tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDouble Date Adventures: Strip Club

Double Date Adventures: Strip Club


The stripper strokes my smooth, bare knee with the back of her hand, running it up along my thigh to caress the skin under my skirt. She bends and seductively brushes her lips against my ear, and I catch a nose full of her fragrance, all sweet and glittery, soft, like sex, with a hint of cigar smoke in her chestnut hair. Then she bends at the waist, does a graceful pirouette, and bounces, breasts first toward my friend Laura. She straddles Laura's lap and sticks her perfect, round tan breasts in Laura's face.

"Damn, babe, you know how to treat my girlfriend right!" our friend Jack says to the stripper, admiring how she wraps her lean, tan legs so nimbly around his girlfriend's lap. The stripper presses Laura's face into her tits, leans back, and grinds her mound into my friend's abdomen a few times. Laura smiles one of those lusty smiles and swallows hard like she's holding back a moan of pleasure. She's obviously enjoying the stripper's attention.

"I'll be back to visit you soon," the stripper says as she dismounts my friend and sashays away, her little naked ass swaying back and forth all soft and curvy.

"Damn, that's a fine ass," I hear you say as we watch the stripper walk away. You're swallowing hard too, and you change positions in your chair as if to accommodate your erection in your pants, leaning your elbow over the back of the chair next to you and putting your knee up on the rungs. Your sexy brown eyes have that glossiness in them that fills me with lust.

You and me - we like adventure, and Jack and Laura are our adventure friends. Usually our adventures are just Saturday-night barhopping escapades, but tonight is different. It's summer, and something about the stickiness of the weather makes our pheromones especially thick. We decided to wander out of the bar district and into the red light, to tempt curiosity, or perhaps to tempt our already short-circuited sex drives. We are all horny - all of us, and this is my first time at a strip club. I'm a little nervous and very excited about being at such an illicit venue. I've got little eruptions of butterflies rising in my stomach followed by warm tinglings in my clit.

I'm wearing a short black cotton skirt and a sky-blue halter top. My red hair is curly from the humidity and it's pulled back in a clip but some little curls have fallen carelessly out around my ears. My legs are soft and freshly waxed all smooth. I've even waxed and manicured my pussy, leaving only a little red strip of fur as testimonial to my authenticity. I like the way I feel freshly waxed, all smooth and soft, and I can't help but want to touch my skin at every chance I get. I'm wearing a thong because it's such a hot night and my arousal has all but soaked the few bits of fabric between me and my skirt.

Laura is wearing skimpy clothes too - short shorts that show off her long tan legs, and one of those tank tops with the shelf bra in it and nothing else, contouring her firm breasts, each accented with a tiny shadow of nipple because she's aroused. Her soft blond hair is pulled back lazily into a ponytail at the nape of her neck, running over her shoulder like a silky waterfall. If she's feeling the way I am, her panties are wet from the stripper's caresses too. It is my first experience at a strip club, but not Laura's. Laura knows how truly arousing it is to be that close to another naked woman and feel her soft skin brush against hers. That's why she brought us here; she knows how hot it is to catch a hint of the sweetness of another woman's pussy scent as she writhes on her lap.

The stripper comes back carrying another round of drinks. "These are for these two lovely ladies, for keeping me company here tonight," she says, smiling, lavishing us with gentle attention. She seems genuinely enthusiastic to have two hot young women at her disposal. We thank her and take our drinks.

"Well girls, what do you say you help me put on a nice show for your gentlemen here? Let's make these boys really horny and give them a night they won't fucking forget! How's that sound?" She laughs a little, pleased with the situation. Laura and I enthusiastically agree, and I look over at you. The look of absolute anticipation of all the sexy, erotic things we could be made to do for you in this strip club is written on your face. I can tell just by that look that your cock is hard in your pants. The thought of you being hard and horny turns me on too.

The stripper straddles Laura's chair, pinning her there in that seated position. Laura bites her lip nervously and seductively and looks straight up into the stripper's eyes, obvious that she is completely aroused. The stripper takes Laura's hands and places them on her tits, and then bends at the waist and kisses Laura's neck. It must have been a good kiss, because Laura tilts her head back, opens her mouth, and closes her eyes like it feels so goddamn good. I am so hot and aroused at watching these two women caress each other, the stripper standing naked over Laura with her face buried in her neck, Laura sitting helpless in the chair, allowing the stripper to guide her hands across her body, running over naked hip, up firm belly, over nipple, then down her tanned back. The stripper turns abruptly after the kiss and straddles me in the same fashion.

I am at eye level with her nicely-trimmed pussy lips. I see the soft folds of her pussy, and I can smell her, so soft and sweet, familiar - it's the same as the scent of my own juices on my fingers after I've touched myself. Her legs are softly leaning on mine. I've never been this close to another naked woman before, and her touch is so sexy that it feels like electricity is running between our skin.

She runs her smooth hands down my arms and leans down as if to kiss my neck, moaning just a little bit in my ear, lips just millimeters away. I feel her warm breath on my ear, in my hair, and it sends chills down my spine, makes my legs tense, sends hot sexy feelings like shockwaves into my clit. She takes her fingers and rolls the edge of my top up a little, exposing a strip of my creamy skin. "Is this ok, sweetie?" She asks, her eyes looking up into mine. "I want to pull up your shirt. You have such a nice rack that I want to see it and show it off to these boys here." She seems genuinely aroused herself, and I'm so hot at the idea of her pulling my shirt up and touching me that I can only nod and grab the seat of the chair.

I look over at you out of the corner of my eye and see you on the edge of your seat, your eyes glittering with the shock and desire at the whole situation. You get to see my tits all the time - you've buried your face in them hundreds of times. I've pressed your hard dick into my cleavage and let you hump my chest until you cum. You've shot dozens of loads on these tits, across my pink nipples, into my cleavage. You've grabbed and pinched and sucked every millimeter of them. But you've never seen another woman do it. I bet you're pretty turned on at the thought of it. Fuck yes you are.

The stripper's fingers roll my shirt up, exposing me to the entire room. Everyone at our table can clearly see the details of my breasts, all creamy, firm, accented with nipples small, pink and hard. "Damn girl, you have a nice rack." She says, and takes each of my breasts in her warm hand. Her skin on my skin makes me drip wet through my panties. I am electric. I swallow hard. I inhale her, the smell of her hair as she leans over me. She sucks on my nipples. Her tongue is soft but firm. She is confident. It couldn't have felt any better if she were sucking my clit instead. Then when she's had her fill of me, she pirouettes again and stands in front of us.

"You ladies have some nice tits. I want you to show your racks to these gentlemen. I want you to pull your shirts up and stick your tits in their face." She says, and hikes Laura's shirt up, revealing her tanned tits and nipples. Now we're both sitting there, nude from the waist up, in a strip club. People at other tables are turning to look at us. Some of the other strippers have noticed what we're doing. I have a fire burning in my clit that can't be extinguished. I stand up and walk toward you, rubbing my bare calf against your left leg.

You are deadpan, your mouth is dry, and you're looking up at me with eyes pleading for me to give you some attention. I lean over and press my breasts in your face. I've done this a million times, but right now, this time, it's so intense that it seems like the first time again. The feeling of your breath on my skin is like a pleasant static shock; I swallow hard, and straddle your lap. You grasp my waist and pull me down on you, lambasting my clit with the speed-bump of an erection you've got bursting out of your pants. "Oh, baby. God, you're so hot," you whimper.

"I'm so fucking horny, lover" I whisper into your ear. "I really want you right now." I lean in and kiss you deeply, letting a little bit of tongue breach our lips to tease you, feeling your cock throb as I do. I would like to ride that hard-on in your pants right now, to unzip your zipper, slip my thong aside, and have you fuck me right here in this strip club. I would like that. A lot.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Laura, her tanned chest exposed for Jack's pleasure. She is dry-humping his leg with her arms thrown around his neck. Their foreheads are touching, and they're staring intently into each other's eyes. Jack's lightly fondling her breasts with his open palms, and then she kisses him deeply. "Mmm. You turn me on." All eyes at nearby tables are on us. It makes me hot to think other men are looking at me. I think some of the other strippers might even be getting a little jealous.

"Now, ladies," our stripper interrupts the private interlude, "I want you two to put on a nice show for us" and she points at Laura and me. "You, come over here and sit in this chair," she instructs Laura. Laura complies and the stripper bends down and whispers a series of instructions in her ear. Laura nods and smiles and looks at me in a tender and aroused way - she's not looked at me like that before, ever. It shocks and arouses me and makes me wonder what the stripper told her.

Then the stripper comes over to me where I'm still straddling your lap. She looks down at me with a coy smile and I'm burning at the thought of what she's going to have me do. She leans down and whispers in my ear, "I want you to go straddle your friend's lap, and touch her in any way you want. Touch her tits, kiss her, ride her hot little legs. Can you do that for us, sweetie?" I nod. I swallow hard. You get to see me on top of another woman. God, that must turn you on.

I straddle Laura's lap and lightly sit on her. I can feel the tension, the arousal in her. Her legs are soft and warm, and as I lean in toward her, I smell her girly scent all soft and flirty. She inhales softly, and puts her hands on my sides, welcoming me on top of her. "Let's give these guys something to jerk off about for weeks. Touch me." She says, and runs flitting fingers up my ribcage to my breasts, fingering the soft fold of skin under them, then softly pinching my nipples. I'm practically paralyzed with arousal.

I lean into her, taking a breast in each hand, bringing my face into her crook of neck. Her breasts are fleshy in my hand, and her nipples are hard. I rub them with my thumb while the rest of my hand holds her breast. She pulls me closer to her, and it feels natural, easy, the same way you pull me to you, but softer. Her skin is like the soft skin of a peach in the warm sun. I can feel my breasts pressing on her breasts, all soft and warm. My thong is soaked, and I'm probably dripping on her lap. My legs are wrapped around her and the chair, and she's steadying me on her lap with her hand on my thigh, just under my skirt.

She reaches up and tucks a red curl behind my ear, and brings my mouth down to her mouth with her hand on the back of my neck. I graze her lips with a soft kiss at first, testing the waters. She looks up hungrily at me, truly wanting me to kiss her, with real arousal in her eyes. I kiss her again, this time straight on her lips, and she parts mine and darts into my mouth with a slippery wet tongue, soft and sweet like berries. I breathe her breath. She presses her hands into my thigh, grabbing my skirt, pulling me harder down on her, wanting me close to her, breathing me in.

Laura and I make out there in the middle of a strip club, our tongues tasting each other. You watch, on the edge of your seat. We grind against each other, me pulling myself against her with my firm calves hooked around the back of the chair, my clit and pussy lips rubbing against her warm legs through the thong. She pulls me to her, grabbing my ass, breathes me in, kisses me playfully. I am consumed in this moment, in the pure electricity of knowing that all eyes in the strip club have turned to us, are watching me, bare-chested, rub against this other sexy woman.

It's fantastically dirty and sexy and hot, being here in this illicit venue, having my breasts exposed in front of other men, making out with our friend, sitting on her lap with my pussy touching her warm leg. But, despite all this, or maybe because of it, I ultimately find myself craving your hard-on between my legs. Yes, that's right: somehow, fooling around with a girl just makes me want your cock because I know what my make-out session with Laura must be doing to you right now. I bet your dick is hard in your pants at the image of me straddling a woman, kissing and fondling her and being touched by her. I bet it makes you crazy with erotic feelings of desire and envy at the same time, and this makes me want go out in the back alley with you and let you press me up against the dumpster while you fill my empty pink pussy and I moan like a whore.

Laura grabs my tits one last time playfully, now aware of everyone's stares. "I think we accomplished our mission. What do you say we make a smooth exit out of this place and make everyone wonder what happens next?" she says with a coy little smile, and looks toward the bathroom. All eyes are indeed on us, and looks of wide-eyed, open mouthed desire follow us as we head toward the bathroom. I turn motion for you and Jack to follow us.

You're curious. You want to know why we're leaving so soon. It's because we're two girls who have just primed ourselves for a night of fucking. Two cock-hungry women who want to be taken home and have their men fill them full of hot sex juice. Maybe we can't even wait to get home.

"Mmh, baby, that was so hot," you whisper in my ear. I smile at you.

"I can't wait to get home so you can fuck me silly," I say, about to suggest some quick back-alley sex. But Laura beats me to the punch.

"I need a stopoff," she bursts, in the quick-paced fashion of a horny woman. "Jack, come in the bathroom with me. I need you." Her eyes are hot, wild, and desperate. She turns and heads into the women's restroom. The restrooms have no doors. The stalls don't even have doors.

"Uh, Laura, I can't go in there..." Jack starts.

"Oh, don't be a baby." She orders. "They'll keep an eye out to make sure the coast stays clear. Won't you?" she half asks, half demands.

"Uh, sure," you say. Now my fantasy of you fucking me in the back alley really is shot, and we're stuck here watching these two horn dogs get it on in the bathroom and it's just another little sexy tease. We block the doorway with our bodies, and half turn, watching the dirty and erotic scene unfold before us like it's an amateur porn video.

Jack and Laura don't even bother to go into a stall, not that it would help them anyway since there are no doors. They just stand there in the middle of the bathroom, and Laura kneels on the floor and unzips Jack's zipper. He's hard, and pops right out, his pink dick all veined and engorged. You're trying hard not to stare at your friend's erection, or at the fact that his girlfriend is grabbing it and popping him hungrily into her mouth, sucking him in with her cheeks all caved in, her lips pink and soft around his dick. She's frenzied, working Jack's shaft in and out of her mouth, making muffled sounds of pleasure. He tilts his head back and puts his hands on the back of her head, and I see him swallow hard.

"Oh, god Laura. Fuck. Oh, god, mmh. You-have-such-a-fucking-hot-mouth..." He bellows, with soft, low growls issuing from his upturned mouth. She takes him in deeper and closes her eyes, her one hand wrapped around his shaft, the other on his asscheek pulling him toward her. I am completely aroused, watching her give him head in a bathroom at a strip club. I want to be doing that to you.

"That looks like fun," I say. "Just wait until we get to the car. Then I have a treat for you." I catch a sideways glance at you. You're looking hot and hard at me, obviously turned on by the voyeuristic situation, craving my hot mouth around you and wondering what surprise I have for you. The anticipation of it begins to well up in you. You want them to finish so that we can go to the car and I can do dirty things to you in the dark, back seat.

"Ohhh, uhmmm. God, Laura, oh god," Jack growls, a sex flush on his cheeks, his head tilted back, hips turned out, knees bent slightly. He's thrusting, rocking himself hard into Laura's mouth. She is stroking him fast and firm, hungrily pumping his cock in her mouth. I see her slender throat pulsing upward as she takes him in and swallows, her tongue and lips moving slick and wet around the head of his dick as he pulls back, then thrusts in again. Her eyes look up at him, glittering, and she looks quite deceptively innocent at that angle, except for the cock in her mouth.

He thrusts one long thrust into her mouth violently, and, looking down at her while holding her head, lets out a deep rumble of pleasure. She rides it out, drinks him in, and swallows his load of cum down her throat while looking up into his eyes. She gulps the last bit of cum down her throat, passes the back of her hand over her mouth, and stands up, grinning wildly. He zips up his fly, and they walk out of the bathroom with us as if nothing happened.

We leave the strip club with a clatter of excited sex talk exchanged between Jack and Laura. You and me are silent; I'm plotting, and you're feeling the jitter of sexy anticipation rise out from below your navel. We climb into the back seat of Jack's car. It's dark, hot, and sticky. The air conditioning gives us some relief. I can smell your aftershave, your sweat, your arousal all dewy on your skin. The dark envelops us. We have a thirty-minute car ride home. I need you. I'm so fucking horny it hurts. I need to touch you. I want you so bad.

My hand reaches for yours in the dark; my lips search for the warmth of your neck. My skin is light and soft to the touch, like baby powder incarnate, and it sends electricity through you. I bury my nose in your warm neck and let a little tongue-kiss escape my lips, inhaling your scent. I run my fingertips across the flesh of your arm, down to your hand, across your leg, and over to the bulge in your pants. My pussy wants you to fill me. But not yet because I have a surprise for you. I turn sideways and wrap my right leg over your leg, and lean in and kiss your lips deeply, breathing you in, inhaling you. I swirl my tongue around the tip of your tongue, teasing it like I tease your cock. You are so aroused, and I can feel your dick in your pants leaping at the touch of my lips, of the meeting of our tongues.

"Mmmh, baby. God, I want you so bad. I feel so empty. I want you to fill me." I whisper in your ear. Our friends are completely oblivious of my advances. I rub the bulge in your pants, searching lazily for the firmness of your cock, for the top of your zipper. I unbutton your pants in the dark. You feel my warm fingers I prying you past your fly, freeing you from your zipper. It's so seductive and wickedly arousing to unzip your pants in the back seat and touch your hard, hot cock with our friends just a few feet away and completely unaware of your exposure.

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