tagFirst TimeDouble-Date with College Boys

Double-Date with College Boys


Amanda examined herself in the mirror. How did she look? She had never been on a real date before – she'd been out with boys on what she thought were dates, but ended up being nothing more than movie outings with boys so young and unsure of themselves that they were too afraid to even make their move. Not that she was ever sure what she would do when that moment came, that moment that teachers and her mother had warned her about. Boys only want "one thing." That's what they said.

But now here she was, about to go out on a double date with two college guys, guys she hadn't even met, although Felicia has assured her that they were both "complete hunks." Little Amanda Jones, just turned eighteen, complete virgin, and shy to boot. How did she get herself into this?

Well, the answer, of course, was Felicia. Felicia, who used to be even more shy than Amanda herself, back when they became besties in math club. But after Felicia went to visit her real dad in Malibu this last summer, she had come back an entirely different person. She'd switched from her bulky glasses to contacts, had straightened her black hair, and had even had her boobs done!

Amanda couldn't believe the perfectly round orbs she saw straining at Felicia's sweater the first time she'd seen her when she got back. She looked like a young Salma Hayek, but somehow her large breasts struck Amanda as almost obscene, making her look like one of the internet pinups that seemed to constantly popping up in ads, no matter what innocent website Amanda had meant to look at.

Suddenly Felicia was no longer available to get together and watch old "Buffy" DVDs anymore – she was always going out on dates! And with many different boys, as far as Amanda could tell. Word had started to go around school that Felicia was, well, fast! Amanda wanted to defend her, but the truth was she had no idea what this new Felicia was up to at nights. They had never even had a proper chance to catch up over the summer!

That is until yesterday, when Felicia had called her up.

"Felicia," Amanda had exclaimed, delighted. "It's good to finally get a call from you!"

"Sorry I haven't been kind of out to lunch," said Felicia. "I've been really busy with some new hobbies, but I want to tell you all about them."

"Great! Do you want to hang out tomorrow night? I've got some good movies on Netflix, or we could bake cookies..."

"I've got a better idea. I met two totally babe-alicious guys from the university. They had four tickets to see a great concert tomorrow night, and wanted to know if I had any cute friends who might want to come along. So, naturally, I thought of you..."

"Me?" Amanda laughed, then snorted. "I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm kind of a sasquatch!" Amanda was six feet tall, thin and gangly, with smallish breasts and narrow hips.

"You sound like me six months ago. Trust me, you're a babe! These guys are gonna drool when they get a look at you. Just dress a little sexy. Rocker sexy."

Now, Amanda examined herself in the mirror. Did this qualify as "rocker sexy?" She was wearing her ripped, tight-fitting jeans, and a small black t-shirt with a skull on it (but if you looked closely at the skull, it was actually a pile of strategically posed naked women). Amanda had bought the shirt on a whim when she saw it in a flea market, but had been too embarrassed to actually wear it. Underneath, she was wearing a black bra, not that she really needed it for her small breasts, but mostly because the t-shirt was so thin that without a bra, her nipples would be easily visible!

Felicia showed up wearing a short, tight skirt and some kind of cardigan with that covered her arms shoulder and breasts (barely), but left her abdomen completely bare. The skirt not only was short, but sat very low on her hips. Amanda's eyes went wide. She was practically naked! Except, of course, for her ridiculous thigh-high leather boots. Hooker boots, Amanda thought.

Felicia looked over Amanda with a keen eye. "See, I told you that you could be sexy! Hmm, a couple of things, though. You mind if we tear these jeans a little more?"

Amanda looked at the jeans. There were already rips in both knees!

Felicia grabbed an exacto knife out of her small red purse. "For emergencies. Or fashion emergencies." Felicia got down on her knees and looked up at Amanda while she put her hands on Amanda's legs. It occurred to Amanda suddenly that this was sort of the angle that a guy would see of a girl if she was sucking on his – Amanda shook her head. What made her think of that?

"Let's show a little thigh," said Felicia as she pulled the jeans slightly away from Amanda's skin and used cut a line across Amanda's upper thigh- very upper, Amanda thought! It's a good thing she'd shaved everything that day.

Felicia smiled. "Now turn around." Amanda did, suddenly very aware of how close her ass was to Felicia's face.

Amanda giggled. "Sorry about the butt to the face."

"No need to apologize. That's one tight little ass." Felicia put a hand on Amanda's right buttcheek and fondled it. "Have you been working out?"

Amanda was a little shocked with the familiarity with which Felicia was running her hand over her ass. "I'm on the volleyball team, remember? All that crouching and jumping." When Felicia's hand went down, and between Amanda's legs to run lightly over her crotch, Amanda let out a little squeak.

"What kind of underwear are you wearing?"

What an embarrassing question, thought Amanda. But out loud, all she did was answer. "Lacey boy shorts. But no one's going to see them, right?"

"I don't know why not." Felicia gripped the ass of the jeans and made a precision cut across the back of the jeans, right at the bottom of Amanda's left buttcheek, being very careful not to cut Amanda's leg.

"Oh my god, what did you do?"

Felicia smirked. "Just taking advantage of what you got, honey. Letting people get a tiny little glimpse of the very bottom of your cheek isn't going to kill you. Now, about your tits."


Felicia stood up and arched an eyebrow at Amanda. "You shouldn't wear that bra with that shirt. Take it off."

"But without my bra, people might see my nipples, if I get a little excited."

"Exactly, girl. Now get that t-shirt off!"

Amanda took off her t-shirt, as instructed.

Felicia smirked. "It's not like you really need the support, anyway. Let's get that off of you." Before Amanda could react, Felicia reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. Amanda folded her arms across her chest.

"What are you doing, honey? Be proud of your breasts. They are your friends."

Amanda turned beet red. "Even little things like this? Boys like big boobs, I'm pretty sure it's a scientific fact. Isn't that why you got implants?"

"You want to know a secret?" Felicia leaned in. "Okay, I got implants. And I don't really regret it, because it gave me confidence when I didn't have any. But the truth is, that I have less sensation in my nipples than I used to, when I would masturbate with my small breasts. I used to play with my nipples and it would drive me crazy. Now, guys love these tits, and I do too, but I definitely lose something. Sensitivity is something you may not appreciate until it's gone. See?" Felicia took Amanda's wrists in her hands and uncrossed her arms. Then she lightly brushed her fingertips across Amanda's right nipple. It instantly began to swell and harden.

"Oh my," Felicia practically purred like the Cheshire cat. "These are very sensitive indeed."

"Nobody else has touched them before," Amanda admitted shyly.

"Nobody? That seems a damn shame." Felicia leaned down, and much to Amanda's astonishment, placed her nips on the erect nipple and sucked lightly, just for a moment. "Oh, sorry. I kind of did that without thinking. Do you want me to stop?"

Without waiting for an answer, Felicia merely squatted down further to get a better angle, taking the nipple all the way into her mouth while she put one hand on Amanda's butt and placed the other one on Amanda's other breast. Her breasts were definitely not large, but they seemed to be a perfect handful – at least for a woman's smaller hand.

Amanda was merely looking down in amazement. She wasn't sure whether she wanted Felicia to stop or not. But Amanda wasn't a lesbian! But this felt so good. She could feel herself getting wet down there already, and her whole body was suddenly tingling like she was full of static electricity. She opened her mouth, meaning to say something, but nothing came out but a breathy gasp.

Amanda put her hand on the back of Felicia's head, leaned her own head back and looked at the ceiling, her heart beating a million times a minute. She looked around the room and realized that she could see herself in the mirror. There she was, a beautiful, tall amazon (the word "sasquatch" no longer leapt into her mind), with a sexy, raven-haired slut, sucking on her tit.

Felicia squeezed her nipple between her lips, the opened her mouth further and took almost the entire breast into her mouth. Then she pulled back and used her teeth to lightly nip at the end of the nipple. She pressed her face against the soft, soft skin and rolled her head to look up at Amanda's face. "Are you a virgin, Amanda?"

Amanda blushed. "Yes, of course. You were too, last spring."

Felicia smiled. "Not anymore." She flicked her tongue over Amanda's nipple as Amanda groaned with pleasure.

DING DONG! Amanda was suddenly snapped out of her spell by the doorbell.

"Oh my god!" said Amanda, suddenly looked back at the mirror and the fact that this was really happening came home. "What are we doing? That must be the boys at the door!"

"Right on time," said Felicia. She stood up, licking her lips. "You better put on your t-shirt."

Amanda picked her bra up off the floor and started to put it on, but Felicia reached right out and ripped it away from her, then threw it into the closet. "No, Amanda. Just the shirt."

"But, but..." Amanda merely stammered, standing, topless, completely exposed. She was horny, aroused. If she put on her t-shirt with no bra, the boys would see immediately how turned on she was!

Felicia laughed. "You better get that t-shirt on quick, because I'm about to open the door. Ain't no slowing down!"

As Felicia was unlocking the door, Amanda bolted to her t-shirt, which she pulled over her head as quickly as possible. She turned quickly around to see Felicia standing at the door with two boys. One was tall and sandy-haired, and the other was short and dark. And they were handsome, both of them! It seemed silly to even call them boys. They were men!

Had they seen her naked back as the door had opened? The tall one had a smirk on his face and the short one licked his lips. "You must be Amanda. Felicia told us about you."

The tall one's name was Tony, and the short, dark one's was Jeff. It turned out both the boys were going to the University, and both were polite and even seemed a little shy. Felicia immediately took charge of the group's conversation, making introductions and herding the group out to the car.

After Felicia's buildup to this date, Amanda had been afraid anything might happen! As it was, it wasn't much difference than the dates Felicia had been on with other members of the math team.

They saw a band, and the show was good. They danced and jumped to the beat. Felicia even got up on Jeff's shoulders at one point. Amanda thought maybe Felicia would even flash the band, but she never did (although Amanda did notice that she and every other person nearby could see some of Felicia's underboob every time she raised her arms, which was most of the time).

As they left the arena, they found that it was pouring rain outside.

"Aw, nuts." Said Tony. "With this weather, there's no way we'll be able to get you girls back home tonight."

Felicia smiled. "I guess you'll just have to return us in the morning."

Amanda was alarmed. What was going on? She hadn't volunteered for anything more than a concert tonight.

"I guess we could get a hotel," volunteered Jeff, "but I ain't got much cash on me. I'm just a college student!"

"One room will be fine for the four of us," said Felicia. She caught Amanda's alarmed eye and gave her a wink, and laughed.

They all drove over to the town's motel. Jeff ran into the office to rent a room while the other three waited in the car in the pouring rain. It was coming down in sheets and Amanda couldn't see a foot past the car's windows into the maelstrom.

"So," said Tony. "You girls, uh, double date often?"

"Oh, all the time. You think this is the first time we two have gotten a hotel room with two boys?" said Felicia. Amanda tried to keep a straight face, but her mind was racing. What was Felicia up to here?

"Really?" Tony was awestruck.

"Sure, honey," said Felicia. "Hey, you're twenty one, right? Why don't you run over to that liquor store and get something tasty to drink, huh?"

"Sure! Yeah, I'll be right back!" Tony opened the door and struck out across the torrential parking lot.

As soon as they were alone in the car, Amanda turned on Felicia. "What are you doing? You don't really expect me to sleep with one of these guys, do you?"

"You can do whatever you like, Amanda. But I'm going to have both of them. And you should too. Sex is incredible, Amanda. There's a whole world that we never knew about!"

"I thought you were my best friend, Felicia!" Amanda cried. "But I think you may not the person I thought you were. I am not some slut, I'm not going to sleep with these guys just because you tell me to."

"You do what you like, Amanda. I'll do what I like. That's the way it should be, right? Everybody gets to do what they like?"

Soon the boys had returned and ushered them into their motel room. It was red and dimly lit.

Amanda felt like it looked sleazy, especially as she saw the sly contentment of Felicia's face and the expectant, joyful look of the two boys as they tried to pop the cork on their champagne.

Amanda had a glass, against her better judgment, but she just sipped as they others slurped. Soon Felicia was leaning against Jeff as Amanda and Tony sat stiffly next to each other on the couch. They had nothing to look at but Felicia and Jeff as Felicia began to make out with Jeff. As they kissed, open mouthed, Jeff reached up and started squeezing her breasts with his hand, even pushing his fingers beneath her shirt from below.

"So," said Tony. "Do you want to?"

"No, thanks," said Amanda. "That's if you're asking if I want to make out."

"Okay. I mean, that wasn't exactly what I was asking. I mean, I'm really interested in you as a person. Volleyball and math club, you say?"

Amanda rolled her eyes but chuckled. Tony was able to remember her high school activities accurately, even while watching their two friends full on make out in front of them. Sort of impressive, in a way.

"Um, guys." Amanda cleared her throat. "This is getting a little graphic, don't you think?"

Felicia snorted. "Leave if you don't wanna watch."

"But it's pouring outside!"

"Try the bathroom."

"Fine," said Amanda. "I'll stay, but I'm looking away."

Amanda sat on the ground and faced the corner, but no one paid her any mind. She couldn't quite see what was going on, but she heard strange sounds behind her, and she could see Tony watching out of the corner of her eye.

She heard Felicia's breathing heavily, and Jeff muttering "Yeah, baby," that kind of thing. Soon she heard zippers unzipping and clothes falling to the floor.

When she couldn't stand it any longer, she turned to look. Felicia was naked, laying on her back on the bed with her back arched, her breasts pointing into the air triumphantly while Jeff sucked on one tit and had a hand in her crotch. Jeff's pants were off and his (Amanda couldn't even believe she was seeing it), his Dick was right there, waiving around, all hard like she'd never seen one live.

"You know what to do with that thing," said Felicia, taunting. Jeff didn't respond, he just threw Felicia down and mounted her, rubbing his dick up and down her juicy cunt. Amanda suddenly realized that she was just as wet as Felicia was! Looking down, her own erect nipples poked through her now (thanks to the rain) nearly see-through t-shirt.

She couldn't believe she was watching this. And Tony too! She turned to say something to him, but realized with a start that his dick was out too. He was masturbating right in front of everyone! Amanda was shocked, ashamed, and...fascinated? Tony's penis was even bigger than Jeff's! His must be eight inches long!

On the bed, Jeff forced himself inside of Felicia, who grunted with pleasure. The two began to build their pulsing rhythm.

Tony looked away from Jeff and Felicia for the first time in a long while to suddenly remember Amanda was in the room. He realized she was looking right at him, with what at first he thought was revulsion. He almost stopped for second, until he realized what he saw was fascination, curiosity, hunger.

"Amanda," said Tony. "Do you want to take a closer look?"

Amanda couldn't believe she had been caught so blatantly staring at Tony's stiff member, but for some reason at this moment she couldn't be bother to be ashamed. She just nodded her head.

She got down on her knees and looked carefully at Tony's big hand as he stroked methodically up and down his big, stiff cock. Amanda had never realized how beautiful a penis could be. The delicate skin stretched over the spongey tissue, hardened by lust...

Before she even realized what she was doing, Amanda leaned in so close that Tony took his hand away. Then she felt a hand on the back of her head draw her in those final few inches. She knew she should be angry at being manhandled like this, but instead she opened her lips and kissed the end of his penis. The she grabbed it by the base with one hand and began licking it up and down.

Felicia laughed. Amanda turned her head to see that Felicia was now taking it doggy style from Jeff, facing Felicia and Tony. "Yeah, girl. Suck that big old dick. Make Felicia proud," she said.

Amanda opened her mouth wide and let her tongue guide Tony's dick into her mouth as she forced her head forward. Amanda was getting so turned on by this she couldn't believe it. Her whole body felt like it was on fire. She was shocked by the sudden thought that she wished someone was filming this so she could see what she looked like. Here she was, she thought she was a proper young lady, and now she was giving essentially a total stranger a blowjob!

Amanda wasn't sure what she was doing with this blowjob, precisely. She'd read on the internet that the keys to a good blowjob were enthusiasm and saliva, so she tried to have plenty of both.

All she knew is that she wanted to get that big hot dick as far down her throat as she could take it. She wanted it inside of her any way she could take it! She gripped Tony's balls with her hand and rubbed up against his leg with her tits.

Tony grabbed her with one hand on either side of her head and pulled her off of his dick. "Hey there, little lady? How do you want to get fucked?"

Amanda just nodded. Tony picked her up and tore her flimsy t-shirt right off of her, ruining it. He threw her down on the bed facing away from him, right next to Felicia and Jeff, who were still going at it doggystyle. Tony pulled Amanda's pants down over her hips and immediately stuck a finger into Amanda's dripping-wet pussy.

"Wait – I'm a virgin..." said Amanda, struggling to turn, but her thin legs were trapped by her pants, down around her knees. Tony pulled his finger out of her snatch and grabbed her by both elbows and pulled. Without her arms to hold her up, she fell face forward on the bed, with her ass up in the air- the air felt cool on her hot pussy.

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