tagAnalDouble Vision Ch. 04

Double Vision Ch. 04


[Note: This is a continuation of the story commencing with Double Vision 1 in which the main characters are introduced. The installations are meant to be read in order.]

After the initial drama, I hadn't seen Darolyn at all for several weeks. I guess our schedules didn't overlap and I rarely thought of her. But early one Tuesday evening, in the same plaza where I first met her, I saw her again. Darolyn was wearing black hip-hugger jeans that rode low, showing the line of a red thong below a red, tight-fitting crop-top accented by a push-up bra that gave her plenty of cleavage. She saw me and waited until I came close to her.

"Tired of vanilla sex?" she asked.

I was annoyed and amused. "Not really, given that I haven't had any in a while." I replied.

"You mean my sister doesn't put out and you haven't come looking for me?" she demanded.

"Not at all," I retorted, "there's just nothing vanilla about it."

"I doubt that," she challenged me, crossing her arms below her breasts, forcing them even further up.

"I guess there are some things about your sister you don't know about," I gently informed her.

"I know she doesn't suck cock," Darolyn asserted, looking me in the eye.

"I guess people change," I responded in a neutral voice. I could see that my refusal to get worked up was irritating to Darolyn.

"We'll I'll bet she doesn't swallow," she challenged me.

"Do you often lose bets?" I asked.

Darolyn stood there, tapping her patent leather toe. "I don't believe you," she said at last.

I shrugged, "why don't you ask your sister directly? And if you want to have sex with me, just ask me. But don't assume I'm not getting my needs met."

Not willing to concede the upper hand she had failed to play, Darolyn stood close enough that I could hear her breathing and smell her body. She leaned in and whispered in my ear, "let's see if we can't scratch an itch you didn't even know you had." At that she kissed me hard on the lips and grabbed my hand, leading me away to her apartment.

The place was dark and she lead me directly to her bedroom where she lit a few candles. She had covered the walls with bronze reflective paper and hung a large mirror next to her bed. The candlelight created an otherworldly atmosphere.

"I'll admit this is different," I remarked, "and I have to say I like it."

"Take off your clothes," Darolyn said, unzipping her own pants and pushing them down her sculpted legs. In a moment she stood naked before me, glowing like a goddess in the unearthly light. Once naked, her identical resemblance to Daniella was uncanny. For a moment, her face even took on an expression that made me think that this was Daniella playing games with me. Could she have been testing me? When I realized that there was no way to be certain, I shivered involuntarily. Whichever sister it was, she ultimately did have the upper hand.

We knelt facing each other on the bed and kissed. I cupped her cheeks in my hands then ran them down her neck, rubbing my thumbs in the indentation of her collar bones, then behind her neck to push her mouth to mine as our tongues flicked together.

Darolyn pulled my nipples, then leaned down to nibble on them as her hands found my cock and balls, already hard and straining with desire. She told me to stand up and positioned me perpendicular to the mirror as she settled on her knees in front of me and took my cock into her mouth. The image in the mirror made us look like mythological characters. Darolyn's body was absolutely perfect and the warm reflections shone on the curves of her glowing body. My eyes ran back and forth between the flesh and mirror images of her rounded ass and hips as they sinuously swayed, her narrow waist that called out for my hands to encircle it, her firm, round, hard-nippled breasts I wanted to bite and suck, and her lips and hands as they worked over my cock. I didn't think that her blowjob was better than Daniella's but the novel atmosphere was working for me and I decided that variety was good, even if that variety was only between two women who appeared to be identical.

Darolyn began to plunge deeper until her down strokes captured my cock to the root. As she did this, her fingertips lightly scratched my balls and with the other hand she worked a saliva coated finger into my ass. I could feel my spluge rising and knew I wouldn't last much longer but Darolyn seemed to know it too and abruptly pulled off and got on all fours in front of me.

"Lick me!" she demanded.

I complied with pleasure, after taking in the sight of the golden brown perfect ass before me. I licked the outside of Darolyn's pussy lips and mashed my own lips against them, stretching my tongue up to glance her clit, eliciting a shiver from her body and a moan from her mouth. I ran a finger around her clit and licked her pussy up to her ass. It tasted clean and fresh so I began to lick at her puckered rosebud in earnest.

In sharp, breathy exclamations, Darolyn exhorted me to continue: "yeah, lick it, lick my ass, yeah," As I tongued her ass, I continued to use a finger to rhythmically flick her clit until she approached her orgasm. "Stop," she suddenly interrupted me. "I want you to fuck my ass."

Producing a tube of lubricant from the side of the bed, Darolyn put some on her fingers and handed me the tube. She resumed her position and began to insert first one, then two fingers into her ass hole as I lubricated and stroked my cock, enjoying the arousing sight before me. After a few minutes, Darolyn pulled her fingers from her ass and told me, "now."

Kneeling behind her, I held my cock head tightly between my thumb and forefinger, and pressing down with my thumb, inserted my cock into her ass and waiting for her to get used to the sensation of an ass full of cock. She took a few deep breaths then slowly pushed back, taking more than half of my cock into her tight rear cavity. It felt so hot, and looking in the mirror again, I saw us as demons more than gods. But really hot demons that not even the Pope would kick out of bed.

Holding her slim hips I began to fuck Darolyn in the ass, slowly at first, but gradually more forcefully and deeply. Darolyn exhaled rhythmically as I plundered her little ass, and began to utter whimpers and high-pitched cries, finally calling out, "cum in my ass! Cum in my ass!"

I was more than ready and slammed into her repeatedly with my diamond hard rod. With a loud grunt I shot jet-after-jet of cum into her pulsing ass hole as she cried out like a dying animal. Sweaty and exhausted, we collapsed together until our breathing returned to normal.

"That was great," Darolyn told me, looking into my eyes. "I'm sorry I called you vanilla. I can see I don't need to teach you anything. And anyway, you're delicious chocolate, just like me and my sister."

"And I'm very lucky to get to taste you both," I replied. Darolyn took my face in her hands and gave me a tender kiss, just like the ones I shared with Daniella.

"Do you want to sleep over?" she asked, a hint of vulnerability in her voice.

"I'd love to," I replied.

After a shower and a dinner of instant noodle soup, Darolyn took me back to her bed where we fucked and sucked each other several times before parting ways in the morning. We agreed that Tuesday night would be our regular hook up. I told Daniella about this arrangement and she expressed relief that the competition between her and her sister had been defused into an arrangement that suited everyone.

As mid-terms approached and my stress levels increased, I took solace in thinking about my love life. I had a great emotional and sexual relationship with Daniella, my smart and beautiful girlfriend, On top of that, her cute roommate Jennifer was happy to obey Daniella's orders to suck and fuck me while she ran the show. And I had a booty call arrangement with her identical twin Darolyn, with my girlfriend's full approval. I was struggling to keep up with my studies and had cut back on other social activities but I still felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

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