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Double Date


Several years ago before we married Debbie and I (John) went on a double date that changed us forever. We were seniors in high school, Jesse a friend of Debbie's friend wanted to double date with his new girlfriend Sally, Debbie and I. Jesse and I played basketball together but I wouldn't call us good friends or any thing like that. Jesse was very cocky, tall and always trying to brag about his latest fuck. Some how he had manage to start seeing Sally a girl that was in college. Jesse would talk about what a great lay she was and how she was so wild.

We were going to the dance in the gym at school so I picked up Debbie, then Jesse and finally Sally. The dance was uneventful so Jesse talked us into going to the park five miles out of town. As we drove there I was able to look back a few times, the last time I looked back Sally was naked from the waist up. Sally had small tits but the one nipple I could see seemed large. Jesse was sucking on her other tit, I motioned Debbie to look back. Debbie whispered in my ear as I drove that Jesse was undoing her pants. By the time I parked Jesse had Sally's pants down to her ankles and had his hand between her legs.

Debbie turned to me and we started to kiss, what was going on in the back seat really seemed to catch Debbie's attention. While Debbie was looking back I was kissing her neck and bringing my hand under her short dress. I was actually rubbing her pussy, something Debbie had only allowed me to do through her pants. Now I was moving her panties aside as my finger rubbed her clit. I looked back when I saw something out of the corner eyes, it was Jesse's shirt his pants were already off and his cock was sticking out, it almost seemed to be pointed at Debbie. As now she was on her knees looking to the back seat, we both just looked as Jesse aimed his cock toward Sally's pussy. We watched as Jesse rubbed his cock against her clit a few times then he opened her pussy lips with his fingers right before he jammed his cock into her. When he was all the way in Sally wrapped her legs around his ass and seemed to pulled him in further.

Debbie whispered that is so hot and we kissed. Debbie surprised me by reaching down and pulling off her dress. Debbie's tits were larger than Sally's and seemed to pour out of her bra. We kissed and I pushed down her bra straps to expose her beauty to me. Up until now Debbie had been very conservative, our petting had been with all our clothes on. I could hear moaning in the back seat but was more interested in Debbie's tits, plus Debbie kept saying wow look at them fuck while I sucked on her tits. My hands were trying to remove Debbie's panties to no avail, so I settled with again pushing them aside. After rubbing her for a few minutes my finger were getting slick and I found Debbie's virgin hole. When I inserted my finger she jerked up but came back down onto my finger pushing it further into her virgin pussy. I started to pull it out rub her clit and push my finger back into her tight pussy.

Debbie was now sliding down on the seat toward the door I again tried to pull off her panties but Debbie refused. As Debbie repositioned herself I looked into the back seat, Jesse was pounding Sally as hard as he could, Sally looked at me and smiled she grabbed my hand from the seat brought it to her mouth and sucked the finger that had been in Debbie's pussy. I pulled off my shirt before bending down to kiss Debbie, as we kissed I somehow managed to get my hand between us to finger fuck her again. Jesse yelled that he was cumin causing Debbie to moved up on the door to see. This brought my face down to her belly button I quickly thought to move down and was staring at the first pussy I had seen in person. I had heard of people eating pussy so I put my tongue at the top and licked, it tasted a bit salty but this did not stop me from licking her some more. I must have been doing something right cause Debbie moved giving me more room to lick. Suddenly Debbie moaned and the taste turned sweeter, I licked her for a minute longer as she came down from her first orgasm. I looked to Debbie's face and was surprised to see Jesse's hand playing with one of Debbie's tits, as I pushed it away I looked into the back seat almost straight into Sally's ass. Sally was giving Jesse a blowjob, I fumbled with my pants to release my cock then bent down to kiss Debbie.

I could see Jesse with lust in his eyes taking in all of Debbie's beauty I covered her up with my body and was reaching down to aim my cock to Debbie's virgin pussy when she whispered "we can't go all the way." I was so frustrated I just sat up, my cock was aching for release that it was not getting here Debbie sat next to me saying "please understand." I was angry but I hugged her, when I did this I again could see into the back seat only from this vantage point I was looking at Sally's ass and could make out her pussy. My hand reached into the back and I rubbed her ass, I let my hand reach further down till I felt only my second pussy in my life. This pussy was all wet and very slick, cum just every where Debbie noticed what I was doing just as I pushed my finger into Sally's wet pussy. It felt so good and slick my finger slipped right in.. Debbie yelled "what are you doing?."

This caused Jesse to open his eyes, he smiled and said "lets switch," Debbie response was "NO NO" but I quickly said OK!. Sally sat up in the back seat, Jesse opened his door and ran around the car as I jumped over the seat into his place. As I got into place with Debbie looking at me , Sally quickly reached down and put my cock into her mouth, I saw a tear coming down Debbie's face Jesse hugged her saying it was OK. It felt good having Sally's lips around my cock she would pull it out and lick the under side till she reached my balls taking on then the other in her mouth. Sally would then put my whole cock in her mouth again. I looked to see Jesse and Debbie kissing for a minute then they both slid down where I couldn't see them any more. Sally had me cumin in no time I was filling her mouth with cum, this was the first time I had cum at someone else's hands sought of speak.

Sally quickly said "it's my turn" she change position and laid down on the seat opening her legs to me. I wanting to return the favor she had just done for me moved onto the floor of the car and just went down on her. I forgot all about Debbie and Jesse, I forgot that Jesse had just cum in her pussy till I was already licking her pussy. It was a different taste but not really bad, Sally was pushing her hips toward me to get more of my tongue into her pussy. Just then I felt something land on my head, I reached up only to find a pair of panties. It took me a few seconds to realize that they were Debbie's. I turned my head to see Debbie's foot on top of the front seat.

As I raised up I heard Debbie moan, I looked over to the front seat to see Jesse between Debbie's spread open legs. He was pushing his cock into Debbie's tight virgin pussy, it was my turn to yell "NO." Debbie's eyes opened she reached out to my hand and squeezed it as Jesse said "this sure is one tight pussy." I sat there dumbfounded as Jesse just fucked Debbie, he lifted his body and now I could see their coupling I could see Jesse's cock slide in and out of Debbie's pussy the sight was erotic and disturbing at the same time. Jesse kept say "this is some good pussy" as he pumped in and out of her pussy. I watched as Jesse groaned and filled Debbie up with his cum, I couldn't believe that Debbie had allowed Jesse to fuck her to take her virginity.

I opened the back door and followed Jesse's previous route running around the car and getting in the front, mean while Jesse jumped into the back seat. As I opened the door allowing the light to turn on I could now see Debbie still laying there her legs wide open I believe in could see into her pussy with cum dripping out of her. Debbie sat up to say "lets go home." I grabbed my pants put them on, pulled on my shirt and drove quietly into town we dropped off Jesse and Sally at Jesse's house then drove to Debbie's. Finally I asked "why did you do this?"

"because you were with that bitch" was Debbie's response.

"turn on the light so I can find my panties"

I did as she asked then she leaned over the seat looking for her panties this cause her short dress that she had just put back on during the ride into town to rise and expose her wet ass and pussy. I don't know why but I grabbed her ass cheeks opened them up as well as her pussy and I licked her pussy. Debbie turned to me saying "if you are going to do that then do it right" with that she laid down on the front seat lifting her dress to her hips opened her legs saying "look what you made me do, now clean me up." This was the second time this night I was eating Jesse's cum from a pussy he had just finished fucking. Debbie was telling me to lick her some more and saying "that will teach you." Finally she I could fell her body shake and tremble. Debbie pick up my head from her pussy to ask if I like it?. I told her the truth that it was a turn-on to see her fuck. Debbie kissed saying "good night."

"aren't we going to fuck?"

"not tonight" she responded and got out of the car.

The next Monday about four different guys asked if they could double date with me and Debbie, I guess Jesse was bragging. Debbie was there when the last one asked and she said OK. That turned out to be a replay of this night. I didn't get to fuck Debbie until after school finished seven weeks later, during this time we double dated with four different guy same results. Debbie and I married just two weeks after she took my virginity. I got a job and soon had coworkers over my house all the time, but that is a deferent story if you want to hear about it please comment...

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Had a similar experience but my date was a blind date. Roomie did his date while my date & I watched. My date got turned on by the show, and stripped naked and crossed the room to suck his cock as hemore...

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