in my mind."

Doug's mind was reeling. Such a secret being ripped out of the shadows and into the light was too much to resolve. The old, safe reality he shared with his daughter and that she shared with him, what was real, what was an illusion meant to protect... Doug's reality was undergoing the equivalent of a mental earthquake and what was once his solid ground was being shifted without control and he was powerless to stop it.

"You knew I was there?" He asked.

"Yes. Always, I could hardly wait for it. I imagined that one day I'd do something right and you wouldn't be able to resist doing more than watching and come into my room... I wondered if you were dressed outside my door. I hoped I would open my eyes and you would be standing over me."

Doug pleaded. "Maybe because it's incest sweetheart... dad's go to prison for the rest of their lives for raping their daughters. A daughter that gets his attention, plays with him... she asks for it and then doesn't like it when it actually happens and sends him off to jail."

"You're the only person that has ever loved me dad. You can do anything you want to me and like it or not I'd never betray you."

"I believe that honey but you're my daughter and want you or not, I never want to hurt you because I'm all you've got and you're all I've got and I can't damage us more than I already have. If it stayed a secret you'd outgrow me, these thoughts and feelings. It can still happen.

"So what do we do?" Kim asked.

"We go have breakfast." Doug said.

"Seriously? We just walk away and go have breakfast?"

"You have to consider down the road. You rely on me to make wise decisions for our family and something like this, down the road you're in therapy because something happened with your dad and all of a sudden it doesn't make sense to you, your life is forever changed, our relationship is gone... there are too many paths that can't be undone. You're asking therapists and friends why your dad would do this to you. I'm forever destroyed, you're forever destroyed. It's a bad path. What do you want from me Kimmie?"

Kim took a thoughtful breath and let it out, the act somehow resolving the thoughts in her mind. "As I'm lying back right now... I keep wondering what you would do if I opened my robe. "

"Please don't Kimmie. Please don't." Doug walked away from her and faced the wall. "Why are you trying so hard to push me?"

Kim relented. "Okay. Then it's done. I'll be in my room." She turned and walked out.

Kim pushed her door closed and sat on the bed. A few moments later there was a light knock on her door. "I'll pass on breakfast dad."

"At least let me give you the menu."

Kim slid off of her bed and opened the door. Doug was standing there naked, his body fully erect. He said nothing. His outstretched hand pushed the door wide open.

"This is what happens when I see you. This is what happens when I know you're watching me. When I stand at your door and look at you on your bed, this is what I look like and I can hardly stand it. I savor every moment of seeing you and then I walk back to my room, leave my door open hoping you can see what you do to me and shoot streams of come with your image burned into my mind. "

Kim looked at him. "So the question, what would you do if I opened my robe?"

"I can't answer it. Too many things go through my mind. I think looking at you instead of some recent memory and masturbating with you watching..." Doug hesitated.

"I have to hear it. I want to hear every thought you have..." Kim pleaded.

"I think of my streams of come shooting onto you, I think of you sucking me, I think of being there when you open your eyes... I think of you seeing me standing in front of you like this, knowing that you know the truth. I'm thinking of doing it..." Doug gripped his cock and started stroking it. "...of doing this, right here." His breathing was shaky.

"Stop dad. Please stop." Kim said reaching out and pulling his hand away. She walked to her bed and let her robe slide to the floor as she climbed on top. Sitting up she spread her legs and touched herself and looked at her dad in the doorway. Kim laid back and stretched out and then sat up as though she were waking up.

Kim slid off of her bed and walked to Doug.

"This is all exactly what I've thought of." She said. Kim dropped to her knees and sucked Doug's hard body. Doug cried out in ecstasy. Kim held his ass in her hands to pull his cock deep into her mouth and throat. Doug instinctively wove his fingers through her hair and held her head.

Kim pulled away and looked up at him. "I would suck you until every last squirt was in my mouth. That's what I would do. What would you do?"

"I would slide my cock into your pussy and fuck you until every last squirt was in your pussy."

Kim began walking back toward her bed.

"Not here Kimmie." Doug held out his hand. Kim walked to him, reached out and took it. He led her back to his room.

Kim walked to the bed, climbed on top and spread her legs. Her pussy was throbbing.

Doug held his body and watched his cock penetrate her. He slid all the way into her and thrust. Kim moaned, her pussy dripped.

"Every last drop dad."

Doug fucked Kim with all of the desire that he had been consumed with until his cock was streaming pulses of hot come into her body. He didn't stop. Doug fucked her pussy until his balls ached and the come had stopped. As they both watched, Doug slowly slid his wet cock out of her pussy and slid his finger on the underside of it forcing a stream out that ran onto her slit and down her ass.

Doug and Kim got into his large shower and washed each other. They didn't bother with robes. The breakfast chatter was different than usual as well.



"Will you lick my pussy and then fuck me some more?"

Kim watched her dad get hard again right there. She sucked every last squirt out of it and swallowed like a good girl.

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