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Double Fucked Wife


My real estate business was going well, and I was in Hong Kong for a few days, meeting a client from the United States that was about to construct a multi-storey apartment building in town. There were three companies competing for the tender to sell the apartments, and I felt confident because I had worked with this client before. His name was Trent, and he was a little older than me, aged in his mid-fifties, and was married with two grown up children.

The background to the rest of the story is that I, at age 46, was married to Steve, and work in my own real estate business which I purchased from my former boss, Al. I am tall, blonde and still have nice bouncy boobs and a curvaceous arse. I like to fuck, but in recent months have been trying not to play outside my marriage too much, preferring to fuck Steve as often as he is willing.

I was, in my hotel room, having arrived the day before. The meeting was tomorrow, and I decided to go shopping to find something new and classy to wear. Two hours later, I was in the spa in my room, sipping on some champagne and eating some strawberries when my mobile rang. It was Steve.

"Hi baby. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! I'm sorry we can't be together, but I promise I'll make it up to you when you get home, ok?"

We chatted a while and I promised him I would be a 'good girl' on this trip, and would save myself for his surprise when I got home.

The next morning, after showering and dressing in my new outfit, I went down to enjoy a buffet breakfast before heading downtown to the meeting. As I sipped on my coffee and ate a Danish, I looked round the restaurant and noticed a young couple about ten metres away. They appeared to be on their honeymoon. He was a dark skinned guy with amazing white teeth, and she was asian, from Japan I guessed, as he skin was pure white and her hair jet black. They were a striking couple, and I smiled to myself at the thought of my own honeymoon all those years ago, when Steve and I had been in Bali and I had worn the see-through white swimsuit in the pool and ended up fucking three other men on my very own honeymoon!

Aaaah, those were the days, when we were wild, crazy and fucked like rabbits.

Soon after I was in a cab on the way to meet Trent, and as I climbed from the cab onto the street, I checked my appearance in the windows and smiled. My classic black high heels were classy, yet provocative, with their five inch heels. My red satin blouse was flashy yet sophisticated, and the buttons were undone just enough to flash the black lace of my push-up bra, highlighting my boobs. My black boned jacket completed the outfit, and I had chosen to put my hair up in a bun, completing the look with some brand new Chanel earrings as a birthday treat for myself.

I was met in the foyer by a young asian woman who introduced herself as Ayumi, Trent's personal assistant, and we made our way to the penthouse level of the building. At the top we got out and walked down a short corridor into a massive open space, featuring glass all the way around, giving amazing views of Hong Kong harbour and the city. Trent greeted me with a kiss on the cheek, and I flushed at the memory of the one night we had spent together. I was ravenous that night and ended up begging this American stud to push his small cock into my tight arse as he was not really pleasing me much with his fucking. I was embarrassed as I thought back to that night, but kept my composure, hoping my sexual kinks would not have a negative effect on my ability to win the contract.

I was the last to arrive for the meeting, and as we sat in the leather chairs round the conference table, Trent made introductions. I was the only one who had chosen to come and tender for the contract alone. The other two companies were represented by five people in total. David and Candy were joint partners from a firm in Sydney, and they were hoping to break into the Melbourne market by securing this contract. The other company was a firm from Singapore, and they had three men, all very formal and business-like. One was a sales agent, Stuart; the second the lawyer, Toshi, and finally there was Yanaka, the owner of the company, and a much older man than the rest of the people at the meeting. I thought it unusual that the owner himself would attend a business meeting, but was to learn later that he was very much a 'hands-on' type of owner.

Trent began by explaining the details of the property that we had all received by email, before going over the process for selecting the successful company to handle the sale of the apartments. It was a process I was familiar with, and I sat quietly, my eyes wandering the room assessing the competition.

When finished, Trent gave each of us the chance to present, and I have to admit, whilst a little nervous in front of the strangers, my competitors, I was quietly confident of winning the tender.

The meeting last about two hours, and as we finished, Trent said his goodbyes and wished us all well. I made my way back to the hotel, removing my clothes and showering as I was a little hot from the meeting and needed to freshen up before deciding what to do with the rest of the evening.

In the shower I was playing with my boobs, pinching and fondling my nipples, when my mobile rang. I stopped playing with myself, dried off and wearing only a towel, picked up the phone to check who the missed call was from. It was Trent.

I dialled his number as some water dripped off my thighs onto the carpet.

"Hi Trent. Sorry I missed your call. I was in the shower, honey."

"Ooh, now that sounds tempting!" he said, flirting with me!

I had promised Steve I would be a good girl, so I decided to play straight.

"I was wondering what you were up to for dinner tonight? I'm in town alone and thought it might be nice to have a gorgeous woman to escort around town if you're interested."

"Hmm, well, I seem to recall last time you made me an offer like that we ended up being very naughty! But dinner sounds nice."

"Ok, great," he said, "I'll pick you up round eight. Wear something nice because the place I'm taking you is sort of formal, ok?"

"Formal?" I asked. "Well, lucky I bought something suitable then isn't it? See you at eight."

I spent the next couple of hours just relaxing, and by the time the room phone buzzed, announcing Trent was there to pick me up, I was quite hungry. I was wearing a simple black cire gown with red roman gladiator stiletto sandals for maximum effect, and had my blonde hair down, with matching bright red lipstick.

The dress was just slightly see-through when light was behind it, and as it was completely form fitting, I had chosen not to wear a bra, but simply a tiny little Wicked Weasel thong on my bottom, as it highlighted my buns. If I'd been in the mood to 'play' I would have left the thong off altogether, but my promise to Steve was fresh in my mind and I was planning to be a good girl, have dinner and then fly home the next afternoon and wait to see if I was successful with the tender, before fucking my husband's brains out, win or lose!

As I exited the elevator into the foyer, my heels clicked on the Italian tiled floor, and I noticed a few eyes cast my way. I felt flattered that, at age 46 I was still able to run heads with my looks. I walked slowly on purpose, seeing Trent seated in the lounges near the revolving doors.

He stood to greet me.

"Now that is a stunning dress." he said, making me flush with pride as I felt my nipples tingle and harden, pressing against the very thin material.

Taking me by the hand, we looked every bit the courting couple, and we headed out into the warm night air towards the car that was waiting, his chauffeur holding open the door for us.

Inside the limousine we each had a glass of champagne as we headed to the restaurant, arriving about ten minutes later.

As we entered the restaurant, Trent put his hand on the small of my back, and I tingled as his fingers paused, feeling the outline of my tiny thong. He smiled at me as we walked in, and were greeted by the waiter.

I was surprised to see that we were shown to a table with several other people already seated. Puzzled, I looked to Trent, and he smiled, then whispered in my ear, "Very important customers, babe. These are the project financiers. They wanted to meet the agent I have recommended for the tender to act on their behalf."

I was shocked.

What Trent told me meant that his decision was already made, and that I had won the multi-million dollar tender!

I wanted to scream out in excitement, but I was aware of my surrounds. I wanted to ring Steve and tell him the great news, but Trent was starting to introduce me, and I knew the significance of the people I was meeting for the first time, given Trent's sudden announcement seconds earlier.

Dinner was a blur, and I'm sure I had too many glasses of champagne, but I felt amazing. My mind kept racing thinking about the tender and what it meant in terms of financial windfall for my agency. As I sipped my fourth glass of champagne, I felt something brush my thigh. I looked down and noticed a hand. Next to me, the man I had been introduced to, Jason, was calmly talking to Trent across the table, but his hand was purposely now rubbing my thigh through the thin material of my dress.

I politely lifted his hand from my thigh, not wanting to attract attention. However, Jason was persistent as well as slightly rude, and a few seconds later his hand was once again on my thigh as he chatted away. I felt my face flush a little, feeling the warmth as he gently squeezed my thigh, and I shifted nervously in my seat, not wanting anyone else to see what he was doing.

Once more I removed his hand, and this time I crossed my legs as I hoped that would stop him being so naughty.

It didn't.

Minutes later, as he turned to talk to me and asked me what I thought about the new apartments, his hand once more touched my thigh, this time delving slightly further, coming to rest in the cleft between my crossed legs.

I am sure I blushed, and as I mumbled an answer, finished off my fourth glass of champagne, I felt my nipples stiffen as Jason's fingers began to work their way deeper, even though my long gown was stopping him from getting inside.

As we finished our dessert, a band began to play some soft music, and a few couples rose to dance. I was almost relieved when Trent asked me to join him for a celebratory dance. Jason's hand quickly disappeared and Trent took me by the hand, and I was glad he did for I actually stumbled a little from too many champagnes!

Once on the dance floor, Trent took me gently in his arms, and I placed my own arms around his neck, as much as a balancer as anything else. He whispered in my ear as we danced.

"You look ravishing in that dress. Did you realise it is almost see-through?"

I pretended to be shocked.

"What? It is not!" I replied, my nipples now throbbing as I knew men had been watching me all night as the light from the chandelier had been casting outlines of my curves under the dress.

"You big tease! You know very well we can all see your braless boobs and amazing arse!"

I smiled and giggled a little, feeling very tipsy and rather horny. As I pressed my chest into his, I felt his hands lower to the globes of my bum right there on the dance floor. My mind went to Steve, back home, and I fantasized that he was standing behind me, about to press his own body against my arse cheeks, sandwiching me between myself and Trent.

My mind was snapped from my fantasy by the feeling of a man, a real man, not my imaginary husband, standing behind me. It was Jason.

"Mind if I cut in?" he asked Trent.

"Not at all, be my guest," said Trent, before guiding my arms across to Jason who assumed the same position, only a little closer.

He was tall, and I found myself looking upwards as he began to talk, his hands innocently placed upon my hips at this stage.

"Trent tells me you're quite the businesswoman."

I blushed, pleased that Trent had described me that way to his associate.

"He also tells me you're a wicked fuck."

I was shocked, and my eyes must have given me away, as I pulled back from him.

He trapped me, pulling me firmly against his muscular chest, my own big boobs squashing hard against him now, my nipples aching as my senses confusion took hold.

"Relax, I am impressed. He tells me you're the best fuck he's ever had."

I had no response apart from the burning sensation in my pussy as I tried to digest what he had just said


The music stopped and we headed back to the table with the other guests.

My mind was racing. I was dying to get home to Steve, to take hold of his cock and suck it, kiss it, lick it and fuck it, but he was ten hours away by air!

"Well folks, it's been a great day," said Trent, standing. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get Dee back to her hotel as she has a big flight home tomorrow to share her news with her husband, Steve."

As we all said our goodbyes, and the other owners wished me well with the sales, Trent took me by the hand and we were hailed a cab by the concierge. Just as it arrived, Jason came almost running out the door of the restaurant too.

"Mind if I join you? Trent tells me we're staying in the same hotel!"

"Of course she doesn't mind. Jump in," said Trent, before we all climbed in and headed towards the hotel.

In the back of the cab it was a bit of a squash, and I was in the middle. Trent was a gentleman of course, but Jason was all over me with his hands, and his left arm he put on the back of the seat behind me, his fingers rubbing the skin of my neck as we drove along. I liked the feeling on my skin, but my mind was telling me to stay true to my husband and wait till I got home to satisfy the incredible urges that were coming from my pussy and swollen nipples.

We chatted as we drove, and thankfully, before long, we made it to the hotel.

Flustered from the close contact of being sandwiched between two men other than my husband, and Jason's fingers on my neck tickling me all the way home, I was in need of some release. I couldn't wait to get up to my room, ring Steve and then masturbate with him together on the phone to release the sexual tension that had built up in my loins.

The men showed me up to my room, and despite some urging by Jason and an offer of a drink by Trent, I managed to maintain my composure and decline their offers and went to my room alone. Trent and Jason decided to have a night cap in the hotel bar, and I headed to the elevator alone. Inside the elevator, I was aware of just how flushed and horny I was. I was alone, and while watching the lights head towards the 14th floor, I played with my nipples that were very hard and poking against the thin material of my dress. I actually gasped as I tweaked my right nipple and felt a surge of lust through my pussy as the sexual energy in my body took hold.

Inside my room, I peeled off my tight black dress, and then, wearing only my small thong, I decided to be a little naughty. I went into the bathroom, stood in front of the full-length mirror, and took a photo of myself pinching my right nipple and pouting. It turned me on pinching it like that, and I knew Steve would love it, so I texted him the photo, before stripping off completely and jumping into a nice hot shower.

As the water ran over my shoulders, I soaped up my big boobs and played with them, before dropping my right hand to my pussy and giving myself a good wash, before fingering myself too, noticing just how wet I was inside. I pumped three fingers in and out a few times, enjoying the feeling of heat inside my pussy, and as the water flowed down over my boobs, I closed my eyes and imagined Steve fucking me, his strong hands squeezing my tits as he pumped me from behind, just the way I liked it.

I was just about to climax in the shower, when there was a knock at my hotel room door, and I froze, my fingers still buried in my cunt.

Who could that be? What did they want? Could I ignore them and maybe they would go away?

I chose the latter course of action, but, as I stood there in the shower, the water flowing down over my fingers still buried inside my pussy, the knocking at the door came a second time.

"Dee? Are you there? It's me, Trent. I forgot to give you the details of the tender and I don't think I'll be up when you leave in the morning."


I pulled my fingers reluctantly from my pussy, washed my own juices off them and then turned off the water.

"Just a minute."

Quickly grabbing a towel, I wrapped it around my body, folding the end down inside my cleavage , my hair dripping wet, and went to the door. I was flushed in the face, horny as a toad, and had just about climaxed after fingering myself in the shower seconds earlier, having sent my husband a racey photo. I hardly felt like answering the door, but given the tender with Trent was worth well over a million dollars to my agency, I knew I had to answer it.

Opening the door in my towel, water dripping off my legs and hair, I was surprised when not only Trent, but Jason too was standing there.

I was hoping Trent would just give me the envelope he was holding, but he asked if he could come in and explain the details to me, so I let them both in, trying to cover myself as best I could.

"Sorry to catch you at such an awkward time, babe." Said Trent.

"You might be, but I'm sure not!" said Jason, "You look hot, Dee, mind if I join you when you're finished being all business-like with Trent?"

He smiled, half joking, but his words caused my nipples to throb once more, and I felt them poking against the towelling material as his eyes cast their way up and down my entire body as I stood there.

Trent spent a few minutes going over the details with me, and then, as I stood there my pussy on fire from the earlier arousal, kissed me on the cheek, his hand patting my butt as we said our farewells. Then, Jason stood and approached, and his cocky attitude was starting to get to me. As he kissed me on the cheek, pausing a few seconds, his breath was warm against my face, and his hand pressed against my breasts in the towel, and I swear he even felt one of my erect nipples for a second.

Three minutes later, they were gone, and I was spreadeagled on the bed, my fingers buried inside my hot, wet cunt as I imagined what it might have been like to rip off my towel and fuck them both, right there and then.

Just as I approached orgasm again, my mobile phone beeped.

It was a text message back from my husband, Steve, and showed his hard cock that I knew so well, in his fist being pumped with our bed in the background. The text message said, "Horny, huh? Good! Enjoy yourself! See you soon....love, Steve."

My mind raced. "Enjoy yourself!" Did that mean he wanted me to masturbate again? Did it mean more than that? Was he encouraging me to fuck without him being here?

My hazy, hot, aroused mind was playing tricks on me, and my fingers inside my pussy once more were rapidly causing me to approach the orgasm I was yearning so badly.

As I fell back on the pillows once more, I thrust the three fingers of my left hand back inside my pussy, and began to fuck myself to orgasm. My right hand was pinching and pulling my nipples, the way I love them to be touched during sex, and I was almost there within a minute or two..

Knock, knock.

"Fuck! What now?" I almost yelled as I was snatched from my cum yet again, my nipples red and swollen, my pussy sopping and the fingers of my left hand wet with my juices.

I grabbed the towel and covered up again, then opened the door, expecting Trent to be there telling me he had forgotten something.

It was Jason.

I wanted to kill him for snatching me from my orgasm yet again, but my body was betraying me. My mind told me to tell him to go away, but my pussy wanted him to tear off my towel and fuck the shit out of me. Steve's text message had confused me, the alcohol had affected my judgement, and the frustration that had built up inside me all night was getting to me, so I stood there, in my towel, hair all over the place, face flushed, fingers wet from pussy juice and smelling like a women's pussy.

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