tagRomanceDon't Stop Loving Me

Don't Stop Loving Me


'What's wrong, Em?' asked David as he took Emma's hand into his.

'Nothing,' she replied and looked down, poking her food around.

Emma was in his house, sitting before him with a forlorn expression on her face. He didn't want anything to spoil their evening. It had been a few weeks since she had been at his home. And after days of staying away from her, being with her was the most beautiful feeling.

'Don't give me the "nothing" crap, Emma,' warned David and brought her palm close to his lips. 'What happened, doll?' he asked, brushing his lips against her knuckles.

'I have been writing ... you know ...,' faltered Emma as she tried to find an appropriate word, '... a romantic story ...'

'Really?' asked David, his gaze curious. 'You didn't tell me ...'

'You were too busy last week, Dave,' justified Emma as she looked at David. 'The story got posted a couple of days back ...'

'And?' asked David as he bent forward and ran a finger across her cheek.

'They hate it,' blurted out Emma, jerking her face away from his touch. 'Nobody likes ...'

'Em, listen to me,' said David gently, pulling his chair closer to hers. 'Baby ...'

'Don't tell me that it doesn't matter,' she said loudly and walked away towards the couch.

David looked at her as she settled herself on the couch and wrapped her arms around her. He knew that she was an excellent writer. Hell! He always got hard reading her stories. But maybe something was missing in the story or may be someone was too hell bent on making her feel worse. Not anymore ... He would make sure that she knew what a good writer she was and how good her stories were. Making up his mind, he walked towards the couch with a pair of wine glasses and a chilled bottle of red wine.

'Scoot up,' he said as he settled down on the couch beside her. 'Here,' he said as he offered her a glass of wine.

'Thanks,' she murmured and cradled the glass carefully.

'Do you want to talk about it?' asked David after a couple of minutes, his gaze on the fire crackling in the fireplace.

Emma moved closer to David and laid her head on his shoulder. He pulled her close, taking the glass away from her and setting it down on the coffee table.

'I don't feel like writing anymore,' she said softly, voicing her thoughts aloud.

'Why?' he asked as he stroked her back.

'Every time I sit down to write something, their comments flash before my eyes and I ... I ...' struggled Emma.

Sensing Emma's distress, David pulled her into his lap and cradled her close to his heart.

'Don't do this to yourself, Emma. You know that whatever they say is all bullshit. You aren't as bad as they say you are,' said David before dropping a kiss on her forehead.

'You are the only one who says so,' murmured Emma as she looped her arms around his neck.

'I don't think so. Many people like what you write, Em,' said David as he ruffled her hair. 'I am just one of the many people who like to read what you write.'

'Will you read the latest one?' asked Emma as she turned in his arms, so that she faced him. 'Tell me how bad it is.'

'Come on, baby. It can't be that bad,' said David as he placed her on the couch and stood up. 'I will be right back with the laptop and a quilt.'

'I am not cold,' protested Emma.

'You are, Em,' David chuckled and took her hands into his. 'They are ice cold,' he said as he brushed his warm lips against them.

'You are warm enough,' she remarked shyly and ran a finger across his soft lips.

'You are too bold for your age,' he said as he walked towards a closet and retrieved a duvet.

'You talk as if I am a baby,' she said on a pout as he handed her the duvet.

'You are just 22, Em,' said David as he walked towards his bedroom.

As he walked back towards the couch, Emma asked back. 'And what are you? 40?'

'Fine, Em. You win,' he said as he settled down on the couch and switched on the laptop. 'But I am 28, Em and ...'

'Yeah, so?' she asked, raising her eyebrows. 'That doesn't make you a grandfather.'

'When did we meet, Em?' asked David as he pulled her close and draped the duvet around her.

'2 years back, as far as I remember. But why?' she asked as she waited for the laptop to boot up.

'You were 20, baby. And at that time, you looked too young to be called my girlfriend,' he said and tweaked her nose.

'Says who, huh?' she said as she entered the URL and searched for her story.

'I love you, Em,' said David sincerely, her heart swelling with emotion and making her feel precious, loved and cherished.

'I love you too, Dave,' said Emma and she cupped his face and pressed her lips against his. 'And here you go,' she said as she handed him the laptop with her story on the screen.

'Because I still Love you ...,' read David aloud and looked at her questioningly. 'Sounds heavy,' he said and looked back at the screen.

Emma watched David as he read her story. The concentration with which his brows were creased, giving him a little rugged look, his forearms looked strong, his fingers hovering over the mouse pad as he skimmed through the story. She saw his eyes smile as went through the conversations in the story ... which were much similar to theirs. The usual bantering over nothing, the cuddles, the hugs, the kisses ...

'Em?' his voice reached her, pulling her out of her dream world. 'Em?'

'Yes, Dave,' she said as she turned towards him. 'Did you read the complete story?'

'No, just the first chapter,' he said and pointed towards the comments. 'Some are good. But ...'

'But?' prompted Emma, her heart pounding against her chest.

'They kind of repeated the same thing over and over again,' he said, a bit angry. 'Once someone says it's fragmented, it's done. Why keep on repeating the same thing over and over again?'

'Now, you know how I feel,' she said pressing herself closer to his hard, warm body.

'Want me to comment how good the story was?' he asked as he took her mouth for a kiss. It was a slow and soft kiss at the beginning -- just a light teasing, barely there kisses placed on her mouth. And then his lips moved over hers with a determination, he nibbled at her lower lip and when she parted her lips, his tongue entered -- stroking, meeting and teasing hers. He took her face into his hands, tilting it slightly so that he could have more access. He devoured her and she allowed him to set the pace.

'You taste delicious,' he said pulling back a little, giving them some time to catch their breath.

'Thanks,' she murmured and tried to move back a little, but even before she could move a muscle, he had his arms wrapped around her waist, tucking her into his side.

'Want me to read the next chapter?' asked David as he looked into her eyes.

Emma only nodded her head and waited for David's reaction as he read the next chapter. He shifted uncomfortably, a couple of times making her wonder what was wrong. Finally when he placed down the laptop on the couch and turned towards her, she couldn't help but smile at the tormented look on David's face.

'Is it that bad, Dave?'

'I don't care about where and how the story is going, sweetie. But ...'

'But?' asked Emma, unable to comprehend David's statement.

'... Your sex scenes are sinfully good, Em. How do you manage to write it? Had I been the person who was writing them, I would have jacked myself off every hour.'

'They aren't so good. Nobody bothered to even say anything about them,' she said wryly, clasping her fingers together.

'I don't care about nobody, Em. Give me your hand,' he said and freed her hand, guiding it towards his lap. 'See it for yourself, sweets,' he whispered and wrapped her palm around the bulge in his jeans.

'Dave ...,' sighed Emma as she felt him move beneath her touch, making her want more.

David maneuvered Emma into his lap, his erection pressing into her rear.

'I never thought I would crave dominance,' he murmured against her ear, his warm breath fanning the erratic pulse at her neck. 'But now ...,' he allowed the statement to hang in the air as he left a trail of kisses from her temple to her chin.

'Now?' asked Emma as she held onto him, trying to control the thumping in her heart.

'After reading the submissive scene, I want you, Em. I want you on your knees ...,' said David softly, undoing the buttons of her shirt slowly, one at a time, '... before me, mine to command, all mine ...'

'Dave, please,' pleaded Emma as he brushed his fingers against the underside of her breast, forcing her nipples to go taut in anticipation.

'Please what, baby?' asked David as he ran his fingers lightly over her exposed belly, making her shiver. 'What do you need, Em?'

'You,' she sighed as he pulled the shirt away from her body, making her vulnerable to his touch.

'Me? Only me?' he asked cupping her breasts, squeezing them slightly, making her lean against him.

'Make love to me, Dave. Please ...,' she whimpered as David found her nipple under the material of her bra and flicked it lightly.

'You are so responsive, Em. I just have to touch you and ...'

David undid the clasp of her bra and lowered the straps, before pulling it away. He didn't know that he had been holding his breath until he let it out.

'You are so pretty, Em,' he said as he turned her sideways and bent his head, his mouth inches away from her erect nipples.

'Suck them, Dave. Taste them, baby,' whispered Emma, wanting nothing more than his mouth on her breasts.

'Oh Em! You know how to destroy a man, don't you?' asked Dave as he kissed her breast, before sucking her nipples into his mouth. His cheeks hollowing, his tongue flicking against it, rasping the nerve endings as flares of brilliant flames began to ignite across her body.

'Dave,' she cried out his name. Her fingers clenched in his hair, moved to his shoulders, desperate to experience the feel of his body against hers.

His lips moved from one breast to the other, copying the harder sucking motions of his mouth and the caress of his tongue. Each rasp to her nipple, each hungry draw of his mouth, deepened the hunger rising inside her.

'So good.' Her voice trembled. Need was tearing through her like wildfire. 'Dave. It's so good.'

And it was.

'Let's go to the bedroom, Em. Not here,' said David against her lips as he hauled her into his arms.


Once inside the bedroom, it was Emma who was the aggressor, stripping David of all his clothes, her fingers impatient to get out of her jeans. Sensing her urgency, David moved towards her and dragged her hands away from her jeans.

'Shh ... Slow down, Em. I am not running away,' he said with a sly smile, making her blush. 'Allow me,' he said and undid the buttons and dragged her jeans down, holding her hand as she stepped out of them.

David took his fill of her, as he drank the sight of her -- naked except for a scrap of silk that barely covered her. She stood before him, her eyes wild with need, her body waiting for him, beckoning him to come and claim what he considered his. And then the scene from her story crossed his mind.

'On your knees, Emma,' said David, his tone authoritative.

'But I ...'

'Now,' ordered David and gently pushed Emma onto her knees. The floor was carpeted, preventing her knees from getting bruised.

'Open for me, Emma,' he commanded. 'Take me inside your mouth.'

She readily complied, and he immediately plunged deep into her mouth. Like velvet on her tongue. He tasted of salt, smelled faintly of musk and leather.

He worked back and forth and she sucked avidly at him, running her tongue from tip to base as he dragged his cock in and out of her mouth. He stilled for a moment and tapped her cheek with his fingers. Then he tilted her head upward, his cock nearly sliding free of her lips. His gaze warned her as did his hand against her jaw.

She relaxed immediately and let him take over. Let him use her mouth as he wished in the manner he wanted. She was his.

His hands framed her face, and he pulled her closer into his groin. He slid deep until his hairs tickled her nose. A low groan worked from his chest, and her body tightened with pleasure.

She was pleasing him.

Harder and deeper he thrust. He held her in place, fucking her mouth with ruthless abandon. If she had feared he would be too gentle, too soft, she had feared wrong. There was nothing gentle about his possession. He took her with savage abandon, leaving her no doubt as to whom she now belonged.

His fingers crept deeper into her hair so that his hands were tangled in her tresses as he rocked against her. Several times she thought he was on the verge of his release, but it was then that he slowed, holding himself still in her mouth until he regained control. Then he resumed the deep strokes to the back of her throat.

The blunt crown of his dick nudged at the softness in the deepest part of her mouth. She swallowed convulsively, and she could feel the shudders working through his body.

Warm saltiness spilled onto her tongue, just a precursor to his orgasm. She lapped hungrily at it, wanting more, but he stilled and gave her a warning tap on the cheek again. Again she relaxed and relinquished control to him.

'I am close, Em,' he said. His voice slid like silk over her ravaged senses. 'I want you to swallow it all. Drink from me. Taste my pleasure.'

She closed her eyes as his erotic words flickered over her hungry body. So hungry. She wanted him. Needed him like she had never needed anyone else.

His thrusts became more urgent. Less measured and less controlled. He pounded against her mouth without mercy and still she wanted more. All of him. Nothing less.

The first jet of his release hit the back of her throat like a shock. For a moment she held it in her mouth, unable to swallow fast enough in her surprise. More spilled onto her tongue.

Creamy and exotic. Wild tasting. Masculine and strong.

As she swallowed, he continued to work in and out of her mouth, his movements more gentle now as the last of his orgasm quivered through his loins. He sank to the back of her throat once more and stayed there, locked against her mouth.

'Swallow,' he said in a guttural voice. 'Swallow against me, baby.'

She obeyed, swallowing and listening to his moans of pleasure as she milked the last drops of his cum from his cock.

Finally he slid from her mouth and loosened his grip on her head. He gazed down at her, warm approval glistening in his eyes. With one thumb he wiped a trickle of his seed from the corner of her mouth and then slid it inside her mouth.

Dutifully she licked his thumb clean and he withdrew it. He reached down to grasp her shoulders and helped her to her feet. He fingered one nipple and a soft moan escaped her. Then he plucked at the other, manipulating the bud until she shook from head to toe.

'Do your knees hurt?' he asked gently as he carried her towards his bed.

Emma only shook her head, once he placed her on the bed. He tugged down her panties, leaving her completely naked. He climbed onto the bed and pulled her towards him, making sure that she knew whom she belonged to. She snuggled into his chest and slid her arm around his waist. The steady rhythm of his heartbeat faintly against her temple, and she inhaled his scent, savoring and holding it before finally exhaling.

She kissed his chest and then scooted her body upward, tilting her head so that she was level with his lips. She pulled her arm from around his waist and reached up to touch his cheek, rough from stubble.

He lay there watching her, making no move to stop her or to direct her in any way. She moved closer until she could feel his breath on her lips. Slowly, with great deliberation, she touched her mouth to his. She sighed into his mouth, unable to call back the deep contentment over the simple kiss. She loved touching him, making him feel as good as he made her feel. Her hands fluttered over the beard-roughed skin of his jaw, and she kissed a line from his lips to his neck, enjoying the rugged rasp against her lips. His pulse jumped wildly at his neck as her mouth closed over it and nipped lightly with her teeth.

'Are you seducing me, Em?' he said in a near groan. 'Has the cute little girl whom I fell in love with, turned into a temptress?'

She smiled and shoved, rotating his body until he lay flat on his back underneath her.

'I knew I shouldn't have given you the free rein,' he murmured, though there was no true regret in his voice.

'Make love to me, Dave,' she whispered. The need was strong in her voice. 'Just us. No games. Just two lovers loving each other.'

He circled her body with his arms, yanking her to his chest. She fell, her mouth landing close to his. He claimed her lips, devouring them hungrily. There was no casual sipping, no easy give and take. He simply took, unleashing his passion in a kiss that left her shaken and bare.

There was no disguising his need, his urgent desire for her. Power rippled through her, arcing in the air, electric and sizzling. That he could want her so desperately, took her breath away and make her need even more profound.

He rolled, taking her with him until she was tucked underneath him, her legs splayed out, him cradled to her body. His hands tangled in her hair, clutching at her slim neck as he guided her to his eager mouth.

'Do you feel bad?' he gasped out.

She had to actually think, to try and remember why she would feel bad. Then what happened before came flooding back in a storm of passion and lust. Images of how he had made her feel. The feel of his cock in her mouth. The desire to please him and bask under his control.

'No, it doesn't feel bad. Please don't stop, Dave. You won't do anything that will hurt me.'

'No, Emma. I will never hurt you,' he said softly as he reclaimed her mouth.

His lips slid from hers and down her jaw until he reached the sensitive lobe of her ear. He nibbled lightly then sucked it between his teeth. When he moved below to claim the tender skin of her neck, chill bumps danced and raced across her shoulders and tightened her nape.

She made full use of her hands, delving into his brown hair, enjoying the crispness of the strands as they feathered across her fingers. His gaze sought hers as he rose from her neck and then moved to her breasts.

There was something wild in his eyes. Where before he had seemed restrained, in control and patient, now there was an urgency, a deep wanting in those warm brown orbs that melted her heart.

'Come to me,' she whispered. 'Be with me. Your Emma. The woman, not the girl.'

He stopped, his body going still against her flesh. His gaze penetrated her, dark and forbidding. Propping himself on one arm next to her head, he touched his fingers to her lips as if to shush her.

'You were never just a girl to me, Em. You are the only woman who ever had my heart.'

Her chest swelled and expanded with emotion that caught her off guard.

He dropped his head and kissed her, long and sweet. His tongue danced with hers, touching, licking, loving her mouth deeply and intimately. There was a reverence to his every touch, almost hesitation, as though he feared she would shatter under his caresses. Carefully he ran his hand over the curve of her shoulder. The backs of his knuckles grazed the soft skin above her breast and then slid over her nipple.

'Aren't they beautiful?' he asked as he stopped and thumbed over the point.

'I don't know,' she admitted with a blush. 'They are more ... sensitive when you touch them.'

'Do you like my mouth on them?'

She nodded.

He leaned down and put his mouth over the taut peak. Warm and moist, his tongue flicked over the tip as his lips closed around the aureole. Her pussy tightened as he sucked in smooth rhythmic motions.

With his free hand, he reached between them, sliding his hand between her parted thighs.

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