tagLoving WivesDouble Payback

Double Payback


This story is about my wife getting revenge after she caught me screwing my intern. From this experience, we developed a mutual understanding and appreciation of the trade-offs in life. These trade-offs have enabled us to be happily married for almost fifteen years.


I was married to my wife, Julie, for a little over two years when one day she literally caught me with my pants down. She wanted to surprise me for my birthday and stopped by my law firm to take me to lunch. Needless to say, I was very surprised when she walked into my office and saw me with my sweet twenty-one year old intern. I was like a kid caught with my hand in the candy jar. Only this time, my fingers were stuck up my pretty little blonde intern's ass while she was down on her knees giving me a blowjob.

Julie said a few expletives, threw my high school state championship golf trophy at me, and stormed off in her Jaguar. I quickly pulled up my pants and followed her home. When I got there, my clothes were on the front lawn.

Julie met me at the door and started screaming, "You no good dirty bastard so that is what you have been working on all those nights that I thought you were working late!"

I replied, "Julie, I was working late all those nights so that you could have that damn Jaguar, a 10,000 square foot house, designer clothes, and a tennis club membership."

"So do you love her?" Julie asked.

"No, I love you." I replied.

"How could you do this to me?" She asked.

I replied, "It was only sex. It had nothing to do with love. I love you."

"Then why?" She asked.

"It was stress. Working those long hours make me really tired. Sex re-energizes me so I can get through the day." I replied.

She screamed, "Why couldn't you just whack off or come home and fuck me?"

I replied, "I would, but you are always playing tennis at the health club."

Julie screamed "Don't blame me shit head! I was only playing tennis because you were never home. Plus, I know how you like to show-off my body to your friends."

Julie was right. She did have a fabulous body and I did like to show her off. Julie was 5'5" and 105lbs with golden blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. She had bouncy 36c tits, a tiny waist, a perfect heart shaped ass, and lean long legs.

"How could you?" She asked.

I said, "You know I am just a horny bastard. I was whacking off one day and she walked in on me. One thing led to another and she ended up giving me a blow job."

"How long has this been going on?" Julie inquired.

I replied, "About six months, and my billables have gone off the charts! It is just a little pick-me-upper to help me get through those long hours I put in." She asked, "You have no feelings for her?"

I sternly responded, "Absolutely none!" "It was just pure unabated sex." Although I did not mean it, I boldly stated, "To prove it, you should go out and fuck some guy so you can even the score."

Julie screamed "Even the score! Even the score! You deserve a double payback for what you did to me!"

I sarcastically said, "Hell, fuck two guys."

Julie added, "But I want you to see me just like I saw you!"

I replied, "I will be glad to watch!"

Julie said, "You are just saying that because you know that I won't do it."

I looked her dead-pan in the eyes and said, "Julie, if that will allow you to forgive me in order for us to save our marriage, I want you to do it." It was easy for me to bluff her because I knew that Julie would never do such a thing.

Under her breath, Julie mumbled, "You will more than pay for what you did to me." She went to bed and didn't speak to me for about a week.

I was working late one night at my office when I got this phone call from Julie. She told me that she was stopping by my office with two friends from the tennis club. She told me to leave my banker's light on and to climb under my desk.

I asked, "What is going on?"

She replied, "You want me to forgive you so just keep your damn mouth shut and watch! If you don't, I am going to divorce your ass and take everything you got!" On that note, she hung up the phone.

When I saw her Jag pull up into the parking lot, I did as she instructed. I left only the banker's light on and crawled under my desk. I thought this was Julie's way of trying to humiliate me. I thought that she would barge in with a camera, take a picture of me under my desk and tease me mercifully thereafter. Thus, I was willing to play along if this meant that Julie would forgive me. Besides, I knew that the makeup sex would be incredible.

However, I heard more than one person's laughter as Julie entered my office. I looked out of the grip hole from under the top of my desk and saw two guys with Julie. They all had tennis outfits on. Julie wore a tight white halter top with a short pink skirt that showed off her long tan legs and barely covered her firm ass. She referred to the guys as Stephano and Mats. Julie suggested that they sit on the couch and asked them if they wanted a drink from my personal bar.

I remembered Julie telling me that all the women at the club had the "hots" for these two tennis pros. Now I understood why. These guys were very muscular and looked like Calvin Klein models. Stephano was of Greek origin. He was definitely tall, dark and handsome. He was about 6'4" and 200lbs. He was on the lean muscular side. He had coal black eyes to match his curly black hair. Mats was your typical blonde-haired blue-eyed Swede. He was about 6'0" and 225 lbs. He was on the stocky side with a barrel chest and thick neck.

Julie went over to my personal bar to get the guys a drink. In a very unladylike fashion, she bent over to get some ice. To my surprise, she had nothing on underneath her skirt. All in the room could see her clean shaven pussy and her puckered pink asshole. I quickly realized that she was serious about giving me my payback. Julie only shaves her pussy on my birthday because she knows how much it turns me on.

It was bad enough that she was showing her bald pussy to these bums, but what really made me mad was when she poured my prized $1,200 bottle of scotch for them to drink.

Julie took the drinks over to the guys and squeezed her tight little body in between them. She told them that she had invited them over for a drink because she wanted to teach her husband a lesson. Julie told them that she had caught me cheating with my intern on the very couch that they were sitting on.

Julie said, "The only way that I can get even with my dumb ass husband is to cause him twice the pain that he made me feel-- a double payback." Needless to say, the guys comforted Julie by telling her that she was one of the hottest babes at the club and had one of the best bodies.

They quickly finished off the fifth of scotch when Julie asked them about their nicknames -- deep and wide. Stephano was known as deep while Mats was known as wide. Stephano said that they got the nicknames when they were double partners in college. Mats added that he always hits the ball wide while Stephano hits the ball deep. Julie made a sexual innuendo implying that the girls at club had said it was for other reasons. The guys laughed at her remark.

Julie told the guys that she wanted to see for herself if what the girls were saying was true. It was obvious that the guys had been asked this question before because they both in unison said, "If we show ours, then you must show yours!" Julie wickedly smiled and nodded yes. With that, the guys pulled down their shorts. The girls at the club were right! Stephano had a cock that was about 12" long and 5" wide in circumference, while Mats had a cock that was about 10" long and 6" wide. Julie had never seen such big cocks before. My dick is only about 6" long and 3" wide. The biggest she had before was an old boyfriend in college who was about 8" long and 4" wide.

Julie screamed, "Oh my! You have the longest and thickest cocks that I have ever seen! You both are so much bigger than my husband!" After making sure that I heard that comment, Julie reached over and started stroking their cocks- one in each hand. Her small hand barely fit around their big dicks.

Stephano pulled Julie's shirt off while Mats undid her skirt. Stephano sucked on one tit and rubbed her clit, while Mats sucked on the other tit and fingered her pussy. Julie started to moan and sigh. After about five minutes, Julie's eyes rolled into the back of her head and her body convulsed with an orgasm.

Julie said, "I need to taste some big cock." She got on her knees and started sucking their dicks. She would suck one guy while whacking off the other. The guys complimented her cock sucking ability and said that she was one of the best at the club. I could see that Julie was getting excited as her pussy juice started to run down her legs. Ironically, her excitement started to make me excited. I quickly forgot about being mad at them for drinking my scotch.

After she got the guys rock hard, Julie told Mats to sit on the couch and Stephano to fuck her from behind. The guys did as they were told and got into position. Julie took Mats thick cock in her mouth while Stephano slowly slid his cock into her pussy. Julie started rocking back and forth between them. I could not believe that I was watching my beautiful wife getting fucked by two big studs and I wasn't jealous. In fact, I was weirdly enjoying it. After about 10 minutes, Mats said that he wanted to "try" that tight pussy, and he and Stephano switched positions. While Mats was fucking Julie, he started fingering her asshole. I was surprised that Julie allowed him access to her rosebud since she doesn't like anal sex. When Mats stuck his thumb into her ass, Julie pulled Stephano's dick from her mouth. I thought that she was going to tell Mats to stop, but instead she said that she wanted to become a member of the sandwich club like the other girls at the tennis club.

I couldn't believe that my sweet innocent Julie was going to go through with this. I thought to myself, "What type of women hang out at that club?" The obvious answer is very horny women.

Facing Stephano, Julie climbed on top of him and slowly slid her pussy onto his cock. After Julie took the entire shaft, she held still so Mats could slowly work his cock into her ass. Julie told both guys not to move and started rocking back and forth in order to "loosen" herself up. When she could easily accommodate both of them, Julie told them to start fucking her really hard.

Julie yelled, "Now I know why they call you deep and wide. My pussy and ass has never been stretched this wide or prodded this deep before. But, it feels so fuck'in good! I love big cocks! I am going to come!"

After Julie came, she said that she wanted to come again, but this time she wanted Mats in her pussy and Stephano in her ass. Julie turned over and lay on top of Stephano facing Mats. She put Stephano's cock into her ass and spread her legs high into the air. With his big hands, Mats took hold of her ankles and entered her pussy.

Julie said, "I want you to fuck me for all that I am worth! I want you to come inside me with those big cocks! I want you to teach my small dick husband a lesson!"

The two guys started pounding her fast and furiously. Within minutes, Julie's body started to convulse and they all screamed that they were coming.

Julie got dressed and thanked the guys for the performance telling them that it was the best sex that she ever had. Julie told them that she was going to take a cab home because she was too sore to drive. Julie gave them the keys to the Jag and told them to keep it as a present because she was going on vacation and her husband was going to buy her a new car while she was gone. Needless to say, this was the first time that I had heard of this.

The guys quickly left so they could try out their new wheels. I got up from under my desk and followed Julie out the door. On our way to my car, she said, "Honey, make sure you keep fucking that intern good, because I want all of my friends at the club to see me in my new Mercedes Benz after I get back from the south of France."

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Get real. Give them the Jag, your kidding right. Probably isn't even in her name.
She would be in for a big surprise when she returns from her vacation.

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all synonymous with that profession,.. TK U MLJ LV NV

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by trandall999107/14/18

FTDS should make this a good finish.

I just read this as I am going to read FTDS story. But it should be good.

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by Anonymous06/13/18

Dump;Divorce Her NOW!

It ain't gonna get any better buddy,as she fucks all the big cocks she can find and spends all your money! ~ NO cunt is worth that!!!

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