tagIncest/TabooDoris and Her Son

Doris and Her Son


My name is Charlie. I am retired but am a runner and am slender and in good shape.

I recently moved to a little town down south to get away from the big city and it's problems. My time is spent with porn on my computer and trying to satisfy my over sexed cock.

Every evening I go to a little cafe in town for dinner and look forward to one of the wait staff. She is tall and slender and sometimes sits with me if it is slow. Her name is Doris.

My cock loves her and swells every time I see her. She wears no bra and, even with an apron, I get the hint of hard nipples.

Anyway, one evening it thunders and starts to storm buckets full of rain. She says she better get going because her son is home alone and might be frightened with the stormy weather and leaves.

After I finish my coffee I get up and dash towards my car. I hear her scream, "Motherfucking piece of shit! Fucking key broke off."

I run up to her and we are both drenched by the driving rain. She has broken the key off in the car door. What a sight, her hair in her face, blouse soaked and showing off her full tits and hard nipples. I am soaked too and wish I had worn underpants as my cock is outlined in my thin pants.

I hold her close to shout over the wind and tell her I will take her home, rain steaming down our faces.

We leap in my car and she thanks me for my kindness. She laughs that she should have worn a bra and I assure her that I think she is beautiful. I also remark that I should have worn underpants and she just smiles.

On the way to her house I put my arm around her to warm her and she lays her hand on my wet thigh. Feels like a date and my cock starts to swell.

We run in her front door and she says he might be asleep. She throws me an old short robe and she goes to change. She returns barefoot with a short nightie and flops on the couch. I sit next to her. I love her long bare legs. She tells me I might think her weird but her eighteen year old son still nurses. He is small for his age and very shy and didn't get along well in school with the other kids so she keeps him safe at home and home schools him.

Her bare leg is rubbing mine and I am having trouble keeping my thickening prick under cover.

She turns her head towards me and her hair is a mess but she is cute and I am ready for our first kiss.

Just then her son enters the room rubbing his eyes, totally nude with a very stiff prick. Doris says, "Were you frightened Craig? Come to mommy and let me comfort you. Oh yes baby, suck mommy. You make mommy so happy."

My eyes pop out as he sits next to her and she opens her robe and he starts sucking tit with his eyes closed. She smiles at me and takes my hand and places it on his back. She tells me to feel how soft and warm his skin is. I rub down and tell her he is a beautiful boy and I love his feel. She watches with love as I rub his perfect bare ass cheeks.

Then she takes my hand and places it on his small balls and then has me squeeze his hard prick. With her other hand she opens my robe and my throbbing hard cock is shiny with pre cum. She says she likes what she sees and puts my head to her other tit and tells me to suck.

With us both sucking she gasps and has a tremendous orgasm, milk squirting from both nipples nearly gagging Craig and I.

She tells Craig to go to bed and then hugs me, telling me I'm the only man who has a hard on for both Craig and her. She says most run from the house after the Craig "test."

She gets up and pulls me to my feet, both robes drop to the floor. She invites me to sleep with Craig and her and I follow her into the bedroom.

She lays next to Craig and spreads her long slender legs and I see her open her very wet cunt lips in her dark pubic hair. She welcomes my rigid cock into her slippery cunt and gasps as I ram it in to the hilt. I am really turned on by fucking her next to her sleeping son. She says, "Oh fuck but you make me horny. You are a hard mother fucker. Oh shit, here I cum!" I pump what seems like a gallon deep in her.

After I pull my spent cock out we cuddle and she tells me that I am a perfect man for her and Craig. She says she will teach him how to please a woman, her in fact. She wonders if I will teach him how to please a man sexually.

She says he has been playing with himself and shoots a lot of cum. When he was younger he was sent home from school for playing with his hard prick in the boy's gym class shower room. A doctor took tests and found that his hormons are unusually high. Now she keeps him at home. Doris says she is very bi sexual and thinks it is quite a turn on that Craig might be too.

Without another word I slide down and kiss her freshly fucked cunt and then lean over a kiss Craig's soft prick. That done I let her know I love them both and would love to be Craig's daddy and I am eager to show him how to love his new daddy.

She then says, "Ok then daddy, lets get some sleep. You have a big day with your new son tomorrow."

As I slowly awaken I see Craig watching me as he sucks his mommy's tit and squeezes a little pre cum from his stiff prick. Maybe he is curious about the man with a huge hard on next to his mother.

Doris tells him, "Honey, this is your new daddy Charlie. He likes to play with his cock too and baby, he fucked me so beautifully last night just like I want you to someday. I can't wait until you see how his big prick fucks my cunt baby.

Now I am going to get ready for work and a girlfriend will pick me up and take me to work so I can get my car. You and daddy will have all day to play."

Doris got up and went to the bathroom and I put my arm out for Craig. He snuggled into me and put his head on my chest. He asked, "Did you really fuck mommy? Will you really be my daddy? Do you really play with your cock? It is so big."

I chuckled and answered that I loved fucking his mother and yes, I will be his daddy and yes, I love playing with my cock and we can play any cock games that you want to.

With that he told me he loved me and was glad I was going to be his daddy and gave me a big kiss, his young tongue exploring my mouth, his stiff prick buried in my stomach as I pulled his bare ass to me.

Doris came out of the bathroom dressed for work. She sat on the edge of the bed and and smiled and said to have fun and she would hurry home after work and see how we were getting along. She spread her legs and showed Craig and I her bare cunt, wet with happiness and then told us to have fun and left when her ride honked.

She was no sooner out the door than Craig was on his knees next to me on the bed jacking his prick. "Look daddy, it's so fucking hot jacking for you."

I put my hand around his prick and rubbed the pre cum from his piss slit with my thumb. "Baby, what's really fucking hot is someone else jacking your prick. Don't cum yet Craig, daddy's prick is so fucking horny for you to feel my hard wet shaft.

That's right son, hold my balls with your left hand and squeeze my cock with your right. Oh fuck yes, that feels good."

He told me that he couldn't wait and was going to cum so I took his prick in my mouth and gabbed his bare ass and pulled him in deep and was rewarded with a stream of cum.

After he recovered a bit he said it was fantastic and he wanted me to suck him off in front of his mother, or anybody and laughed. Then he asked if he could suck me off.

I showed him how to lick the pre cum from my prick head and then kiss it, taking just the head into his mouth. "Oh daddy, I love sucking cock. I want to drink your cum."

His head went up and down faster and faster and he pulled off just long enough to tell me my big cock was a total turn on. I spread my legs wide and told him to fucking suck me off and started shooting streams of cum down his throat. He swallowed all he could and then pulled off and the rest splattered his face and chest.

When Doris came through the door after work Craig ran to her, his stiff prick bouncing. Before she could say a word he said, "Mommy, mommy, daddy let me suck his cock off. He said I was a hot little cock sucker."

Doris, "That's great Craig. Can you show mommy what a good cock sucker you are?"

There I was, standing nude, legs spread and my hands on my hips, cock hard as a rock. Craig looked at her then up at me from his position on his knees. Then he took my rigid cock head in his mouth and started to suck. Every suck he took in more cock.

Doris said, "Come on baby, suck daddy's hard cock. You make mommy fucking horny and wet."

After all this I lost it and started to cum, stream after stream. He gulped and gulped but finally pulled my still pumping cock out of his mouth and let it splatter all over his face and chest.

"Oh god, I love you my little boy, kiss mommy and let me taste daddy's cum." As they kissed Doris frantically rubbed her swollen and very wet hairy cunt.

Doris stood up and practically ripped her dress off, tits oozing milk, horny cunt dripping and my cum in her mouth.

How I loved Craig and his mother. My fucking cock was rigid again and Craig's prick was so beautifully hard.

Doris yelled that she needed her cunt fucked right now and laid on the floor, legs spread and cunt lips open with lust. "Fuck me daddy," she said as I plunged my huge meat deep in her belly as her son watched, wide eyed.

I pounded her cunt until I blew my load in her, stream after stream. As I pulled out of her leaking cunt she asked Craig to kiss her freshly fucked cunt and had a tremendous orgasm as he sucked my cum and licked her clit.

She told him how much she loved him and it was time he fucked her. His prick was so hard with love and lust as he plunged his virgin cock deep into his mother's cum filled cunt. After only several thrusts they both cried out with love as they exploded with orgasms.

After that we all went to bed and snuggled as a family, a perfect family.

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